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Author Topic: In need of some romance (F for M) -Closed  (Read 434 times)

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In need of some romance (F for M) -Closed
« on: July 15, 2013, 09:13:12 PM »
Name: That's love

Content: MxF, romance, con, light non-con...

Setting: Variety

Basic Idea: I'm looking to play a naive, innocent character, probably young. And the man would softly teach her about sex. It doesn't have to be only one scene; he could deflower her one day, then teach her blowjob another day and so on. It's a story of her discover and explore the pleasure of her own body, and learn how to pleasure the man in return. This could be non-con, I actually prefer it to be non-con, but it must progress slowly, he shouldn't tie her up and fist her violently on her first day, that would scare her to death. This is romance so give her a reason to fall in love with him.

Scenarios: Please choose one of these, or come up with one yourself. Because of the innocence of the girl I think this idea would work better in medieval or some other times in the past, maybe just 1-2 centuries ago. Yet, some of the below seems better in modern time so...I don't know, please let me know which setting you prefer and think that would be the best.

Arranged marriage, and they have never met each other before (Or at least never really talked).

An Asian girl and her Western friend. He doesn't have to be her boyfriend (but perhaps would soon take the role), could be an guest that stays at her home.

A brother/father/uncle... who has feelings for his young relative. It could start with some light teasing and when she doesn't show resistance or annoyance (basically because she doesn't understand it's flirting), he take advantages.

A female version of Tarzan: the girl grew up in the jungle and now her family takes her home. He could be her butler, bodyguard, tutor...(craving)

A captured neko, elf, angel...or any other specie that isn't human.

She needs money and is selling herself at a brothel, but since she's a virgin they would auction for her virginity. He could be a wealthy lord and buy her completely or just her first time and then become a regular guest.

A little bit like the about, she needs money and she pulls some random guy on the street to offer her body for a night. He takes her home and take care of her.

A bored rich girl, who is usually the golden child, for some reason wants to lose her virginity and call for a tripper/ male prostitute. With his experienced eyes he would see through her and know her fear... (craving)


A kind, nice, charming and gentle guy to steal her heart. He could be a demon, an evil to every body else, who smile when he kills; but must be an angel to her and care for her from the bottom of his heart.

Other info:

We would discuss how naive she is: whether she understands that the man would shove his thing between the woman's legs but hasn't experience it or she doesn't even know the slang for her own genital and have no idea what the male's would look like.

However, her personality is that of a classic girl, those Disney princesses: a day dreamer who dreams about a prince charming, honest and loyal, a good heart who is willing to help others. But of course she's more than a plastic doll. It depends on the story and she would have more characteristics: has a great confidence and stubbornness and always fight/discuss with the male character; or is very curious and extremely outspoken, and would be more than eager to learn new things, such as sex.

This could move to long term if we find it interesting and don't want to stop.

If it would be long term, there could be more aspect like public, bdsm...depends on the plot. I just want a tender love story at first, then he could get jealous and become possessive, or his enemy kidnaps her or something...

He doesn't have to love her, though. It could be just sexual desire and there would be rooms for jealous scene once she sees him with other woman. Yet, he truly care for her and want to protect her. Anyway this's not really important unless this is long term, so we could develop the story together later.

Please read the link in my sign for my O&O and other things.And please pm, I don't check the thread.
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Re: In need of some romance (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2013, 11:27:28 PM »
Added a few ideas