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Author Topic: This is where our story begins. (Current Craving - DA:I) [MxM, MxF]  (Read 1302 times)

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Offline KailaTopic starter

Currently craving
(29th of March)

Dragon Age Inquisition

(I'm really craving this right now. I would love to do a Dorain x Cullen, Lavellan x Dorian or Culllen x Lavellan story)

Plot Idea:
I'm pretty open for anything regarding plots for DAI and AU ideas are pretty palatable. It gives room for more to do. (Feel free to PM your own plot ideas and a preferred paring and we can see if we can figure something out.)

Tevinter Concubine for a Fereldand lord who has no interest in having a concubine, least of all a male one... or so he wants to believe.

Something or other causes the two to meet. Perhaps a drunken error on what floor he's on. A bit of a row about why there's a stranger in his apartment before there's the distraction of a pet, and then after some drunken cooping there's realization that he's in fact on the wrong floor, the pet told him so. And that's just the beginning of a budding, if slightly strange, friendship that eventually leads to something more.

The world that turned the wrong way: Taken

Dorian x Cullen

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dorian Pavus didn't join the Inquisition . He still rebelled against his father, still believing that Tevinter needs to change, and he is certain that someone like him is the key to changing it.

As Dorian was not there to counter the effect of the time spell Alexius set in motion the world turned faster and towards a dark future. Dorian sensed the magical wave and managed to counter it around himself, a small bubble of time, leaving him unaffected but very much alone.

He returned to his home, his father long gone, and then got a summons by Gereon Alexius once word got out that the Pavus heir had returned. He was 'asked' to come to Redcliff Castle, and feeling that he needed answers Dorian felt that he had little choice.

(I can play Cullen or Dorian, it doesn't matter which to me. I'll gladly brainstorm this plot further, nothing is set in stone after all.)

NSFW picture:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


(What I seek: )

Creativity, imagination, originality, the willingness to write. This is what I'm always looking for. The love of writing, the love of creating a world or a character should be a joy, a dream to be weaved.

I will post my ideas here as they come to me, and cross them out if they are taken. I will most likely not write for more than two, maybe three, roleplays at a time. I only have so much spare time, and I don't want to do a halfhearted roleplay and not give my all. I will have a bit more time in a couple of weeks, but I'm not going to post every single day. I might be very intense in my writing for a while, and then it'll slow, that's just how I am.

I'm not looking for smut galore, if it happens it happens, but it's not the main point of my roleplays. They are often quite dark and gory though, and if something happens it happens, but yeah, not the main plot usually for me.

I only do third person point of view when I write, and I would want the person I roleplay with to do the same.

Things highlighted in BLUE is things I want to do.

(Who are you?)

I'm looking for a roleplayer who's passionate about writing, who wants to build a story and not just expect me to come up with every twist and turn. Who is willing to discuss the plotline and come up with ideas if things slow down.

I'm looking for detail, creativity and a few decent paragraphs. Give me something to work with and I'll do the same. 

Someone who's honest enough to tell me if they lose interest in the roleplay instead of ditching. I won't be angry, I'd rather you tell me than just up and leave.

(General info: )

Things I don't do:

General clichés (in my mind) : StudentxTeacher, MasterxSlave things like that. I'll add more as I figure them out.

I don't do F/F pairings, it gives me nothing and is not something I'm interested in doing.

(Plots and ideas?)

Male or Female Parings?:  M/M or F/M  - I can play either male or female, it really depends on what kind of personalities and characters are involved.


Professor What? (Doctor who inspired plot)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A rift in time and space, a parallel universe where the Time War is yet to happen, a Time Lord getting slung into a world he doesn't know.
It's no wonder he's pissed about it.

Pairing: The Professor/Your Oc (M or F) I would like to see an interesting individual, nothing bland, boring or cliché.


The TARDIS was making an awful lot of noise, and not the good kind, it generally made a lot of noise, like the screeching of breaks that seemed to be permanently stuck, or just random klinkity clanking noises.

”Oh come on!” The shout was frustrated at best as the rather eccentrically clad fellow rushed about his “beloved” TARDIS. “You are so much better than this usually! Why do ya have to break down now ya bloody good for nothi-“ The TARDIS gave a lurch and then promptly crashed where it damned well pleased without any real warning.

“Oh! So that how it is! Well then! FINE!” The Professor shouted before sending a sharp kick towards the nearest interface, and was promptly sent cursing around the TARDIS octagonal control panel at a hobble, sneakers were not a good choice of footwear to assault a sentient time machine. Something the ginger haired man would remember the next time he was going to have a go at his temperamental and rather finicky TARDIS. 

“If that’s how yer going to be, then I’m leaving for now! And ya better have not dropped us somewhere old! I can’t deal with another angry monarch trying to behead me wherever I go.” The Professor said in a huff before he turned on his heel and promptly stormed out of the time machine, his red shirt halfway undone and the black tie untied and hanging around his neck, not that he was bothered about it. The stupid machine had turned up the heat for no reason at one point, so he was not going to look proper when it was just him.

He promptly turned around though when he came to the freezing realization that it was snowing, wherever he was, and briskly walked back inside to get his coat, a stylish black one, that was neither to short nor long and perfectly comfortable. Then the time lord turned back and stormed out once more, in the same manner as the first time but this time he slammed the door of the TARDIS, who had taken the shape of an old time Police Box for some unfathomable reason. “Copy cat...” The Professor muttered as he stalked through the fresh powdery snow down the street, of... wherever he was.

It was a bit disorienting really, trying to get ones head in order. He hadn’t been shouting at his TARDIS for nothing, it was acting up because he’d regenerated three times in the last, well, hundred years or so, give or take, and that was not a healthy thing to do, and the last two had only been a month or so apart so it wasn’t that strange that the Professor was feeling a little bit out of sorts.

Well, in all honesty, he was feeling a whole lot out of sorts, like his head wasn’t screwed on properly and his hearts were not exactly beating at the same rhythm, it was a bit uncomfortable really.

So in all his post generation haze it wasn’t really a surprise that as he walked down the snowy sidewalk he ended up doing a spectacular back flop as he slipped on a patch of ice hidden beneath the snow.

The Professor groaned and peered up at the darkening sky above, wondering if he should be glad that it seemed pretty much deserted, wherever he was. “...oww...” The ginger haired man groaned out, and then gave himself a hefty thump on the right side of his chest before giving a hard cough before the look on his face brightened a little. “What ya know! Seems it needed a bit of a jolt!” He said before sitting up, it really was much more comfortable having his hearts beating as they should. Made the irritableness lessen a little.

“Alrighty then, less’see where we might be?”

Beyond the Looking Glass:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There was once a mirror,

A mirror dark as night,

A mirror to another world,

A mirror out of sight,

Once you touch this mirror,

Once you touch its glass,

You will see its secret,

And never once turn back...

The world on the other side of the mirror is a dark and dreary place. Full of war and death, and insanity is not far out of reach. But insanity is almost a savior if you are lucky. Because if you make up your own world within your own mind you are more likely to stay alive, in this plane of twisted paths and bloody fields.

So when they happened upon the mirror and saw someone beyond it seemed quite logical to reach out and pull them through, it was after all just a figment of their imagination, and what a lovely imagination they had, it was actually quite exciting to have something so unpredictable to be born from it. It would make their existence so much more exciting while trying to stay alive.

The terror that was the Red King was after all nothing to joke about, well... not openly. He was after all quite fond of torturing people in the most gruesome ways. Red hot iron shoes, dismembering, slow suffocation...

So let's see how long the insanity will last and what can be done about the disastrous land, if there is something to be done at all besides staying alive that is...

Paring: Peter McTwisp x Your OC

The ideas: You go to stay at your batty old great aunt for some reason or another, she's quite the chatty old lady. She randomly mumbles the old rhyme to herself, and is slightly senile and forgets herself. You happen upon the mirror and gets pulled through by Peter and then the madness begins.

This is a story of survival. It's going to be dark, and it will have its twists and turns.

The world: Is ruled by the Red King, who has set out to kill all who oppose him. He has the help of the Grey Witch, a woman who takes control of the dead, and use them as her army. The best way to survive is to hide.

Kingdom Hearts / FF7 AC crossover.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Pairing: AxelxReno (I can rp either)

I have a couple of general plot ideas for this one, but I'm open to almost anything when it comes to this paring. It can be modern, slightly magical or straight up crossover between the two. I don't have a plot for the last one though...

Fandoms:(I mostly do OC characters in all my fan based roleplays. The ones that are not have specific plot lines and characters already figured out.)

Dragon Age Inquisition (I'm really craving this right now. I have a few ideas. Do send me a PM if this strikes your fancy.)

Final Fantasy 7 AC
Doctor Who AU is preferred here.
Wonderland with a twist (Dark, Has Plot Idea!)
The road to El Dorado (Plot available. Paring TulioxMiguel)

General pairings: Not to interested in these right now


PM me if you're interested in something or maybe even pitch me an idea~
If you have a question about something, go ahead and post it in the thread.
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Re: This is where our story begins. (My plots, whishes and wants.)
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2013, 04:13:55 PM »
i would be intrested in the FF7

Offline KailaTopic starter

Re: This is where our story begins. (My plots, whishes and wants.)
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2013, 12:55:44 PM »
Fandom and pairing added.

(And then I accidentally deleted my update post...)

Offline KailaTopic starter

Added Doctor Who plot idea.

Offline KailaTopic starter

Added some pairings.

Brows around and let me know if ya see something ya like. I feel like I can take another rp on.

Offline KailaTopic starter

Added, and edited.

Any takers?

Offline KailaTopic starter

And I'm back~
Any takers?

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Re: This is where our story begins. (Current Craving - DA:I) [MxM, MxF]
« Reply #7 on: March 14, 2015, 04:02:05 PM »
Updated craving.
Need to see if someone is up for some Dragon Age Inquisition inspired rp. Dorian and Cullen are just adorable in my opinion... pity you can't romance them together.

Offline KailaTopic starter

Re: This is where our story begins. (Current Craving - DA:I) [MxM, MxF]
« Reply #8 on: March 15, 2015, 02:24:03 PM »
Updated plot for DAI.

Offline KailaTopic starter

Still looking for DA:I rp. 

Offline KailaTopic starter

Re: This is where our story begins. (Current Craving - DA:I) [MxM, MxF]
« Reply #10 on: August 02, 2015, 08:00:49 AM »
Yeah, still craving Dragon age rp. But I'm open to any interesting ideas right now.  :)

Offline KailaTopic starter

Re: This is where our story begins. (Current Craving - DA:I) [MxM, MxF]
« Reply #11 on: March 29, 2016, 10:39:46 AM »
And I'm back after a bit of a Hiatus.
Still in the Dragon Age Inquisition craving. I just love those boys. 

So any takers?