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May 24, 2018, 03:33:41 AM

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Author Topic: Metahuman Tournament (interest check)  (Read 273 times)

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Offline VauleraTopic starter

Metahuman Tournament (interest check)
« on: July 09, 2013, 01:18:36 AM »
Okay, hello ladies and gentlemen of the Elliquiy forums, I am Vaulera, and this is my idea for a game.

The summarized concept (for those skimming): A tournament held in a vast underground arena, filled with unsavoury denizens gathered for a bloody spectacle. Participating in said tournament are Metahumans; human beings with enhanced physiology granted strange and lethal powers. These Metahumans gather into factions, different enterprises, sometimes criminal and other times conglomerated, all interested in winning the tournament for different reasons. They elect fighters, their representatives, to participate in the tournament runnings and eliminate the competition for the prize, an exorbitant sum of money and the unanimous title of the most dangerous sect of Metahumans.

The World: The year is 2055, the world itself has changed dramatically. Advances in technology have dominated the face of industry, business, leisure and war. Having faced down global warming and the third world war, the U.N. has expanded to control every major country in the world. The major change to technology was the revolution in three dimensional printing and the ability to downsize almost everything without harming efficiency or power, in batteries, engines and weapons. This particular change happened in 2030, and that's when all hell broke loose. With the availability of 3D printing and the earlier explosion into the digital age, crime became easier for the determined. Although the extremely dangerous and advanced ballistic and explosive weaponry was purely in the possession of government, police and organized criminal hands, the information on how to utilize the newly created energy weapons was readily available. Common criminals printed the efficient batteries, energy and electrical weapons and through a simple procedure turned cellphone chargers into a ready source of ammunition. Revolts sprung up in China and Vietnam, gang wars reached an unbelievable high in every country, but were most prominent in the United States. Shootouts with relatively little colateral damage turned into utter carnage, electrically powered bombs and advanced energy weapons made streets into the very likeness of battlefields. The military and the police started to resemble eachother more and more until the two were officially merged into the same thing, with different departments and units. The police wore massive suits of mechanized armour, immune to the small arms fire that the gangs could offer and the chaos was quashed under an iron fist, no trial, no jury, to be caught with a weapon was to die. Not every country was content with order in just their own countries. Through a series of interventions on the parts of several militaries to quell terrorist activities, hostilities arose in the Middle East, and a war broke out. There weren't completely distinct factions in the war, with much side-switching and negotiation, but for five years, the entire world's countries of economic and military significance gathered to wage war on a scale unheard of, with war machines of unrivalled power. Expeditions into space, mining from asteroids, and drilling in planets gave near-limitless access to the natural resources needed to produce machinery at a rate and quantity of enormous magnitude. Tanks the size of schools, fleets of ships that dwarfed the Titanic, Planes that could drop missiles and bombs that could shred steel like paper in a great area. Infantry ceased to exist, replaced my mechanized suits equipped with weapons and equipment too heavy for human beings to lift themselves, chemical enhancement or not. The logistical needs of the military were reduced to practically nothing as the mobility of the military increased tenfold. Cities were razed and people died in the hundreds of millions. But after five years of the carnage, the fighting ceased and treaties were signed. The next years that followed were some of the best in the whole of humankind's history. Aid was distributed, social and governmental infrastructure was established and the reliance upon fossil fuels was completely eliminated. The United Nations became a meeting place for the representatives of each and every country met to discuss issues foreign and domestic. Soon, disease, poverty and crime were at an all time low and everyone was content and even happy. The strict laws put in place for safety began to slacken in response to the population's wishes. Brief pockets of crime sprung up, but the extremely effective, militarized police were able to deal with it. Soon, the only crime that existed was of the most shadowy kinds. Highly organized and effectively militarized, different factions killed each other off in shadow wars, until one country would only have one or two different organizations. With their roots driven deep, and the market for illicit substances highly specialized, there wasn't much room for competition. Many became legitimate businesses with less than agreeable tactics for negotiation. Criminals became few, but extremely specialized, highly organized and untouchable by the law, despite the governments' best efforts. Little was done by the different policing organizations, especially since the casualties were confined ordinarily to just members of the different gangs, with often very few or no casualties at all.

Where Metahumans come in: The existence of Metahumans is not common knowledge in the world. Genetically speaking, they are an anomaly. They appear as ordinary human beings, with few exceptions. Birthing is completely random. Metahumans are born to ordinary humans and Metahumans all the same, though it appears the chances of being a Metahuman are increased if the mother was such, the father seems to have little or no effect. All attempts to force Metahumans into existence have failed, the results being as sporadic as their appearance in regular copulation. The few Metahumans who do exist are quickly inducted into different programs run by the government. Far from being heartless and scientific regimes, the children are educated and given treatment special to their particular powers. Rather than treat it as some sort of affliction or treat it with negativity, the government fostered loyalty and love from their wards. Parents were allowed to see their children often and without intervention and the Metahuman subjects in the care of institutions became friends with each other and grew up to be effective agents, working for an organization not under the control of any one government, but controlled by experts from every country. This organization, as ethical as it possibly could be, was still kept away from public knowledge, and used only in circumstances that required force, but a gentler hand then the mechanized suits and soldiers of the policing forces. There were and still are very few cases in which their particular talents were needed, but it provided an excellent way of controlling the Metahuman subjects while also keeping them happy. These are the only other recorded cases of Metahuman activities, with the emphasis on recorded. With the state of crime as it was, the only way to trust members with information and jobs, they had to come from a source that couldn't be doubted. Gangs became very much like the arrangement of some mafias earlier in time, a group of trusted families, who had been that way for generations, all forming one large syndicate. The sons and daughters of these families would be taught to treat the syndicate as their family, to fill a destined role in their strict hierarchy. This way, the family would not grow quickly, but their members possessed undying loyalty and possessed skills exactly correct for their position. This only started relating to Metahumans in the last thirty years, when children started to be born with their enhanced physiology and special abilities. Organizations started to have members with special abilities, abilities that could destroy unlike anything else they possessed. The ability to transport human beings with special abilities began to open up the possibility for expansion. Shadow wars began to break out in every country that possessed organized crime. The law was only vaguely aware of these conflicts, as they left no mess, no evidence and never reached the ears of the authorities before they began. Despite the size and firepower difference, no traction was gained. These wars didn't gain any permanent territory for the involved parties. Soon, a few of the largest organizations joined for talks, joining in trade and alliance. Soon, the gangs joined in a council not unlike the United Nations. All of them valued their members, but the nature of gangs was competitive, and they would fight just for the sake of deciding who was best. Deciding this became easy. They would hold a tournament. The first few tries were sloppy, with Metahumans making the ordinary members look like children and blowing through the competition. It was summarily decided that the tournament should be specific to Metahumans, selected specifically by the groups. The rules were simple. Participants would be placed in an arena underground, with spectators behind modern safety glass. Once the countdown reached 0, the two would fight. With weapons of their choosing and however they wished. Dismemberment, disemboweling and mutilation were commonplace, but with the advancements in medical technology, deaths were surprisingly uncommon. The only way the participants died was through a removal of their head or spine.

The character sheet: (coming soon, with interest)

Okey dokey, so this is as much as I do for this interest check thingy, and I think by this point in reading (or skimming) you're probably interested. The exact nature of this is as with most of my games, up to the decisions between both me and the players. I'm thinking a simple system, perhaps a d6 or a d20, but nothing really overboard or complex (unless someone has some good suggestions). As for sexual content, it's on a member to member basis, conducted between whoever, whenever, in a separate threads called the dormitories (or so is the plan). Any suggestions, questions or interests, should be posted here!

Offline MzHyde

Re: Metahuman Tournament (interest check)
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2013, 01:28:59 AM »
Sounds eerily familiar.

Offline VauleraTopic starter

Re: Metahuman Tournament (interest check)
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2013, 01:30:40 AM »
Haha, it does, doesn't it? You locked it, and I rewatched Yu Yu Hakusho, so I was dying for a game like this! Your idea definitely aroused my interest, and I will certainly participate if it reopens.

Online Batman4560

Re: Metahuman Tournament (interest check)
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2013, 08:48:19 AM »
If the other is locked then sign me up for this one.