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October 23, 2016, 03:08:13 AM

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Author Topic: The Musings, Ideas, and Threads of the Deliciously Dark and Deviant  (Read 828 times)

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Hello, and welcome to my ideas corner. If you see anything that catches your eye, let me know. If you have an idea you think I will fit well in, let me know. Please contact me via PM so I can keep this thread clean and clear for all of my visitors. I do try to post in most of my threads at least once a day to once every other day, depending on how my muse cooperates. I do not expect more than that from my partners, and can be fairly patient on replies (much more so if I'm kept in the loop as to why a thread hasn't been replied to).

Thank you for your interest, and enjoy your stay.

The Magical Misadventures of Maxwell Magefire
This is one idea that I'm going to be very picky about in accepting a partner (or partners, as the case may be), as this story idea has been with me a very long time, and I am very much attached to the character/premise. The basics: The son of a famous, powerful mage, Maxwell Magefire was more as much of a joke as his father was awe-inspiring. After being kicked out of the Academy of Magical Arts, he is struggling to make a name for himself, often performing parlor tricks or small shows for what little coin he can scrounge up. Your character is drawn to him, mabe out of pity, maybe because she has always been fascinated by those few gifted with magical abilities, and thinks Maxwell is far more powerful than he really is, who knows. Their adventure together begins with hyjinx, and only goes worse from there.

I foresee a lot of comedy and humor in this story. There may be actual sex at some point down the road, but the real appeal that I see is the humorous or bizarre sexual situations that will run rampant. Spells that backfire, leaving (usually) her to "suffer" through the unintended results. Maybe she secretly likes the experiences, but won't admit it. Something keeps her by his side. Expect comical/magical bondage, public displays (accidental, of course), and maybe even a group scene or two (those love spells can be awfully tricky, and might even affect an entire tavern). I do plan on having an overall bad guy to the plot, someone for Maxwell and his new partner in shenanigans to go up against.

This idea was originally designed for a M/F partnering, but could also work (and in some cases be enhanced) with a M/F/F dynamic. PM me if interested, but please do not be insulted if I am unwilling or reluctant to write this particular story with you. Again, I will be very picky about this one, above any others.

Till Death Do Us Part
Picture, if you will, a marriage that has lost its spark. The lust is dead. Just after the birth of their child, our characters have found themselves barely scraping by financially. He's working nearly double shifts every day, she is having a hard time finding a job, and is unsure if she could leave her baby son alone if she wanted. He's unhappy, she's unhappy, it's just a bad situation all around. But when some guys from work begin to tease him about his situation, and when her attitude and refusal of sex at home gets to him, he decides to take matter into his own hands. He'd never been a Dominant person before, but he will teach his wife what he thinks her role should be in pleasing him.

This one will have some darker elements to it, and quite a bit of D/s themes, as he explores everything he can get away with regarding her. I also want to see a lot of character development here. I want to explore his own inner turmoil between his sexual and physical desires, and the fact that he does still very much love his wife. I want to see her struggle with her reasons for staying with him. Is it guilt, honor, or fear that leads her to accept her new role? Does she fight tooth and nail, or accept the changes slowly?

I would like to see this story to a resolution, whatever that may be. I'd prefer a happier resolution, but we'll see where it takes us. This thread may be opened up for additional players at some point as the couple really explores the roles they've been pushed into. PM me if interested or have any thoughts.

The Couple's New Pet
I know this is technically more than a One-On-One idea, but I didn't feel like creating an entire new thread for just the one plot. The basic premise is that a man and woman (probably already married, at least living together) are involved in a D/s lifestyle, and have decided to take on a new pet for the both of them. This story is really more of an exploration and fun story, so it's really not that involved or drawn out of an idea. I presume that it will be mostly smut, but I would like to see how each of them learn and grow through the experience. Do they all fall in love, is there jealousy that arises, does one of them feel the need to leave and sacrifice her own feelings for the good of the others? That's the kind of stuff I want to explore and have fun with. Well, that and the sex, but who doesn't like that?

This one is designed as a M/F/F story. PM me if interested or have anything to add.

Wicked Wonderland
Possibly a bit cliche, I know, but a story exploring the darker side of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This is a story that can involve multiple players or just two players as multiple characters. I foresee each of the main cast having a particular kink about them, and even breaking from their established personalities in some ways. PM me if interested in this particular fantasy.

Ace Jones, P.I.
A noir-style story set in the 40s, with over-the-top metaphors, similes, and everything that made vintage detective stories great (along with a dash of smut to keep things nice and naughty). Not really sure what the storyline will be as of yet, but I need a dame, babe, broad, or sister to come join me in a trip into dark alleys, where murder is afoot.

M/F, Van

New! The Trouble With Twins
Maybe a bit of an indulgence, but the basic idea is a pair of twin sisters that find a new Dominant, possibly of the Daddy variety. Not really all that well though out as far as plot goes, but maybe they are troublemakers that play pranks on a professor. Maybe he teaches them a lesson that goes a bit too far. Or just far enough. I dunno, it's up for discussion. Obviously, this would be a story for three people. Let me know what you think.

That's all I can have for now. I will keep this thread updated with new ideas, and take down the ones currently completed or in progress. Thank you, once again, for your interest, and hope to hear from you soon!
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Re: The Musings and Ideas of the Deliciously Dark and Deviant
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Re: The Musings, Ideas, and Threads of the Deliciously Dark and Deviant
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