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Started by Mynari, July 12, 2013, 01:42:30 PM

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    I have no real writing style and I tend to adapt to whatever style my partner/s prefers, however I really do not like short one line posts; I really like posts that I can play off of and I will provide the same for my partner/s. I am dyslexic so at times there might be some typo's, misspellings and dropped words, though I do try my very best to keep this from happening.

    I have no real plots or story lines I would like to explore more than others, though I do like collaborating with someone to come up with something that can be exciting for everyone. Within basic settings or genre there really isn't anything I won't try, there isn't anything I can say I really dislike.

    Now on to the fun part lol ...

~ BDSM leaning more the D/s than the S/M ... however the B is just as fun and can I buy a vowel?
~ Pet play
~ Piercings
~ Tattoos/brandings
~ Punishment, yes my characters tend to act out
~ Kidnapping/Non consensual/Force/Rape: though as the story moves along I would like it turn to consensual
~ Teasing, both ways haha ... I want some fun to :P
~ Orgasm control: not being allowed to orgasm and/or orgasm on command
~ "Little" personality, childlike though of legal age.
~ Daddy Dom's, yeah gotta give love to those Daddy's too
~ Oral: giving more than receiving
~ Anal: yes please and thank you so much ...
~ Daggers/ knifes/swords ... omg if you can handle me, I will so puddle for you
~ Other Races and Species with human female (huge turn on), though I love to play other races and species as well.[/li][/list]

Off's: Sorry, everyone has some
~ Scat, potty play of any kind
~ Mutilation beyond piercings/tattoos/brandings
~ F/F: I have tried in the past but I cannot seem to RP this comfortably
(if I left something out, please just ask as I am having one of those dreaded brain farts)

If I have not listed them above, then it is a maybe. Just ask me to make sure I did not leave it out -points to the "brain fart" comment-

(more can and will be added or removed as time goes on ... yeah I will keep you on your toes)  >:)

Characters I have played in the past

Caleesi:- slave
Mindset- comfortable in her sexuality, willing to use it to her advantage, needing a strong male figure or will easily run them over and saunter off, likes to get into trouble just to push buttons and limits, teasing, can flip from sexuality incarnate to pouting and adorable in seconds

Izmynn:- young wolf, though could also be used for Daddy Dom RP
Mindset- sweet, childlike, playful and hyper, obedient when it's serious but a handful when it's time to play

Caasi:- Bashk Vampire
Mindset- strong but submissive to one that has proven their dominance, powerful female able to take charge of others when needed for survival and to get things done though always more comfortable at someone's side. basically a loving and uncompromisingly devoted woman with a inner core of steel, heart always longing to be captured and loved

These are by no means the limit of my characters and hopes, more will come as time passes and if you have an idea or story you want to bring to life please feel free to contact me, let's make our fantasies come to life within our words. I love playing anything from demon to fuzzy cuteness to human to whatever the partner can find beauty and satisfaction in. Show me a strong, uncompromising and dominant figure and I can show you the beauty made to sit at His side and kneel at His feet, though don't be surprised if there is a spork somewhere close by :P

Also, I love visual representation, but never required to truly slip into a story.