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Author Topic: Pointless Digressions [Mostly M/F and F/F with elements of fantasy and BDSM]  (Read 1730 times)

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Hey everyone. I'm Pointless Digression, and this is going to be my new thread for looking for co-writers. It will be a work in progress, so expect things to look different here as time goes by.

If any of the ideas below appeals to you, or if you have an idea that you think would interest me, please contact me by PMs. For purposes of thread neatness, please do not reply below. I also prefer to receive introductory PMs with some meat to them. "I like such and such story," is very nice to hear and good for the ego, but doesn't give me much to work with, you know? If you put a soupçon of detail in, odds are much better that we'll be able to engage in productive dialogue and come up with a story that we'll both enjoy over the long term.

My O/O thread is linked here. I've recently updated and expanded that thread, so you can get a good view of my likes and dislikes in a story. My "button pushing fetishes" tend to be seasonal. It's not that I ever STOP enjoying a particular kind of erotic act or style of fiction, but that the one that burns at the forefront tends to change over time.  I almost always tend to enjoy bondage, elaborate fantasy settings, and initial power imbalance between the two main characters.

When you PM me, I will almost certainly flip back through your most recent posts to get an idea about your writing style. I like to make certain tat my writing style is compatible with a potential co-writer's before I commit myself to a new player. There are only 24 hours in a day, after all, and I don't like to spread myself too think among my various stories.

And lastly, the names and titles used in these story ideas are by no means set in stone. We can adapt these ideas to better suit each others' tastes if needs be.

Now, on to the ideas!:
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Re: Pointless Digressions
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2013, 07:45:26 PM »
Who is the Master, and who is the Slave?
Main Characters: Male Master and Female Slave
Secondary Characters: The Master's head of household, assorted other household slaves, noble rivals of the Master, the slave's wicked stepmother
Setting: Quasi-Fantasy Edwardian English Countryside
Theme: Manipulation / Romance.
Kinks: Slavery / BDSM / Topping from the bottom / Age Difference
Synopsis: After the death of a prominent but impoverished nobleman from the city, it was discovered that he was deeply in debt and left his heirs with no means of repaying the thousands of pounds he owed. The family decided, in no small part due to the promptings of the girl's manipulative and spiteful stepmother, to sell the eldest daughter into slavery. In addition to getting the family out of debt, it has the added benefit of removing the girl, the only child of her late husband and his late wife, from the line of succession. Her own children would inherit the family name, titles, and what was left of the estates.

Being an exceptionally beautiful and refined specimen, she manages to catch the eye of the head of house of a wealthy country gentleman. When in the city it is his custom to visit the slave markets for additional household staff, and believes the girl will please his master greatly. The girl learns to her initial distaste that her new owner is a man nearly twice her age, and worse; an acquaintance of her father from the Army.

However, the girl is far from passive about her lot in life, and over the trip to the high country, comes up with a plan to get her revenge and win back her inheritance. She realizes that her plan will be difficult and that a single misstep might get her resold or banished from the house to till the fields with the other labor slaves. Men do not purchase their wives from the slave markets, after all. But she has always had a knack for wrapping men around her little finger to get her way. There's just more at stake this time around.

She has inherited the full measure of her father's prodigious intelligence and her stepmother's cunning, and she knows that she has what it takes to turn the quiet country mouse of a master she's been yoked to and make him the instrument of her return to power and the eradication of her enemies.

The Assassin In Training Taken
Main Characters: Assassin, Girl
Secondary Characters: Girl's father, various targets
Setting: Contemporary
Theme:  Seduction of the Innocent
Kinks: Kidnapping / Non-Con / Brainwashing / Age Difference
Synopsis:If I show up on your door, chances are you did something to bring me there. -- Martin Blank, "Grosse Pointe Blank."

My character is a hired gun, among the best in the very specialized field to provide permanent solutions to problems and the utmost discretion. Just because my character has a very satisfied client list, however, does not mean that he is able to do his job without battling his own conscience every step of the way. Like most people facing cognitive dissonance, he rationalizes the things he does by telling himself that the men and women he murders have done something to deserve it.

That does not always work, however. Sometimes he performs his craft and becomes the tyranny of evil men. As it was with his last contract. A civilian who worked for a pharmaceutical research company, the mark discovered secrets about his employers' black deeds in Africa, secrets involving testing experimental drugs and medical techniques outside the purview of FDA regulation. Rather than see a whistle blower destroy the company in the public eye, they decide to silence him permanently.

Your character is the teenage daughter the target. Now, my assassin character is very meticulous never to kill someone he doesn't have to. The plan didn't call for the daughter to get involved. But plan, as we all know, is a four letter word for something that doesn't work. For whatever reason, your character walked in at the exact wrong moment. Faced with a choice of silencing a potential witness against him, or running and finding his sketch artist portrait all over the six o'clock news, he decided to take a third option and abduct the girl.

The fact that she was drop dead gorgeous and he had something of a soft spot for her type probably didn't hurt either.

So she abducts the young woman and sets out to psychologically breaks her. His plan is to train the teenager to be his apprentice and teach her the art of murder for hire.

Cherry Blossoms
Main Characters: Sensei, Student
Secondary Characters: Mischievous fox spirits, wandering demons, other students
Setting: Fantasy Asian setting
Theme:  Wushu and Romance
Kinks: Lesbianism / Age Difference / Power Imbalance
Synopsis: My character is a monk of a respected and venerated order of warrior-mystics. She has dedicated her life to proving herself worthy for the once-in-a-century event, the coming of the great Dragon Sage who will answer any one question for the monk that seeks it out. But that event is a decade or more away, and as the Buddhist proverb says, "Before Enlightenment, sweep the floors." That is to say, get on with the business of living.

She has come down from the mountain monastery of her order and made herself a home in an abandoned martial arts school at the border of the providence. It is a time of great strife in the land - bandits plague the roads, foreign invaders grow ever more bold, and the rumor has spread even to the country that the Emperor has lost the Mandate of Heaven.

My character has not yet decided what she will do when into her life walks a student. She wishes to learn the martial arts for reasons old as stories. Murdered father, abducted mother, something to prove and a chip on her shoulder bigger than a mountain. She is the exact opposite of the serene and introspective monk in every way. As the master begins training her new student, she is surprised to discover that her feelings go deeper than that of a teacher towards her student...
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Re: Pointless Digressions
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2013, 01:30:08 PM »
Kiss of a Blood Thief
Main Characters: Female Vampire and Female Prisoner
Setting: Modern day rural America
Theme: Horror
Kinks: Kidnapping / Noncon / Lesbianism / BDSM
Synopsis: In the 1960s, a woman was brutally murdered, her body drained of blood. The case bore all the hallmarks of a vampire attack, but everyone knows that there's no such things as vampires. The case was never solved.

Flash forward to the present day. Your character is an investigator of some sort; a police officer working a cold case, or an investigative journalist chasing down a decades-old mystery. A late night pouring over old police reports and newspaper articles turns loose a precious clue that had eluded investigators until that moment. A link to a woman interviewed by police, who lived far in the country. A check of local records revealed that the woman had long since died, but that her daughter maintained the same address. Throwing caution to the wind, your character decides to go visit the daughter of the witness.

The door opens to reveal s breathtaking woman. My character; a centuries old vampire who has grown into her habits over the long years. She is a solitary creature, not used to people ringing her doorbell, unused to interactions with people beyond the bare minimum. Bullrushing past her defenses, your character is able to gain access to the house and interviews my character for information she might have about her mother. A veteran investigator like your character is quick to find holes in her story and presses for the truth relentlessly. Fearing discovery, my character assaults yours, knocking her out and taking her prisoner in a specially constructed "feeding cell" in the basement.

From there, the story could take a dark turn if my character simply feeds on yours for her blood over the span of several days before killing her. Alternately, the story could turn into a depraved Stockholm-themed romance, with our characters falling in twisted love.

Ties that Bind Taken
Main Characters: Archmage's Ghost, Young Courtier
Other Characters: Young Courtier's aunt, uncle, and younger sibling. Various nobles and functionaries. The King and the Queen Consort.
Setting: High Fantasy
Theme: Courtly Intrigue
Kinks: Mind Control / Switching / Seduction / Corruption / BDSM
Synopsis: Centuries ago, my character was an archmage of legendary power, who toppled kings and ground empires to dust beneath his heel. No act of black magic was beyond him, and his lust for more power even led him and the world to the brink of disaster. Eventually, he was overthrown, in a war that is remembered today in song and story. But though I was believed to be slain and sent to whatever Hell would have me, I did not die, for I had secreted a piece of my soul in a gem, and so did not pass on to the next world. Instead I lingered in a waking dream, waiting for the proper configuration of events so that I might be born again. As time passed, the magic of the previous age faded into the petty parlour tricks of today, and the more my story came to be seen as allegorical at best, pure fantasy at worst.

Your character is the daughter of a minor noble family, who has just come of age where she might court and find a husband. It is important to the family that their eldest make a suitable match, of course, one that improves their wealth and station in the world. So they have sent their young flower to court for a Season; a splendid time of balls and pageantry, of hunts and plays, of garden romances and fireworks, graceful gondolas and merry mischief.

In addition to the new gowns and shiny baubles you are given by your aunt and uncle to wear at the King's Court, you are also given a marvelous red ruby pendant on a golden chain. This is the secret soulstone of the Archmage, and on contact with your skin the first step necessary for my return has been met, and I again gain an influence on the mortal world. What this means is that I can contact your character through your dreams and control them through my power. I offer you temptations and secret knowledge to help you in your plans, but in exchange you must help me secure my return. At night, you are at my mercy, subject to my cruel whims and base lusts, but during the day you gain access to a measure of my power.

And so the seduction begins. The more you draw upon me to help me in your schemes, the more you surrender your soul to me. The more power and knowledge I give you, the more I create a challenge who might even usurp me.

Slave of the Mirror
Main Characters: The Lady Commander of the Knightly Orders and the Spirit of Desire
Secondary Characeters: The Empress
Setting: High fantasy
Theme:  Guilty Pleasure, Secret Submission
Kinks:  BDSM / Light Torture / Training / Soft-Con
Synopsis: My character has been the Empress' most trusted bodyguard and skilled warrior, having served in the Imperial Court for a dozen years. She rose through the ranks, beginning as a lowly squire that pulled a spear from her own body in fulfill her duty, and now sits at the head of armies, most honored and revered knight in the land. In the whole of the Immortal Empire, only the Empress outranks her. She is respected and feared. She but rarely takes a lover to her bed, preferring the cold comfort of her duty and proud asceticism than risking dulling the edge of her skill and forsaking her duty. My character us a strong, independent woman used to being in command, giving orders, and making important decisions. Sexually she is frustrated, but has repressed her desires in order to serve the Empress, who she all but worships as a goddess.

For her 30th birthday, the Empress decided to reward her faithful servant's long service with a very special gift. It came in a box of rich, dark wood, with fittings and a lock of brass. The Empress gave the box with a mysterious smile, but advised her servant to open it only in private. It was, the Empress said, a doorway to undreamt of delight.

All through the celebration feast, she wondered what the Empress had given him.  She was widely known to be a sorceress of powers deep and wide, who knew a hundred hundred spells and the names of more spirits and demons than were mentioned in the holy books. So the general wondered what her liege had given her. Finally she bade goodnight to the bodyguards stationed outside the Empress' chambers, and withdrew to her own.

She used the key the Empress had given her to open the box anticipation and curiosity burning a hole inside her. Inside, resting on a bed of satin was a leather collar of the type worn by the Empire's slaves. Attached to the supple black leather was a a long chain of glittering, silver metal. She had served her Empress long enough to recognize the sigals of powerful magic stitched into the leather and chiseled into every silver chain link.

Despite her reverence for the Empress, the general was insulted by the offer. What was she suggesting, that she was a mere slave? It was, to say the least, a most unusual gift.  Despite the insult, why did she feel so compelled to fasten the collar around her neck and stand before the mirror to see how well it fit?

When she dons the collar and stands before the full-length mirror, it draws the woman through a portal into a magical pocket of reality where the spirit bound to the collar waits for her new slave. In that little universe, the desire spirit can manipulate the world as she sees fit, controlling the world around her even more completely than the most powerful mortal magic. like a succubus, in that it both feeds on and can elicit sensual desire in others. The desire spirit is the Empress' true gift to her faithful servant.

The magic of the collar is such that, when donned at night, places the wearer at the mercy of the spirit, with no possibility of escape or overpowering it. Until the first light of dawn breaks the sky the next morning, she is the slave the collar proclaims her to be.

How will she react to her secret, barely acknowledged desire being granted? Will she throw the collar into the river, or will she be seduced by the nightly promise of exquisite pain and delicious pleasure? Will she eventually yearn to spend more of her time in the mirror world than in the real one, and surrender utterly to the desire spirit? Will she spurn her desires or find such freedom as she's never known?


Details of the two characters are negotiable, but the way I imagine the general is that she is indulging in guilty pleasure in the role of a slave through the acts of dominance and submission. The desire spirit will be firm, and only a little bit of a sadist, as she has been summoned and bound not to break and ruin the collar's wearer, but grant her the ultimate pleasure of surrendering control.
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Enemies by Night
Main Characters: Hero and Villain
Secondary Characters: A colorful city full of extras.
Setting: Superhero Present-Day
Theme: Romance and Mistaken Identity
Kinks: Light Bondage
Synopsis: Hero and Villain have fought against each other for years. Sometimes the day belongs to Hero (though he never quite succeeds at bringing Villain to justice), and other times Villain succeeds in his or her nefarious scheme (though she never quite destroys the fool Hero once and for all). Battles have been fought, monologues delivered, lessons learned, and a good time was had by all, enough so that the city newspaper named the pair the Bitterest Rivals of the decade. And through the years, they both managed to protect their secret alter egos, though many speculated about who those masked men might be.

One day, my character meets yours, and they have intense chemistry from the get go. They begin to see each other, socially and awkwardly, as neither are pros at having steady relationships, but nevertheless manage to fall deeply in love with each other. What they don't know is, of course, that Lady Fate has played an immense practical joke on them. Hero and Villain, of course, have managed to fall in love with one another outside of costume, and it's only a matter of time before one or both of them catches up to the universe's little laugh at their expense.

Apprentice's Slave Taken
Main Characters: Wizard Apprentice, Slave Girl
Setting: High Fantasy
Theme: Seduction
Kinks: Ownership / BDSM / Magic
Synopsis: Your character is a slave owned by a respected and powerful archmage. She has been trained to provide whatever type of service a man might require; from managing his household to cooking his meals, to debating historical events to playing chess. And, of course, in the arts of love. She had been owned by him for so long that it might be easy to forget that she was a slave at all. That changes when the archmage dies in his sleep. A will discovered among his papers names a former apprentice his sole heir.

My character is the heir, an elven wizard who completed his apprenticeship years before, but remains young and inexperienced by the standards of his race. He is summoned from his home to take possession and make dispensation of his former master's effects, and discovers himself to be the owner of a human slave. At first, he has no particular desire to keep her. She must therefore persuade him otherwise if she cannot persuade him to free her. Otherwise she will face the fear and uncertainty of being sold, and perhaps she might find herself owned by a man less kind than the mage or his apprentice.

Blood Debt
Main Characters: Male Student, Female Student
Secondary Characters: Moneylender, Other Students, Masters and Instructors
Setting: Fantasy School
Theme: In the Power of an Enemy
Kinks: Noncon / BDSM / Blackmail / Secret Shaming
Synopsis: Your character is the brilliant, beautiful, talented darling of the school where young wizards are school. My character is her closest rival. In any other year, I would have been the shining star and the darling of the Headmaster, but by misfortune I'm doomed to be in your shadow. For years I've simmered with barely restrained jealousy and plotted what I would do if I ever got the chance to come out on top.

Your character is, in addition to being the most talented young wizard in generations, terribly, terribly poor. In order to make ends meet during her third year of school, she made the decision to take out a loan from a moneylender in the nearby town. As collateral, he took three drops of your blood and sealed them in a glass vial. When the end of the school year came, you found that the project you had worked on down in the workshop didn't pan out as you expected, and you were left unable to pay the moneylender. He demanded that you steal something from one of the Masters to make good your loan, which you refused to do. In order to recoup his loss, the moneylender sold your blood to a nobleman's son.


I took your blood and used my not-inconsiderable powers of enchantment to make a gemstone, which I set in a ring designed with runes of enslavement and control. When I was done, I sought you out in order to teach you the new nature of your position...

Note: I want to go a little dark with this one. My character will genuinely hate yours and wants to punish her for upstaging him from the beginning of their association. In addition to non-con rape and public humiliation, I see a bit (not excessive, but still more than usual) of non-sexual torture and corporal punishment. This is new territory for me, so a partner who actively enjoys and is experienced with this sort of story is preferred.
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A New Kind of Magic
Main Characters: Exiled wizard, warlock
Secondary Characters:
Setting: Fantasy Victorian London
Theme: Payback / Court Intrigue / Conspiracy and Discovery
Kinks: BDSM / Mentor and Student / Power Imbalance / Forced Prostitution
Synopsis: Your character is a high ranking and well respected member of the Order of Mercury, who advise her Majesty Queen Victoria on the practice of magic and enforce the laws regarding the same. Or that is, your character was a member of the Order, before she discovered a conspiracy within the ranks designed to subvert the will of the Queen and force the nation into war with Bismark and his iron wizards.

She made the mistake of trusting the wrong people with what she had learned, and so was expelled from the Order. Her staff was broken, her spellbooks burned, and her power stripped from her. For someone who had never been without power since she was a child, it was thought that to be broken in such a way was surely worse than death.

My character represents your character's last hope. Years ago, we were apprentices together, until you discovered my secret studies and practice of black magic. Expelled and exiled, rumors nevertheless surfaces of his secret return to London, my mastery of a new kind of magic, and my unsavory dealings with the lower classes. Perhaps if she sought him out, appealed to his vanity and pride and sense of revenge, he would teach her his ways. Maybe even in time to avert war and disaster...

Jedi and Sith; Enemy Mine
Main Characters: Sith Master and Jedi Knight
Secondary Characters: Jedi Counselors, Republic Officers
Setting: Star Wars Universe, pre Knights of the Old Republic Era
Theme: Opposites Attract / Philosophical Discussions
Kinks: Light bondage / Reluctant Attraction
Synopsis: It is a dark time for the Republic (is it ever not?) A relentless enemy wages war in every corner of the galaxy. Defeat after defeat decimates the Republic soldiers and the Jedi Knights that defend it. For once, the Sith are quiet, waiting and watching from their ancient homeworld of Korriban. Even if the Republic somehow rallies and defeats these invaders, it is feared that the remnants of their military will be no match if the Dark Lords of the Sith attack at the moment of the Republic's greatest weakness.

Your character is a renowned Jedi Knight, wise and brilliant, strong in the force. She comes to the Jedi Council with a desperate solution. During her apprenticeship, she heard legend of a Dark Lord of the Sith (my character) who lived alone on a technologically backwards planet, pursuing his studies in isolation. Through visions and meditation, your character has encountered this Sith through the Force, and discovered a secret that could alter the course of the entire war: my character is a master of the art of battle meditation. Through battle meditation, a commander of a fleet is virtually unbeatable, coordinating the actions of each pilot and technician with the efficiency of a hive mind.

Though they have great reservations, the Council authorizes your character to approach this Sith Lord learn his price for lending his assistance.

Note: There are a few ways we can go with this idea, depending on how we feel it would work best. Your character could apprentice under mine to learn battle meditation, struggling to keep to the Jedi Code while learning the ways of the Sith. Your character might decide to employ diplomacy or bribery, offering my character something of value in exchange for serving as a mercenary general in command of Republic forces. Or, if all else fails, capturing and impressing my character might be the solution employed.

I'd like this game to be an even split between sex, action, and character development. The sex and action practically write themselves given this setup, but I'd like to spend a good amount of time on the interaction and conversation between the two characters as they argue and debate their respective philosophies.

My Dragonslayer
Main Characters: Not-so-evil dragon, dragonslayer
Setting: High Fantasy
Theme: Tongue in Cheek Romance
Kinks: Captivity / Soft-Noncon / Power Imbalance / Human Dragon Coupling
Synopsis: Simple premise; your character is a dragonslayer that looses a battle with my dragon character and is taken captive. I want to play this kind of tongue-in-cheek, though, and have my dragon be a well spoken, sophisticated country gentleman more than a rampaging beast. He actually had't done anything wrong and was living peacefully with the nearby community when a hotshot knight shows up to lay the smack down on him, because that's all dragons are good for, right?
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The Symbiote
Main Characters: Alien Costume, Female Superhero
Secondary Characters: A colorful city full of extras.
Setting: Superhero Present-Day
Theme: Alien Posession
Kinks: Latex / Chastity / Orgasm Denial
Synopsis: Your character is a normal person that encounters a mysterious substance that fell from the sky. When she touches the strange, cohesive liquid, it leaps onto her, coating her from head to toe like a second skin. Amazingly, she is able to breathe and see, and soon discovers that she has greater than human strength and speed. Further experimentation reveals that she can control the costume to a degree, changing its shape and forming weapons from its mass. For some strange reason, she can never make it recede completely, and at its minimum, it forms itself into a thong.

Like all sensible people do when they bond to an alien lifeform, she decides to use her new abilities to become a superhero. Soon enough, she discovers that the symbiote feeds on humans in a mutually beneficial relationship, giving them enhanced abilities and protection in exchange for its sustenance. Specifically, the symbiote feeds on hormones and brainwaves produced by people in lust. Not full orgasmic release, but the plateau of anticipation that occurs in the moments before climax. It secrets various chemicals and stimulates its host to achieve and maintain that state for as long as possible.

When she discovers that the price for her new career as a superhero and fantastic set of powers means a lifetime of chastity and withheld orgasms, what will she do? Is her own gratification a sacrifice she's prepared to make on behalf of the people of her city? And if not, what makes her think that the symbiote will let her remove it?

Note: I realize the premise is a bit silly, and serves mostly as an excuse to combine superhero costumed drama with latex, chastity, and orgasm denial fetishes. And you know what? I'm comfortable with that.

The Manor
Kinks Explored: Slavery / Discipline / Corporal Punishment / Bondage / Pony Training

Synopsis: "Welcome to my home,” says the Master of the Manor. “By now you must know that this is no ordinary house, nor I an ordinary lord. Since the dawn of time, when humanity first crafted civilization, men and women have sought to subjugate one another. All take pleasure in the submission of their fellows, and equally deep inside, all desire to submit themselves and their dignity for the pleasure of others.

“But the world of tradition and convention can be a stifling one – that is why this place came into being. It is a place that exists within all times and yet outside of time as well. In this house women come to subjugate themselves before me – and in return they live forever young as servants of me and my guests. Those in whom the urge to serve burns hear the call, and find their way to my door.

“My guests come from every time imaginable – men and women who wish to sample the unusual delights outside of conventional society. Most are dream visitors, made flesh whilst they explore the manor, only to dissolve back into the real world when they awake. Other guests give up their mortal bodies to remain here forever. It is for the sake of my guests that slave girls labor and suffer beneath the lash – which they must do gratefully or be forever banished.

“Some few slaves can arise to the level of Mistress – overseers of the submissive hordes. Their duty is to maintain order through fear and punishment, lest the slaves revolt and the manor dissolve into the ether. For without the authority of the Master, the manor would not exist. In exchange for their toil, the Mistresses live in absolute luxury, and can command any slave to perform any act they desire to make their lives more comfortable and rewarding. The wishes of slaves are of no consequence to a Mistress.

“Lastly – one Mistress can arise to the level of Supreme Mistress, my trusted confidant, and the only slave who can reject the commands of a guest – if she feels she has reason to. She speaks with my authority, and all Mistresses are ultimately beholden to her and her lash.

"Welcome home...slave."

Note: Unlike my normal ideas for a one-on-one, I don't have a specific character I would like to play. I would instead take on the role of the slaves, guests, Mistresses, and the Master. The story would begin with your character finding her way to the manor ground, being taken within, and made into a manor slave. From there the story would follow her as she adapts to her new life. The goal of the girl shouldn't be to escape, but to become the Master's favorite through submission, service, deception, cunning...whatever tools she has in her arsenal. We could incorporate role reversal if she manages to be promoted to the level of Mistress...and perhaps replace the current Supreme Mistress and rule at the Master's side...

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Strict Boarding School
Main Characters: Headmaster, Schoolgirl
Secondary Characters: Teachers, students, staff
Setting: Present-Day
Synopsis: Your character is a highly rebellious older teenager (17+) who has been kicked out of every school she's ever attended, and been in trouble with the police more than once. In a last ditch effort to save their daughter, your character's parents enroll her in the Hawthorne School, an exclusive boarding school that promises tranformatory guidance for wayward young women.

My character is the headmaster of Hawthorne, who has instituted a brutal discipline regime. The cane, the strap, the tawse...these are all used against the rebellious students of the school until they are meekly obedient, perfect young ladies.

Your character and mine clash, leading to many discipline sessions as she becomes his "special project." So begins the power struggle, as my character sets out to reform yours, while you do your best to resist falling into line.