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May 24, 2018, 05:29:39 AM

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Author Topic: Nitro Needs M/M RP {all are welcome!} Open for Business! PM if interested!  (Read 2889 times)

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Online NitroTopic starter

Even if I appear offline does not mean I am most times I am under invisible just depends really so please if your interested in anything in this thread don't hesitate to send me a pm.

I am also open to any Role-play's one might wish to play with me it does not have to be a idea from this thread. Don't hesitate to Pm me. The newest things added will be in bold then table of contents anything in blue is click-able.

I am currently, In a Bottom mood for M/M so this will be all my bottom/submissive characters If I play male I am still feisty I just can't play dom characters. My RP's also tend to be in the extreme.

All because I put Dom and Sub does not mean my characters are whiny or what have you they all tend to have a attitude it just more less describes what my character is unless you prefer top/bottom/switch my characters are more of a bottom/switch.

Table of Contents
1. What is here and pairings
2. Character looks

Character's I play. I tend to play slim to slender characters, Sometimes I play males with muscles but not overly muscled and most have toned bodies. I do not mind what anyone else plays but I am more into those type of character's or even anime characters.

Character's I will not play with. I can't stand the overly muscular characters that look like they could break someone in half and I will not play with them or as one.

Post length. I usually try to do between 3-and many more paragraphs it all depends on my muse, I would like to have someone that can give me at least three, but no less then two. I can be long winded so I hope to get like minded people. I can usually post up to once a day depending on my muse maybe more.

I use Real life pictures to describe things., I also use animation pictures as well.

Also a person that doesn't mind playing different parts to help the story along.

It doesn't matter your real gender just as long as your character is Male Or Female

Current Role-plays.

Anything in bold are roles I wish to play. If both Roles are bold then I am open to playing either or.

Pairings M/M open to suggestions.

I am also open to suggestions for pairings. Also I will do just about any setting. ^_^

Anything that is Crossed out like this means I am not open to playing anything from that category.

Parings M/M

Or a Pairing you might like just ask. ^_^

The Streets
***Craving anything from here.***
Orphan/ Adopter or Orphan/street walker.
Stripper/Sugar Daddy
Prostitute/Sugar daddy.
Junkie/drug dealer

***Craving anything from here.***
Bully/new kid
Bad boy/outcast
Bf/Bf abusive lover

Runaway/Any Kind Of Guy
transgender Female to male/Gay Guy-For this though it would be the only time I play a female.


Craving things from here.
But also a role reversal where it would be Human/Vampire and the human is the top/Dominant one in the relationship
Uh any other kind of supernatural pairing.

***Craving anything from here.***
Brother/Brother{Twin or Older/Younger}
Father's friend/Son

***Craving anything from here.***
Porn star/Jealous lover.

***Craving this.***
Prince/Harem boy
Country Boy/City Boy
Open to suggestions.

Shall continue to think if you have any pairings you would like to try then just shoot me a message.
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Online NitroTopic starter

~Character looks~
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2013, 08:34:36 PM »
I have a crap ton of pictures more so these are just some, Please look at the pictures I have so many different guys.

I am open to doing any pairing I suggested in my first post just as long as I get to play the bottom.

Character Looks

















Character Looks










Transgender Character Look

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Online NitroTopic starter

« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2017, 05:51:44 PM »
New Update-  Men working in the factory like setting just to make money to feed themselves  and well also this factory like thing is also their home and not realizing they are being watched through cameras by men and women that have money cleaning up their messes as it is sent down into the factory like area. These guys know nothing of the outside world. But they don't realize that is what they are doing. On top of working they are always watching as for the rich it is a sport to see people struggling. And we would eventually play both but at the beginning it would just be the ones being watched.  it is completely different then our world they have their own language and well things are just different

Older updates.-

1)What about a guy who is like a senior in highschool and well he kinda keeps to himself but has friends and well one night at a party he and another guy are dared to make out. It goes no further than a hot make out session and well the two i see teasing each other in class....well things go strange and he ends up locked in his room playing a virtual reality game its like secondlife anyway he meets some guy in the world and well things go from there. I figure i could also play people in the guys life besides playing the one in the game. And vice versa.

2). what if your guys travels for work. Maybe he doesnt have time to date at that moment maybe he meets up with my guy over seas and well he figured it would be a one night thing. But things happen and the next day when he leaves he cant seem to get my guy out of his head. Was thinking maybe he gets assinged a job over seas where my character is from now all he has to do is find him so he could spend another night with him. I see his search being hard and many things happen but even when he finds my guy there is no guarantee that my guy will like or even remember him. Life being weird for my guy hell he could be famous there or something and so he keeps his sexual preference private but things are complicated as well..

3.two 17yr olds in juvi and well one of them only got in there to help his boyfriend escape. Like i would love to see what their life on the run would be like and all the drama and what not that unfolds.

not craving these ideas
.1. This is about Dean/Jensen
I would love to either play him in a story or have someone play him for me I see it being a very dark and violent role-play. Looking to have a bit of fun with this. Also seeking a Dean/Sam Roleplay or Jensen/Jared I am open to suggestions for this or anything for my other characters. or Ideas or stories.

1. Seth often got mistaken for his twin brother, Most times that didn't bother him but now his brother was a gang leader it was becoming a problem. Just wanting to be his own person with out having to fear for his life due to his brother enemies. Seth eventually ends up in a relationship with a leader of a different gang but not knowing that the guy actually thought he was his brother. How will his brother react, how will this guy in Seth's life act once he finds out that Seth is not his brother?

2. Being half vampire half demon had its perks well that was until he was captured. Oh did i forget to mention that it is the year 3030 and all things that go bump in the night now roamed the world freely with the humans mixing in but there was a catch inbreeds or those that were more than one thing were naturally hunted down. Ash had been on the run until the hunter caught him now he was in a lab that had a mix of supernatural doctors and scientists and human one. A binding circle kept him from escaping he was hanging there wrists cuffed and burned held above his head to the ceiling keeping him suspended. It hurt every time they cut him with those silver blades but if he were to scream the worse it got and the more blood they took from him.  For this your roll is completely open you can play anyone in the story I am just looking for someone that can be a dominant top.

3. Kris stared at the barrel of his gun as he fell to his knee's. "You don't have to do this." Tears stung the mans eyes. He breathed deeply, Aiming the gun at Kris's skull. "I wish that were true." .....For this one I would like to create a story with someone either leading up to this part or starting off this way.

4. He's not the kind of guy that others fall in love with. Nope most just used him then left the only way he felt wanted was when he was in a mans arms in the throws of passion. So he did anything he could to find those one night stands. ....I am thinking for this idea that he finally finds love with your character but he of course doesn't know how to react or handle it so things get complicated and he fights those emotions.

5. AJ was homeless his parents having kicked him out when he had come out to them. He now lived on the streets trying to survive it got harder and harder around the winter time and well he was in the middle of it. Snow settled on the ground he had a bulky jacket he had gotten from the shelter on. The shelter was busy tonight so he had no where to go so he set up a box under some plastic and crawled in closing the top flap and the snow fall and the street lights come on and traffic die down. Would he make it through the night or would he end up being a ice cube in the morning that is completely up to you.


Story's I love but not all a have to.
plot twists
Medical play

Characters I love to play and will love you forever if I get to play it in our story.
Mental cases
Characters with horrible pasts that made them the way that they are.
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New update= New Idea as of 5/5/18