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Author Topic: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM) New Players Needed  (Read 8149 times)

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Offline magikal

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #50 on: September 08, 2013, 03:23:56 AM »
Played By: Magikal
Name: Laetitia Castilla
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Occupation: Head Slave Trainer for the Water Serpent Clan, up and coming Slave trader
Clan: Water Serpent Clan
Rank:  High Ranking Noble

Vital Statistics:
She is 5' 7" and 125 pounds, with an athletic figure. She has a stunning face, with full lips, and bright, sparking hazel eyes. Her skin is lightly freckled, she wears her shoulder length red hair tied back in a ponytale. She's quite proud of her strength and athleticism, she is in extremely good shape.

Personality: She is a careful observer and very calculating. She tends to always have a smile on her face, mostly because she's thinking about how she's going to break in a new slave. She's very driven and wants to acquire even larger facilities, for more slaves, to do more training. Her goal is one of her slaves in every house in the empire. She's driven to eventually experiment on herself, fulfilling her lover's desires to change herself to become her lover's perfect partner.

History: She's only been a lead slave trainer for the last 2 years, during that time she's increased her Clan's power, she does this by finding out what her slave is best at, and then letting them fulfill their ultimate potential. Her clan has spent the last five years cultivating herbs, potions, injections, and poultices that help make their slaves the most sexually desirable, docile, insatiable, and lust filled, perpetually horny personalities and give them outrageous, impossible physical attributes that the world has not seen before such as tiny waists, huge breasts, or massive butts. Her slaves are all custom ordered, built from scratch in one month.

She loves pleasure: Giving and Receiving, she's dominant everywhere but the bedroom, where she is a closeted submissive
She likes toys, clothing, fetish gear, oral, vaginal

Gore, scat, watersports, gross stuff

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #51 on: September 08, 2013, 03:38:15 AM »
Approved and welcome to the game!

Offline Arianhro

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #52 on: September 08, 2013, 07:33:51 PM »
Is there space for a slave? I see mostly nobles. And I immagine a slave with no owner gets little chance to post?

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #53 on: September 08, 2013, 07:38:36 PM »
There are a couple nobles without slaves so yes we could fit you in

Offline Arianhro

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #54 on: September 09, 2013, 02:05:13 PM »
Well if any are interested I'd enjoy the setting I think. :)
I can be pretty flexible about what character I played.

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #55 on: September 09, 2013, 02:22:29 PM »
Ok did you have any specific type of slave character you would like to play?

Offline Arianhro

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #56 on: September 09, 2013, 02:59:39 PM »
I think I'd enjoy a Pony, or perhaps a slave being punished by time as a dog.
I like the idea of some forms of augmentation though not all, and particularly lactation.
I could do a Concubine too though. :)

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #57 on: September 09, 2013, 03:52:44 PM »
We could use a pony actually. Perhaps the Kings prized show pony?

Offline Arianhro

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #58 on: September 09, 2013, 05:13:00 PM »
Very prized. I could do that.
The best of the best were educated by my reading? When given opportunity could discourse with the best of them.
Or so I understand? Sorry I'm still trying to get a handle on the setting.
The Kings Show Pony would have been bred from birth for the role?

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #59 on: September 09, 2013, 06:36:45 PM »
Yes you could be the pony that has won the king any championships. The highest class ponies are well educated and can talk and conversate as would a normal person.

The pony would come from only the best gene stock and be bred from birth to be the ultimate pony for the king :)

Offline OtakuStarchild

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #60 on: September 14, 2013, 04:20:22 AM »
Name: Lady Sunao Tora
Played By: OtakuStarchild
Gender: Female
Occupation: Head Mistress and Clan Leader
Clan: Silver Tiger
Rank:Highest ranking Noblewoman

Vital Statistics: Lady Sunao is 5'6", 175lbs, and has creamy vanilla skin. Her long hair is ink black which accents her Celeste blue eyes and full, red lips. Endowed with huge E cup sized breasts, a thick yet toned waistline, and a large apple-shaped ass, Lady Sunao's body radiates with the beauty of a goddess. Her muscles have softened since her time as a warrior but it is still obvious that she is physically fit.

Personality:Lady Sunao is very confident in herself and in her reign. She always shows pride in her remaining clan, speaking highly of her ancestors and family whenever the subject is brought up. Lady Sunao's voice is soft and low but her words hold power. This Noble Tiger rules not by fear or by domination, but by being sexually submissive to nobles and slaves alike. Her slaves and subjects respect her, some even love her, but none feel she is weak in any way. Though submissive when it comes to sex, Lady Sunao is dominate in everything else. Unlike most slave masters, Sunao doesn't like for her slaves to be dressed in latex or anything of the like; instead, she prefers silky or lace lingerie, fishnet being allowed every once in a while. To her, latex and other rubber clothing doesn't give the right sensations. Silky clothing allows one to easily feel the flesh beneath and to transfer pleasure via touch.

History:Sunao Tora is one of the few pure-blooded nobles of the Silver Tiger clan. With their numbers thinning out from war and an uprising of some slaves 5 years ago, her clan is in dire straits. Suffering physically and financially, the Silver Tigers have fallen off their pedestal of being a well-known, well-respected clan, something Sunao wishes to rectify... no matter what it takes. This is, after all, the responsibility she has as Clan Leader.

Before the Unification War, Sunao's husband left her for a noblewoman, someone who vastly outranked her as she was just a Commander at the time. His lust for power left her abandoned when she was with child. A year before the war reached the doors of her clan, Sunao's daughter became ill and died at 11 months of age. With her husband leaving her and the loss of her daughter, darkness filled Sunao and despite the fact that her people needed her to prepare them for the oncoming storm, she attempted to kill herself. Her General and closest friend, Aryn Rhea, stopped her, slowly but surely pulling her out of the darkness by focusing her dark-filled mind at the Metal Spiders. After many battles and many small victories that vastly hindered Lord Songsteel's forces, Sunao and her Silver Tiger warriors were defeated at the hands of a high ranking Tranceptor, Lusitania. The events that night would change Sunao forever, cursing her with an libido that never lowered yet her body could never reach it's blissful state.

How she instructs her Slave Master to train her slaves is a little different than most. Instead of having them wear leather or latex, she makes them wear conforming silk or lace since this pleases Lady Tora. As well as having them wear extremely high heels to keep the from walking on the ground that Nobles and Royalty walk on, Lady Sunao makes her slaves as well as her Slave Master (who is just the highest ranking slave) wear long silk gloves for Lady Sunao believes that only non-slaves are allowed to touch other non-slaves with their hands and slaves may only receive skin to skin contact from non-slaves. The leader of the Silver Tiger clan also keeps her slaves in line by supplying them with a special mix that includes the milk she produces and a secret ingredient. This concoction makes her slaves, both male and female, long to serve only her and those she gives them permission to serve while giving them amazing stamina and sexual abilities at the same time.

On's: Check out my personal O/Os here. Specific things that apply to this character is lactation(being milked), bondage, S&M, oral, vaginal, anal, mammary intercourse (boobjobs), hair-pulling, scratching(receiving), spanking(receiving), and mouth bits.

Off's:Also on my O/Os. I do not like gore, scat, rape, watersports, bloodplay, incest, or strange insertions. For this character, latex or leather clothing is a turn off.

More Pictures
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Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #61 on: September 14, 2013, 01:29:49 PM »
Welcome all welcome all!

Offline Arianhro

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #62 on: September 14, 2013, 04:17:21 PM »
Name: Crimson Wind
Played By: Arianhro
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pony Slave
Clan: Metal Spider
Rank: Pony Slave Class 10+

Vital Statistics: Wind is perfection as Pony Slaves go. She's athletically built with subtle muscles and stunning curves. Her breasts are just large enough to sway enticingly as she runs, her waist thin from tight leathers all her life. She has long lustrous hair in a vibrant copper red, like burnished red gold, and a matching tail for formal occasions. Large brown eyes seem to take everything in, except when she's racing, when she has only one thing in her sights... the finish line.

Personality: Wind is a fiery young woman with a drive to perfection. She loves racing, and loves winning, the thrill and adrenaline of an important race almost addictive to her. She's also a very sensory individual, craving the stimulation of her senses in as many ways as she can experience.

Above this though she's actually quite intelligent, and more than being well educated, she has paid attention. She knows what's going on around her, and soaks up the political scene at events she's at well enough to always have interesting insight later should anyone actually think to ask. Even when she's silent she's listening.

History: Wind was noticed very early in life for her drive and speed, and with her breeding and natural talent, she was instantly recognized as having great promise. Of course this made her training far harsher than most, and she's intimately familiar with the kiss of the whip and crop, and some more serious punishments including one week as a dog when it was deemed she was not performing to her full abilities.

What it shaped though was a pony slave that comes along once a generation, with the speed, stamina and beauty to become the kings own personal pony slave at age nineteen. For the last two years she's won him race after race, both alone and pulling a sulkie.

She's perhaps slightly over-proud for a slave, enjoying her skill and wins, and the favour and rewards it brings, but she's loyal to her owner, never failing to do her best to please.

On's: On/Off And More For this character, particularly Bondage, Lactation, Humiliation, Punishment or anything else on my list if it comes up.

Off's: On/Off And More

Offline sansa

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #63 on: September 14, 2013, 07:10:15 PM »
Name: Arya Stone
Played By: sansa
Age: 18 years old
Gender: female
Occupation: Ponie Slave
Clan: N/A
Rank: Level 7

Vital Statistics: Arya is 5'2", has green eyes, very light skin, and dark hair.

Personality: Arya is very soft spoken and gentle. She does not like to draw a lot of attention to herself due to her background. She has a very youthful and innocent face which matches her personality. She only tries to do her best and help others when she can. Naive is a good word for Arya but not stupid.
History: Arya's mother was a Level 1 Ponie Slave. She only bred to have a strong level 1 slave. However Arya grew up to be quite beautiful and bright. It took much time though for a slaver to discover the hidden beauty and quicky bought the girl and brought her to the Empire. Arya's mothrr was very proud of her daughter to have been thought so highly of but Arya was not happy with her new fate. She doesn't know what to expect, is not used to being around crowds or having attention. She knows the whip decently enough but she hardly ever was punished due to her over potective mother ensuring she was always doing her best.

On's: NC, BDSM, FxF, punishment, humiliation, character growth and conflict.

Off's: Urine, Vomit, any other bodily waste, etc. Mmm... Don't dismember my character.
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Offline Aria

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #64 on: September 14, 2013, 07:54:35 PM »
Name:Elaine (no last name or middle name)
Played By:Aria
Occupation:concubine (specialty is oral, but well versed in all sexual pleasure)
Clan:Metal Spider, though she is a descendant of the holy order of the white wind.

Vital Statistics:medium length blond hair, blue eyes, 32D-20(corsetted)/28(uncorsetted)-34, 5'5" in height, 127 lbs. She has fairly rounded, soft features in general. She has pale, unmarked skin except for a brand on the back of her shoulder that marks her as one of the king's sex slaves, unless she's been made redder then that by one of those she served.

her uniform amounts to an outfit made entirely out of white, braided ropes that don't cover her breasts, pussy, or ass. She has a white jacket that she wears over that that isn't allowed to be  fully closed ever, according to the concubines rules of dress (covering her breasts is forbidden). The braiding and material of her jacket are non-porus and don't stain from sperm.

Personality: She is a fairly obedient concubine, who takes pride in what she does. She was never raised to do anything else, so she doesn't feel any inherent shame from being used for people's sexual pleasure. She is confident, and competitive, and that has led her to be punished for overdoing her job occasionally, when she gets carried away with competing with one of the other sex slaves. When she isn't trying to beat anyone, though, she's calm, meticulous, and has a good sense of empathy and attention to detail. Since she isn't captured, beaten as often, or ashamed of her job, she is often more happy, or bubbly then her peers, and will sometimes intentionally tease her masters and get punished for it.
History:Her ancestors came from a holy order that viewed abstinence as a big deal. They had found some tattered book or another that they thought was a holy text and proclaimed that the king and his empire were abominations for their constant sexual escapades. When the order was eventually crushed for their helping to try to kill the king, the kind thought it was an ironic  punishment that from then on all descendants of that clan would be bread to serve the very function they rebuked against. As such her mother, her grandmother, and her great grandmother were all concubines for the king as well.  She was raised to be a concubine, and hasn't actually lived as anything else in her lifetime. The kind usually separated the successive generations to ensure that the ideals her clan used to preach were dead, and left unheard by the newer generations, who knew only pleasuring their masters.

She has a small nanotech device in her esophagus that converts sperm and vaginal fluid into vital nutrients and water, allowing her to literally survive on cum alone, though it also makes it so that real food will kill her. 

On's: giving head, deep throating, gagging,  breast play, impregnation, Cum (anywhere, everywhere),  receiving fisting, tenticles, multi-penetration, orgies, loving sex, soft sex, hard sex, bondage, pain play, shame play, F/F, F/M, F/O, F/M/M, F/F/M, (etc), Hair pulling, kissing, licking, soft biting, anything I haven't tried before.

Off's: Scat, watersport, vomit, vore, vein play, cutting, blood, dismemberment, scarring, see note below.

note: I do group sex. I do rough sex, but please never combine the two when it comes to me.


Is this acceptable?
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Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #65 on: September 14, 2013, 07:58:06 PM »
Looks great Aria welcome to the Game!

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #66 on: October 21, 2013, 09:03:15 PM »
Just bumping the thread to see if we get anymore interest in the game.

Offline Flower

Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] (Recruitment Thread)(EX, BDSM)
« Reply #67 on: November 03, 2013, 10:28:24 PM »
Name: Naia
Played By: Dancing Flower
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pet Slave
Clan: Aligns with whomever becomes her Owner
Rank: Not Applicable

Vital Statistics: 5'6, dark brown eyes, 120 lbs.

Personality: Naia has been raised to be obedient. She has no thought of rebellion or escaping. Her behavior is fairly innocent although she is no stranger to sex. Her loyalty lies to her owner and anyone whom they see fit to have in their company. When allowed, her personality will come through with playful mischievousness although she would never do anything which would cause lots of harm.

History: Naia's roots lie with the once proud Amazons although they would likely kill her rather than claim her. At birth, she was taken from the screaming arms of her mother to become a part of one of Songsteel's many experiments. 

For the first few years of her life, she was not exposed to any human contact other than the unseen faces of scientists behind  their masks and constant prodding of their rubbery gloves. They never uttered a kind word to her. Instead they took the samples they wanted by force if she was unwilling. It was by their cold neutrality that Naia learned her place within the world. Whenever she attempted to rise to her feet, a firm hand slapped her back down until she learned standing was not permitted. Lessons like this of how she was supposed to behave was engraved into her mind, stripping her of any sense of humanity.

Once she was deemed ready, Naia was brought out of seclusion and into the real world. The sight of it all quite frankly frightened her after spending so long in the silence. Rather than run towards it with curiosity, she stayed close to the only hands known to her even if they caused her so much pain in the past. The action earned her a response which had never been gifted to her. Pleasure. It had been nothing more than a pet through her wild hair but the action seduced her more than any slap had ever done in the past.

She was transported to a place which housed other men and women destined to the same irrevocable fate. It was here her training further progressed to learn the mannerisms of the animal they sought for her to replicate. By the end of her training Naia was completely transformed. There was a clear difference between her mannerisms and those who had not undergone the same process from birth. She does not bat an eyelash at jewels or any other finery. Her main concern is making sure her owner is always happy.

On's: Being petted, being treated exactly like a dog, her tail, anal, rough sex, public sex, biting...

Off's: Please click me

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Due to player inactivity and drop outs, I would like to put forth another request for new people who would be interested in playing.

Offline minerva7790

Name: Elora Maedrin
Played By: minerva7790
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Occupation: Biologist specialising in the study of breeding and sexual pleasure
Clan:Flame Wolf
Rank: Head researcher at the Human Studies laboratory

Vital Statistics: Bust-waist-hips measure 35-23-33 inches. Alaya is of average height at 5'3", but makes up for the height by having slaves carry her in a sedan. Her lithe body is supple and flexible, having practiced the noble art of dance when she was in her girlhood. Her eyes are a dark hazel colour and her long hair deep black. Her skin is lightly taned, as is common for the people in her clan.

Personality: Alaya is curious and inquisitive by nature. A dedicated researcher, she can be cold and aloof when conducting experiments in her pursuit of scientific truth and beauty. The authoratative aura she holds in her lab, which she likes to think of as her lair, fades softens when she is among other nobles. Her quick wit and sarcasm has made her fast friends -- who find her a charming conversationalist -- and bitter enemies -- who do not approve of her honest words.

Alaya is highly protective of her "pets", the slaves-turned-research-subjects in her lab. A pet who does his or her job well and submits willingly to her experiments will be generously rewarded with his or her mistress's attention and favour in bed. However, Alaya has no qualms subjecting her pets to sometimes painful or cruel experiments, all for the sake of science. After all, what's one broken pet when there are thousands more to replace it?

History: Alaya was born the youngest child and only daughter of the leader of the Flame Wolf clan. Her parents doted on her and gave her everything she desired. Alaya's mother wanted her daughter to grow up to be a famous dancer, as she was. However, Alaya, who was close to her third brother, spent much time in his laboratory, watching him perform his experiments. Soon, Alaya would perform her own simple ones, using her bedservants as subjects. Alaya's interest in this boyish pasttime worried her mother, who insisted that Alaya's dance practice time be increased. Alaya's father, on the other hand, had no such reservations, encouraging her instead.

Alaya's interest in biology started, ironically enough, from dancing. She noticed that a dancer's body was more flexible then others. From there, she studied the anatomy of the human body and how it adapted to suit the needs of the person. She also observed the bodies of slaves with different functions. Concubines, for example, had larger breasts and hips as compared to pony slaves or service slaves, and their mouths could open wider too.

Alaya's favourite invention to date is a hood and mask that forces her slaves to do whatever she thinks. This was faster than communicating her instructions to her slaves by word. It was also useful for controlling the slaves when Alaya wanted to test a new bondage toy on herself.

When it came to sending a tribute to the Phoenix King, Alaya's father was loft to send her, his most prized possession. However, Alaya was eager at the chance to learn more about the Metal Clan's technology. And with her skill in dance, Alaya was sure to bring glory to the Flame Wolf clan. Her father reluctantly agreed, sending with his precious daughter an entourage of slaves to display the honour and strength of the Flame Wolf clan.

On's: Almost anything is fine, giving and receiving. For this game, I'm looking into a bit of switching and heterosexuality. Everything else is in my O/o here.

Off's: Mainly scat, gore, watersports. Again, see O/o.

More pictures

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Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Accepted and welcome Minerva!

Offline minerva7790

Thank you! *bows*

Offline OtakuStarchild

Name: Sarin
Played By: OtakuStarchild
Age: 26
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Occupation: Tranceptor
Clan: Metal Spider
Rank: Inquisitor

Vital Statistics: 5'9" out of heels, platinum blonde hair that's usually worn in two, long braids that extend down to the back of hir knees, ice blue eyes, very muscular and slender. Sarin's breasts are about a 36C cup and hir member is 4 inches in girth and reaches up to just under hir breasts.  S/he doesn't have balls, hir slit starting at the base of hir cock.

Personality: Loyal, predatory, confident, respectful, and cold though usually has a sinister smile on hir face.

History: When Sarin was a child of six years, it was only the beginning of the Unification War. Hir original clan, its name lost to hir, were one of the first to side with Lord Songsteel's plans, feeling that if they sided as quickly as possibly with the mad warlord that they would be spared his wrath for not being his ally from the beginning. They were sorely mistaken. Every noble head of household and their partner were tortured til they could offer a reason why Malekith should spare them, whether it be a bribe of money, land, or something of value. Hir parents, not really pleased with a "mismatched child" offered hir to the warlord and his Tranceptory. That is when it is said that hir heart froze over, never to thaw.

  S/he gladly went with the Tranceptors, willing to endure anything they put hir through if it meant s/he would never see hir parents again. With hir natural apathy towards others that had developed throughout hir abusive childhood, Sarin would rise in the ranks at a very young age, helping gather information and spying on the enemy a lot easier than the adults of the order since s/he learned how to manipulate others with hir girlish charms. S/he discarded her birth name, using a favor s/he had gained to wipe it from any records for that person died and Sarin was born the day s/he entered the Tranceptor's ranks.

  Now, the dangerous blonde excels at gathering information for His Majesty, knowing of all kinds of ways to get what s/he needs out of any person who falls into hir clutches. S/he knows hir place well and s/he revels in it, finding a sick joy in doing what s/he does best; carrying out King Malekith's law and protecting his kingdom.
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Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Approved Otaku!!!  ;D