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Author Topic: Zombies, Run! Freeform story focused RP. {Closed.}  (Read 3749 times)

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Offline EislynnTopic starter

Zombies, Run! Freeform story focused RP. {Closed.}
« on: July 03, 2013, 03:10:02 PM »
Game cancelled. Time is never time enough. :(

Not Just Another Zombie Apocalypse

I've tried this before, but it fell a little flat. I was new to E at the time, and hadn't had very much practice in the realm of running a game on this site. Now that I'm not such a n00b, I'd like to try again. The game will be loosely based on the story concept of the I-Phone App Zombies, Run! and will be free-form and thread-based You will play the part of a survivor who has joined a small settlement. You will either play the part of a colonist with some sort of useful-for-survival skill that you can use for the betterment of the colony, or a Runner, whose job it is to run missions outside the colony to gather supplies and intelligence.

Examples of non-runner colonists would be things like Engineers, Electricians, Mechanics, Healers, Builders, Defense Specialists, etc. Basically what I'm looking for is something that justifies your usefulness and contribution to the tiny society the colony is trying to rebuild. That said, be creative. If you've ever seen a show that was on discovery channel called The Colony, you'll know what I mean. For example, A metal sculptor knows how to weld. A warehouse manager knows how to organize supplies. the point is, I want you to be able to rationalize the reason you have certain skills. If you can satisfactorily role-play it out, I'll generally allow it.

Those who are runners bear a huge responsibility too though. They are responsible for bringing in much needed supplies. They face constant danger to keep the colony connected to food and water and bandages and pretty much anything that could be useful back at base. They've got to be fast, quiet and have a brave sense of ingenuity to keep themselves out of harm's way.

Some rules and things to note:

1.) If you have a problem, or even just a question, I encourage you to PM me or ask in the OOC. As an extension to this, make sure to communicate and collaborate with fellow players.

2.) Keep it real. Someone who has done office work for 20 years is not going to suddenly know how to knife-fight. Rationalization of your skills will make the story more engaging. This is role play, so please think carefully about how your role would permit you to act. If your character does something stupid, there are likely to be consequences - and in the unforgiving world of the apocalypse, they're likely to be harsh. Except in cases of Rule#3  below, PCs will not be killed without their consent.

3.) If you drop out of the game, or after two weeks fail to make a post or notify us of an absence in OOC, I will kill off your character. It might seem harsh, but I have my reasons - ultimately I think it will make for an engaging and dramatic story. By submitting a character for this game your agreement is implicit. I'm happy to elaborate on my reasons for this if anyone is curious. Just ask.

4.) Enjoy yourself, and let me know if there's something that preventing you from enjoyment! For example: If you grow tired of a character, let me know. It's easy enough to justify killing them off and starting a new one. Am I obsessed with killing off characters? Maybe. I do feel a certain kinship with Joss Whedon...

If after all that you're still interested, here are the story basics:

Northeastern US City. Not huge, but still a city. Expect forested hills and mountains, lakes and rivers, and four seasons.

9 months after the initial chaos. Just getting into Summertime.

You'll be dealing with fast zombies, saliva to blood or blood to blood transmission, and a short (<6hour) turning time. You'll also have to deal with basic human survival. Major utilities are gone. Major roadways are choked with abandoned vehicles, gasoline is getting scarce. That sort of thing.

Additional info:
Your story will start differently depending on whether or not you start as an established colony member or not. I'd like to do personalized introductions for everyone, really.

I'll toss up a character sheet if I get some nibbles on this line.


Ooh! Nibbles!

See Character Sheet below. Post proposed character to this thread, or if you prefer to do your character building in private, PM me! I'm looking to have at least 8 players before we begin, but we can play it by ear and see how many people we get. ^_^

Code: [Select]
[b]Player UserName:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Established member of the colony?:[/b] (Yes or No)
[b]Physical Description:[/b] (Pics Welcome)
[b]Prior Occupation:[/b]
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Offline Jackalope

Re: Interest Check: Not quite average Zombie Apocalypse Game
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2013, 06:49:52 PM »
I can't get into anything right now... But this seems like something I could jump into after it's started. Someone finding the settlement for example. I won't be RPing for the next week or so, that's all.

Offline MzHyde

Re: Interest Check: Not quite average Zombie Apocalypse Game
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2013, 07:44:07 PM »

Offline nakithefaile

Re: Interest Check: Not quite average Zombie Apocalypse Game
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2013, 09:44:02 AM »
Very interested

Offline EislynnTopic starter

Re: Interest Thread: Survival Game based on Zombies, Run!
« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2013, 04:41:26 PM »
Character Sheet Added to main description. Feel free to address questions here. ^_^

Offline AndyZ

Re: RECRUITING: Survival Game based on Zombies, Run!
« Reply #5 on: July 04, 2013, 05:17:51 PM »
Player UserName: AndyZ
Character Name: Naomi Toyamato
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Established member of the colony?: Yes
Physical Description:
Prior Occupation: College student (on the track team)
Personality: Depends.  Sometimes she's bubbly and energetic, but sometimes the current state of the world really starts to get to her.
Hobbies/Skills: Running for speed and distance, parkour
Weaknesses: Requires a single pill per day of anti-psychotic medication to remain under control.
History:  Naomi doesn't really like to talk about the past, as if saying too much would force her to admit once and for all that this isn't a dream and the world isn't going to magically snap back to the way it was, or that she can just forget how things used to be by focusing on the here and now.    What's commonly known is that she was going to CMU and was part of the track team.

Naomi was found on the roof of one of the buildings with enough supplies to last her about a week, well out of the reach of zombies and only reachable via a complex series of acrobatic maneuvers so that she could watch for help without being caught by zombies.  It took very little persuasion to get her to join the others, and she's been helping out ever since.
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Offline CrazyIvan

Re: RECRUITING: Survival Game based on Zombies, Run!
« Reply #6 on: July 05, 2013, 12:28:55 AM »
Player UserName: CrazyIvan
Character Name: Doctor Nicholas O'Neal, (Dr. Nick, Nick, or Neal for short)
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Established member of the colony?: Yes
Physical Description: Work in Progress
Prior Occupation: Served till he was 30 in the army as a field medic, then retired and served as a civilian doctor and researcher
Personality: Nick is a fun guy to be around, when he is up, as he likes to smile and see others happy. He is an intellectual and loves to read, write, and play guitar or listen to others play music. He can be the life of the party at times, though once again only when he is up and not suffering from bouts of depression or PTSD. If he is down, however, he is gloomy, easily scared, or surprised and when started he is likely to lash out or react quickly. He can also just turn into a nervous wreck at times, but what can you expect from a man with a past like his.
Hobbies/Skills: Medical researcher; trained in combat and how to use guns; a trained doctor and combat medic; has experience and knowledge about the infection, given facilities he might be able to do research on them; plays the guitar, not that useful but every bit of civilization helps; knows how to survive in combat situations and hostile areas, such as ration food and those sorts of skills; has had officer training; and is a good cook, he enjoyed doing it as a hobby in his free time.
Weaknesses: He is missing his right leg and needs his prosthetic to walk or stand, which makes him a real easy target. He also has PTSD that he had mostly under control without medication, but with the out break it has worsened it and now to keep it under control to the same level as before requires medication or something to help him regulate and sleep.
History: Nick lived a fairly easy life in his younger years, his problems wouldn't truly start till he served in the army. He grew up the only child of two very wealthy parents and had almost anything he wanted just handed to him on a silver plate. Though to maintain their wealth his parents were always busy and rarely had time for him growing up, something he thought was normal, as most of his friends had the same issue. He was a very intelligent individual and his parents paid for him to have the best private tutors that money could afford. Due to him being their only child and his gifted intellect his parents were protective of him, too much so if you asked him later.

As he matured he became more aware of the world around him and how much of a sheltered and privileged life he lead. He wanted to do something to give back, and to break away form his parents and rebel against their over protective nature. So what better way then right out of med school to apply for the army, as a medic of course he had no desire to actually kill people, just to help. It was the single best and worst decision he ever made in his life, according to him. He made so many friends, but he also had to watch as so many died or were injured in the war. Eventually he just couldn't do it anymore and retired from the military, he was also diagnosed with PTSD, not a crippling case, but still enough to render him useless for active duty.

His first year or so back home was stressful and he was plagued by night terrors and waking nightmares. Eventually with medication and counseling  he managed to get it to a manageable level, he still has night terrors and has PTSD, but it is more under control. After that he managed to work as a medical researcher for a company, using some of his families old connections, which was nice and relaxing. It was not the most intense and utterly engaging of jobs, but that is just what he needed to help get back into the flow of normalcy. Then all of that came crashing down around him with the outbreak, and when he was called back into duty as a medic.

The first wave was the most unexpected, no one had any idea of what they were dealing with, was it a new bio weapon, were they crazed, was infectious, and how was it being transferred. This was when fear and panic drove most people insane and broke society, and Nick was right there trying to stem the flow. He was in charge of looking after soldiers and civilians and was also in charge of the initial research, he was one of the people that noticed the infection, documented it spread, and looked at it under a microscope. He is also one of the few survivors after having been bitten by one of them. It is actually how he lost his leg, right after the bite he cut if off below the knee, himself, before the infection spread too far. After further study he found out how luck he was and any later and he would have been like those monstrous shells of humanity.

Nick is one of the, most likely, few soldiers to survive the initial waves and stay behind with the public, add to that his previous skills as a medic and a researcher make him a valuable asset. His drawbacks through are after the outbreak his PTSD is now more noticeable and problematic and he is missing a leg. He is one the founders of the colony and is trying his best to help keep it and himself together.

Still a work in progress but what do you think?

Offline nakithefaile

Re: RECRUITING: Survival Game based on Zombies, Run!
« Reply #7 on: July 05, 2013, 08:47:27 PM »
Player UserName: NakitHefaile
Character Name: Martin Mcashton
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Established member of the colony?:  No
Physical Description: Martain is tall and broad, standing six foot four, with  short black hair styled back in a military cut. He wears thin, wire frame glasses that are bent and scratched, and sit crooked on his face. The key word about this man is big. Big hands big feet,  both of which are in-proportionate to his already large frame. His face is hard, with an almost neolithic brow a wide nose, and a square jaw accented by the well trimmed beard (thanks to his trusty clippers) framing his jaw bone. At first glance this man might have walked out of the caveman exhibit of the local museum. Further details might dissuade that notion a bit. He usually wears a light blue polo shirt, collar turned up, khaki dress pants, and steel toed boots that look like they could use a really good polish. There is hair on his hands, knuckles, (and toes!) but this seems to be well kept and groomed as well. He keeps his teeth white, keeping his brush and a bottle of toothpaste (which is odd, but I'm assuming its not one of the supplies that would be running out, hygene usually takes a back seat in this kind of setting) on him at all times. Finally, to top off his outfit, he carries a wooden baseball bat, and an antique revolver at his hip, both of which have seen better days
Prior Occupation: Insurance salesman
Personality: Quirky, to say the least. Keeps himself as clean and well kept as humanly possible. And greets everyone with his 'I want to sell you something smile' comes off as charismatic, but really is just well versed and loves people. The end of the world hasn't broken this mans optimism, yet
Hobbies/Skills: Baseball, Hiking, reading, can give a good motivational speech once in a while but tends to have it flop. Is very quiet for a big man, often surprising those he is around.
Weaknesses: Blind as a bat without his glasses, cannot see more than ten feet infront of him at any time. His big fingers make it hard to do any delicate work (picking locks etc.) and can even make his gun misfire if he's not careful, which tends to make him too careful. His size makes it difficult to hide, so usually relies on silence and speed to get from place to place.
History: As you may imagine, Martin was quite the...interesting Life insurance salesman. Most people were intimidated by him, initially, and he remained completely oblivious. Martin spent most of his pre-Z days Hiking, Jogging, and playing baseball for the company team on the weekends. Often, his coworkers found him hilarious to look at, like a pro wrestler stuffed inside a business suit, and being ever the optimist, Martin took it to heart. During the initial phase of the outbreak, Martin was out, hiking, on a two week trip to the top of a local mountain. He encountered his first zombie at the park rest stop, where he had left his car. After scolding and warning the person to stay away didn't work, and after finding a corpse as he ran from the thing, he got back to his car (somehow, he doesn't even remember the specifics, though it involved a lot of jumping and acrobatics he wasn't quite sure he could do. He found his trusty ball bat, which was promptly bitten by the creature, and he used the bat as leverage to smash its head into the concrete.   
After returning home, and finding several of the shambling, vicious creatures roaming about the countryside, he decided it was best to lay low for a while. Being an avid hiker and survivalist, he had rations, trail mix, and various camp goods. He also kept a gun, it was old, a war trophy his grandfather had left to him. He stayed down in his basement, barricading against noise, and zombies, until he ran out of food.  Now he is out, and looking for some sign of civilization, or something that will give him an edge over the growing masses of undead.

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Offline FeelTheRhythm

Re: RECRUITING: Survival Game based on Zombies, Run!
« Reply #8 on: July 05, 2013, 09:07:27 PM »
I'd like to throw my hat in if possible... He's a bio I've been working on:

Player UserName: FeelTheRhythm

Character Name: Jarrod Andersen a.k.a. Jeffrey Rodgers, Edward King, Romero Gonzalez

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Established member of the colony?: No

Physical Description: Jarrod is an African-American male, on the taller side of average height for a man of his age. He is thin, but has some muscle definition. He is normally quite handsome, but the dreadlocks he normally wears are ragged, and crusted with mud and blood. His black beard looks very hot and heavy on his face, and his eyes look sunken in and exhausted.

He has been wearing the same large, black sweater and dark jeans for several months now, and it shows. His clothing is torn and dirty, covered in who-knows-what kind of vile fluids. His shoes are falling apart, and look more like two rubber soles tied to his feet with shoelaces.

Prior Occupation: After being expelled from his high school, his mother kicked him out of the house. Jarrod was forced to grow up the hard way on the streets. He had several menial jobs, but none were permanent enough to call a career. It didn't take long before Jarrod turned to a life of crime. He began to sell drugs at a young age, and from there he moved into robbery, break and enter, and grand theft. After serving a few short prison sentences, Jarrod began his life as a con artist. Lying, cheating, and stealing his way to earn a living.

Personality: Jarrod is dangerously clever, witty and resourceful. He is very charming under 'normal' circumstances and has a way with words. Recently, he has been growing more and more paranoid and is on the verge of a mental collapse if he doesn't find a decent meal, and get a good night's rest. He is on edge, and is not sure if he can trust anyone at this time.

Hobbies/Skills: Because of his time on the streets, Jarrod has learned how to defend himself with his own style of street fighting, both unarmed and with a blade. He also has some experience with handguns, having owned a revolver for protection. Jarrod has always kept in shape, and was a long distance runner in his early teens before leaving school.

Weaknesses: Jarrod has a very difficult time accepting and opening up to new people. With the world the way it is now, this is an obstacle he must overcome to survive. Despite this fact, he doesn't quite want to believe it. He is stubborn, not very book smart, and very difficult to trust. Especially by those who know of his past. He has been alone since the initial chaos began, and has run into very few people since. Despite the fact that he's been on his own in the forest for 8 months, Jarrod is by no means a skilled outdoorsman. He's unable to read a map, compass and is totally useless when it comes to building a shelter or lighting a fire without some kind of assistance.

History: Jarrod grew up the hard way on the streets of New York City. After being expelled from high school for selling drugs, he was kicked out of his home. It didn't take long for young Jarrod to adapt and survive. He did what he had to do to put food in his mouth, and eventually get a roof over his head. At 19, Jarrod discovered that he had a way with words, and could use that to his advantage. He would regularly go door-to-door, collecting donations for fake charities, stealing what he could, and slipping away never to be seen or heard from again.

His life of crime eventually caught up to him, and he served several prison sentences. At the time everything went down, Jarrod was working hard at being a con artist. He was on his way to a 'business deal' with his associate when their vehicle was attacked, and life as he knew it changed. For the first few days, Jarrod hunkered himself down in his apartment. Once he ran out of food, he made his way out of the city, and into the forest, where he found and a very secluded log cabin. Jarrod managed to survive here through the winter, and for several weeks into the spring before a herd of the shambling dead tore the cabin apart trying to get to him.

For three weeks now, Jarrod has been wandering aimlessly through the forest searching for any sign of a living, breathing person. He is completely out of food and other vital supplies and almost out of water.

DONE But still searching for a suitable photograph.
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Offline CarnivorousBunny

Re: RECRUITING: Survival Game based on Zombies, Run!
« Reply #9 on: July 08, 2013, 01:05:23 PM »
I think I remember this game!

May make a character depending on a number of things. I've been pretty busy as of late, but I am interested.

Offline EislynnTopic starter

Re: RECRUITING: Survival Game based on Zombies, Run!
« Reply #10 on: July 12, 2013, 07:09:51 AM »
Okay looks like we are going to have a game here! :) I'm going to start a characters thread pretty soon. Once you are done making edits to your character, please indicate by placing a bold "done" in red at the bottom of your sheet so I can move it over to the proper thread and keep things organized.

@crazyivan: approved but with a minor tweak - he wouldn't have been in charge of research and patient care. I have no problem with him being there and on the team, but I already have something else in mind there. Don't worry. We'll scheme. ;)

@NakitHefaile: approved.

@feeltherhythm: approved.

@everyone: get those characters created! I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with! Also, if you can find a photo representative of your character, I encourage you to include it!

Offline eiselmann

Re: Players still needed! : Survival Game based on Zombies, Run!
« Reply #11 on: July 12, 2013, 08:12:51 AM »
Interested if you're okay with another male...or would you prefer I hold off until you have a couple more female characters?

Offline EislynnTopic starter

Re: Players still needed! : Survival Game based on Zombies, Run!
« Reply #12 on: July 12, 2013, 08:33:04 AM »
Interested if you're okay with another male...or would you prefer I hold off until you have a couple more female characters?

Nah, come on in! I foresee a few more gals joining us eventually.

Offline eiselmann

Player UserName: Eiselmann
Character Name: Connor Hunt
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Established member of the colony?: Yes
Physical Description: 6ft2 his body toned by years of helping on his parents farm
Prior Occupation: None/High School Student

Personality: At heart he's an honest hardworking decent kid .He's compassionate fun loving with a strong installed belief in duty and responsibility(see Weakness for the exceptions to this glowing account of his personality)

Hobbies/Skills:Grew up on a mixed horticulture farm,in New Zealand , knows how to grow and care for a raft of grown food , has some carpentry skills (would be equal to an advanced apprentice) capable of driving heavy vehicles from tractor to big rig . Knows how to shear sheep (unskilled as in slow but could manage a small herd in his own) Can Milk cows. Has the number eight wire attitude kiwis have (easiest way to explain ....that is the ability to complete jobs with limited equipment..somehow) Is a very good shot with a rifle. He also knows how to make alcohol

 Being one of the youngest adults in the community Connor is a mess on so many levels. He suffering massive mood swings , far from home he doesn't have a clue if his family are alive or even if his nation has escaped the zombies all together (which he's obsessed about trying to find out somehow) he still puts a lot of effort in his daily tasks but he also knows he's not doing all he could do. He has the recklessness of youth combined with growing up knowing no fear , this manifests itself when confronting zombies and doing any risky work around the community. He's in lust with every adult female which at times is driving him to distraction if not down right nuts.

History: The third son and fifth child in a family of six kids Connor Grew up on a New Zealand farm , a good student and good at sports even if he chose two sports his rugby union family had never played , football(soccer)and Rugby League. His parents wanted him to go to University but he'd always planned to join the army. His parents suggested a gap year , go out see the world then decide his future path.

Connor was just outside New York in a tour bus with thirty others all under 30 when traffic simply stopped, having been on what was effectively a party bus driving from LA to New York no one was aware of the growing problem until that point , when cars leaving New York started to be abandoned and locals explaining why the initial attitude of the young travellers was ...'Zombies..yeah right way too much Hollywood guys'...that attitude changed when the sounds of screams and panic reached the tour group and they joined the fleeing least Connor assumed they all did, by days end only two of the group was with him thou they were part of a larger thirty person group. That group split the following day when they found abandoned cars on a clear part of road .

 A week later Connor found himself alone in a small city , it had been a risk to come into the city but he'd bowed to local knowledge , well local knowledge died an hour earlier along with hot babe , that's when he encountered another group of survivors.
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Offline Airanea


Interested - working on a chara. right now will have it uploaded shortly!

Offline Airanea

Player UserName: Airanea
Character Name: Leeanna Accadi
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Established member of the colony?: No

Prior Occupation: Coroner: Local laws define the deaths a coroner must investigate, but most often include those that are sudden, unexpected, and have no attending physician—and deaths that are suspicious or violent.[1] In some places in the United States, a coroner has other special powers, such as the ability to arrest the county sheriff.

Personality: Leeanna comes off as a cold hearted woman due to the life she lived, blunt honesty and lack of filter make her appear to be rude but these are among first impressions - then again no one has really cared enough to see past first impressions. She has weak points and major flaws but who doesn't? Beneath the exterior there is more to be found if enough attention is given to seek it.

Her eyes speak of warmth and her body speaks of seduction, and by all means she knows how to use both these attributes to her advantage. Having had never raised her voice at anyone in her life is another give way to the kindness she does posses, a softness to the venom her words may be taken for. Over all a dark mysterious cloud hangs about her every movement - but a sparkling light can be seen beneath.

Hobbies/Skills: Her life has been plunged into her work - and ever since the out break of the zombies she doesn't have time for hobbies - she is devoted to the science of a cure. Some skills asides from the medical field that she has obtained through many years of foster care and poverty living are that she is a prime liar, thief, and manipulator; not to mention is she sneaky as all hell, a quick thinker, and strong in defensive skills.

Weaknesses: Her unavailability in emotion - she is unable to relate to others, to hold a conversation with depth, she has no compassion, empathy, or sympathy. Leeanna is void of what makes us human - this makes her a difficult person to understand, get to know, and to care about. In the world we now live in having someone care enough to have your back could be the making between life and death.

History: Leeanna is the youngest Coroner to ever be considered one of the top five prestigious Coroners of North America. Her family was slaughtered before she was old enough to ever remember, living in and out of orphanages she had a harder time with her academics than most consistently switching schools. Once reaching the age of 18 and being excepted into the university of her choice she was finally free of the public system and had to make it on her own. Devoting her entire life to school and then to her career she had no time for romance, no time for friends outside of class. She was truly a lone person, and it didn't seem to bother her in the slightest outwardly - but privately might have been another story - then again you'll never know. 

Whom ever had murdered her parents was never caught - giving obvious reasons to her choice of career.

There is a resort in the middle of the forest - a get away for couples and lovers - a romantic venture of relaxation, at least it once was. Leeanna has been hiding out in this lovely dump for weeks now - all the undead were mostly cleared out when she got here, she guesses they all went to the city for fresher meals. Time has gone by, dead bodies of the wandering undead lay through out the hotel - in the attic you would find Leeanna who has created a small fortress for herself - food from the restaurant down stairs stored in old dusty boxes, although she has the food she looks thinner, weaker than before, she was attempting to ration her portions leading for her to hardly eat at all. Her body covered in dust, dirt, grim, dried blood, fresh blood. The stench of so many zombies below her had hidden her smell of lively flesh with the help of the enclosed attic.

This is her home - this was her home - until there was a noise downstairs somewhere, a creaking of wood.....

Since the out break of the living dead Leeanna has kept close a bag of her basic work equipment containing:
  • Bone saw - used to cut through bone or skull
  • Breadknife - used to shave slices off of organs for examination
  • Enterotome - special scissors used to open the intestines
  • Hagedorn needle - a heavy needle used to sew up the body after examination
  • Hammer with hook - used to pull skull cap off of skull
  • Rib cutter - special shears used to cut through the ribs
  • Scalpel - like a surgeon's scalpel but with largest blade possible for making long deep cuts or scraping away tissue
  • Scissors - used for opening hollow organs and cutting vessels
  • Skull chisel - used for helping to carefully pry the skull cap off
  • Stryker saw - the electric saw used to cut through the skull to remove the brain
  • Toothed forceps - used to pick up heavy organs
Let me know if anything does not settle well with you.  :-)

Offline Angaroo

Interested and will start working on a character now.  :-)

Offline Wicked Vixen

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Interested and I will work on a character and post it tonight. 

Offline Wicked Vixen

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Player UserName:Wicked Vixen
Character Name:Akiko Mizuchi AKA The Karate Hottie
Established member of the colony?: Yes
Physical Description: 5 ft 4 in, 105 lb

Prior Occupation:Female Mixed Martial Artist (MMA Fighter) and Model

Personality:Akiko is a very hardworking but fun loving person while in a non-serious situation. She is very loyal, headstrong and self-confident due to her upbringing as well as the discipline she earned through her many years of practicing martial arts. Despite her strict upbringing she was always a happy-go-lucky person wanting to brighten up the world. However once she stepped into the ring or is forced to deal with a serious situation she becomes cold, calm and analytical. When she becomes serious it is as if she becomes a different person though it is her training kicking in to help her and her attempt to protect her sanity.

Hobbies/Skills:Self defense:Karate (Black belt), Wushu (Expert), Muay Thai (Expert), Jiu-Jitsu (Expert). Great reflexes and speed. Able to run long distances without stopping. Used to hard work/labor. Loves the outdoors hiking, fishing and camping (not hunting). Knowledge of living off the land. Loves to read and knows how to cook/run a household.

Weaknesses:Has a hard time letting people in. Devastated at the loss of her entire family and keeps busy so that her mind does not dwell on the darker thoughts that are always on her mind. Does not do well alone, her negative thoughts swarm her. Has night terrors.

History: Akiko was the eldest daughter in her family with a total of 3 siblings. She was born and raised in Colorado Springs. Her father began her martial arts training when she turned 7 and through his teachings and various other instructors she sharpened her natural fighting ability and was the proud jewel of her father. However while Akiko loved martial arts she had other interests in her life. Namely the great outdoors and book.s while she training her body to become a deadly weapon her grandfather helped her other interests grow. He took her and her siblings out into the woods or the river and taught them how to fish and how beautiful nature was. Often times he would take them for long walks and have them set up camp in some remote part of the woods in their backyard telling them ghost stories and various legends. Akiko loved her family and friends and it was with this balanced life that she was able to go on and attempt to become a professional MMA female fighter.

She cut through the competition extremely well. When the outbreak happened she was the Invicta FC Atomweight Champion, ranked first female Atomweight and ranked 10th for pound for pound female MMA fighter worldwide. She was away preparing for a scheduled fight when all hell broke loose. Only the combination of her skills, wits, and the death of her manager who selflessly gave his life holding back a quickly crumbling door with a bunch of undead on the other side. It tore her heart but he had already been bitten and they had both seen enough zombie movies to suspect that this was it for him. Still as she carved her way back home in the ensuing chaos she saw how desperate the situation was and when she arrived home she was horrified and traumatized as she was forced to kill her own family as they had turned. As she wandered off aimlessly drifting she was picked up by a rather large group. It went well for a while until slowly but surely their numbers dwindled more and more until finally as they searched a small city they were ambushed and she became the sole survivor finally stumbling onto a newly created colony hoping they would take her in.

DONE Let me know If I need to change anything.
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Offline Angaroo

Player UserName: Angaroo

Character Name: Christie Maller

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Established member of the colony?: No

Physical Description: 5' 9" , 125 lbs

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Prior Occupation: Used to work as a mechanic in her brothers garage.

Personality: Christie, or Chris for short, spends her free time lazing about her shop, often drifting in and out of dreamland. When relaxed, she often tries to lighten the mood by telling stories, sometimes made up, about herself. She is a very likeable and enjoyable person, although she lives by herself at the moment. Her motto has always been "work hard, play hard" and it really shows when she is actually serious about something, especially if it's to help another person she cares about. If she has an objective to get to, she will get to it or die trying. Chris would gladly take a bullet for any of her companions and she expects them to do the same for her.

Hobbies/Skills: Pretty much anything that's electric, gas powered or mechanical, Chris can fix if it's broken, if she is provided with the necessary tools she needs. She enjoys running, mostly just to stay in shape, which has enabled her to run long distances without stopping for rest. Besides that, she enjoys video games and television, although she rarely ever finds time to play them.

Weaknesses: As far as combat with others, her physical strength is on the weak side. Chris depends heavily on her agility to escape encounters with hostiles and will try to avoid fighting all together. When Chris gets done running an errand, she deems it necessary to rest which, depending on the situation, can be a bad thing. Others will have to convince her to get up and do something useful. Other than being attacked, Chris will tend to continue to do what ever she's doing.

History: Chris was the younger sibling, her brother being eight years ahead of her. Born in the city of New York, New York, the two had grown up with the typical city-kid lifestyle. Chris had just graduated highschool and, deciding it wasn't time for college yet, she began looking for work. Her brother who, two years prior, earned his degree in Business and Auto Repair, invited Chris to work for his company. Maybe it was because she was raised in a mostly male environment, but Chris had always had a passion for fixing things, especially cars. So, without a second of hesitation, she accepted the job.

Skip forward to present day and Chris now lives alone in her brothers abandoned garage. Most of her time now is spent stocking up on whatever she can. As for her brother, he said that he'd return one night. Well, one night turned into one week, and one week turned into one month. Chris just now accepted the fact that she will never see her brother again. Chris has welded the garage door shut to prevent any undead from getting in and, so far, it has worked very well. She seems to notice that they won't bother you that much if you're quiet so, she spends a lot of her time sleeping. As of late however, the attacks have been getting more and more frequent.

It may be time to run...

Offline TheRaven

Player UserName: TheRaven

Character Name: Benedict Hawkes

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Established member of the colony?: No

Prior Occupation: Theatre Student (specifically, he's far better at dancing and acting than he is at singing)

Personality: One of the most apparently well-adjusted apocalyptic survivors, Benedict is generally a cheerful, funny guy. Admittedly his jokes can be a bit on the poorly-placed side, and more than once has he had to explain a Shakespeare reference he thought was funny, but at least he's trying to be upbeat. His fight-or-flight response is wired to almost always point to flight, which has served him well in the apocalypse. Benedict's a bit of a coward, all told.

Hobbies/Skills: Benedict is very fond of Shakespeare, and has made it a personal goal to scavenge a full collection of all of his writing; additionally, he was something of a horror aficionado before the zombie outbreak, and is well-versed in general horror geek-dom. He also is a gifted liar and possesses a fantastic poker face, both of which he claims stem from being an actor, being paid to pretend to be someone else and keep a straight face. He doesn't have a bad singing voice, but often was made a chorus member and a dancer. He's certainly good at that, though, and still maintains dancing shape through a bit of that, but a lot of running. There are zombies to avoid, after all.

Weaknesses: All of his combat training amounts to stage combat and half-drunk fistfighting advice given shortly before he got a very nasty black eye. Benedict can't fight to save his life. Additionally, his usual defense mechanism to keep bad feelings at bay is with humor, even if that humor is very inappropriately placed; suffice to say he cracked jokes at his grandfather's funeral when he was a child.

History: Put simply, Benedict's led a pretty cushy life. The upper end of the middle class treated him well as a kid, his acting abilities got him a pretty big scholarship to an arts college for acting and dancing, and money has never been a huge concern for him.

Although he got a bit of a shock when, a few weeks after his twentieth birthday, his girlfriend tried to bite him. Admittedly, there wasn't anything wrong with that ordinarily, but this biting was the "moan and groan and consume your flesh" kind of bite, not the "moan and groan and let's go find the nearest flat surface" kind of bite. He scarcely avoided joining her as a zombie before running, just flat-out running for his car. With some kind of knowledge of what to do (being something of a geek, he was zombie-literate), he drove out into the countryside with his backseat and trunk piled up with as many medical supplies and cans of baked beans it could accomodate. He parked in a big empty field, and lived there for a while.

He lived pretty comfortably out there, occasionally moving around or breaking into an abandoned house to scrounge for more food, until the day came when, as his luck would have it, not only did a group of zombies show up, but he realized that the only way to really avoid this group, which was a pretty solid wave pushing in from the countryside, was to return to the city. Ditching his car when the big pileups started to appear, he ran and ran and ran. Hell, he's still running, still trying to find some kind of civilization. Hey, he's still got two cans of baked beans and a copy of Much Ado About Nothing in his backpack. That's gotta count for something, right?

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Oh color me interested ill try and get a sheet up as soon as possible!

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Interested in this RP as well, Ill try to get a sheet posted within 2-3 days if it is still possible at that time.

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Connor, Christie, Akiko, and Benedict are approved. As is Leanna tentatively, (Airnea, did you get my notes?)

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Connor, Christie, Akiko, and Benedict are approved. As is Leanna tentatively, (Airnea, did you get my notes?)

YAY! thank you I am excited and can't wait to rp with you all