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Author Topic: Pixie's Game Thread {MUL}(Updated 10-17-08)  (Read 1126 times)

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Pixie's Game Thread {MUL}(Updated 10-17-08)
« on: July 01, 2008, 06:07:22 PM »
Hey everyone..I had noticed that all my roleplay ideas were scattered about the boards, so I figured that I would post them here all in one spot..The ones that are crossed out are of course already in progress.  All of these roles are for male characters and I don't mind if it's a female playing the male role..  Also, there is no set direction for these roles to go in, although I'd like the theme to stay along the lines of romance, except for the second role which is more in the D's/BDSM realm..There are few new ones in here that I've added as well...As always, let me know if any and which ones appeal to you :)
Marcus is a 250 year old vampire, who had been made the head of his clan because of the fact that his father had been killed by the leader of another clan.  In retribution, Marcus and his men set out to kill the other clan leader, which they did with no problem.  However, along with the clan leader, they found his daughter residing with him.  Marcus's men had brought the girl back to him, and now he must decide what to do with her. 

Ultimately, I would like this to end up being a romance story, where Marcus tries different ways of using the other clan leader's daughter but ends up falling in love with her despite his attempts not to do so...I am looking for someone to play the role of the vampire in this.  {VAN, NC}

Let's say that lately, I've been very neglectful of things around the house and my schoolwork (let's say I'm a senior in college) I've also been very rude and disrespectful to you with talking back and cursing at yelling. It's happened twice before and you've just let me off with a warning but you're becoming tired of it...For this scene, let's say you come home expecting me to be there and the house tidied and dinner being made. Instead, you come home to an empty dirty house; I am nowhere to be found. You get the impression that I don't take your threats of punishment seriously, and you decide that you've had enough and it's time to discipline me.  I am interested in focusing on the dynamics of such a situation in a D's relationship, between a couple that really love each other.

I was thinking of doing a fantasy, romance type role play involving a vampire and a human, at least at the beginning and then it changes to where I get turned into a vampire myself...something like the following..
I am the daughter (human) of a wealthy detective in the town in which we live. Recently there has been a murder of a girl in the town that my father has mistakenly traced back to your brother. My father ended up killing your brother because of it. Now the high council within your Clan says that your brother's death must be avenged and therefore you set out to seek revenge on my father..I wanted to pick up this scene when your men brings myself and my father to you after you'd ordered them to find my father and bring him to you. You hadn't bargained on me being there and didn't know of my existence until I was brought in..{VAN, NC}

Brianna Christiansen and Hunter Jones had been the perfect couple..They had been friends since kindergarten and dated through most of high school and the first year and half of college.  Everything had been going great up until Brianna had started acting weird.  She no longer found pleasure and comfort in Hunter's touch and chose to shy away from him most of the time.  She was always on edge and never wanted to go out and do things that she had previously enjoyed doing.  She became very distrustful of alot of people that she used to interact with, including Hunter himself. Hunter had begged and pleaded with her to tell him what was wrong..He knew her too well to not know when something was bothering her, but she never opened up to him and insisted that it was nothing. This had gone on for about a month after he had that talk with her. Then, Brianna did something no one saw coming. She just up and left with only the explanation that she needed to take care of somethings on her own.
Now it's two years later, and Brianna is back in town.  She thought that it would be pretty safe, because she was sure that Hunter wouldn't have stuck around here after he'd graduated.  So what happens when she runs into Hunter again in a chance encounter? And what will he make of the little girl she has with her that is calling her "mommy"?
Will all be the same as it was before?  How do you deal with the new changes in each other's lives?  Will there be feelings of anger and hostility still?  Are they both capable of loving each other like they once did?{VAN}

You are the CEO of the wealthiest security company in the world. You are a very quiet, withdrawn person trusting not many people. You, obviously are very wealthy, but the amount of wealth you have does not add up for the type of job you have. Your job as a CEO pays well, but not enough to account for all the money you have. The truth is that your job as a CEO is more of a day job of sorts for you. You also work for the government as a CIA black ops agent. You joined the Marines fresh out of high school and rose up the ranks there and then started working as a black ops agent...
I am a junior in college majoring in business..You are friends with my professor who knows that I am looking for intern position so he referred me to you, knowing that you are looking for a personal assistant for your job at the security company..I come from a very different background than you and I have managed to see my own share of demons...
My personality is totally different than yours. I'm more of a bubbly upbeat person and I pictured you as being more reclusive and hardened because of your profession obviously and the things you've seen. We find ourselves slowly falling for each other, but you try and distance yourself from me and fighting the connection we have because of several things attributing to your profession. {VAN, NC}

For this one I'd need either two different males to play the two male characters, or one male that would be willing to play the role of both of the major male characters in this scene.
We would be siblings, with my character being the youngest.  At the present time my character would be about 20-21 years old with the male characters being anywhere in age from 24-28 years old. We've always had a close relationship and always got along great. We come from a fairly welathy family and the only reason why you two had left home to join the military was to get away from all the problems that our parents were having that inevitably ended up in them getting divorced.  After our parents got divorced, our mother went on a downward spiral and you two couldn't bear to see that so you left and started your term with the military, leaving me in the care of our housekeeper and butler. Let's say that the two male characters have been in the Marines since a year after they got out of high school.  My character took them leaving home very hard and hasn't truly gotten over it to this day.  Sure they'd been home to visit but they'd always have to get back into that comfort zone that all three of them are used to having around each other.  When they come home this time, let's say for Christmas, they have a few surprises for their sister, one of which is that they've been discharged from the service for good.  The other surprises comes later on when they start getting close and realizing what they actually mean to each other.  Again, this is a romance scene, I'm not really into being slutty.{VAN}


I have this idea that I've wanted to pursue for a while involves fraternal twins..We'd be around 19 years old..We've always been very close and very comfortable around each other..Our mother and father are divorced and we live with our mom and her husband and his bratty daughter who is about our age. At the present time we are on our way to another state during spring break for a family reunion..I want this to be very cute, sweet, flirty and romantic..not slutty at all..and buildup to the first time we have sex and make the whole scenario seem as realistic as possible.

Let's say that I'm dating your younger brother in this scene and he and I have been together now for about almost two years.  However, as of recently, we've been getting more distant and he keeps getting more and more angry at me over little, stupid things that aren't healthy in a relationship.  We normally keep our issues private, but lately you've started noticing these tendencies as well. Right now, its my junior year of school and I have started to look into internships. You had mentioned to me that the law firm that you work is offering a decent internship and after doing my research, I think it would be a good fit for me.
You and I have have gotten to know each other pretty well over the past two years and we get along extremely well..There is chemistry there and that certain spark to our relationship. We are very flirty and playful with each other. Because of this some people have gone as far as to suggest that I am dating the wrong brother.  Despite all of this, we have managed to keep ourselves from doing anything forbidden with each other, if for no other reason than the fact that I am dating your brother and you are in your own relationship with a girl you've been seeing for the past 6 months.. This doesn't mean that there have been some close calls in the past..I'm hoping that working at this job will give us a way to become closer and for us to finally realize, and give into the feelings that we have for each other.   
I am looking for someone who would like to build this story up with me, including all the romance, so that it seems authentic.  I am not looking for them to have a forbidden affair where there is just lust involved.  The plot comes in when we have to try and hide this relationship from everyone including our significant others, which I think should be harder and harder to do, especially with the growing feelings that we'll be experiencing.  The question is..will either one of us be willing to break up with our significant others even though we both know that we belong together and not with them?  {VAN}

Looking for a person to play the male character in this scene..Can be either male or female playing the part, I'm pretty open to either.

This game's setting partially involves a prison in a foreign country, perhaps China or Japan.  The other half would be taking place back in the U.S..

Let's say, that your character works for the government as an agent possibly in the CIA.  On an overseas mission, to China or Japan, something went wrong, and you got captured and held prisoner there for a total of 3 years.  The female character, me, would be a student studying abroad there.  During the time I was there, which would be close to your last year of imprisonment, there were a lot of groups revolting against the government, and therefore causing lots of terrorist activities.  This is the same group that captured the male character in this scenario.  In a stand, they start targeting random tourists in the country, and as a result I get taken prisoner as well.

When I am taken to prison, I get put into the same cell as the male character.  What happens from there is that we start talking and getting to know each other.  But..we're in prison and prison isn't fun so therefore each of us endures our own share of torture because of the terrorists trying to get information out of us.

Because of the time spent together, both characters start to grow close and dependent on each other, and eventually start to fall in love.  I would like the overall story between the two characters to be romantic, with the nonconsensual stuff coming from their treatment in the prison.  There are a few more ideas I had for this, but I think this is a good start.
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Re: Pixie's Plays
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2008, 09:05:50 PM »
I am be willing to do ether 1 or 2. Even though I am new here I have done an other RP's before in other places.  I am usually online at least once a day. I will wait for your answer.

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Re: Pixie's Plays
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2008, 09:14:12 PM »
Hello Dart.  Just wanted to make sure that you understand that admission to the site is not guaranteed, it is based on your participation in your intro thread.  It might be a good idea to wait to show interest in a game until you are accepted.  :D

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Re: Pixie's Plays
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2008, 10:55:30 AM »
I know... I Just wanted to say that I showed an interest in it.

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Re: Pixie's Plays
« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2008, 03:05:33 AM »
Ok. now I am approved and ready :)

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Re: Pixie's Game Thread {MUL}(Updated 10-17-08)
« Reply #5 on: October 22, 2008, 07:55:03 PM »
New plots added :)

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Re: Pixie's Game Thread {MUL}(Updated 10-17-08)
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2008, 01:54:08 PM »
Also, just wanted to let you lovelies know that I am also open to doing games over IM as well, since a few of you as of recently seem to prefer IM games over posting in the forums on here. :)

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Re: Pixie's Game Thread {MUL}(Updated 10-17-08)
« Reply #7 on: December 13, 2008, 11:48:32 PM »
Added a plot to the list..The last one :)  ~Pixi Kisses~