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Welcome curious viewer! This is a thread that I plan to update from time to time with ideas that interest me both in story and smut. I am generally pretty open to things so if something strikes your interest and you get inspired, I encourage you to contact me. These are jumping off points. I prefer to RP on the forums, but if you desire PM/email/IM then we can talk and work something out. I also don't care about the gender of my RP partner, only of the characters.

That being said, please be mindful of my Roleplay Preferences and look at my Ons and Offs. If you are unsure of something, just ask. I don't bite (or do I?)  ;)

Please contact me via PM only. I want to keep things simple and clean here. Thanks you for your time, and now for the main event! Now presenting: the cravings!

Bondage Arena (MxF, FxF) (Bondage/Mind Control) *Always Super Craving*

Genre: Fantasy

This is a d20 system game that can be found here. The goal of the game is to avoid traps and entrap your opponent in class specific bondage before they do the same to you. Afterwards, the winner gets to do what ever they want with their new 'prize'.

I am looking for opponents who will play female/futa character and in return I am willing to play a character gender of my opponent's choosing. This is meant to be a fun time and while sexy and smutty, this is a great opportunity for dialogue and descriptions. I find it particularity interesting to explore and reveal more about the characters and the universe as the match/story goes on.

I would like to write a story where our characters start off in a battle, and the winner continues on with the story and does what they choose with the losing character while the losing writer comes up with another character that is encountered later on in the story. For example, if your character defeated my character, you character would continue on their quest/journey/whatever they wanted to do while I came up with another character for yours to encounter later on in the RP. The cycle would continue, seeing where the winners come from and what happens when they lose and the torch of the story is passed on to the new winner.

If you would like some clarification you can always message me for questions. An example of what I am describing is: Binding Clash! Technology vs. Magic , but I would like to start one or two more of these types of stories with different classes and characters. Oh and if you don't know how to play I am more than happy to teach you!  ;)

I would especially love to play against a character that is of the following classes (But I'll play against any class):
Pet Tamer
Tape Ranger
Rubber Mage
Silken Queen

As the World Comes to a Close (MxF) (Open to Light/Bondage/NC depending on partner)

Genre: Modern Fantasy

The world is at it's end. Cities have crumbled and populations have diminished. A group once lead by an organization is now down to a few individuals hell bent on seeing the world come to a close. The destruction of everything.

A single man can save the world. He's trained for it, he is ready for it. Spread before him is an arena of rubble and dust. Once great skyscrapers now lie lifeless on the ground around him. There is only one person that can stand in his way, and it's the last person he ever wanted to see.

The person standing before him is his former friend, ally and lover. He was convinced it was true love at the time and lived at a level of happiness he never knew existed. They were happy during their travels and brought down powerful foes, but when he least expected it she stabbed him in the back, betrayed their friends and left him for dead. Now he faces her again, unresolved feelings swelling within him. Is she a sociopath just using him the entire time? Did she really have feelings for him? Will either one of them be able to do what it takes to defeat the other?

This story is a free form combat scene between the two where their past and their true feelings are slowly revealed throughout. I am up to the fight developing in any direction, from a tender romantic reunion to a complete 'defeat' for either side. Depending on the partner, this can resolve in sexual or non-sexual content.

I would prefer to play the male in this story.

Underground Spy Hunt (MtFxF) (Bondage/Traps/NC/Transformation)

Genre: Modern/Supernatural

He is a world renown spy. He is as adept at infiltrating high security areas and social gatherings as he is flirting his way into a woman's panties in the evening. He is a master at seduction and can get the best of anyone who opposes him. In a normal confrontation, he bests any spy and is known for out seducing even the most desirable honeypots.

All this comes to a close during a covert mission in Prague. After wining and dining with the locals, he passes out and awakes in an old dungeon. One of the women approaches him and reveals herself as an enemy agent. She explains to him how she doesn't like men but she wants to humiliate and break him for all the things that he has done to women spies during his mighty career. A ritual is performed and he barely manages to escape the room with some noticeable differences.

He notices that he is now a well endowed woman. He has trouble adjusting to his new body as he tries to escape his captors and the underground prison that is laced with traps to catch and sexually break the man turned woman.

I would strongly prefer to play the spy that gets changed into a woman in this story.

A Disgraced Heroine's Vengeance (MxF, FxF) (NC/Bondage/Humiliation/Exhibitionism)

Genre: Superhero

A once great city was the pinnacle of peace and prosperity. This city had nearly no crime due in part to a legion of superheroes that protected it. One heroine in particular was vigilant and quick when it came to stopping out crime before it could become a problem. She was especially loved by the citizens and made numerous appearances throughout major city events. She became the sole identity of the city across the land and instilled good values in the young hearts and minds of many.

This, of course, inspired costumed villains to rise up. The heroine successfully defeated many of the named menaces. One evening, everything changed for her. She was lured into a trap of a particularity cunning villain and captured. The gang of thugs tied her up, drugged her and broadcast her capture all across the city from a secret location. Millions watched in shock and awe as their invincible idol was sexually assaulted, abused and humiliated in front of them, helpless to stop anything. Nearly broken, the heroine's location was discovered and saved by the other super heroes and heroines in the city but the villain that orchestrated the whole thing and teased her the most got away.

Ever since that event, the heroine wasn't the same. The citizens looked at her in shame and disappointment. She quickly became just another masked vigilante. The city lost fame and crime rose by a small, but noticeable amount. Even some of her super hero mentors looked down on her, if they could look at her at all.

The heroine catches wind of where the villain that ravaged her so long ago was hiding out and she planned and prepared for an assault on his base of operations. She was going to get him by her self, and when she did she was going to humiliate him like he did to her all those years. She wanted revenge, to make him her bitch and to get him back tenfold for what he did to her.

I would like to play the villain, but I can play any gender that my partner wishes.

A Bullet and Rose Petal (MxF) (Romance/Tragedy)

Genre: Modern

They met several years ago. He was a spy, she was in training. They worked together on and off the field while he taught her everything that she knows about being a spy today. She, in return, taught the cold and calculating spy what it meant to be a human being. Although their time together was short their romance blossomed into something so wonderful that words could not describe it.

They were eventually separated from each other all too soon. He began to fall back into old habits. He was a master at what he did and by neglecting his feelings, they were never in the way. The time he spent with her was but a memory... Until one day, nearly five years later, he receives his next job. He pulls out the photo of the dangerous assassin he is assigned to kill. It's none other than her! Now he has tracked her down to a ski lodge in the icy Krasnaya Polyana. Does he have the heart to pull the trigger, or does the mere thought of her shatter the ice that imprisoned his heart? Why is she wanted so badly and would she kill him if given the opportunity, or is their love still rooted in their hearts?

I would prefer to play the male in this story.

Other Parings & Kinks (?x?) (???)

The left option notes my preference in characters. I have no solid starting places with these, so I am 100% open up to talking things out and bouncing ideas around if you want to do one of these pairings.

Man/Obsessive Ex
Hero/Corrupted Partner
Villian/'not so virtuous hero'

Got an idea that has some or all of my kinks? PM me right away and let's work something out!

Mind Control / Hypnotic Suggestion
Forced Masturbation

Thanks for taking a look! If you see something you would like to discuss, please let me know! If you didn't, check back from time to time as I update with new ideas and cravings.


Updates (7/13):

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