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Author Topic: Evil Genius: Looking for More! [Need New Player for Genius Role!]//Free Form+//  (Read 944 times)

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Offline JezabelleTopic starter

--Technicalities and Policies--
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So you want to be Evil (or one of those pesky double agents), eh? First, there are a few things you need to know. This will be a freeForm RP base on the PC strategy game of the same name. Notable for its flashy art direction, unique Dwarf Fortress like game play and awesome concept its creator was regrettably swallowed by the great Sierra whirlpool and it is now best remembered as being annoyingly hard at certain spots. However, knowledge of the game is not required although looking up pictures or maybe a short yTube video is highly advisable for inspiration. Now, to list some things:

--Game play will be free-form, but there will be specific optional missions for nefarious deeds across the globe which will be linear in nature that players may participate in at whim.

--Cross Gender play is permitted; if that disquiets you, perhaps this isn't the Evil Opportunity you were looking for.

--PvP will be possible on a purely consensual basis and resolved via one roll by each party or a pre-determined course each role player agrees to, with a cushion given to one party if their attributes are superior.

--This will potentially be in NC: Humans for spicey interrogation sequences and the like; nothing will be on the level of Extreme however. Exceptions plausibly dealt with via PM RP with a GM (read: me) CC'd.

--This is a revival of an idea which died when the GM had to bow out due to iRL issues; I have received his blessing to rePost this idea (Ciosa is the person, he runs Doomtown-- if you haven't heard of it take a look, has an E!wik page and all). The Original OP:

--As this is a revival that, the original accepted applicants and those who expressed interest (whom I have already contacted) got first dibs. That's why there are already characters and positions taken. If you're one of these people please get me your stats ASAP as originally, they were meant to be secret; for a number of reasons I've ex-nay/d that policy but the fact still stands I'm without the original character's stats and abilities.

--Typical Activies on-and-off the Island--
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As part of the Evil Organization you would

1. Identify Agents of Justice
Stop them from finding the Evil Lair (distract/confuse\kill/corrupt\imprison them them)
---->Catch those sneaking around inside the base already.

2. Report for Missions Abroad
Maybe we're shrinking the Eiffel Tower to steal it, maybe we're knocking over Fort Knox; self-contained plots will be available at various points and you'll be summoned by the Evil Genius herself or simply ordered to a boat/helicopter. This would be done with OOC consent (being told they had to go) and be a more action-y, ludicrous time.

3. Commiserate with Fellow Felons
Between all that you'll sort of live in this underground base full of mooks and the others in the employ of the Evil Genius. The sort of rapport the characters would develop could be fun/ny in-and-of itself.

--Setting and Tone--
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Dug into the base of a volcano is nestled the Lair of an Evil Genius; a fortress hidden from the naked eye by the bustling jungle coating the island where it sits. Cash laden sex'd up tourists mill in and out of the Hotel that acts as a front to keep them from finding the metal blast doors that lead into the secret abode of Evil, and by helicopter and boat minions go out into the world to steal, plot, and do nefarious deeds for their Evil Genius.

The over the top, nefarious, and downright silly are welcome so long as you act within the (relative) bounds of this reality. Obligatory too is reverence to our Great Overlord, the Evil Genius.

And now a reading from the Book of Ciosa:


Mankind has landed on the moon.  Bikinis are hitting beaches across the world, and animal prints are vogue.  Brigitte Bardot has become the official face of Marianne, and beehive hairdos and minidresses dot the landscape.  The Beatles are living legends."

Don't let that make you think your fantasies of the latest military hardware or techno-gadgets, however; with our very own resident Mad Scientist and a bustling R&D department the thing you want is available in less brand-name capacity.

--Positions & Characters (Check for Openings)--
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Open - Dr. Penelope Harding. The Evil Genius!  Send your concepts, your ideas.  The Evil Genius will necessarily be restricted to the Island, and will be responsible for making all decisions as to development and construction on the Island.  They also assign the general direction of scientific research, and make decisions as to the fate of any captured agents of justice.  Plus, they're the boss!

Jezabelle - Natashya Petrovic. The #2 - a.k.a, the Minion babysitter.  #2 is responsible for the Control Room, one of the key responsibilities in overseeing events in the World.  They're responsible for assignments off island, and maintaining constant monitoring of potential opportunities for mayhem.  Working in the control room is a much dreaded requirement for minions, work that's long and tedious and often boring, so it requires a firm, disciplined hand to keep the minions at peak efficiency.

(Open), The Master At Arms - Responsible for the physical security of the island, the Master At Arms is also responsible for the military minions.  They're responsible for the care and safekeeping of guarded rooms, weapon storage, and the ongoing training of military minions, helping to develop their abilities.  Off Island, they'll likely be involved in missiosn where subtelty isn't an option.

Wargtass - Mr. Cooper, The Spy - Responsible for the espionage minions, and also chiefly responsible for keeping the agents of justice detained in a non-violent fashion.  Key to this operation is the Island's hotel, and the Spy has defacto responsiblity for its operation and management.  They also train others in the fine arts of espionage.  The Spy will also be responsible for keeping tabs on the forces of justice, on and off the Island.

XenoLord - Doctor Jake Ballenfield, The Scientist - The wicked madperson responsible for providing the Island with the keys to World Domination.  Developing new security measures, scientific breakthroughs, clever gadgets - or just diving deep into the world of Mad Science - the Scientist will be responsible for the labratories, as well as the training and recruitment of scientific minions to carry out the wicked plans of his or her evil imagination.

Steel Zephyr - Commander Luke Deuce, Mercenary Commander - Responsible for leading the mercenary forces on the island, currently the elite tier of military minions.

(Open Infinitely), Henchman - Maybe you're a Ronin Samurai with blood on your blade, a cold hearted gansta with a revolver in your hand and a boombox on your shoulder, or some combination of both-- you never know! But what you do know is that the Evil Genius singled your evil (or perhaps 'misunderstood') personage out for an offer you couldn't refuse, and now you're the fist that smashes the faces of Justice on the island and out in the world when Evil needs doing.

(~Secret~), Double Agent - Any of the above with the exception, obviously, of the Evil Genius could be the Double Agent. Or maybe there isn't one at all! Working for one of the Forces of Justice they have become embedded with the Evil Organization and are a bane upon its existence, leaking information and potentially blatantly turning against you in armed combat either in the field or at home on the island. This person is to be rooted out and made to pay for the heinous crime of trying to out Genius the Evil Genius.

--Notoriety and HEAT--
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
System by which the Evil Organization will become more prominent (get more NPC minions, not a hard number) and be assailed by the Forces of Justice (a hard number, as it increases more Super Agents will arrive and those positions will become available).

More to come as it is discussed and decided upon.

--Character Creation--
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This whole section was made by Ciosa, so I'm just leaving this here to let you know rather than slanting all of it.

Characters will have eight points to spend between three attributes, and also to expend on special abilities.  all characters must have a minimum of one in every attribute, and abilities are purchased on a one for one basis.  (I.e, getting a Intellect of 4, Persuasion of 1, and Whoopass of 1 will cost 6 points.)  Buying a Legendary attribute costs two points instead of one.  Special abilities cost a number of points comparable to the tier of the ability - I.e, a Tier 3 ability will cost 3 points.  Under this system a character can start with a legendary attribute, but all other attribute will be Pathetic (1), and will start without special abilities.

Intellect:  How scientifically and technologically proficient your character is.  Useful in scientific research, also in making repairs and engineering work.  This is NOT a reflection of character intelligence - that's a function of role playing.  This is a reflection of scientific ability.  Off-Island, a high Intellect will help a henchman discover useful plots for the Evil Genius.


   Pathetic [1]: A typical minion.  Capable of changing the oil on a car, and rotate tires.  May be in trouble when it comes to home construction projects. 

   Poor [2] : A trained minion, a technician capable of making repairs to sophisticated objects, or perform construction tasks.  Capable of simple scientific and engineering theory.  An automotive mechanic, a high school science teacher, or an intern at a research lab are all good examples of this level of proficiency.

   Good [3]:  A dedicated and trained scientific mind.  A professional scientist, a researcher, a professor at a major university.  Capable of advanced scientific and engineering theory.  Scientific minds with this level of genius are capable of gaining insight or ideas for scientific insight from nearly any inspiration.

   Exceptional [4]:  A scientific pioneer.  Cutting edge biochemists and quantum physicists.  Individuals noted in their partticular field of expertise.  These people are normally employed full time in scientific laboratories, and their abilities are rare and highly valued.

   Legendary [5]:  A true genius.  Cackling Mad Scientists.  Tesla.  Einstein.  Von Frankenstein.  With the right scientific apparatus to support the brilliance of their mind, they can construct true wonders of scientific innocation.

 Persuasion:  Your ability to seduce, beguile, enthrall, cajole, and otherwise manipulate. Also, in the world at large, your ability to avoid detection and the attention of the forces of justice. This ability also makes you capable of detecting someone well trained in similar arts of subterfuge, making you as useful as a counter agent as a purveyor of espionage yourself.


   Pathetic [1]: A typical minion.  Capable of convincing close family members and friends for small loans.  Periodically capable of getting out of a traffic ticket. 

   Poor [2] : A trained minion, a stripper, a used car salesman.  Capable of parting people with thier money, largely through charm and ingratiation.  Abroad in the world, they're capable of minimzing the amount of notice the forces of justice will pay to various evil deeds.

   Good [3] : A professional politician, a Hollywood ingenue, a well trained investigator.  Capable of seducing, tricking, and beguiling multiple agents at the same time.  Highly trained agents are more resistant. 

   Exceptional [4]: Diplomats, playboys, professional honeypots.  Such exceptionall trained manipulators are capable of enthralling large numbers of easily beguiled minds, and are capable of seducing all but the most brilliantly trained espionage experts.

   Legendary [5]:  Mata Hari.  James Bond.  Helen of Troy.  Only the most gifted of manipulators have a real chance of reisting your attractions, and even they are by no means immune. 


Your ability to beat the living daylights out of others.  Or shoot them, if that's your preference.  Whoopass coveres more than just ability with bare hands and weapons; it also covers tactical ability and skill at performing most criminal misdeeds .  Note that for the purposes of this game, there is no difference between different weapon types; a barehanded attack is just as effective as a sword, if both stylists are equally Whoopass.  Similarly, a rocket launcher might cause more collateral damage than a single Walther PPK, but the lethality is still determined by the Whoopass rating.  Weapon choice is purely a matter of style.


   Pathetic [1]: A typical minion.  Capable of ineffectual punches, and pointing the business end of a weapon in the general direction of a target.  Cannon fodder. 

   Poor [2] : A trained minion, a security guard, a police officer.  Generally capable of shooting effectively, recieves regular training for marksmanship and hand to hand combat.

   Good [3] : A professional mercenary, a member of an elite law enforcement or military force.  An experienced black belt.  These characters are dangerous in hand to hand and long ranged combat, and are in excellent physical condition.   

   Exceptional [4]: Masters of the martial arts.  Elite snipers.  Professional assassins.  These people are extraordinarily lethal, and in peak physical condition.  They represent the peak of conditioning a non-Henchman or Super Agent can aspire to.

   Legendary [5]:  Achilles.  Batman.  The Jackal.  Your wallet has 'BMF' engraved on it.  You are a one person army, and your enemies fear you.  You are in a calibre of physical conditioning all your own. 

Special Abilities:  Special abilities are defined individually, per character.  They are the things which make your henchman unique, and rather than generating a list, players will generate their own special abilities.  All special abilities are subject to approval.  There are three tiers of special abilities - the simpler, less powerful abilities are tier one, while more powerful and unique abilities can be tier two or tier three.

Some examples:

Tier One:  Sex Appeal  Others may manipulate through clever conversation, witty flirtation, or highly trained manipulation.  You just need skimpy clothes.  Characters with Sex Appeal may continue making social attacks, even if bound, gagged, mute, or otherwise unable to communicate. 

Tier Two:  Fists of Fury  Rather than making one attack per post, you may make barehanded attacks against every opponent within hand to hand range.  These attacks suffer a small penalty to your Whoopass, but this modifier does not increase with each additional opponent attacked.

Tier Three:  Wind Walker  With a few moments concentration, you can teleport anywhere on the island.  You cannot activate this ability in combat, though you may use it to join combat instantly.  There is a small period (fifteen minutes) after using this ability before you may use it again.

Any ability which falls into the semi-supernatural realm will be classified as Tier Three, but they are not outside the realm of possibility.

--Character Sheet--
Once more, all credit goes to Ciosa

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img]Pretty Picture here![/img]][/floatleft][size=14pt]
[u][b]The Basics[/b][/u][/size]
[b]Name:[/b]  Character Name
[b]Nutshell:[/b]  The core of the concept.  Three words or less, please.
[b]Age:[/b] Age/Apparent Age, if different
[b]Sex:[/b]  A gender, please.  ;)
[b]Orientation:[/b] Sexual orientation
[b]Role:[/b] Your intended role
[b]Player:[/b]  you!

[size=14pt][u][b]The Look[/b][/u][/size]
[b]Physical Description:[/b]  How they look - height, weight, measurements, if you're into that sort of thing, or just a paragraph which paints a picture.  Anything outstanding should be noted here.
[b]Preferred Attire:[/b]  Even henchmen only have a locker bay or two on the island - so changes of clothing are going to be sadly at a minimum.  Describe an outfit or three.
[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] A silenced PPK?  Bare fists?  A brilliant mind?  A perfectly tailored bikini?

[size=14pt][u][b]The story[/b][/u][/size]
[b]Intellect:[/b]  Just the rating, please.
[b]Persuasion:[/b]  Just the rating, please.
[b]Whoopass[/b]  Just the rating, please.
[b]Special Abilities[/b]  The three special abilities of yoru character.  (See below.)

-::Accepted Characters' Sheets::-

Natashya Petrovic

The Basics

Name:  Natashya Petrovic
Nutshell:  Ice-cold ex-KGB seductress
Age: 41/Appears 21 (cosmetics, secret USSR biological nonsense)
Sex:  Female
Orientation: BiSexual
Role: #2
Player:  Jezabelle

The Look
Physical Description:  A dark haired Eastern European woman seemingly in her prime, her eyes are a dark calculating blue that complement her dark eyebrows. She wears her hair short but it's shoulder length.
Preferred Attire:  Black Officer Dress Uniform with silver buttons\outlines and healthy amount of bosom displayed. Her body is toned and she is slender but not overly so, as she has a fair amount of sleek muscle that comes from regular physical condition and well-used killer reflexes.
Weapon of Choice: Neuro-poison lipstick (black) or psychotropic lipstick (purple), personally immune to both-- black Marakov in a pinch.

The story
Likes: Power, Domination (either side), Organization & Efficiency, Undermining America (in particular), Vodka, "Friendly" Wagers
Dislikes: Incompetence, Weakness,
Personality: Natashya is a cold and calculating woman given to brief periods of mild passion or rage, but always cold and slow; her temperament made her reliable in the field and in positions of leadership while under duress, and she extends this to her social interactions-- which she views in an almost exclusively Machiavellian light. Her feelings towards an individual are reflective of her assessment of their abilities and worth to first herself, secondly the Evil Genius, and tertiary another end of the evil enterprise. People who are deficient in both are to be disposed of in the most self-serving fashion possible.
Habits: Exercise, Studying Scientific Advancement, (Un)Meaningful Eyebrow Gestures, Manipulation
Flaws: Paranoia, Lack of Close Relationships, Lust for Power

Intellect: 2
Persuasion: 4
Whoopass: 1 (she got rusty taking the Submarine trip)

Special Abilities:
Widow's Kiss -- substitutes Persuasion for Whoopass in 1v1 using her deadly lipstick or other spy tricks.


Natashya was recruited to the KGB from school because of her exceptional language skills, physical fitness, and promising predisposition for sadomasochism. After operating domestically working against a-Communist social forces and individuals, Natashya became an interrogator. From there she proceeded to act as a field agent, until eventually she was returned to the Motherland as an agent handler-- eventually, in her late thirties, she handled the handlers, and was of not insignificant rank.

However, the game of politics is impossible to escape even in the Soviet Union: a swift burst of critical reassignments left her most potent allies dead or sidelined. When she was ordered to send her most loyal agents on a suicide mission in the guise of a blue milk run, she turned the tables-- and turned traitor. Rather than stay loyal to an abstract government, she went with her instinct and took the decline of her faction as the best time to bow out and start over.

Commandeering a nuclear submarine and escaping with vital Soviet secrets, Natashya played cat-and-mouse in the arctic circle until eventually passing safely to a P.A.T.R.I.O.T. base in Alaska thanks to a corrupt, and soon dead, official there. It was here she was contacted with by the Evil Genius with an offer she couldn't refuse, and she made her way to the island with the half-dozen loyal operatives who had managed to survive alongside her.
Mr. Cooper

The Basics

Name: Mr Cooper
Nutshell: Faceless Spook
Age: Average
Sex: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Role: Spy
Player: Wargtass

The Look
Physical Description:  Extremely ordinary as to even rival a rock. Mr Cooper is of an average height, average weight and average age. He has an average face, an average mustache and no dicernable accent of any kind. He is hard to pick out of a crowd and even if you met him twice in one minute you would not recognize him. The perfect agent for any operation. Evil just pays better.
Preferred Attire:  Flawless white suit with a black shirt and red tie. Always wears a black face mask with white spots for his eyes if he is not in the field. It is easier to recognize him like that.
Weapon of Choice: Silenced Nagant M1895 revolver and switchblade.

The story
Likes: Mr Cooper doesn't hold much in higher regard than anything else. However there is one thing he likes more than anything else. Masks. He collects hundreds of them, all from different cultures and different time periods, sizes, colors, expressions. Sometimes he wears one of them in his privacy just because, but they mostly just hang all over the walls of his quarters.
Dislikes: Ironically he dislikes ordinary and average things. Be it his cigarettes, wine, women or friends he just can't stand anything that cannot be clearly defined. Perhaps because he doesn't like it when others try to emulate his success.
Personality: Mr Cooper's personality is defined by his lack of one. He can seemingly change his demeanor by the hour and often surprise himself with what he does and say. Ultimately though he can always be described as a gentleman. Rudeness just isn't in his nature, even if you just tried to stab him he will give a "Pardon" before he stabs you back.
Habits: Mr Cooper has made a habit out of not making any habits. He always takes a different brand of coffee in a different colored cup and sometimes surprise himself with actually drinking tea instead of coffee. This unpredictable nature has made it a little bit hard for him to structure his day like others do.
Flaws: Being so damn average and inconspicuos has its major flaws. Mr Cooper is mistaken for an intruder at least once a week and people seem to easily forget him. Which is a drag when payday comes around.
Intellect: 1
Persuasion: 4
Whoopass: 2
Special Abilities: Tier One - Sleight of Hand  Whether its just simple magic tricks or palming the security key right under the nose of a rival agent you're as sleek as a weasel.

History: Fitting for a man of his indescribable averageness not much is known about Mr Cooper. His criminal career begun as a conman and street magician in some anonymous town in a unidentifiable country. His very malleable persona and forgettable looks served him well and during all his years he was only identified twice once. It just happened that the person who identified him on those two occasions worked for a shadowy alphabet-organization that took him in as a possible candidate for education in the art of the spies. He was so good at it that he nearly didn't pass the exam, since no one could remember that he had even enrolled.

He worked for the agency for an indefinable amount of time (probably an average amount of time) before he grew bored of their rules and regulations. No one ever noticed that he and a ton of secret resources disappeared and even if they had done so they could never have recalled who to look for. It was a rather perfect con in Mr Cooper's eyes and he realized somewhere in the vicinity of that time frame that he was meant to do evil. He looked up Evil in the phone book and found Dr. Penelope Harding. It took a few tries before he finally put on a black mask so that she could finally recognize him as "that spy-guy with the black mask". It wasn't much of a name though, so Mr Cooper became Mr Cooper. He considered Mr John Doe, but he thought it sounded silly to him.
Doctor Jake Ballenfield

The Basics

Name:  Doctor Jake Ballenfield
Nutshell: The Unwilling Scientist
Age: 43
Sex:  Male
Orientation: Straight
Role: The Scientist
Player:  Xenolord

The Look
Physical Description: Doctor Ballenfield is nothing extraordinary in the physical department. Standing at a decent six one, he weighs in at a hundred and forty pounds. His hair is usually in a state of chaotic distress, as he takes very little time for himself. He has a shadow of a beard which he keeps trimmed, but not enough to look old.
Preferred Attire:  Ever since being 'convinced' to come to the island as continue his research, Doctor Ballenfield has had no time to change out of his black 'DEAD END' t-shirt (Unaffiliated with the '84 band of the same name) and white lab coat, nor his black denim jeans.
Weapon of Choice: The good doctor abhors weapons of all kinds, but his mind is sharp enough to be one.

The story
Likes: Science, freedom, and the two together
Dislikes: Confinement and Not-Science
Personality: Doctor Ballenfield is a bit insane in his personal life (which is one of the reasons it's believed his daughter was kidnapped), but when it comes to science, he becomes a man with a goal.
Habits: While thinking, Doctor Ballenfield has an annoying habit of clicking a ballpoint pen's button. Repeatedly. For hours. He also has a bad habit of stalling for time. He's also got a thing for cliche idle threats, such as 'You monster... you'll never get away with this...'
Flaws: He is not a terribly good liar, even with a well-rehearsed story.
Intellect: 5
Persuasion: 1
Whoopass: 1
Special Abilities  None
History: Doctor Jake Allistair Ballenfield is the pinnicle of the 'scientific genius'. A child prodegy, Jake had graduated full-honors from Harvard at eighteen, he moved on to study genetics. After learning how boring Genetics was, he moved on to Bio-Chem, where he met a young research assistant named Amber. Eventually, after long nights burning the midnight oil together, the two married at twenty. Three years later, they had their first child, a girl, and all was right... until an unknown disease took Amber from Jake and the newborn girl. Determined to erradicate this killer from the face of the earth, Jake began to look into the genetic markers of the disease, which eventually lead to long nights away from home.

His daughter grew up without a mother and, sadly, without a father either. Early to work and late to return, Jake would often come home to find his little girl sound asleep, and find himself out the door before she awoke. It was as if the two were strangers living in the same house. This, sadly, caused a rebellious streak to arise in the girl, staying out til all hours and bringing people over to spend the night, Jake could hardly talk to his daughter, let along control her.

So when she decided to start ignoring what few times he did talk to her, it only broke the already shattered doctor. His defenses of the 'crazy doctor' being the only thing that saves him from true insanity. One morning, as he rose for work, he received a letter, saying that this daughter was in the 'gracious care' of, and I quote, 'My master', and to come to an address if he ever wanted to see her again.  Doing so, he soon found himself, unwillingly, on a helicopter towards an island of indeterminate location...

He could only pray it had nothing to do with his work into diseases.
Commander Luke Deuce

The Basics

Name:  Cmdr. Luke Deuce
Nutshell:  Armchair General
Age: 32, appears to be 54-ish due to combat wounds and fatigue. He doesn't mind, but keeps it very secret.
Sex:  Male
Orientation: Straight
Role: Merc Commander
Player:  SteelZephyr

The Look
Physical Description:  Luke is a tall guy, standing 6'2" with an average but muscular build. His skin is slightly brown, possibly just a tan in color. He keeps his hair short, and expects the troops to do the same. His good eye is brown, and the other is covered with something at all times.
Preferred Attire:  Luke's active duty gear is a formal looking Kevlar vest worn over a dark red shirt, black cargo pants, his hat, and a trench coat. For more casual, but still on duty, he loses the trench coat and hat. He also has a solid faded green t-shirt and US Army cargo pants from his old days. In both, there's a hip holster with Lucy, his Desert Eagle, in it and an eyepatch/darkened monocle over his left eye.
Weapon of Choice: A perfectly engineered circumstance, though it never hurts to have a Desert Eagle at your hip as Plan B.

The story
Likes: A well executed plan, the smell of napalm in the morning, Lucy (the hand cannon), Lucy (the deceased [REDACTED])
Dislikes: Failure, idiots, being spoken down to by inferiors, weakness
Personality: If you're on his good side, Luke is a friend who can be rough at times, but generally a nice guy. If you're on his bad side, make peace with your god. When he goes into "duty mode", he barks orders rapidly and expects them followed.
Habits: Luke tends to assess the defensive value of every room he's in, noting cover, openings, etc. If a room isn't defensible enough, he gets visibly uncomfortable. He tends to rub his scars when nervous, and snaps his fingers when thinking.
Flaws: Luke is very genre savvy, but thinks he's the only one at his level. If you can get a plan to "I know he knows I know" levels, you should be alright
Intellect: 2
Persuasion: 2
Whoopass: 4
Special Abilities  None....yet
History: Luke was an army brat growing up. Both parents served in WWII, though he was too young to enlist at the time. When he signed up, he quickly rose through the ranks, being an aggressive but effective soldier. When he was promoted to Commander, he began more aggressive behavior, threatening to shoot anyone who didn't follow his plans. When he finally killed a fellow soldier, he was court marshaled and stripped of his rank. He didn't really pay attention to that second part. He did mercenary work in South America and Africa for a few years, then was hired by Dr. Harding.
Anne Moses

The Basics

Name:  Anne Moses
Nutshell:  Bubblegum-chewing pigtailed assassin
Age: 33, looks 26
Sex:  Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Role: Henchman
Player:  AribethAmkiir

The Look
Physical Description:  First thing most folks would likely see is the bubblegum blowing, blonde pigtails of a stereotypical “dumb” blonde.  “Airhead” might come to mind, and could very likely be your last thought.  Anne is a leggy 5’6” slender, athletic woman weighing approximately 145 pounds.  While she often appears to be carefree, it’s said her crystal blue eyes can flip from gleeful to murderous in a heartbeat.  Her blonde hair has a bright pink and blue streak normally pulled toward the left pigtail and she speaks with a Southern United States accent.
Preferred Attire: Her favorite outfit is a black Kevlar vest over a red, pink, or blue tank top with a mid-thigh length, shredded black skirt over fishnet nylons under heeled, calf-high boots.     
Weapon of Choice: If the two Beretta Px4 Storm 9mm, worn on each hip, or the Israeli Combat Knife worn in her boot aren’t enough she’ll find something in the armory, like a Steyr AUG A3 SF or SPAS-12 shotgun.

The story
Likes: Explosives, Guns, Knives, Bubblegum, Money, Attention, Bikinis, Beaches, Making a “Mess”, Going fast, and the occasional assassination.
Dislikes: It depends on the day, but in general: People who tell her “no”, call her stupid, people who think they’re better than her, politicians, lawyers, Tuesdays, incompetent minions, men who stare, timidity, weakness, being ignored, birds, diet soda, the color yellow, “good guys”, world peace, lollipops (unless they’re bubblegum flavored), ponytails, LoLcats, convents, nuns, churches, priests, hospitals, elevators, bowties, and penguins.
Personality:  A textbook sociopath, Anne is easy to like.  She’s a masterful liar and has an innate sense of knowing exactly what people want to hear.  She lacks any sense of morality or social consciousness.  Some say she’d sooner shoot you than smile at you.  Despite these character “flaws”, she displays loyalty to the Evil Genius (so long as she gets paid regularly and gets to play with the newest weapons from R&D).

Anne intentionally plays the part of the dumb blonde.  Partly because she enjoys the attention, and partly because she has found it tends to make people lower their guard and someone who doesn’t perceive her as a threat is that much easier to kill.  While she would like to say it’s all about the money, she’ll freely admit that she finds perverse pleasure in offing someone, or destroying something, and doing both at the same time is nearly orgasmic. 
Habits: Chewing bubblegum (if she isn’t chewing bubblegum she’s likely chewing her nails and spitting them out), blowing bubbles with said bubblegum, exercise, carrying her miniature Doberman around in her gun bag, sunbathing, cleaning her weapons, sparring (breaking bones, maiming, or (un)intentionally killing minions who show weakness).
Flaws: Getting carried away, having a social personality disorder, getting paid, overconfidence, hating too many things, and having impaired decision making skills.
Intellect:  1
Persuasion:  2
Whoopass  4
Special Abilities "Playing the Fool" -- Anne proves that looks can be deceiving, fooling her opponent(s) into momentarily thinking she's harmless and adding the power of half her Persuasion to an attack as long as she's not already in the middle of combat.
Anne Moses was born in Atlanta, Georgia to a middle class American family.  She had an average childhood with two loving parents.  It wasn’t until she turned sixteen that her parents began to notice a difference in her.  She became manipulative, began to lie often, and seemed to have little care for the consequences of her actions or show any regard for other people’s opinions.  Her parents became even more baffled when Anne began to steal cars, experiment with drugs, and spend time with the “wrong” crowd.  She quickly found herself in Juvey, and when she proved herself a danger to others, a Psych Ward.  By the time she was eighteen, she’d moved through the system and learned enough to become a better criminal.  It was two months after being released that she shot her first man who was “attacking” her friend, and three days later she killed him.  Not wanting to go to prison, she skipped the country and found her way to Israel where on a whim; she gained some counterfeit documents and enlisted in the Israeli military.

There she excelled in marksmanship, Krav Maga, Judo, and Kickboxing.   After a few years in the Israeli military, Anne decided to fake her own death and retire from the armed services.  When the opportunity presented itself, she signed on with a private contractor and began getting paid for doing something she liked and quickly gained a reputation for doing the “dirty” jobs.  Things were great until complaints began to come in on the amount of collateral damage Anne’s jobs caused.  She was released from the company with six months additional pay and found a quiet little spot in the Caribbean where she thought she’d be happy.  It was shortly after her funds had dried up when she was approached on behalf of the Evil Genius.  Figuring one job was as good as another, and being assured no one would care about mundane details, such as, collateral damage Anne Moses came to work for Dr. Harding.
Roderick Sterling
The Basics[/size]
Name: Roderick Sterling
Nutshell:  Martial arts athlete
Age: 27
Sex:  Male
Orientation: Mostly heterosexual
Role: Minion
Player:  doodasaurus

The Look
Physical Description: He is only average in height, but he looks bigger.  He weighs around 190 and rippling man-flesh with extremely broad shoulders, hands the size of Virginia hams and thighs like tree trunks.  He keeps himself to a buzz cut, or even shaved bald, because it's more streamlined.  He's good looking in a kind of hawkish way, with piercing green eyes.  His hair is light brown.
Preferred Attire:  He's just a normal, working class guy.  He has prefers hiking boots, blue jeans, t-shirt and a bad boy leather jacket.  He also had a very nice gi and a
Weapon of Choice: His body is his weapon of choice.  But he since getting to the island, he had demonstrated freakish ability with just about anything that cuts, pierces, burns or blasts.

The story
Likes: Exercise, LSD, eating right, smart girls, martial arts, fast cars, weapons, fishnet stockings, philosophy, leather, meditation, the right kind of mushrooms.
Dislikes: Lazy people, uptight people, environmental destruction, people unwilling to take a hand in their own destiny, people who don't want to expand their minds.
Personality: Roderick is a pretty normal guy except for his ability to hurt other people.  But even then, he doesn't want to hurt them, that's just a natural consequence of his boggling martial skills - he's really more interested in the competition than the violence, per se.  He's an earnest young man and . . . a bit of a mushroom eating, LSD taking, cannabis smoking hippy.  He smiles a lot and has no clue what's really going on.
Habits: He's got a lot of them.  He gets up early, exercises a lot, eats regularly and in moderation (which is still a lot given his level of exercise), reads a fair bit, meditates, goes to sleep and mostly does the same thing every day.  That said, he's new to the island, which is a much different kind of environment than he's used to.
Flaws: He is naive.  While he occasionally feels that they go too far, he doesn't see himself as being "evil", per se.  It's just the fight against tyranny means that people have to go a little crazy, sometimes.  Like when the US bombed Japan with atomic weapons.  Sure, it was CRAZY but it had to be done, didn't it?
Intellect:  1
Persuasion:  1
Whoopass:  5
Special Abilities: I guess he's not that special!
History: Rod was born in LA's San Pedro to parents working at the barbor.  It was a rough neighborhood and he grew up tough.  But more than tough - he grew up driven.  He started wrestling when he was six years old and added on judo when he was ten.  When he was fourteen, he discovered Shotokan karate where his mastery of distance made him a black belt with an international reputation by the time he was twenty. 

Even as a kid, when some punks fronted, he stepped up.  He was smooth as fourteen year old bourbon and quick as lightning.  He could cover distance like no one else, attack with ruthless precise and disengage before a fool even knew what was up.  He was a bad ass in a town that produced bad asses regularly.  He trained with Gene LeBell, he traded tips with Bruce Lee.  He was smoking hot.  He traveled the world.  He studied karate in Japan, sambo in Russia, he went to Brazil and learned tricky ground fighting techniques.  He went to Thailand and Hong Kong.  He lived the lifestyle of the martial arts itinerant.

But San Pedro was going to hell in a handbasket.  The system was busted and no one was fixing it.  There were race riots as once prosperous neighborhoods turned into hellholes.  Police enforcement was to draw a "thin blue line" around the "bad neighborhoods" and protect the fat cats with big bankrolls from consequences of their greed.  LA was the home of the rich getting richer while the poor got screwed. 

It came to a head when some crooks looking to score cash for H did a home invasion on his parent's place.  His dad wasn't going to take any crap from hooligans but the hooligans had a gun.  The shot his dad in the head, then put some rounds in his mom when she tried to call the police.  It took word of their deaths over two weeks to reach Rod - he missed his own parents' funeral.

Unbeknownst to him, Evil never slept and had been keeping a bit of an eye on Roderick.  Someone that dangerous, well, with his good upbringing and such, it seemed he might become a force for Justice and it's best to nip that sort of thing in the bud.  But his family tragedy was to the great benefit of Evil!  An agent was dispatched to lure the naive young man into an act of shocking vengeance, to make him useless as a do-gooding paladin of Justice.  And shocking it was!  Bones were broken, spines were shattered, necks were broken, brains were mashed.  What struck the agent sent to send Rod down this path was the sheer brutality of it.  People died in messy, messy ways.  Reports were sent up the chain of command and the order was given - bring Roderick Sterling in as an agent.  The agent went back to work.  He was needed to fight the forces of tyranny, who worked openly under the guise of "Justice" - but was there justice?  No!  Good people were needed to fight this so-called "Justice", labeled as evil, but certainly on the side of Truth.

Rod fell for it hook, line and sinker.  He was feeling bad after killing all those people but it did look like society was failing people in fundamental ways.  He was brought to the island, sent through agent training where it was apparent he was a natural in the ways of violence, having a rare gift.

The Basics

Name:  T.T.
Nutshell:  Extremely Lucky "Scientist"
Age: 21
Sex:  Female
Orientation: Exploratory
Role: Henchman
Player:  AriDarrow

The Look
Physical Description:  T.T. is very loud and outstanding when it comes to her clothes, being that she also stands at 6'3" flat footed, she figures that she might as well stand out as much as possible. Due to her background in 'science', she has long ago lost track of her hair color she was born with having somehow managed that her hair grows naturally rainbow colored. Naturally athletic and a very fun loving and easy going attitude are some of the other easily noticeable traits about her.
Preferred Attire:  Somehow, some way, she is never seen wearing the same outfit twice. There is always some difference even if it is only a different color. That doesn't mean she will never wear similar outfits, but there will always be something different about it. More in her special abilities.
Weapon of Choice: Wait, weapon? Fight? You have got to be kidding, right? She may look big and tough, but she's a grade A class 1 wimp! Pain hurts, guns are scary, and knives can just ruin an otherwise good day! She'll run from fights and if she can't run, will just ball up and cry.

The story
Likes: Music, roller-skates and a good bad joke. She's always out for a laugh or a good time at a party. Her love for parties and having fun is second only to her tinkering with things and chemicals.
Dislikes: Meanies and bullies. Violence. Wasps. She REALLY hates wasps.
Personality: Easily distracted, fun loving, bubbly. T.T. is really very simple when it comes to her personality. What you see is what you get. Because of her random easily distracted nature, she is always seeking out something new to keep her entertained. She does hold onto grudges for a very long time and has no qualms with a person or lots of people dieing in the process of her getting even. She may dislike violence, but she will stoop to it if she feels it is needed.
Habits: Always looking for something new, different, exciting.
Flaws: Always looking for something new, different, exciting.
Intellect:  3
Persuasion:  1
Whoopass  1
Special Abilities  Tier Three - Impossibly, unnaturally, and outlandishly lucky! It is mostly centered around her exploits with her experiments, but bleeds over into the rest of her life as well. There have been many times where she has emerged unharmed from a lab that was destroyed from an explosion from a failed experiment she was attempting. She doesn't take notes, she doesn't follow scientific reasoning or anything else that would fall into the realm of actual science, she just does it and it works. Actual scientists just get mad around her because of her "Homer Simpson" like ability to not get injured and yet things just somehow work out just right for her to come out on top, no lessons learned.
History: T.T. was born Tanq Tinklebone but learned to HATE her name with a passion at a young age. Since the age of 5, she will only answer to TT. Always being taller than the rest of the kids her age, she turned to books and quickly found a love of tinkering with mechanical things as well. Machines and chemicals don't make fun of you like people do. As she got older, she started getting even with those who would dare use her full name by altering their genetic structure or chemical makeup so that they became freaks of nature or simply by sneaking to their car to turn it into a meat processing plant so the next time they got in, they were turned into canned meat. She quickly became known, not for her brilliant mind, but for her insane amount of luck. She also became well known for having no qualms using innocent people in her experiments. "It's for the betterment of scientific advancement", she tells everyone, even herself, but it is really just a way to keep herself entertained.
Lady Enso
The Basics

Name: Lady Enso
Nutshell: Ex-military Assassin
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bi
Role: Henchman
Player:  Achmed the Mad

The Look
Physical Description:  Lady Enso is 5'4" and slim, though she's added a few sexy curves since her peak of fitness with the JSDF to make her more effective at her chosen profession. She's let her dark brown hair grow a little too, and it's now shoulder length. Her eyes are dark, almost black. Her complexion is lightly-tanned and flawless.
Preferred Attire:  Her 'mission outfit' is a skintight black catsuit in wet-look spandex with a prominent zipper down the front, black leather combat boots, a belt for her guns and gear, and (sometimes) a backpack of gear. She has a couple of other common outfits: an evening gown (slit to the hip), and a revealing top with skintight leather pants - both outfits paired with sky-high heels. She also has mundane gym and swim wear, etc.
Weapon of Choice: a pair of Heckler and Koch USPs, though she's no slouch at kicking if forced to fight unarmed either.

The story
Likes: Discipline, the military, training, swimming, clean kills, skintight clothing, iced tea
Dislikes: Disorder, confusion, whiners, laziness, dithering, looking weak, being seen undressed
Personality: Lady Enso rarely smiles, and takes herself and her job very seriously. She still has a rather military approach to things. She's not quite humorless, but it takes something special to make her laugh.
Habits: Early-morning swimming and jogging, cleaning her guns, using parrots for target practice
Flaws: For all that she likes wearing skintight or revealing clothing, Lady Enso hates being seen in her underwear (or less). She also takes herself too seriously and lacks imagination, making her a sucker for a dare, flattery, or many forms of trickery. Her luck tends to be bad too.
Intellect: 1
Persuasion: 3
Whoopass 3
Special Abilities  Tier I: Ceiling cling. Provided she's in a corridor or room narrower than her split-span, she can quickly hoist herself up to the ceiling and cling there, supported by the walls and, say, a handy light fitting. She can do this quickly enough that, to someone chasing, it's as if she vanished. Unless they think to look up... but no-one ever looks up :) (Inspiration:, especially the picture.)

History: Kato Natsumi was a Japanese army brat who wanted to be a ballet dancer. Her parents indulged this for a while, but when her teachers began talking of her as a future star who should received special training, they put their foot down. Natsumi was to go into the army, like her parents.

Against her own wishes, Natsumi was sent to a Military Academy. Deciding to make the best of the situation, she passed with high marks, the instructors especially noting her instinctive marksmanship and the flexibility of her high kicks. Natsumi joined the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) as the most junior of officers, and found herself working as a glorified secretary. Pretty soon it became clear that her hopes of progressing to an interesting job were zero: women weren't allowed to serve in combat units.

After a few years of this frustration, Natsumi was contacted by representatives of the Pretty Evil Ancient Ninja of the Underground Temple, who offered her training if she'd agree to do several jobs for them. She agreed, and left the army to go freelance, adopting the cover-name 'Lady Enso' ('Because I'm poison' - Enso meaning chlorine).

Working for the Underground Temple, she quickly made a name for herself as an able operative (and the JSDF's loss), with missions like:
  • The assassination of a Yakuza boss. He entered his private elevator alone, rode it straight down to the lobby... and was found dead of a bullet through the head on arrival. Lady Enso had ridden on top of the elevator, having previously undone one of the ceiling panels, making the shot quite easy.
  • The theft of a company's secret process for manufacturing monosodium glutamate. The plans were well guarded, in an advanced safe
Characters in Need of Replacement Players

The Evil Genius Herself!
Dr. P. Harding


The Basics

Name:  Dr Penelope Harding, AKA Dr P. Hard.
Nutshell:  Passed-over genius psychopath.
Age: 54, looks early 40s
Sex:  Female
Orientation: Gay, but willing to perform sexual torture on males who deserve it.
Role: The Evil Genius
Player:  Chrystal

The Look
Physical Description:  Dr Hard stands only 5' 1" (155 cm) tall, and weighs just 126 Lbs (57 kg). As such she is touchy about her height and has actually had people shot for making "short jokes" in her presence. She is pretty, though, with ice-blue eyes that seem to pierce the soul. While not exactly buxom, she is none the less endowed with a reasonable figure, emphasised by well tailored clothing. She has a small tattoo of a black rose on her left shoulder blade, and a rather nasty looking scar down the outside of her right thigh.
Preferred Attire:  Being The Boss, Dr Hard has rather more wardrobe space than her henchmen and minions. Her wardrobe will include the classic Coco Channel LBD, a classical sequinned off-the shoulder dress, A Chino and shirt outfit for when she is outside, and a very sexy faux-snake-skin bikini for sunbathing in, amongst other outfits.
Weapon of Choice:  A brilliant mind, of course, but usually carries a Heckler & Koch HK4 9mm (.380 ACP) Automatic pistol as a back-up.

The story
Likes: Loyalty, success, power, pretty girls, good food, good wine, warmth, sunshine, swimming, big cats, 50s rock music, simplicity, maths.
Dislikes: Traitors, inefficiency, failure, idiots, do-gooders, the status quo (although she does quite like the rock group by that name). politics, complications.

Personality: Penny (to use the nickname that will earn you an extra nostril) is quite insane. She is not evil as such, or rather, doesn't see herself as evil. Rather, she sees herself as attempting to rid the world of an evil scourge, and thus she considers herself to be the ultimate good guy (or gal). She is excessively paranoid, narcissistic, and psychopathic. She also suffers from OCD, which tends to manifest itself in insisting that all her minions dress the same, look the same, and carry their machine guns in the same way. She insists that the base be totally spotless at all times (thus employs a large cleaning staff who are adept at removing blood stains), and has various other more common OCD traits like always cleaning her teeth the same way.

However, she is also a very good actress and has, in the past, fooled many a psychologist into thinking she is completely sane. In other words, she knows how people are expected to behave and behaves accordingly, all the while seething inside. She has a slow fuse, and will usually restrain her anger, but she is also extremely cold-blooded and ruthless, totally lacking in conscience. She will not hesitate to kill, but rarely does so in the heat of the moment.

Penelope has one fucking huge chip on her shoulder because of the way she was bullied, and is firmly of the opinion that the world owes her a living because of this. The fact that the world has given her quite a nice living is irrelevant to her. But because of this she demands rather than asks, and puts people's backs up.

Habits: Makes an irritating sucking sound through her teeth when thinking. Likes to have at least one pretty girl chained to her bed, or following her around on all fours on a leash. Also keeps a male leopard as a pet, and has this animal follow her around on a leash too. Likes to doodle on a notepad - such doodles may give away evidence of her plans.... She also has various OCD traits like teeth cleaning, keeping her desk ordered, shooting minions that are improperly dressed...
Flaws: Impatience, overconfidence, insanity, lack of conscience, paranoia, OCD.

((Bonus ability points due to being the Evil Genius))
Intellect:  5
Persuasion: 5
Whoopass: 1

Special Abilities:

Tier 3 mesmerism power.  Dr Hard can look into a persons eyes (from about six inches away) and compel them to tell the truth. While looking into their eyes (only) she can use her hypnotic voice to implant suggestions into the person's head. These suggestions work exactly like normal hypnosis. They can be one-off commands that can remain dormant with a single trigger (which can be anything she likes, as with normal hypnotic suggestion), or they can be immediate continuous instructions that wear off after a time - the length being dependent upon how susceptible the victim is, anything from minutes to days.

Penelope Harding was born in Guildford, Surrey, England, to Professor Lillian Harding and Dr Leonard Thrupp. The fact that her parents never married didn't bother Penny until she got to secondary school, when she began to be bullied about this. She was also bullied about her sexual preference when she was caught making out with one of the girls on the netball team in the showers after a match. Being bullied seemed to her to be almost normal, especially as she was four times as intelligent as all those around her. It seemed she inherited her mother's and her father's brains.

At Oxford University she graduated in her first year and went on to take four doctorates by the time she was 21. She applied for various academic posts but didn't get any of them. She tried to run for Parliament as an independent and lost her deposit. Humiliation after humiliation were heaped on her, principally because of her arrogance and the way she put people's backs up, but also because she was openly homosexual in an age that didn't accept homosexuality.

The last straw was the loss of both her parents in a train crash on Christmas Eve when she was 25, a crash that left Penelope with serious scarring down her right leg. The fact that they were both wealthy, and also both insured for ridiculous amounts of money, set Dr Harding up for life. But it also made her realise that human lives were excessively cheep. She watched news reports of starving millions, wars, and famines and realised that the world was a terrible place, mostly because no-one was running it.

She decided that if she were ever given the opportunity to run the world, things would be different. She then realised that if she wanted such an opportunity, she would have to make it herself. And then of course she also realised that such an opportunity lay just out of reach. Of course, she knew there would be casualties, she knew there would be those who resisted her new benign dictatorship (as she saw it), but as Patton put it, you can't
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You have sparked my interest my friend.

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Interest]//Free Form+//
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You have sparked my interest my friend.

Thank you  O8)

Now, updated the thread a bit-- check out accepted character sheets, still updating it; I'm still deciding how to do the HEAT, considering how fast progression should occur but that's the kind of thing that can be scaled once things are in motion. For now if anyone's interested in the overall "tone" of the game, the original thread I link in the Technicalities spoiler has lots of Teasers Ciosa wrote. I'll be writing my own hook, up sometime tomorrow, and of course feel free to ask and propose ideas.

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Interest]//Free Form+//
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Just in case you missed it.

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Oh crap! That's what I get for taking a couple days to fill one out.

Removed and resent in the proper format.
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RIGHT, Minions!

I here there is some taking over of the world going on?

That would be MY job, so listen up! I have a nice little private island in the middle of the Censored Ocean, where I expect you all to congregate. Once there, I expect you all to dress the same, unless you have a good reason for doing so. You will all be issued identical jumpsuits which will be colour coded based upon your job. Slaves will have transparent ones (if they're lucky)! Security personnel will wear red, because Gene Roddenberry at least got that bit right! It doesn't show the blood quite so much when you get shot. black!

Scientific Personnel will wear white, of course, and technical personnel will wear silver. Command personnel will wear gold so that everyone knows who to kill because it will mark them as targets for respect. Cleaners will wear brown, Enemy spies will wear suits with concentric red white and black rings, centred over the heart, so that you lousy shots will have something to aim at!

That's it for now.

Oh and if anyone captures an enemy agent, just shoot the fucker, okay?

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Really interested in this, but I don't think I've got a full grasp on the game.

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Really interested in this, but I don't think I've got a full grasp on the game.

Fair point; I've been putting off writing the hook for a bit too long.

Or did you mean the video game? You don't really need any grasp on that, but there's trailers and LPs you could peek at if you'd like.

Essentially, the game will play out where there are a few designated rooms-- barracks, lab, training room, lunch room, holding cells, break room, control room (computers and displays for running the base and away missions), and the hotel and jungle outside. Various international organizations (there's about 5 and they all have an acronym, China is A.N.V.I.L. and Europe+the British Empire is S.A.B.R.E.) will send groups of spies/soldiers to the island who will try to first find the base, then enter the base. GMs (me) will play those as NPCs. On top of that there are heists to be preformed elsewhere. So perhaps a simple hierarchy is possible:

As part of the Evil Organization you would

1. Identify Agents of Justice
Stop them from finding the Evil Lair (distract/confuse\kill/corrupt\imprison them them)
---->Catch those sneaking around the base.

2. Report for Missions Abroad
Maybe we're shrinking the Eiffel Tower to steal it, maybe we're knocking over Fort Knox; self-contained plots will be available at various points and you'll be summoned by the Evil Genius herself or simply ordered to a boat/helicopter. This would be done with OOC consent (being told they had to go) and be a more action-y, ludicrous time.

3. Commiserate with Fellow Felons
Between all that you'll sort of live in this underground base full of mooks and the others in the employ of the Evil Genius. The sort of rapport the characters would develop could be fun/ny in-and-of itself.

In terms of characters, some examples:  Ronin Samurai, big-afro'd Gangsters in zoot suits, vooDoo Witch Doctors, and rocket launcher wielding Cossacks who do a jaunty jig as they toss grenades about. The RP itself has a different cast and characters of any kind are welcome, but this is the type of world you would be inhabiting.

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That's more what I was looking for.  Thanks Jezabelle.

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Interest]//Free Form+//
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I could go for commanding this. You're going to need a commander, M'lady, and who better than the man who knows how to beat the Kobayashi Maru without cheating?

Sheet will be PM'd in a bit.

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Interest]//Free Form+//
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Excellent! I'd say the cast is filling out. We could still use more henchman, or a Master at Arms, if anyone's interested but I'd say we can get the boulder rolling soon.

Note about Start:

Your characters could have already arrived and be familiar with the island, or be arriving around the same time and being introduced to the Evil Genius\Villain. I'll let that be a choice you make individually, just letting you know so there isn't any confusion.

Once I nail down 1) the Duel system (namely: D6 or D\whatever), which won't come into play for a while anyway but have a good idea of it so nothing comes as an unfair surprise and 2) the HEAT and Notoriety systems I'll be posting the iC threads (about half a dozen to begin with, trying to keep it low). For now, though, watch this space for an OOC thread soon  ^-^

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Interest]//Free Form+//
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I could help with the systems, if you'd like.

Ideas for Duel System:
1. Use the nWoD system of d10s. Say you want to punch someone. You'd take your Whoopass, say 3, and roll that many d10s every 8, 9, or 10 counts as a success, and a 10 lets you roll that die again. If the roll again is a 10, go again, and so forth.
2. Each side rolls a d20 adding any respective modifiers (high ground, skimpy clothing, etc.), higher one wins
3. Take the relevant skill (say Whoopass) and roll that many d6s. Opponent does the same, higher total value wins

Ideas for HEAT/Notoriety
1. Maybe each action has a base HEAT value, and certain ways of approaching it alter that. This could be things like using a poison instead of a bullet to kill, for instance.
2. For Notoriety, possibly something similar to the HEAT system. I honestly got nothing right now.

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Interest]//Free Form+//
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Ideas for Duel System:

3. Take the relevant skill (say Whoopass) and roll that many d6s. Opponent does the same, higher total value wins

Thank you, that sounds awesome!

For Notoriety I'm going to do it so it's just a fixed value per mission, but HEAT will go up depending upon how "messy" things get (so the more you shoot things up abroad the more shooting up agents you'll have to do at home as well).

I'm also going to do a reward system where every once in a while, for missions or the like, players will get 0.25 or 0.5 attribute points to put towards a new skill or ability.

OOC thread inbound; t'will act as the Nexus for all iC threads.

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Interest]//Free Form+//
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This idea looks ridiculously entertaining.  I wish to be counted in.  ;D

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Interest]//Free Form+//
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This idea looks ridiculously entertaining.  I wish to be counted in.  ;D

Consider yourself such ser! Looking forward to talking to you about your sheet.

OOC thread is up people!]

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Recruitment]//Free Form+//
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The good Dr. P is so going to love TT.   >:)

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Recruitment]//Free Form+//
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Yes, I think she will.... *rubs hands*

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Recruitment]//Free Form+//
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Wait... umm, ever get the feeling that the trap you worked for days on to get everything working just right... turns out that it is really a trap that you just made for yourself?

Either that, or I just turned myself into a giant mouse and there's a saber-tooth tiger behind me right now... isn't there...

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Recruitment]//Free Form+//
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I sorta feel that way all the time.  ;D

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Recruitment]//Free Form+//
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Wait... umm, ever get the feeling that the trap you worked for days on to get everything working just right... turns out that it is really a trap that you just made for yourself?

Either that, or I just turned myself into a giant mouse and there's a saber-tooth tiger behind me right now... isn't there...


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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Recruitment]//Free Form+//
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Oh, guess should have asked this previously, but are we going to be RPing our characters intro or have that as a side backstory and just leap into the whole business... I think I recall reading something that it's our choice but been awake for a few hours now without caffeine and so head not brain well right now. Also, a little confused... is this the area we talk OOC style and arrange plot devices with others or we do this on the other thread thing?

I really should learn to not post when planning on taking a nap.

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Recruitment]//Free Form+//
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The OOC thread is for OOC discussion purposes. Click the link at the top of the first post in this thread to be transported there by the newly developed matter transference portal. (Assuming those incompetent nincompoops in R & D have managed to get it working that is... Honestly, last time they said it was safe the men who went in at one end came out the other end as women!)

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Re: Evil Genius: Evil Always Pays [Recruitment]//Free Form+//
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Oh, guess should have asked this previously, but are we going to be RPing our characters intro or have that as a side backstory and just leap into the whole business... I think I recall reading something that it's our choice but been awake for a few hours now without caffeine and so head not brain well right now. Also, a little confused... is this the area we talk OOC style and arrange plot devices with others or we do this on the other thread thing?

I really should learn to not post when planning on taking a nap.

Your characters could have already arrived and be familiar with the island, or be arriving around the same time and being introduced to the Evil Genius\Villain. I'll let that be a choice you make individually, just letting you know so there isn't any confusion.

Sorry, should've made that more obvious earlier.

It's personal choice. Also the OOC thread is where we discuss all of those kinds of things, it's linked at the top of this page. This page serves as a general explanation of the game for those interested in joining, as I have no plans to bar new entry.

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Hello, world!

After a good start we find ourselves in need of more players to continue to grow and have people to interact with; if a role you want is occupied, many roles can have duplicates or assistants.  If you don't see a role you think would fit well with the RP don't hesitate to suggest them to me here or via PM!