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Author Topic: Please let's play. I won't bite much. M/M  (Read 532 times)

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Please let's play. I won't bite much. M/M
« on: July 07, 2013, 12:40:38 PM »


Welcome to my story page.You can call me Ezra.This is where you can find all my story plots. They are divided into 4  sectons: Plot Heavy,Smut heavy, quickies, and picture prompts.

My On's and Off's and Characters

Position I'm Feeling: Right now I'm only feeling a switch position. I want to give it and take it. Oh the possibilities

Plot heavy(Little to no sex)

Goodnight pard (western)

Three men and a friendship like no other.

Jefferson County was a pretty well liked man in the small yet booming town of Eagle River he ran a pretty large stretch of land. Elijah Morris is his right hand man, self appointed gunman. Your character is New to the outfit but is welcome due to his knowledge in numbers." Bankman" is what they call him. The three men work well together even though they're all different from each other. Eli is rough, brash, and quite the outdoors man. While Jefferson is refined, sophisticated and known as soft, not that Eli would ever let someone say it to his face. (YC will be up to you.) It was the summer of 1745 when Jefferson, Eli, and YC try to cope with a big drought. With stress and desperation clinging in the air the three men find themselves dealing with with they're frustrations in questionable ways.

Threesomes, Non-con, Jealousy,and shootouts oooo

Mysteries of the forest(Fantasy)

Some things in the forest can't be explained.

LIGHT version
YC, King of a smaller kingdom(underdog if you will) has always been told to never go into the forest as their are many dangerous creatures out. Ever since he was a child,.He was also told that the reason they were never attacked by their larger neighboring  kingdom was because of their creatures. When he became older. Yc never believed  it though, so after a secret rendezvous he was startled when he noticed he was being watched. Watched by a young horned humanoid. Only he wasn't watching in the way you normally would. After a short encounter Yc has found himself constantly in the sights of a strange yet intriguing creature, that has a habit to track him from the forest line. He finds himself in the garden more often and soon enough creature is exploring the grounds and slowly attaching himself to the kind, and hornless king.

Notes:The creature cant see through his eye's but through his other senses,  he's small but has sharp teeth and claws. Despite being put in clothes creature will be seen completely naked minutes later. Creature doesn't have a name so king coukd give him one, he doesn't know words but has the capability to speak them.


Same as before but this time when the king finds the creature following him in the wood line. He lures creature in and kidnaps him to use as his secret entertainment. Creature tries to escape no matter how bad the punishment is, because he could here his father calling for him. King can also hear the calls and is determined to keep his prize. With the kings actions the creatures of the forest have turned on the kingdom and plan for a fight to get one of their own back.

Warning NOTES: NON-CON/rape, neglect, abuse. Because creature has sharp claws he is forced to wear gloves that dont have fingers like a mit on his hands and feet. Again creature has no name.

True Colors (slice of life)

can something be too good to be true?

YC is an aspiring artist who goes to a prestigious art school in the city. Upon attending a gallery show with friends,YC is introduced to the work of an up-and-coming artist whom they've never heard of before. The artwork speaks to them on a personal level, as they see definite similarities between this artist’s themes and technique and their own work. To YCs dismay, the artist isn't there to speak to, but they’re able to get the artist’s contact email from the show’s curator. Taking a chance, YC emails the artist ( MC) to speak about his work and asks to meet up to chat and maybe ask for pointers. To YC's surprise, they receive a response from MC almost immediately. MC wants to meet them the next morning at thh studio. When the next day dawns, YC arrives at the address given and is surprised to discover that MC is close to them in age. They talk a little bit before MC invites them into their work space.

That's when every thing changes for YC.

MC offers to let YC work in the space, if YC will agree to be their muse. MC offers a contractual arrangement, which states that for two month’s time YC will come to the studio and provide inspiration to MC in exchange for use of the space when MC isn’t around. sounds great but mc is a good bit ocd demanding that everything is left exactly as its found. If YC is one minute late for a session, MC is on-edge and irritable for the whole afternoon. how will yc handle the sometimes difficult to deal with artist and will he stay on for the rest of the two month period.   

Notes: I want to use  Christian Grey-Jhoves for this plot.(Third Character in the male section)
Tian will eventually develop feelings for YC, but will YC feel the same?

Smut heavy (little to moderate plot)

Quickie( Preferably done in IM or PM)


Picture Prompts (Doesn't have a plot)

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Re: Wanna play? M/M and M/F
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2014, 05:16:59 PM »
-Added and deleted plots.
-Looking for someone to play "true colors" with :3

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Re: Wanna play? M/M and M/F
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2014, 11:13:02 AM »
-replaced "Sorry, I forgot" with "Distressed"

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Re: Wanna play? M/M and M/F
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2014, 08:07:50 PM »