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Author Topic: Breaking the WAAAAAGH!  (Read 365 times)

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Breaking the WAAAAAGH!
« on: July 06, 2013, 01:08:38 AM »

Forty thousand years in the future, there is only war.

In the Calixis Sector of the Segmentum Obscurus, the Imperial colony on Zel Tertius is under assault by the Ork Warboss Bombad Bloodboy of the Bad Moons clan and Freebooterz mercenaries. As orks slaughter the planet’s citizens, the Imperial Navy smashes through the blockade to land regiments of the Imperial Guard. The fight will be hard, as the Bad Moons have an abundance of Weirdboyz and a number of those being Warpheads. Also, they are a wealthy ork clan, so many of their countless numbers are Flash Gitz, whom are even more numerous with the addition of the Freebooterz.

Thrown into the fray is a brand new regiment, the Scum 363rd. The troopers of the 363rd are not fresh faced recruits but the survivors of the Scintilla 234th and the Luggnum 129th regiments. However, even before the fighting begins, there are several problems with the new regiment. First and foremost is the fact that the Scintilla 234th was an infantry regiment stationed on a light cruiser for it’s roughly eight year service and the Luggnum 129th was an armor regiment with no organic mud trotters attached. The next problem are the troopers themselves, the 234th could be described as the amazonian equivalent of the Mordian Iron Guard, an all female, highly disciplined, well drilled and sharply uniformed regiment. Discipline problems were rare in the ranks, as each guardswoman was held to high standards.

The 129th on the other hand could be described as…well…a dirty mob. Being former miners, they think nothing of being covered in grime and unshaven (at least to the point of heavy stubble to near-beard), with uniforms stained with oil, grease and sweat. While they know and can use formations, the moment the enemy routs, its every tank for itself. The glory of running over fleeing enemies is best gain at the head of the pack. They also don’t think much of bending the rules a little to suit themselves. Like most Guard regiments, they were raised from the male population of their homeworld, where women do only light work or stay at home.

The third flaw is experience. While the 234th was the senior regiment, having been in service for nearly eight years and the 129th only been around for four, the 129th has seen more action. While the 234th has been in numerous battles, they have mostly just manned their battle stations and sent the odd platoon to board damaged pirate ships. The 129th on the other hand as fought against chaos cultists on Kudrun and rebels on Mosul. Both took heavy loses over Zel Tertius, both when the Dauntless class light cruiser Hero, home the 234th took fire from a Freebooter Killkroozaz and when several of the landers carrying the 129th were destroyed on route to the planet.

The final great flaw is leadership. Both regiments lost most of their higher ranking officers. Only a combined total of three captains survived with no colonels, majors or commissars. All of these factors are combined in a tangle of miscommunications, scrambled vox signals and clerical error seem to invite disaster in the face of an ork WAAAGH! Maybe the Emperor smile on his soldiers and the small town of Haven. This town is away from the frontlines, out on the flanks and chosen as a great place to sent the stunned 129th and far enough away to get the 234th warmed up for a ground battle with a good march.

Now then, a few side notes.

1. If you have questions about technology, terms, weapons, races or anything else about the WarHammer 40k universe, please see this site: Lexicanum

2. the 234th doesn’t have any heavy weapons, flamers or plasma weapons (these may or may not get shipped to the new regiment on time for fighting). They have lascarbine (lighter and smaller then a lesgun but with fewer shots and shorter range), autoguns, shotguns and the remaining officers might have a bolter and a chainsword.

3. the 129th doesn’t have much in the way of personal weapons, maybe a laspisol or snubgun

4. If you want to play a character in a tank, please play as a tank commander (sergeant or higher). Please NPC the rest of the tank crew.

5. The 129th only has two companies left, one tank company (four platoons of four Leman Russ tanks) and a mix company of five sentinels, two hellhound, two trojans, an atlas and three chimeras

6. The 234th also has roughly two company’s worth of troops or roughly five hundred soldiers

7. The uniform of the 234th consists of black boots, dark blue trousers with a red line going down each leg, a white under shirt, a white tunic with blue trimming, black gloves (white for officers) and a dark blue kepi.

8. The uniform of the 129th consists of a (what were) brown boots, olive green pants, a (should be) white undershirt, a olive green jacket and a wool cap. All of their vehicles have a base color of dark gray paint.

9. Scintilla (homeworld of the 234th) is a hive world and capital of the Calixis Sector. It is highly possible that someone in the 234th was related to or a part of the nobility and it was their connects that got them a “safe” posting aboard the light cruiser.

10. Luggnum is a mining planet, who’s export of ore allowed them the funds to raise an armor regiment and who’s population was already used to cramped spaces and the use of machinery (like drigging rigs and tunneling machines).

Character profiles

Code: [Select]
[b]Former regiment[/b] (there for gender):
[i] Oh and this is for the former 129th guardsmen[/i]
[b]Vehicle type[/b]:

Name: Henry Clayton
Rank: Captain
Age: 34
Former regiment: Luggnum 129th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance:Henry is a rather average man, not being of great height or muscle mass. He’s not short, tall, skinny or fat and could blend well with nearly any crowd of people. His skin is pale, from spending dawn to dusk underground, in a hive or inside his tank. His blue eyes are hard, from watching friends die and from blocking out the screams, as he ran down fleeing infantry. His reddish-brown hair is styled in an overgrown crew cut and he only shaves every few days, so he normally has a stubble-covered face, which could be described as kinda blocky with his square jaw. His nose is crooked, from having it broken more then once in the mines and random scars appear on his hands, arms under his hair, from random accidents working in the mines. Like most in his regiment, his uniform is dirty, stained in several places and smells like engine oil, with once brown boots like look kinda black. The leather tanker’s cap he wears is a little torn and scuffed.
Weapons: Laspistol and a twelve shot revolver stubgun
Bio:Like many others on Luggnum, Henry’s father work in the mines and his mother worked as a server in a eating establishment near the mines. When he was old enough, he followed his father into the mines. When he was around twenty years old, he happened to be working near one of the large tunneling machines, when several slaps of rock broke off the ceiling of the tunnel and crushed a worker. Before they could even remove the body, he hand jumped on board and volunteered to take the man’s place.

This act would prove to be lucky in the future, when he was remembered by the mine bosses, while they were looking for a new shift leader At the grand old age of twenty-seven, he was made shift leader. It was at this point when he bought his stubgun. You see, every now and then, men from other mines would make raids, aiming to break equipment and make their own ore quota look better as production fell in other mines. Mostly they would end in brawls, rarely leaving any dead or groups of men facing off, clutching shovels and wenches until one side went home. Now he never shot any raiders, preferring to make warning shots but production didn’t drop because of outside influences in his five-year run as a shift leader, earning the young man a fat wallet for his excellent work.

Two years ago, at 30 years old, he was drafted for a new guard regiment, the Luggnum 129th and chosen as an officer because of his experience as a shift leader. Starting off as a lieutenant, he quickly increased rank to that of a company commander, do to his daring in the face of cultists and rebels alike.
Kinks/fetishes: Dominate and enjoys being in control, He's also a bit of a voyeur and an exhibitionist
Vehicle type:Mars pattern Leman Russ Battle Tank
Name: Emperor’s Fury
Armaments: battle cannon, one hull-mounted lascannon, two sponson-mounted heavy bolters and a pintle-mounted heavy stubber
Crew: commander, driver, gunner, loader, two sponson gunners
Extra: Improved comms