Vampire Chroncles?

Started by FlaminGlory, July 01, 2008, 11:15:12 PM

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Has anyone read Anne Rice series? If you have would you like to roleplay it with me? I can double up.


I haven't read the Chronicles in awhile, but I love them and the characters they contain.  I also love Rice's writing.. the depth and attention to detail.  Her work heavily influenced my earliest lengthy-rp ventures.  I'm willing to play either male or female character(s).  If this scenario is still something you're interested in, feel free to pm me and maybe we can work out some details.


I adora the characters of Armand and Lestat especially. Both are very interesting characters, both so different, and yet really well written! PM me if you like the idea of RPing with either of these as my character.


Does her A. N. Roquelaure/Anne Rampling stuff count? Y'know, before she went batshit insane with her fans?


I actually hadn't read any of her Anne Rampling or A. N. Roquelaure stuff.