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Author Topic: Under the Scope interest check(Social Experiment type game)  (Read 382 times)

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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Under the Scope
For the last few years a reality show called "Under the scope," has been making a gigantic buzz. At first it was just filmed reactionary test like candid camera, they would look to get specific responses out of their contestants and depending on how they reacted would reward them. In the third season  UTS decided to do a season long experiment, taking a handful of children and stranding them in  a secluded area to see just how the children would coop with being alone and how the rules might change. The experiment lasted exactly one month, with rations being sent out every Monday and Thursday. It was critically received, and the season was nicknamed the "Real Lord of the Flies," as the children began to break apart at the seems. The season was ended early as the children grew more violent, but it would no be the last bit of the experiment.

In the following season UTS decided to do a similar situation mimicking other shows like survivor, in which stranded a group of adult and were put into a dome habitat and left to their own devices. Like most situations there were jerks, and heroes, romance and betrayal, but nothing really felt fresh. It was the same hash mark reality tv show that had been done a hundred times before, and ratings began to dwindle. The 5th season of UTS is underway and this time the intention is to give a real look at what would happen with the rules thrown out the window. A large group of people were sectioned off from the world. New contestants would enter the habitat and be sealed in for the course of one year. There would be enough rations to last 2.  The extra length would be explained as a desire to see what the effects of a year would be as opposed to a few weeks, maybe the contestants would grow stir crazy and exhibit new behavior? What the contestants weren't told was the experiment would start when a cloud of poisonous gas outbreaks to the directors outside of the habitat killing their only link and only escape to the outside world. For all extents and purposes the contestants would be abandoned and believe themselves trapped. But the cameras would still be rolling.

The Idea

If you knew you you had the freedom to do whatever you pleased what would you do? Would you hold to your morals or give into a more basic instinct? Our contestants coming from all walks of life. The experiment for the characters is to see who are really heroes, and who are really villains, and just how far someone might devolve if given the impression that they could do anything and have no consequences.

Open Roles

1.) Team captains: (Before they are left "alone" the subjects are split into 4 teams with elected captains)
2.) A Agitator: (UTS employs a subject to create drama and stir the pot to guarantee ratings)
3.) A Couple: (A boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife enter together, the intent is to see if a relationship could survive in such circumstances or if they might drift)
4.) Subjects: (The remaining cast that make up the rest of the structure to the game)
5.) Npc: (Non essential subjects who can be tied into certain situations as fodder or help)

My hope is to have a good mix of ideals and different characters. Having all the good you'd expect to see, the acts of kindness, romance, friendship, and supporting each other in general. And all the bad, betrayal, envy, fights, coups, maybe as things escalate some murder. Have the extremes of both sides began to surface and let the contestants rip each other apart. This game is very much dictated by the characters in it, and how they handle their situations. As far as that goes, I'm very open to input and adding roles, experiments, and ideas that might help further flesh out the environment the cast is in.

A couple initial Rules
1.) No god moding, if there is a fight breaking out Elliquiy offers a dice bot where you can role to see who wins, or you can work things out with each via PM.
2.) All characters are at least 18 years of age
3.) All posts will have a Tagging system (I will add below), which states the time, location, name of character, relationship status, subject status (if they are a captain or not) and who they are acting with.
4.) Try not to leave too much time between posts, and give notice if you're going to be disappearing for awhile.
5.) For the moment I want to keep it to one character until I can be sure how much interest this idea garners.
6.) Each time phase in the game will take place across the course of a week. You may have multiple scenes at once, (to help keep interest when life comes up for other users), so long as you can maintain your time line. I.E. If you are in the kitchen talking to Sally at 5:00 PM on Monday you may also have a seen with Billy a few hours before, or a few hours after 5:00 PM

PC Name: CM Punk
Time: 1:30 PM Tuesday of the 1st week
Location: Kitchen
Relationship Status: single
Subject Status: Captain of team 3
Tagging:  Harry Potter

Feel free to post or PM me any questions or ideas
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Offline MzHyde

Re: Under the Scope (Social Experiment type game)
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2013, 02:24:35 PM »
So... what's in the dome? Is it, like, some house that is just sealed off? Or is it more like Survivor, with a big tropical area? Is it an urban-type environment like The Colony?

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Re: Under the Scope (Social Experiment type game)
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2013, 02:48:29 PM »
The idea I have going for it is kinda like a sealed off resort. There will be a "living area," and a recreational area. The living areas would consist of their rooms, bathrooms, lounges, kitchens, the normal sources you'd expect to live with.

The recreational area is like the outside of a resort, there is a large pool, a walking trail that has kinda a forestry theme to it, basketball court. The temperature would be regulated between 60-80. To ensure the vegetation survives there is "rain" system that waters the walkways. The dome reflects sunlight and moonlight inside.

I'll get pictures up tonight to get a more fleshed out idea. And if there is anything anyone would like to add I'm all for it. The only things that wouldn't exist is a computer lab or working phones of any sort. The experiment is that they are cut off.

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Re: Under the Scope interest check(Social Experiment type game)
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2013, 10:09:29 AM »
*taps paper lightly on desk* Everything here seems to be in order, so when do I get in?

Offline MzHyde

Re: Under the Scope interest check(Social Experiment type game)
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2013, 11:54:09 AM »
So what, exactly, is the challenge here? I don't think people are going to go stir crazy when they're living in a mansion with pools, rock climbing walls, and gardens. It doesn't seem like there would be a lot of stuff to drive the RP forward. It would mostly just be people standing around talking to each other, I think. It needs a little something more.