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Author Topic: Looking for female dom! (updates in ideas)  (Read 519 times)

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Looking for female dom! (updates in ideas)
« on: June 30, 2013, 01:17:51 pm »

Due to some feedback from the chat, I've decided to clarify my definition of a "dominant female" or a "dom".

What I mean by dom is not the usual image of a dominatrix, though those are accepted too. My own definition of a domme is much wider. The dominant character in these RPs doesn't have to be a bitch, she doesn't have to use whips and chains or wield leather. What I want her to be is sexually (and/or otherwise) confident woman who knows what she wants and can take it. My characters don't initiate sexual contact, save for one, and they like to be teased and made to squirm. They want to be held in a tight hold and they like to pleasure their respective mates.

Hello and thanks for starting to read this, you are probably one of the few, and I am immensely grateful :).

First things first. My O/O thread turned out to be something of an introductory thread, so I'll stick it here as a form of introduction: To those of you who want to just get on with it, I will summarize and state that I'm a straight malesub of 19 years, though turning 20 at July 26th. I'm into furries -- which you will no doubt notice soon -- and open to experiment nigh every kink aside from hard vore and things belonging to toilet. Those are my biggest no-nos so I'll state just them even though there are more.

Then, to business. First I will throw at you...


-> I would prefer if post length was 2-3 paragraphs, at least. I will try to do as long posts as I feel comfy doing, and if you match or exceed that, it's a huge bonus for me. Longer posts mean more material for me to work with and that makes my job, and in turn, your job, easier.

-> I'm not a grammar Nazi but I'm also not a native, so some typos might confuse me. It's not a big thing though, so don't fret. Only thing I do require is basic punctuation. A post without stops is hard to read.

-> Contribute to the plot. If you're interested, tell me what could happen during the course of the RP. I work best when I have someone to bounce ideas with and I expect that my partner is that someone.

-> ASK QUESTIONS! If you want extra info about a particular character or about ferallions in genera (more about those in a while), do ask. If you want to know how character X would react to event Y, ask. If you have a plot you'd think my character(s) would fit, don't hesitate to ask.

-> RP via a thread, preferably, though I will do email and PM if requested. If we become somewhat of a buddies with the partner I can consider role play via IM, though those will be pure smut: no setting, no background info, just happy playtimes.

Okay, let's move on. Next up we have the plots. Some are developed, with a set starting position and setting, some are somewhat less refined of a plots, some merepairings or ideas that I'd like to try. There is probably most of the latter, since I like to figure out a plot with my partner.

Before you read further, hear is my character roster and an explanation on what afromentioned ferallions are. In that order. Be warned, it's a long read.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Personality: He is mostly calm and likes to observe situations before jumping in. He prefers maintaining control of any combat or diplomatic situation and hates losing that control. Usually he tries to find a peaceful solution, but he does enjoy combat when that happens. He is a hopeless greasemonkey and gets easily carried away by technology. His own fighter is more modified than Millennium Falcon!   Also, he dislikes politics, even though he is skilled at it.

He also takes a typical northern trait of modesty to quite extreme lengths, which usually ends up with him on a receiving end of a particularly well aimed whack from his subordinate. his loyalty towards his friends and loved ones is another trait of his personality which constantly gets him in trouble time and time again.

Appearance: He is covered in soft cream-coloured fur, and has catlike facial features and large, bright green, almond-shaped eyes. His tail about as long as he is and ends to a white tuft. His hands are humanoid, with four fingers and a thumb, and they are covered with very short fur that feels silky to touch. His feet are paw-like and the fur is longer and thicker there. He has two cat ears, which serve as a rough indication of his mood,  in a similar way as his tail does.

He wears a light brown, hooded robe, made from rough, simple fabric. He is no taller than an average ferallion, the tips of his ears reaching to merely tickle the chin of an average-sized human.

Additional info: Jagreh is a high ranking officer in ferallion military (A commodore, actually, but he doesn't like to be reminded about the fact that he is one step - if only a little step - closer to being a politician), hailing from one of clan-Nocturne's vassals, and a personal friend of the current monarch. He captains his own flagship, The Great Mother, the greatest warship in already formidable ferallion military.

His weapon of choice is a one handed sword, narrower than a typical longsword, but ever so slightly wider than a rapier, striking a perfect balance in between cutting power and stabbing damage. He also carries a high powered blaster pistol with him at all times, as well as a dagger that he made himself as a tool to perform a ritual suicide if he ever got into a situation where such action was required. This is not unusual to ferallion officers. He also sometimes carries a high-powered blaster assault rifle.

Despite his excellent marksmanship, he rarely uses firearms, rather relying on his reknown mastery with the sword to deal with foes. He is sexually submissive, but way too proud to admit it, before he has been forced into submission. Despite this, he has a dominative side, which sometimes comes out.

**additional note** Jagreh has a fantasy variant, who is rather different from the space captain introduced here. All I will say is that I took quite a lot of inspiration from Tyrion Lannister :) He will have a plot of his own.


Personality: Fengwar is strictly formal with all but his closest friends. Equipped with strict self-discipline, he is almost stoic most of the time. However, he is even worse of a greasemonkey than Jagreh, often risking life and limb to study any piece of tech he happens to come across. This trait doesn't apply only to tech, however. He is ridiculously curious about everything and this leads him to ponder the strangest things at the strangest times possible.

Above all else, Fengwar is loyal to Jagreh, still unconsciously wanting to protect him, seeing him as the little, weak boy he was when the two of them were young.

Appearance: Fengwar's fur is slightly rougher than Jagreh's, still as soft as any ferallion's though and striped with different shades of grey. The colouring of the fur resembles the colour of the sky in the middle of a storm, and his fur tends to stick into random directions no matter what he tries to do to it, making him constantly look like as if he had been thrown in the middle of an exceptionally severe storm.

The fur on his hands, while still being soft, is a bit longer and has the same irritating habit of sticking to ten different directions at once as the rest of his fur. Fengwar wears the standard officer uniform, snow white, with golden markings on the chest to give away his rank. There's no size difference worth mentioning in between Fengwar and Jagreh.

Additional info: Fengwar is Jagreh's second in command aboard the Great Mother, formally second commander, and he hails from the clan-Tranquil. He wields his katana with a skill that nearly rivals Jagreh's skill with the blade. The two of them use much of their free time together sparring and honing their skills, striving for perfection.

He too carries a dagger meant for ritual suicide, but is rarely seen with a gun, for he views firearms as simple, barbaric weapon used only by those lacking skill, wit, or both.

Fengwar carries a variation of the only kind of mental deficit possible to ferallions, causing his feral state to be completely unpredictable and totally uncontrollable by himself or others. If Fengwar goes feral, it is probable that he just flees, but it is also equally possible that he tries to rip apart everything around him. Feral state gets closer to him when he is asleep, which is why it is extremely dangerous for any stranger to wake him up. To do it safely one must not get too close to him, or startle him before he is properly awake.

He is sexually totally without experience, escaping any sexual situation as soon as he can. When facing dominative females, he is mostly clueless at the beginning, and struggles with a firm determination to escape. Once things get going and he starts to feel too good to worry, he quickly relaxes but keeps struggling, mainly because being restrained securely is a huge turn on. Additionally, it makes him feel safe, warm and secure, especially if he can feel the restrain all around his body.


Personality: Affectionally dubbed as the "little demon" aboard the Great Mother, Mikori is without question the kinkiest female in the entire ferallion people. Completely unashamed with her acts of affection, she happily ignores every rule of etiquette with the person she happens to be fond of, regardless of the person's gender, Martial status, species, position in social hierarchy, or the person's willingness towards her acts of affections.

Despite being known to having sex with beings already having a mate, she doesn't view this as a bad thing, and has always eventually made sure that the couple  got back together, somehow always managing to strengthen the bond of the couple.

She has a strong desire to make other creatures happy and she does everything in her power to make the people around her happy. Pleasing them sexually is just one - if the most often used - method in her arsenal.

She also is extremely perceptive concerning the feelings of others and can easily guess what others think just by studying their face and eyes. Most of the time Mikori acts like little child, using her childlike appearance to her advantage. However, her cute and childish shell, hides keen instincts, even keener intellect, a fierce warrior, and a dark past.

Appearance: Mikori has jet black fur, shiny, neatly cared, clean and probably one of the softest, silkiest and warmest in the entire history of ferallion fur. She has white spots on the tips of her ears and tail, while her hands and feet are entirely white. Her bright blue eyes seem to take half of her face.

Even by ferallion standards, she is extremely petite and scrawny, standing almost a head and a half shorter than Jagreh.

Mikori feels clothes rather constricting, which is not particularly unusual. Despite her distaste towards clothing, she does put on her uniform in formal occasions.

Additional info:  Mikori is Jagreh's fourth in command, formally second councilor. She is said to originate from some minor vassal of the house Nimbleclaw, but reality is vastly different. It is a closely kept secret that Mikori is actually the only child of Kemenryu, leader of an underground organization of assassins and spies named the Black Paw.

The leadership of the Black Paw has ran in Mikori's family for millennia, and Mikori felt it was only natural for her to keep the family pride up. Because of this, she was introduced into the game ferallion nobles played at a very young age. Murders, bribes, intimidation and torture became familiar to her by the age of twelve.

She excelled in interrogation, using conflicting signals to utterly break her victim - for example using very innocent and timid way of speaking while slowly flaying the poor victim. She found out her erotic talents when she acted as a "distraction" to a group of guards while her father went and slit the throats of four nobles in the next room.

Despite all of the things she has seen and done, her mind has remained intact. The reason to this was that she did it all voluntarily. Kemenryu never used any kind of coercion to affect Mikori, and there has been numerous instances where she ignored a direct order from her father and got involved in "action" by her own will.

She loves her father greatly, and that love is rivaled only by Kemenryu's love towards her daughter. Mikori's secret is only known to Jagreh, Fengwar and Benji, her most trusted friends. Mikori is highly skilled in using her whip-blade, and uses her small size, speed and agility masterfully to her advantage.

Sexually Mikori is a total Dom, unable to even consider submitting, no matter who the Dom might be or what harm struggling might bring to her.


Personality: Renji is the most laid back of the four. It takes a lot to get him upset and even then his anger usually doesn't last long. He thinks and acts quickly, an exceptional trait in combat, but not so good otherwise. He tends to shun everything related to politics, realising it's not his cup of tea, but he does realize its value. He is a social drinker and all around no worries guy, who beneath it all holds both deep love and deep wounds.

Appearance: Basically a tiger: orange fur with black stripes. He has yellow eyes and his tail never seems to stop. He is only a hint taller than Jagreh and Fengwar. He is most comfortable wearing the clothes that look like they have been taken from some illegal backwater racing circuit's maintenance hangar.

Additional info:  Renji is Jagreh's third in command, formally first councilor and often takes command of the majority of strike craft squadrons during combat. He is also the heir of his clan, the clan-Sunborn. Unfortunately, his dad didn't approve of him having so close relations with members of other clans, and thus their relations are very tense.

Renji harbors deep affection towards Mikori, though the feelings are more like brother and sister than anything else - except little sisters rarely hide under their brothers' bed to rape them at night. This is something Renji is known to experience in a fairly regular basis.

Despite the fact that he is very comfortable sexually with Mikori, and due to her influence, very experienced, he tends to get terribly shy when meeting advances from other than her "little sister". He does adore cuteness, and will happily cuddle individuals he finds cute. He very rarely makes advances on them though.

Renji's weapon is a wide, curved, one handed sword, but he prefers using firearms and his fighter, for he is an exceptional marksman and pilot. Despite the size difference, Renji is commonly viewed as the "kid brother" among the four officers.


Generally ferallions are very short of stature, the tips of an average ferallion's ears tickling the chin of an average human. Ferallion's fur is thickest and bushiest on the torso, but turns less bushy when going towards limbs, more so when heading towards upper than lower limbs. Their hands are covered with silky, soft hair that runs flat along their hand, refusing to stand up even when agitated. (An angry or heavily startled ferallion looks like a ball of fluff before the fur settles back down.) While they have hands on their upper limbs instead of paws, their lower limbs have remained as paws. Their fur colour varies on all the shades of grey and brown, black and white colours occur, as well as multiple shades of yellow and red. Any mix of these colours is possible, they could be mixed together or occur as markings or stripes that can focus on one area or cover the entire body of a ferallion.

Ferallions are naturally nimble, quick and agile, near silent when moving, and completely silent when they want to avoid detection. Their eyesight, hearing and sense of smell are exceptional, rivaling most of the earth's species on those regards. The skin under ferallion's fur is extremely sensitive and even a careless touch could cause burning pain akin to pain caused by severely burnt skin. However, thanks to extremely thick and dense underfur below the main furcoat, a ferallion never has to worry about his or her actual skin on his or her daily life. Ferallions also have varying number of nerve concentrations that can work as either erogenic zones and/or sources of relaxing sensations, or points that are very, very sensitive to pain. Commonly relaxing and erogenic zones can be found around the ears and under the chin, while 99 % of ferallions experience severe pain when the tips of their ears are pinched.

What baffles biologists about ferallions is their ability to eat both raw and cooked meat. This is inheritance of their ability to turn feral at will. A ferallion can regulate how "deep in" their feral form they are. Only a shallow dive into feral turns normally bipedal ferallions to quadrupedal feline predators. Their senses, speed and agility gradually increase the deeper a ferallion dives into his or her feral mindset. The drawback of this is that his or her cognitive functions, ability to plan, ability of logic thinking and the ability of speech are diminished dramatically. A fully feral ferallion is like a very, very smart cat. Even when fully feral, a ferallion generally isn't a threat to his or her surroundings. Afterall, randomly assaulting anyone around is hardly beneficial to survival. A feral individual is easily startled though and will attack if feels threatened. Aside from working as a method of boosting one's physichal traits, feral form works as sort of a killswitch: Whenever the rational mind of a ferallion faces too great stress and is in danger of breaking, the feral side takeds over to shield the more complex and therefore fragile rational mind. Once the rational mind regains stability, it takes over from the feral mindset. This effectively prevents any mentalm diseases from occuring. Another interesting quality of the species is its genetic memory. If a skill or a talent has been mastered to high enough level, this skill or talent passes on to offsprings. For example, children of a sword master are naturally gifted with swords. This has led to ferallions striving towards perfection on whatever skill they choose to develop.

The culture and mindset of the ferallions have been heavily molded by both their history and their attributes. Until very recent decades Ferallii, ferallions' home planet, was torn apart by civil war when rival clans fought for superiority. Finally, a great-grandfather of the current monarch lopped off the heads of all but one of the major clan leaders. The lord of clan Nocturne was spared because he had made a deal with the to-be-king. According to this agreement, the north got a great deal of Independence in return of everlasting loyalty. Due to their bloody history, the skill with a weapon is appreciated above most of other skills. But to a ferallion, warrior must know many other skills beside the art of killing. Their thoughts highly resemble the Bushido code of the samurais on earth. A warrior must treat an opponent with respect and peace of mind is extremely important when in battle.

Battle, and war, are a vastly different concept to ferallions than it is to humans. Although ferallions share human thoughts of a war being  a bad thing to a certain extent, a war is much like a lethal sport to them. A test of skill and courage. Among themselves ferallions do not use firearms, instead relying on weapons that last were used in battle on earth during medieval era: swords, spears, axes, daggers, bows and arrows and variations of these. In the eyes of a ferallion, using a weapon like this effectively requires more skill than using a firearm, and thus highlights the personal skill of the warrior. Cheating and deceiving in battle is seen as a strong sign of weakness and any faction who wants to keep its honour and establish a rule over another faction must not show such weakness. Every ferallion noble has his own medieval weapon and every single ferallion has been trained to use either a sword, spear, axe or bow and arrow. Despite their intense training with melee weapons, ferallions also can use firearms when necessary, and do so with lethal skill and accuracy. Their military is one of the strongest, maybe THE strongest, of all the species they know. However, because Ferallions have never colonized other planets, their military is smaller than that of other military superpowers.

Their religion is still the same as it was thousands of years ago: They believe in The Mother, which is the nature. Their religion is pantheistic, meaning they believes that deities are found everywhere around them. The religion offers very little guidance in ethics, only demanding the respect of nature and life: One should never take a life lightheartedly, one should honour the laws of nature and respect The Mother. If one does these things, he or she gets to join the nature as a spirit, if not, the soul is cast into the Void where it is forever separated from all things alive.

Much due to their religion, ferallions have managed to blend pure nature and hi-tech together seamlessly. An off-worlder wouldn't know that Ferallii is a home to a space-faring species. It has no towering cities, no clouds of pollution, no apparent spaceports. Instead it has pure rivers and lakes, majestic snow-peaked mountains, towering cliffs, lush valleys and green meadows stretching deserts and deep blue seas. And forests. Huge, ancient, unspoiled forests. Ferallions live in smallish villages and travel the short distances in between them in feral form or with nimble, small speeders that are agile enough to easily zoom amidst dense forests at top speeds. The technology is mostly hidden underground, where hangars and power generators are located. Even planetary defenses are underground when offline, only surfacing when needed.

Ferallion government, as it is after the subjugation of the major clan lords is strictly centralized and organized. On the top of the hierarchy is the monarch, king or queen. The monarch has the last say in all things concerning internal and external affairs, with the exception of war and peace. Below the monarch is the council of four, or small council. The small council consists of one person from each of the four major clans, usually the leaders of those clans. Below the small council is the great council, consisted of ten ferallions from every clan, great and small.

The relations in between clans are like the feudal system on Earth: Small clans swear loyalty to greater clans, which in turn swear their loyalty to the ruler and the realm. Currently it is common habit that even the smallest clans swear their loyalty to both the ruler and their own superior clan.

It wasn't too bad was it? Rest your eyes a bit and move on to the


in ones involving ferallions (ie. those marked with this *) I will play a ferallion, most likely Jagreh


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She - well, at least ferallions thought the creature who had so unceremoniously crashed to the surface of their planet was a she - had awoken the curiosity of the ferallions. Who was she? Where had she come from and why? Would others follow? Would the said others be terribly awfully upset if the local fauna had her for snack? What to do to her? The last question was most important. She was a complete alien, who knew what she could bring with her. They couldn't let her give away the coordinates of the planet. Jagreh sighed, hoping this wouldn't end up being an execution. He knew the nine other ferallions behind him shared the same thoughts. If she could just behave...


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jagreh swore. It was a quite long string of curses too, but he did have a reason. Crash-landing to the surface of an alien planet half the galaxy away from friendly space was certainly not a thing to laugh at. He didn't know where he was, he didn't know if the place he was in would be in any way healthy, and to top it off, he had probably broken something. He was bleeding at least. He started limping away from his downed fighter. a ship flying through the atmosphere was a magnificent sight and he was certain that if there was a single soul who knew what it meant, he would probably pretty soon have a bunch of whatever-the-natives-of-this-planet-were-s flocking around  him. He would prefer having the element of surprise on his side, rather than on theirs. If he only could hide before they would find him...


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She was displeased. This war against the cats had not gone how they had planned. Not only had they NOT been primitive barbarians with bows and arrows like she and her superiors had presumed, they also fought with such passion and zeal that her species' army might as well hit their heads to a wall. They were in a stalemate, or something closely resembling a stalemate. The cats refused to take the offensive, instead striking them back again and again and again. Within those two years the war had raged, not one of them had even seen the ground of Ferallii, much less managed to mount any useful offensive. The war would have to end, one way or another. Finally their intel department had managed to find out something useful: Jagreh, a ferallion from one of the northern clans and the captain of the Great Mother, was the man carrying most of the responsibility over ferallion war effort. In addition, he was a personal friend of the monarch and enjoyed much respect within his people. He would know the ferallion intel and he might even manage to get the two species to peace. Traditional interrogation methods had not been fruitful so perhaps it was time to try out alternative methods. She gave an order to capture him. She would have a lot of time to work on him - or perhaps let others work for her - once he was their captive...


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A village was blackmailed by a monster in the forest that was growing a short distance north from the village. Story told that the monster had came into the village many years ago and forced the villagers to make a promise: A girl that was born during that year was to be given into the forest when she came to age, as a gift to the monster. If the monster wouldn't receive his gift,  or was otherwise unsatisfied of it, he would unleash the horrors of the forest on the village. There were legends of what was inside the woods but no-one knew for sure. Al that was known about it was that whoever entered, never came back. The villagers agreed once the monster had shown them a glimpse of the horrors that would await them should they fall. Those who had met the creature kept their lips sealed about what he had been like, but ever since then the villagers spoke of him in hushed voices that had clear undertones of fear.

16 years has passed since the first -- and thank heavens, only -- visit of the monster and the dreaded day had come. The girl would have to leave that night...

((this is somewhat of a peculiar plot. The fantasy version of Jagreh will be the monster, and since his appearance is the same as sci-fi version, he won't look too threatening. He seemingly lacks any desire to take pleasure from his present. His motives for this act are a mystery and he will act very differently than the girl might expect. Despite of Jagreh's lack of interest, this plot will involve a lot of forceful sex, since  there are quite a bit of different creepy crawlies in the forest, both male and female, who would want nothing more than to have a try at that sweet human pussy. We will discuss about the nature of said creepy crawlies, as well as a certain plot  points that I'm having in mind, but this is the initial idea. Jagreh will still be a sub in this.))


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Centuries of war in between anthros and humans have torn the land into two. The anthros live in forests while humans have built great cities of stone, surrounded by thick walls. No-one really remembers why the war was started and both sides have committed atrocities beyond count. Maybe there was a clear line in between the aggressor and the defender, the good and the bad guys, but the line had blurred ages ago and once black and white had since gotten grey. Both side generally despises the other but the despising doesn't go as far as to waste their potential. Humans generally held captured anthros as slaves for labour or pleasure, and killed them when they outlived their usefulness. No human actually knew what happened to captured humans. Rumours ranged from enslavement to being eaten alive. It was even rumoured that anthros could perform an excruciatingly painful ritual and turn humans into the likes of anthros. As a general rule both sides hated each other but there is no rule without exception. There was a man, a ranger, spending most of his time in the forests, carefully balancing on the path of neutrality, refusing to take any part to the fighting. That day his resolve would be tested though, as he comes across an anthro being violated...

((and modern take on this...))


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As anthros started appearing into the United states, the government was first accepting of the new labour and tax payers. However, as more and more human/anthro relationships came to light and as anthros became taking more influental positions in the society, conservative political wing started a propaganda campaign. As many humans were starting to get bitter towards anthros due to lost jobs, husbands and wives, the human citizens responded remarkably well to conservative wing propaganda. As the next election came, conservatives steamrolled the democrats, taking a crushing victory in the elections. First thing they did as a dominant party, was to force through a legistlation which stripped anthro of their civil rights, effectively making them outcasts. Newly formed government also founded secret organization to keep both pro equality and pro anthro parties in check. Coupled with high profile propaganda campaign which painted anthros as savage, inhuman beasts who didn't have any rational thought in their brain, and to whom death would be a relief, the government was free to systematically hunt down and kill the anthros. They didn't go down without a fight and since then, USA has been faced with a guerilla war. Twenty years has passed since the initiation of the hunts, and a small squad is sent to assassinate the leaders of the anthro side...

((what I'm thinking of this is this: the members of the squad aren't really buying the government's claims on anthros being evil monsters, but all of them are tired of this war and just want it to end. I'm thinking that the mission goes horribly wrong and all but the leader of the squad die, while the leader gets captured. In contrary to fantasy version where the rumours about anthros transforming humans are indeed mere rumours, I was thinking that in this modern version they actually could transform him to an anthro. This would be particularly terrifying since he thinks that anthros kill because they can't help it, that they are sort of victims of a disease that makes them unable to listen to reason. Due to this, the transformation would be a terrifying experience and maybe he could need someone to help him to adapt... I don't know. Someone bounce ideas with me on this please.))

On top of those here are some fragmented ideas and fandoms I'd like to play. On fandoms I always use an OC because using a canon chara feels too restricting. There's little to no plots on these ideas and we need to go through the characters and major plotpoints somewhat thoroughly. Anyway, here they are...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
a) I would like to play something set in Alagaesia, the land where books of the inheritance cycle take place. I'm thinking of rider x dragon romance, where I would be the rider. If you could take influence from the dragon Saphira, I would be forever grateful to you because I love and worship her so much *fanboy squeak*

b) What would happen if a dominate girl could control snakes? Please tell me via an RP on this.

c) Death Gate Cycle fandom. For those who don't know, Death Gate Cycle is a seven-part fantasy novel series by writer duo Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickmann, the authors behind fantasy series including but not limited to: Dragonlance, the Sovereign Stone and Darksword (if I remember the English title correctly). I personally prefer DGC the most.

I would play a patryn on this, and depending on the pairing and the opinions of the players, the setting could be either the Labyrinth or one of the sundered worlds (Arianus, Pryan, Abarrach or Chelestra, though Abarrach might not be that viable option) I find Nexus rather... uninteresting in this context, though the world itself is nice as heck.

Pairing could be patryn X patryn, Patryn X sartan or even patryn X mensch... even patryn X dragon is viable if you can tell me how the hell that is supposed to work. I'll play as a patryn and would like to play in a sub role, even though a patryn submitting to a sartan (or - goodness gracious รถ- a mensch) is an unfathomable thought. Maybe that's why it's so appealing. Both Patryn X sartan and patryn X mensch pairings offer great opportunities for those race play fans out there. Race play might be on my dislikes or nevers but in this case I'll do an exception.

I have some general ideas on the pairings... two patryns meeting in the Labyrinth, for example, and fighting the Labyrinth together... or perhaps two patryns are sent on a scouting mission, both oblivious of the fact that the other was sent too.

The more interesting patryn X sartan and patryn X mensch pairings could take place as a patryn is sent on a scouting mission, much similar to Haplo's but with the order to destroy any sartan that he encounters, and try to persuade mensch away from sartans' influence. More detailed plots will be brainstormed together with the partner, should I find one.[

d) Bleach fandom. I'm thinking of OC x OC, my character being a captain of a squad (the specific squad is open for discussion). Timeline-wise I'm thinking this would be during the time when the arrancar are the main enemy of the shinigami and visored are still mainly hidden. So pretty much a stalemate in the war in between Aizen's troops and the Shinigami. Again, even the timeline can be altered. The important thing is that I get to play in the Bleach universe. Your character could be my character's new lieutenant, or, if you want a lot of tension, even an arrancar, heck, espada even. I have a character ready for this, ask and I will tell you everything about him.

Note that you can play an existing character too if you want, just please, NO RANGIKU!!!! Arigatou gozaimasu. *bows*

Another note on the Japanese names. when I name my characters with a Japanese name, I will use Japanese format. That is, surname first. I just wanted to point this out to be on the safe side.

e) Star Wars fandom. Anything involving star wars where I can stick my jedi master incarnation of Jagreh into.

f) Ferallion x SW/ST/ME mashuop. Yep. I'd like to bring star wars characters, the enterprise, or mass effect characters into contact with ferallions, or the other way around.

g) Yakuza themed RP. For this I have a distinct plot. A man, a foreigner, who had immigrated to Japan at a very young age, got into the underworld of Tokyo and joined one of the largest yakuza factions, quickly rising in power and eventually gaining the position of second in command. However, someone murdered the leader of the yakuza-clan, mentor and father figure of this young man, and he got framed as murderer of his own oyabun. This forced him to flee his own clan and start wondering the streets of Tokyo in search of a new clan. In my mind, your character could play a female oyabun of a clan, and maybe this clan was responsible for the killing of my character's oyabun? They would not know that this man was from that clan and my character in turn would be oblivious that your character's clan was responsible for the murder. Of course this is just one plot device and of course your character's clan could be completely unrelated to murder. Maybe it's part of an inner power struggle inside the clan?

h) I want to do an student x student pairing with a little twist. A Finnish student comes to study in the States, as an exchange student in high school. This Finnish student would be in a wheelchair. He's quite nerdy, interested in computers as well as history and philosophy, and sufficient if not highly skilled at maths. He is also rather shy around new people but kind, happy and social person once you get him to open up. Your character can be nearly anything except a bimbo cheerleader type of girl. She has to have some smarts, otherwise they have no connection. Aside from that she can be anything. She can be shy or outgoing, nerd or a sports girl or maybe a gamer girl, popular or unpopular... anything.

i) Something involving monster girls? GIMME MONSTER GIRL SMUT!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition, here are my suggestions for...

PAIRINGS (with line under the character type I want to play)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
First up, any of my male ferallions (preferably J)(sub) X just about anyone not human(Dom) XD

Mikori(Dom) X whoever you think might be a fun playmate for her(sub with a degree of struggling perhaps?)

the next thing is something I've wanted to try... Mikori X someone you think could force her to submit. Be prepared that she will use every trick inside and outside the book to struggle, even fight using lethal force with the intent to kill. The one forcing her to submit should be a female character. I'm sorry for the requirement but I can't play submissive female to a male Dom, it feels wrong to me and I just can't do it

Human(sub) X Anthro(Dom) (the Anthro can be whatever from furries to snakes, lizards or dragons.)

Human(sub) X female... tentacle... thingy? What do you call it? :D(Dom)

Anthro(sub) X Anthro(Dom)

Human(sub) X Feral anthro(Dom)

Anthro(sub) X Feral anthro(Dom)

Anthro(sub) X Demon(Dom)

Human(sub) X Demon(Dom)

Anthro/Human(sub) X something I have not yet mentioned :3(Dom)

Lastly the important stuff: I value constant communication in between myself and my roleplay partner. This is easiest via an instant messenger (I have skype) but if you don't want to give away that information, it would be great if you could come to chat whenever you are hanging around E. In addition: I WILL probably send many private messages to my RP partners to ask them for feedback on my posts, and praise them on theirs, so be prepared! :P

Thank you for reading and please contact me via pm, reply to this thread or both if you're interested. I can't wait to start plotting epic and hot RPs with you my fellow pervs :)

Oh, almost forgot to mention: Both story-, and sex driven RPs are fine by me, as long as you tell me which of them you're looking for.
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Re: Looking for female dom! (updates in ideas)
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Added a little something-something under the fragmented ideas, as well as the clarifying explanation.