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May 15, 2021, 07:33:26 pm

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Author Topic: Interest check need 1 bi f (mother/daughter(gone) and slave(gone) Male revenge  (Read 853 times)

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Offline eiselmannTopic starter

My character was a 20 year old brought up by his material grandparents (his only relatives) when his parents died in a car crash when he was a baby. He was shy , quiet and just tried to live his life with as little fuss as possible. A week before heading back to Arizona University to start his final year of his Business degree he was walking home from visiting one of his few friends when a car swerved off the road to avoid hitting a young child that had run on to the road, unfortunately the car hit My Character and he suffered severe head injuries.

Placed into a coma ,time eventually healed the damage however doctors could not bring MC out of the coma. His grandparents were told that if MC ever came out of the coma it was likely there would be major brain damage. Heartbroken the grandparents died within a year and with thir deaths the  payments for the insurance policy that paid for MC care ceased.

Then exactly eight years, to the day, after the accident MC wakes up , doctors find no brain damage and after a months therapy he's informed that there is only enough money for another months worth of care, his inheritance all put gone MC decides to leave the hospital and for six months he drifts trying to find his way in a world where everyone he knew has moved on.

Then one day by chance he was reading a newspaper lamenting the collapse of a companies share price when he spotted a pattern , various commentators were talking about the shares continuing to reduce in value but MC knows the price is going to increase , with his last thousand dollars he invests in the company...a week later the shares have increased in value threefold.

For the next year he becomes obsessed with the sharemarket seeing patterns that others can't , and turning that thousand dollars into ten million within a year, that sort of success attracts attention and several ladies MC would otherwise never hope to meet become very interested in him . One catch's his eye  but the ability to see patterns isn't the only thing that's changed with MC.

 A year later with my character just turned thirty he's worth close to a hundred million now and he has an obedient slave by his side a woman who knows her place and will do whatever she is told by master.

Then he decides the time is right for revenge against the woman who cost him so much (the 'facts' of the case are irrelevant to MC), he buys the house next door to where she lives and moves in with his 'wife' /slave. And instructs slave to befriend the woman. MC then quietly buys the company her husband works for and the one she works for , as well as buying all the debt the woman and her husband own ...soon enough he's going to bring the woman to heel and along with her he'll take her daughter as well.

I'll be playing the husband as an NPC , wanting to mess with the woman and her family and bring her to the point of ruin before imposing my will on her and her daughter.

Looking for wife/slave mid/late 20's thinking ex society girl or model
Mother age 35-39 (she was not at fault in the accident but while I want her to have moved on with her life I do want there to be some remorse)
Taken by Stargirl--Daughter age 16-18 (open to her not knowing anything about the accident)

Please more than a line a time looking for a lot of story here , will most likely start the story a few months after MC and his 'wife' move in, open for any one on one relationships to develop independent of MC scheme , prefer female writers .

This is an interest check at this point will start the story if we get all three parts filled
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Offline stargirl

   I don't have many stories right now. All my looks to be stalled. I think I would love to write with you again. I think it may be a great story.

   I could play the daughter. Maybe 16.

   See you all,

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Brill would love to write with you again.

Offline stargirl

So, just kind of waiting for more players here?

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Yes once all three parts are filled we'll kick off....I have the bulk of the planned financial pressure worked out

The individual relationships that will develop I'm leaving until we get all parts filled.

Saying that any pairing amongst the four primary characters would be encouraged as that would further entangle the lives of the mother and her family., saying that the only relationship that would be sub/dom (before my character directly imposes his will)is between my character and his wife/slave and then only in private, to the rest of the world its a normal marriage.

Offline stargirl

   I'm thinking on using Laura as  a model for my character. She would look good for a nerdy character I guess.

Hope more players jump in so we can start writing. I imagine this role play to have lot of story play and not just sex scenes, as they start getting involved before things really happen.

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Nice , and yeah theres lots of room for story here as well as the sex stuff.
Certainly at the beginning the idea is to push the mother and her family to the brink if ruin while building a relationship with them (emotional as well as possibly sexual) and then begin the process of breaking the mother and daughter.

Of course the sub plots are all negotiable and ideas from writers are most welcome.

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Still looking for mother and slave character

Offline ElvenKitten

Would be interested in the wife/slave.

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Great thanks for joining

Once we get the mother I'll set up the bio template and get the occ and main threads up and running

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Still looking for the final female role of the mother...happy to answer any question regarding this role

Offline ElvenKitten

It's usually harder to find people for the mother role.

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Agreed , ever hopeful of course

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Just giving this another bump in the hope the last position will be filled