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Author Topic: Smut, Debauchery, and Other Matters of a Sexual Nature (M/F or M/TS)  (Read 2123 times)

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Offline VodkaTopic starter

Hello, How Do You Do, and Other Introductory Babble

So. I guess I somehow managed to pique your interest amid the sea of threads, armed with nothing more than a title and a name recalling a rather delicious liquor. An amazing feat, if I do say so myself. Now that you're here I guess I shouldn't waste your time, should I?

Hi. I'm Vodka. I tend to wander into this little part of the internet every once in a while when the mood strikes me to cozy up to some other like-minded deviant and write about the matters of love, decadence, and most importantly, sex. I'll go ahead and be up front here and tell you that most, if not all, of my ideas revolve primarily around sex. Don't get me wrong, I do love a bit of good plotting here and there, but... well, what can I say? I'm easily aroused and absolutely perverted. You caught me.

Now, my kinks and roles run the gamut between vanilla and taboo. I don't expect you to like everything I like as long as you don't expect me to like everything you like. Either way, please take a look at my O/O's before you even consider playing with me, if only to make sure we're at least a little compatible. Also, it should be noted that while this is posted in the forum roleplays section, I'm always willing to play over IM if need be. Now, let's get down to business, shall we?

Smut and Such

Gimme Danger ***
(M for F or TS)
Okay. Flat out and simple. I love alternative girls. Punks, goths, hipsters, etc. I love girls with a bit of edge. For this role, I'd love to do something along the lines of a guy meeting a girl like this and forming a relationship with her. Maybe they accidentally stumble upon each other while traveling across Europe. Maybe a circus comes to town and she's one of the carnies. Maybe a whole bunch of different things could happen. This one in particular, I'd also love to have a transwoman for.

Mother of the Year *****
(Mother/Son) (M/F)
The title alone should give this one away. Ever since I started doing incestuous roleplays I've had a certain fixation on the mom/son pairing. It's absolutely forbidden, absolutely taboo, and absolutely delicious, in my humble opinion. This is an open ended pairing that could take place in various settings with various cirumstances. Sci-fi? Sure! Modern day? Alright! The horny son seducing the mother? That's fine! The cock starved mother seducing the son? Yum! Needless to say, this role will almost have to be a M/F pairing only. I'd prefer for the mother to be in her mid to late forties and the son in his early twenties, though I can be convinced otherwise if necessary. 

Blood is Thicker ****
(Brother/Sister) (M/F or M/TS)
Uh-oh, another incest roleplay. This one is your typical brother/sister pairing. The same basic rules apply as the Mother of the Year roleplay. I'm open to pretty much any setting with any circumstances. Whether a guy and his younger sister get stuck on a planet far away from home or an older sister finds out she's been masturbating on webcam for her brother, I'm totally cool with it. As far as the tranny side of things go, I do love the idea of a guy's brother returning home after a long hiatus only to turn out to have become his bombshell sister.

Space, I Believe In *****
(M/F or M/TS)
The basic idea here revolves around two people stranded aboard a private consumer class spaceship together. Something went wrong and now they're simply floating through the farthest reaches of space, waiting to be rescued. Thankfully, they still have all the modern luxuries of home as well as some futuristic devices such as item materializers, body modifiers, virtual reality enablers, and other such things. As days turn to weeks and weeks to months, certain feelings begin to bubble up between the two... Of course, this could also be an incestuous pairing, but that certainly isn't required.

Isolation *****
(M/F or M/TS)
In which, two complete strangers are chosen to live together in an underground compound, completely alone with their actions and daily lives constantly under surveillance and streamed across the Internet. What begins as a simple social experiment soon changes to the science of two people falling for and depending on each other. Maybe they both have significant others back home, but can't help but to give in to their base desires. Maybe any number of things could make what they do go against all reason, but they do it anyway. This is all about two people's descent into decadence.

The Lower East Side of Colony Five **
(Sci-Fi)(M/F or M/TS)
This one will be based Colony Five, a massive floating space colony that rivals the size of New York City. It's home to all manner of people and exists like any other city of the future. The story I'm interested in playing will actually be based in the Lower East Side of the colony, a place that has a habit of spawning subcultures and alternative lifestyles. Punks, goths, artists, bohemians, tech fetishists, and so on. It also tends to be the first place that newcomers settle in due to generally affordable housing. I'm thinking one of our characters will be a newcomer from Earth and need someone to show them around. Certain feelings begin to emerge as the two explore the city together.

Celebrity ****
Celebrity roleplays are one of those things that almost seem corny to me, but I really can't help but love them. It gives me the chance to live out the fantasy of fucking someone famous. Whatever the means may be, whether they end up in bed together after a drunken encounter or even if she's just a figment of the guy's imagination, this roleplay is nothing but pure smut.

Paris, Je T'Aime ***
(M/F)(Possible Incest)
This one is fairly simple. Two lovelorn strangers come across each other in the world's capital of romance and proceed to fall for each other over the course of their trek through the city, the country, or even the whole of Europe. Sex fueled romance, the universe entangling two people together, and so on. I'd also be willing to do this role as a long long brother/sister pairing.

The Fountain of Youth ***
For this one, the general idea is that an elderly man and his wife stumble upon the mystical Temple of Youth. They take a dip in and come out as their younger selves (18 and above), giving themselves a new lease on life to try to do things all over again. Of course, with this new found youth comes a new found sex drive as well...

And A Few Others...
Just a few lesser roles that I'm usually down for in some capacity:
Father/Daughter (I'm incredibly picky with this one)
Really, most any incest roles
Really, any sci-fi roles

And In Conclusion...

I think that just about covers everything. Always, always, always PM me before you IM me. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to PM me. If you're interested in roleplaying, feel free to PM me. If you have an idea of your own that you think might mesh well with me, feel free to PM me. Once again, please read over my O/O's and all that good stuff. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: Smut, Debauchery, and Other Matters of a Sexual Nature (M/F or M/TS)
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2014, 03:36:21 PM »
I really like the geeky girl idea!

Offline VodkaTopic starter

Re: Smut, Debauchery, and Other Matters of a Sexual Nature (M/F or M/TS)
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2015, 01:19:44 PM »
Updated with star system to show how interested I am in playing a time. The more stars beside a roleplay, the better. Also crossed off Space I Believe In as it has been taken.