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July 26, 2017, 08:04:56 AM
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Author Topic: Syanyte Desires a Dom/Top for a M/M RP{All genders welcome}  (Read 2106 times)

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Offline SyanyteTopic starter

Even if I appear offline does not mean I am most times I am under invisible just depends really so please if your interested in anything in this thread don't hesitate to send me a pm.

I am also open to any Role-play's one might wish to play with me it does not have to be a idea from this thread. Don't hesitate to Pm me. The newest things added will be in bold then table of contents anything in blue is click-able.

I am currently, In a Bottom mood for M/M so this will be all my bottom/submissive characters If I play male I am still feisty I just can't play dom characters. My RP's also tend to be in the extreme.

All because I put Dom and Sub does not mean my characters are whiny or what have you they all tend to have a attitude it just more less describes what my character is unless you prefer top/bottom/switch my characters are more of a bottom/switch.

Table of Contents
1. What is here and pairings
2. Idea's
3. Character's

Character's I play. I tend to play slim to slender characters, Sometimes I play males with muscles but not overly muscled and most have toned bodies. I do not mind what anyone else plays but I am more into those type of character's or even anime characters.

Character's I will not play with. I can't stand the overly muscular characters that look like they could break someone in half and I will not play with them or as one.

Post length. I usually try to do between 3-and many more paragraphs it all depends on my muse, I would like to have someone that can give me at least three, but no less then two. I can be long winded so I hope to get like minded people. I can usually post up to once a day depending on my muse maybe more.

I use Real life pictures to describe things., I also use animation pictures as well.

Also a person that doesn't mind playing different parts to help the story along.

It doesn't matter your real gender just as long as your character is Male Or Female

Current Role-plays.

Anything in bold are roles I wish to play. If both Roles are bold then I am open to playing either or.

Pairings M/M open to suggestions.

I am also open to suggestions for pairings. Also I will do just about any setting. ^_^

Anything that is Crossed out like this means I am not open to playing anything from that category.

Parings M/M

The Streets
***Craving anything from here.***
Orphan/ Adopter or Orphan/street walker.
Stripper/Sugar Daddy
Prostitute/Sugar daddy.
Junkie/drug dealer

***Craving anything from here.***
Bully/new kid
Bad boy/outcast
Bf/Bf abusive lover
Older man/Younger man
Married man/Younger man

Mental Institution/Hospitals
***Craving anything from here.***
Mental Case/Doctor
Mental Case/Mental Case

Runaway/Any Kind Of Guy
transgender Female to male/Gay Guy-For this though it would be the only time I play a female.


Craving things from here.
But also a role reversal where it would be Human/Vampire and the human is the top/Dominant one in the relationship
Uh any other kind of supernatural pairing.

***Craving anything from here.***
Brother/Brother{Twin or Older/Younger}
Father's friend/Son

***Craving anything from here.***
Porn star/Jealous lover.

***Craving this.***
Prince/Harem boy

Shall continue to think if you have any pairings you would like to try then just shoot me a message.
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Offline SyanyteTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2013, 08:34:36 PM »
I have a crap ton of pictures more so these are just some,

I am open to doing any pairing I suggested in my first post just as long as I get to play the bottom. [/center]

All Pictures are click able thumbnails so the picture will get bigger if you click on it.

The spoiler has some pictures I can play but I do have some that are less feminine and some that aren't Asian. The idea below can be modified if need be that idea is for him only the other pictures I have here are all open for any ideas you may have or someone you wish to play with them.

Some pictures of guys I would like to play but I have others not as feminine.

Really craving him!

Any one of the three to the right the Blonde I don't really like.

Old Ideas
Idea # 1) The most current idea I have had is maybe a teen between 16-18 gets mixed up with this older guy who is a drug dealer or a pimp of some kind and well they are dating but things are not as sweet as what they seem. The teen lives with this guy and well he can be rather abusive not only mentally but physically and well if the man is a pimp of some kind i could see him every once in a while making my character have sex with people to get him money or sell his drugs for him in a sexual way though.

Idea #2) I was thinking maybe this teen has grown up in a troubled family well he only has one parent which is a father who well at times doesn't act like a father, the real reason behind this is because the boy was kidnapped when he was just a little thing so all he knows is this life and pleasing his father, well that is until for one the boy starts dating a guy from school and well things don't go over so well with this so called father who use's and abuses his son. You would figure after all this time he would have gotten away with the kidnapping but not a day goes by that the boys parents aren't looking for him. That of course comes later in the story, this man is sick in the head he raised the boy as his own but with sexual intentions so that when the boy turned 16 he started using him for sex and video taping it and taking pictures. Uh i see this being very drama filled.

Both stories will need someone that knows how to play multiple characters as I will be doing the same, As you can tell I love drama filled stories and I like my stories to be dark they are a lot more fun that way.

Random idea

As for Idea's I am looking for a dark role-play to use him in, one that is disturbing I see him having a mixture of personality's like he can be very happy but there are times when he can be very dark, he would come from a troubled past maybe even still living in the troubled situation. I am looking for someone for him that isn't afraid to explore the darker side of things. He will be a bottom but he will be feisty if it is called for. I am not looking for a typical love story here cause I love drama and twists and things that will just blow your mind. I love the pain aspect of a role-play and the action and twists and turns to always keep you guessing. All i ask if for it to be a dark role-play it could be about anything really just as long as it's dark. I know I more then likely wont get many hits if any on this cause of what I am asking for but I figured I would give it a shot. It will have love in it just not all the time I am basically looking for someone that has a darker side like me and that doesn't mind if things get crazy in the role-play.

All Pictures are click able thumbnails so the picture will get bigger if you click on it. These are pictures that I have been craving to role-play as.

SFW- all are Real Life

{Group 1

{Group 2


Pictures of males i tend to play.


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Offline SyanyteTopic starter

« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2014, 11:03:44 PM »
Character's I have made Not craving either of these.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Shane


About him:His has short hair that is wavy when wet and he has crystal blue eyes that light up his whole face and Big into computers and technology, he would much rather be on the internet then in a room surrounded by this friends. He is very smart though not many people see past the way he dress's and the fact he is mostly always alone. He is gay and is not ashamed of that fact so it at times tends to get his bullied or harassed. His family is dead he had seen his mother killed when he was just a little thing and went from there to group homes and orphanages and even to a few foster homes. No one really wanted him around because he had such a dark nature but he was not always dark he had times when he liked to be around others and then times where he just wanted to be alone. 

What I see him playing in.: Now as far as an Idea goes he is a troubled kid so I could see him being in a group home for adolescent males or an Orphanage where things aren't as good as they seem. Like there is some shady stuff going on it that place be it having the boys walk the streets sleeping with strangers for money or stealing but in the end they have to bring something back or they don't eat. Or another thing is maybe someone adopts him from the orphanage and they start out with good intentions but some how wires get crossed and things get a little blurred. Or another idea is maybe he is dating someone older then him that took him in off the streets and well he was smart even with out schooling. Another one is him having been raised in the orphanage but now he lives in his own apartment and is dating a older man that basically takes care of him financially. I like the idea of him being the younger of the two if it comes down to a role-play about him and some man dating as I could see many twists for that story.



About him: Skye raised in a house that believed education was for loser's and well it didn't help that his mother was a junkie and his father was no where to be seen. His hair was long blonde with ice blue tips that really brought out his baby blue eyes. Skye also had phoenix wings on his back that came out over the tops of his shoulder and arms they were rainbow colored with blue flames it was of his own design and they really stood out they looked like they were coming out of his back. Skye is a flirt and a tease and loves to have fun he is a very cheery character and loves attention the more he gets the better. Skye can be a big tease and loves to get his way, he is more of a lover then a fighter but he will fight for what belongs to him.

What i see him playing in.:Well of course I see him being a bottom but he is a playful one so I am thinking that one he could be a prostitute since of course he can't go to school and maybe one of the guys he does things with has fallen for him and wants to take him in but maybe the man is married and well has to keep Skye a secret or I could see Skye being of age to work in a strip club doing "jobs" on the side as well more like a don't ask don't tell type deal with his clients and maybe he lives in his own apartment in a bad part of town and has a live in boyfriend be it a older guy or a guy the same age either works for me. But if you are really craving a school story I am sure I can work it out to have him going to school. I just want the story to be fun and exciting and very HOT! and at times have drama and twists to it.
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Offline SyanyteTopic starter

Syanyte Desires a Dom/Top for a M/M RP{All genders welcome}
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2017, 05:51:44 PM »
Seeking stories open to ideas and suggestions haven't bumped this in a while I have no stories going. No new ideas so I am open to suggestions.