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Started by China Doll, July 04, 2008, 09:24:20 PM

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China Doll

I would like to propose a roleplay inspired by the film, The Patriot...however, I suppose I am not being very patriotic in the sense that I would like someone to play Colonel William Tavington for me...but I'm half British, so it's alright :)

(Mm...Dragoons..Oh forgive me, I have a weakness in my young heart for British uniforms..)

This is a rare instance that I would not mind playing a male for a homosexual pairing. I have done a rather nice roleplay a while ago with the Colonel paired with Gabriel Martin (RIP Heath Ledger..). However, heterosexual is always fine as well.  Possible pairings could be a fellow soldier, Anne, Charlotte, a colonial, a maid, an Indian, etc...

I find myself no good at playing the ever so fierce, blue eyed Butcher...and his knee high boots do make me tremble every time I watch the scene when he is in Aunt Charlotte's kitchen looking for the Martins....but I digress. If anyone would like to start up a roleplay based on the film The Patriot, please message me. It can be one shot if you would rather :) There is plenty of wiggling room here, I only request that you play Colonel Tavington...

I know this seems rather rushed, and I must admit when I was writing it I was somewhat tired from the typical festivities the fourth of July presents, but I hope you will forgive me and take the time to send me a message. I am most anxious to hear from you and explore the ideas you bring forth :)


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