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May 24, 2018, 02:57:15 PM

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Author Topic: Few Delusional Ideas (f sub seeking Dom F/M/Futa)  (Read 335 times)

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Offline ofDelusionsTopic starter

Few Delusional Ideas (f sub seeking Dom F/M/Futa)
« on: June 30, 2013, 06:27:37 PM »
Hello. I noticed I am once again at point where I have room for more games. So I brainstormed two quick ideas and decided to revive and old one. If any interest you please look at my o/o's. I pretty much only play by forums (IMS if you really insist and we manage to find time for it, which isn't likely) and try to get a post 2-3 times a week, though it can often be only once a week.

All three ideas are fantasy and D/s based.

1) Redemption.
Our characters knew when they were younger. If you want, they could even be siblings. However they have not seen eachother in years. Mine became a priestess, healer, a paladin or some other form of do-gooder, while yours became a warlock, warlord, or some other form of villainous slaver.

Now, years later they meet again with my character falling in your clutches. Instead of sacrificing her or selling her away, your character decides to keep her as his/hers personal pet. Perhaps he/she was smitten with her when they were younger. Perhaps she was uppity in those days and now he/she wants to show her her place. Meanwhile my character doesn't fight back directly, but tries to make him/her see folly of his/hers way and to eventually redeem him/her.

2)Price is one week
Your character is fey or demon of somesort, who preys upon isolated villages for playthings to take back to its lair. It is quite powerful and usually it can take whom it wants with little resistant.

But this time a  young paladin stands in its way as is once again comes to claim new playthings from a village. Neither is sure of whom would win in all out battle, so it makes her an offer. If she comes with it and becomes its plaything for one week, it will leave this village in peace.

3 and finally the revived old idea of mine: Enslavement and language barrier TAKEN

First, I have to say that this RP might not be terribly long, and I did debate for some wether to post this in here or in oneshot-requests.

So this is an idea I have been mulling over for sometime now. It is a standard "girl gets captured by slavers and turned into sex slave" in a fantasy setting with a twist. The woman in question and the slaver do not speak a common language. Nor is finding a translator possible for whatever reason. Maybe she has been taken from coast of just discovered continent. Maybe she she member of elf-like race that is extremely reclusive?

I'd be playing the slave. The slaver can be male, female or futa and be of any humanoid race, though more human like the better ;).

Some kinks I'd like to explore in this are:

Pet play (she can't speak anything her owner would understand anyway, part of unspeaking animal fits perfectly)

Collars & leashes

Forced nudity

Humiliation and degration

Whips & crops and more of physical approach to training her.

I know this idea is very rough, I am intentionally leaving most of details of actual plot vague, so we can plan them out together to suit both of us.
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