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It was her first day in class, she had just transferred from small school in the country side. Chloe was top of her class, but she was very shy and kept to herself. She always seem to have a hard time making friends, and normally kept to herself.  It wasn't that she wasn't pretty enough or that she didn't want to make friends. But she always felt really awkward when it came to talk with people, so she always hide in her books or played on her computer.  Chloe was tall with the curvaceous body that every women wished they had, though she hide it behind her glasses, baggy cloths and always had her gorgeous long wavy auburn hair up in a two buns or a single one.  She was what everyone would call the shy book worm if they ever got to know her, but once she was out of her shell she was a gorgeous butterfly.

This story I kinda want the classic Teacher, student roles, though I could see it being student x student as well. I could see it being played out in a few different ways, were my partner plays a more harder role teasing or trying to manipulating her into becoming his pet. Or the more settle approach were the guy tries to make her comfortable and easy her into the idea of becoming his pet. I could even see this one playing as FxF not only MxF.

Also I really interested in putting a magical or fansty twist on it were maybe she just come into her powers as was transferred to a magic school and now has to learn the basics and become the top of the class, etc and that is used against her some way.

Or its a different world were their a furries or other magical creatures and she happens to head up being to transferred into a school were most of the students and teachers are creatures or mythical beings, and her father or mother was hired there as there as a teacher, and teaches human sciences or what ever.

So I am pretty open for this one and really would love to get this story started so feel free to message me and lets make a wonderful story.

This world is more of steam punk-ish/ new world tech means old world era. There a lot of things I gotta flush out with it, but I hoping to find a partner that is willing to help me with it. I was hoping to play a neko(cat girl) or an elf type of women. Though I can't help love neko's ears and tails lol. I was hoping for my partner to play a male dominate anthro, I like the anthros that are more wolf/dog type foxes are always awesome too. Though I am completely open to other types too, just gotta sell me on it ;) But here a rough draft of how I see the world and what I would like to see happen to a point.

Its 4869 the surface of the earth had been abandon for over 2000 years, most people were living a pretty normal peaceful life on the colonies above the clouds. Though of course there are the airship pirates that love to bring mayhem were ever they go. There many different colonies spread out all over earth just above the clouds. No one from the colonies had every step foot back on the earths surface for thousands of years. It was rumoured that no one survived the attacks from the monsters that had crawled there way to the surface some 2500 years ago. It was expected that the monsters now run rapid ever were and it not save to return to the surface. So either out of fear or just not wanting to know, no one had ever tried to return, instead they just live there lives blissfully unaware of everything that is going on below them.

It wasn't till as of late, that this one airship pirate captain thought it would be a good idea to go down and see what hidden treasures he could find. He had become bored going from colony to colony stealing and running a muck, he wanted to be known for something more then just his plundering skills. So he had come to dock on one of the largest colonies on the out rim of the skies, to stock up for this possible suicide mission.

Though his plundering hadn't gone unnoticed by the royals that call this colonies home. Luna had been hired to go and find this captain and his ship. To steal back, something very valuable for a the Lord of this colony. The Lord's daughter had been foolish enough to go out sky yachting with out her guards and her ship was captured and all there things taken, luckily no one had been killed. So here sat Luna, the most renowned cat burglar sitting in her feline form watching the lowest pirates get the ship stocked and ready for push off. She figured the others must be out partying it up at one of their local hang outs. She had no idea why they were here, or what their next stop was, but this was her best opportunity to get back that stupid girls items. Normally she wouldn't work for any one that shoat her out, but this man was paying her a very good sum of money for this items back. Though she was breaking one of her cardinal rules when it comes to recovering items. She was going in blind, and hadn't find out how long the ship was going to be at dock for. This was going to be her down fall, and take her life in a totally different direction, then she had planned.

(( What I was figuring was she would get stuck on the ship as it push off and headed for the surface.  Were either she would get catch and found out as a thief or as stowaway which she would be brought up to the captain to be dealt with as he sees fit. If you like this idea and wanna play this out with me please pm me and lets get this on the road))

It had been many years since Victor gone looking for new servants. Normally he would only look every 50 years or so for new blood to serve him, though over the years he'd become more sympathetic to the humans he took on as house servants and blood pets. If they did as the were told and showed completely loyalty to him over the years of there serves he would let them go, after about 20-30 years  of services. It had been a few months since he let the last of his servants go expect for the two males that wish to stay by his side till they lives left their bodies.  Joseph was his oldest servant he was 65 years old and swore he'd never leave his Master's side. Then there was Markus, Victor had found Markus bloodied and almost beaten to death in a back ally during a thunder storm. He had original brought Markus home for his new fledgling vampire daughter as a blood pet and sex toy. Most Vampires lived in covens or small groups of five or ten, though Victory always choose to stay by himself with only one or two vampire companions. It used to be himself, his marker and her brother until were murdered one evening while Victor was out hunting. It was now over 700 years since that night and he now lived in a Manor outside a large city. The world still didn't fully believe in the supernatural beings that inhabited this earth in hiding from the humans expect for the very few who endangered themselves by trying to hunt them, those who tried to do business with them or the ones that become slaves, pets or blood dolls.

Victory had resolutely moved himself and the few left of his house to a Manor just out side this large city. It had been a few months now and he figured it was time to go get himself some house servants and possible a couple of blood dolls. He had given up hunting many, many years ago when it started to being to much attention to him and his daughter, he didn't wish to bring any threat to her or his own life. He had left the last of his old servants go before they moved and decided it get a fresh start. Victory had contacted a few of his friends on this side of the world to find the best possible place that would suit his needs. They had informed him of a black market slave trader that normally carried a little bit of everything. Also the song that had been singing on the slave market grape vines is that this guys had come across something every rare. A creature that very few heard about but even fewer had ever seen, yet no one knew for sure what the creature was. Victor figured why not go have a look at this auction they were going to have the next night of the new moon. Victory was warned that there would be not only vampires and wolves there even a few human buyers, but there could possible be witches or even some demons. This traders would take money from almost anyone and not ask any questions. There were strict rules when it come to these auctions, such as now fighting, tasting or touching of the sales items and no fight of any sort between the buyers. All sales were final and had to be paid in cash. This auction was a high priced one and mini bid was 5000 on just plan blood dolls.

It came to the finally item up for sale at the end of the night and Victory stood in the middle of a coward of mix supernatural beings. In totaly he had bought  five women and a young male. He wasn't even sure if he would bid on this last item, even though the traders were making a huge fuse over this last item it's cage was even covered with a large black sheet unlike the rest through out the evening that they buyers saw. Taking in a slow deep breath the scent filled his lungs, he had no way to describe it other then wild, feral and intoxicating. He was starting to get excited to see just what made the smell it wasn't even close to the scent of a were-wolf, he kept this to himself but it was harder then he wanted to admit. Though not all the other so called buyers could keep there excitement at bay though.


She slowly opened her eyes rubbing them softly. Chloe had been in this cage for days now, even though it seemed like weeks even months. She wasn't even 100% sure how she got here in the first place. Gentle running her fingers through her surprising neat hair. They traders had put sleeping drugs in her food that morning so they could ready her for that nights auction were she would be the center of attention and their highest biding item. Shifting side to side the ocean blue orbs search of a reason as to why it was so dark as well as why she couldn't really see anything. Sitting up slowly and gentle feeling around, they had placed a comfy mat on the floor of the cage instead of the cold metal that she was used to sleeping on. Chloe couldn't smell the nasty smells from before, it was if they had clean the cage they had been keeping her in. Suddenly an over whelming amount of unknown scents filled her lungs and made her realize there was something around her neck. Softly her fingers dance over the collar that had been placed around, it was tough yet soft, it felt like a leather. The bell attached to the metal ring in the middle of the collar jingled causing her midnight black ears to twitch in surprise for a moment before focusing on the voice a women close by.

The female auctioneer smirked as she heard the jingle of the small bell she’d place on the collar of the finest item that she had ever owned. Oh how she was going to make a pretty penny off this little kitty. “Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems like my finest item as finally woken up from her nap. So lets have a look at the at my precious little kitten” The women’s voice was silky yet venomous all at the same time. Nodding softly to one of the six large body guards that surround the cage of the Neko that was held with in. The man pulled quickly on the corner of the black cover off the cage allow the buyers to see what the hype was all about.

Chloe closed her eyes quickly as the sudden shock of the light stung her sensitive eyes and turned her head trying to shield her eyes better. The black silk strands of her gorgeous long healthy hair covered her face for a few moments as she started to adjusted to the light. Gasps of shock and disbelief came from the coward, as they all realized what was in front of there very eyes. It had been hundreds of years since anyone had even seen a Neko let alone talked to one. Neko’s had gone into hiding after many years of being hunted for pets and slaves by the other supernatural beings. They had been hiding in the deeps darks of the wilderness even deeper then what the were-wolves would go into. It was the only way for them to feel safe and protected themselves. Neko’s were more human then any of the other supernatural beings, they had no special powers like vampires or witches, or the strength of the were-wolves. They only had some of the abilities of large cats, the only thing that made them special was there ability to change into the counter half cat forms which no one really knew about. Each neko’s form was different just like the fur on their tail and ears.

Slowly Chloe’s blue orbs opened as the finally adjusted and she looked through the curtain of her black hair. It was then when her eyes met Victory’s darker one’s his gaze sent a shiver down her spine. It was the sudden movement of one of the body guards coming towards the cage that broke their eye contact. Chloe jumped and yelped at the body guard shocked her with a long electric baton and his harsh voice ordered her to stand. The cool air of the warehouse against her now tender skin hurt. Standing slowly Chloe’s naked curvy perfect form was being showed off to all the strangers standing mere feet from her cage.  Chloe stood at 5’8 her long straight black hair gentle covered her large breasts slightly but not enough to cover the rose buds that were centered in the middle of those soft heavenly pillows that made there home on her chest. Wrapping her tail around her waist trying to cover herself slightly or at least as much as she could as she stood there naked. Her eyes scanned the coward in front of her, she was scared and didn’t know what was going on. She never see some many different creatures that looked likes her yet different. Chloe was born in the deepest forest and had never seen any other humanoid creatures other then her fellow clan members. Her train of thought was interrupted as the beautiful women that stood next to Chloe’s change began to speak.

“Now have a quick look at this rare treasure and let the bidding being!!!”

Has a baby she, had fallen to earth, there she was adopted by a human family.She was raised as a normal human girl, though she some how excelled at almost everything she did. Only a few days after her 18th birthday, she started noticing things happening to her body that wasn't normal. Her body ached, her shoulders burned, and she had the odd urge to be has close to the sky as she could possible be. Dreams of her flying through the air haunted her dreams every night. Unknowing to her, she was the lost angel of peace, the angel that was going to stop the war between heaven and hell, on earth. He had been searching for her since she had fallen, 18 years earlier he finally found her, and it was his job as the arch angel of War to train, and teach her what it was to be an angel. The only thing he didn't know was how much of a hand full doing so was going to be, he would have never dreamed what was going to happen next. He wasn't the only one looking for her, but heaven would have never thought they would send him.

Now I know this isn't as detailed as some of my other idea's but this one is something I kind of want to work out more with my partner or partners. If there is anything you'd like to know more about or would like to possible shift around just let me know.

She'd be out partying the night before and didn't remember much. She knew she had a lot of drinks and she'd been dancing with a pretty handsome looking man, though about after her 14th drink her mind had gotten fuzzy and after that she didn't remember a thing. She woke up her head pounding, she groaned softly as she heard the soft words of two men talking as her eyes focused slowly. That's when she realized she wasn't at home she was in a thick metal bared change naked.  Her cage was  covered in a black sheet stopping her from seeing who was talking or were she was.  She felt her heart race, pounding against her chest as she listen to the men talking. " I think we'd get more money for her at the market. She's a rare creature and something we normally never hunt for because its to risky to try can sell something like that on a slave market. Also you know how easily someone else notices a rare creature like gone missing,but there are many different types of people that want a rare creature such as this, we could start a binding war we'd make triple maybe even quadruple what the other guy was going to pay us for one of her kind. She is beyond gorgeous Joe and you know me I hate those unnatural creatures more then anyone we know." Joe that sounded familiar to her, it was the name of the man she'd be dancing with the night before, had he drugged her and brought her here? He must have there was no other way she'd end up here, naked and caged. " I understand were you are coming from Jeff but do you really think that double crossing our client that hire us to find him one of these, is such a good idea." "Joe we haven't even gotten paid fully yet, we can always just give him back the money he paid us, and then when we get top dollar of this pretty kitty we'll be richer then we were going to be in the first place. Plus I know a few dead walkers that are looking for a new and different type of toy, plus I think they'd be very interested in this little pussy"

She wanted to scream, they were planning on selling her as a slave to some vampire scum bag. They were one of the reasons her race was a rarely seen now a days. Vampires loved the taste of Neko blood more then any other creature, even over the satisfying quenching feeling wash over there bodies, when they get when they drain a werewolf dry. There was something in the Neko blood that set a vampire's body on a fire of pleasure. It heightens there since ten fold and hunted them for many of year just to kill them or trap them for there blood pets. In the end the Council of Creatures, (which was made of a choice one of each race that lived on earth) banned any and all hunting of humans and Nekos.  Though the Vampires still hunted Neko and humans a like for many years after that ruling, Nekos had died down and gone into hiding so well that it was to risk for Vampires to continuing hunting Nekos for there blood. Though they kept hunting and taking humans for pets, yet got away with. Any time a Vampire was question about having human slaves they'd already had there human to scared to tell the truth for fear of death, or brain washed enough to tell them that they were working or living with the Vampire of there own free will. So unless they (council) could prove it, they couldn't punish the Vampires. Nekos were so easily to brain wash and to strong minded for a Vampire to break them.  So now the Nekos that did still live openly in the cities were pretty much free and well protected by what ever council law enforcement was patrolling in that city at the time. Her fate was to be decided in what ever person bought her, but no ordinary person could by her, Nekos are strong physical, they are strong willed as well as mentally.  There were only a few creatures that would even have any chance of being able to break or train her. Though was that what her potential buyer was looking for, maybe he would see something different in her, maybe have some compassion for her, but oh how she knew she was tricking herself into false hope, though right now she didn't care she was scared and cold feeling completely lost and powerless in her new steel barred home.

Well with this one I am hoping for a detailed Dom male to place this character. I might be convinced to allow a female to play the dominate character be it female or male but it would depend. I leaving it open completely to who ever takes over this character to really choice what he wants to play his character as. Though I would like to see a bit of roughness and mystery in this male character with maybe just a bit of compassion to top it off. Though that's completely open to ideas or change too. I'd just love to get this off the ground asap because I am craving a very strong D/s story right now. Though I will say something else I dont want this all to be just about sex I want a plot a long story line to build the characters together as a team, and if it leads into, crazy nuts sex scene here and there through the story so be it :D  So if you really like this idea please pm
It had been several years since she left her home land, and she never regretted leaving. King Kedrendic her father still had men, searching for her and order to bring her home. Though none of them was ever able to catch her or out smart her to force her back home. Also her supposed fiancé also had men out hunting for her but she was to skilled for them to even find. When she left she hadn't told anyone that she was leaving or were she was going. Taking her trusted and loyal stallion Cerberus with her she had cleaned out her private money chest, as well as some of the money she knew her father had put away for her marriage. Seeing no point in him needing it she took most of it because she wasn't going to marry the man he thought was a perfect match for her. Knowing that keeping a lot of money on ones self while travelling wasn't always wise, but she knew she was going to need to reinvent herself, she need money to do that. Travelling for days with out sleep had been very hard for her, but she need to find a place to lay low long enough for her to find armourer that could supply her with type of armour she wanted. Finding a blacksmith that was able to make her the armour she wanted with the metals she wanted was almost near impossible.

Antim was the rarest of all metal used for armour. It was also the lightest yet the strongest which is why her raced favoured it so much. Light weight and flexible it allowed it to take a blow from a claymore and still be intake with out a scratch. But that also meant that it would cost a pretty penny and that only a Master blacksmith  was skilled enough to make it perfect which Lillih wouldn't stand for anything less. After she had gotten the Antim for the blacksmith, she was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't take him as long to make the armour for her as she thought it would. He had been so much faster then the one her father had hired to make her royal army general Antim set. It was made for her while she was in charge of her fathers army.  Also the quality was much higher then her last set of arm as well. Lillih fell in love with her new set the moment Gillbuger had pulled the silk cloth off of it. Gill some how turned some of the normally onyx black antim into a wonderful silver to brighten and making the normally dull black shimmer and into a very feminine suit of armour Lilly had ever seen. He was also able to make the normal onyx colour shine like a black diamond.

Gill had refused to allow her to pay more then what she had paid for the materials. He had told her it was his honour to make such a beautiful suit of armour for such a beautiful and rare creature such as herself. Lillih did not fight his generosity, but she wasn't going to not repay him on way or another. Taking the next few days she found out were she could pay of Gill's home and shop for him and his family.  Also she bought him the best tools he would ever find or need. Oh how angry he was at her for doing all of that for him and his family, but he was grateful all the same, he just wouldn't admit it to her. From that time on even if she didn't wish it, she'd become part of Gill's family and his best friend. Any time she was in town he would do touch ups and any repair on her set that need to be done. As well as gave her a place to rest her head. This is were she found herself again after nine months on the roads questing and helping the less fortunate then herself. She had made enough money for herself many times over, over the past year to buy herself a home and settled down with out worries. Though she loved to travel and help to much to do settle down just yet. Gelambell, Gill's home town was the closest place to home she had.

Most would say the way she went about hiding herself was completely opposite of what she should be doing to keep herself hidden. But that was it she knew her father would be looking for her hiding herself so the best thing was to make a name for herself and not hide which she was doing. As Cerberus strode through the small streets of Gelambell many welcomes her back to the cozy town. It was the coziness,yet some what business of this town that she loved. Cerberus knew to head straight for Gill's house with out her even needing to tell him the way. Both Lillih and Cerberus were exhausted and ready for a nice long rest before heading back out on the road.  Gelambell was also one of the most pasted threw town's in Nordrade and brought all sorts of people, warriors, explores royalty, and and every type of person that could be seen in one of the larger trade cities you'd see here too. Which again was another reason Lilly loved this town and made it her some what home even if she wouldn't fully admit it. Though Lilly knew there were a few small things she need to do before she could relax for a little while.

Watching the people walk by her while she rode home always made her laugh especially the human children. Not man of her kind travelled outside of the Neko realms. Many times the humans race had tried to in slave her kind but their methods were never enough to out sit or over power the Nekos when they went to war. So for the last hundred thousand years there has been an invisible barrier which very few humans dared to cross it and even fewer Nekos. The children always pointed and asked why she had a tail and ears. Some even asked their parents if they could pet her.  There were a few times when Lilly would allow the child to stroke her tail or pet her ears, though it was rare and normally only the child that lived in the town, who's parents knew Lilly.  So many that didn't know or didn't want to get to know Lilly or her race were afraid of her. They hall all right to be, from some of the stories Gill had told her about how the humans saw the Neko race she could completely understand why. Most viewed them as dangerous monsters that would kill you if you looked at them the wrong way. Though that was completely wrong. Nekos normally were the most trust worth, loyal and friendly people you could ever meet, let alone becoming friends with them. If one be friend you, they would give their lives to save yours.  Thankfully now most of the locals finally realized that Lilly is extremely friendly and wouldn't hurt a flee unless it hurt her first.

Being a mercenary for hire kept her in good shape, though she always did morning wake up  work out which helped. And of course all warriors made sure they were in the best shape they could be for fighting. All Neko's were well known for there agility, strength as well as there razor sharp claws and teeth.  Though many of them never used their natural weapons unless it was necessary. Finally Cerberus reached Gill's house which was located in the mild of the city and of to the side of the city market. Which was great for Gill's blacksmith business. It was mere moments before Gill's youngest Coliby noticed the large black warhorse Cerberus.  Coliby came running from the forge that was by the house dropping the dagger that he had been working on with his father.  Coliby was only nine but he had the same natural talent that his father Gill had. Gill wasn't far behind his son yelling at him for dropping the red hot dagger onto the ground. He was about to cuss out his son for running out like that, when he realized why he'd taken off. Gills angry melted away with his joyous smile welcoming Lilly home. Coliby jumped into Lilly's arms as she slipped off of Cerberus' back.

“Lilly do you have stories to tell me about your adventurous”  Coliby was so full of energy and at times made Lilly wonder were he got it from. “When do I not have something thrilling to tell you, little one?” Coliby squirmed with happiness in her arms as he hugged her tightly burring his face in her shoulder. “Though it's up to your papa if you get to hear them or not, you know I need a good meal and a pillow to lay my head on before I can tell you my stories,” Coliby's eyes widen in shock forgetting about that little string, even though Lilly was only teasing knowing Gill would never not allow her a place to stay. “Papa, you are going to well Lilly and Cerberus stay aren't you” The boy's eyes starting to fill with tears as his fear of not having Lilly stay grew.  Gill shook his head and chuckled unable to help but enjoy the light teasing Lilly was giving to his son. “Of course dear boy have I ever said no to our lovely little cat friend.” The boy shook his head “No Papa never” Gill smiled softly “Then why do you think I would ever refused her refuge now?” The boy bit his lip softly “Nothing Papa”  “Then right there is your answer son.”  Coliby jumped from Lilly's arms yelling in join, running for the house to inform this mother and siblings. “Mama Lilly's home!” Lilly laughed softly watching the boy run into the house slamming the door behind him.  Gill shook his head and wrapped his arms around Lilly giving her a hug. “Welcome home kitten”  Lilly rolled her eyes as she hugged him back. “I am not a kitten anymore I think I might even be older then you are” She said playfully as she swatted his arm gentle. He chuckled and let go of her. “Well I know you wanna go get Cerberus settled before you come in side, so I'll try to pull back the dagger from being ruined and meet you inside?” Lilly nodded softly her long powerful tail flicking side to side in agreement. She lead Cerberus into his stall and started to undo his riding gear as people walked past, some of the travelers watching her as they walked by.

Also really wanna play something with this character.

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So I got this picture as a gift for my boyfriend and fell in love with it the moment  I saw it. I love this fairy and wish to play her as a character. I don't have this idea flushed out completely, but I can't wait to get her up and running. So here goes nothing :)

I was hoping to do something were either she falls is love with death, or becomes his servant or a mix of both. I am not sure how they would meet other possibly like she is in the picture bent over a lake. Maybe she a innocent loving fair, and death some how seduces her. Though, she could a a powerful dark fairy that death takes a liking to, and comes to her, with an offer she can't refuse. If you are interested in playing death lets chat for a while and see what we can flush out together :)

The sun was setting on this never ending day. All she wanted was the kiss of the moons rays on her newly dried wings. Today was the yearly wing ceremony, and she had just been gifted with her beautiful purple blue wings. Her wings were like no others, they were so dark, but so vibrant and they felt so right. It had been to many long years, for hard work for her to earned this gorgeous wings. All the other wings that were were pinks, light blues, greens, a few pale oranges and yellow, even a couple rare reds. Though all those whispers and gasps of shocks rung threw her mind, as she remember standing in the middle of home tree. No wings had been seen like her's before, no one knew what that meant. A fairy's wings were a sign of the powers that they were born with, and would master in the years to come.

There she sat her feet dangling from the branch she had found to dry her wings. She could hear the others whispering about her and her odd wings. It was time for them all to go back to their homes for the night, no first year fairy was allowed to fly during the night. Night flying was dangerous even for the mature fairies, only a set few were allowed to fly freely during the night. Though right now Isabella didn't care. The moon had always spoken to her, called for her to walk among its rays and she had many a night. Though tonight it didn't just whisper it beckoned to her, yelled at her to dance among its rays in the sky. It had always been her dream to do just that, to finally feel the kiss of the wind while flying threw the skies.

Watching all the others fly off as the sun finally set, she sat and waited a little longer. Till the darkness enveloped the trees around her. Today was suppose to be a glorious day, but all her friends had abandon her, left her to sit alone, unsure of those wings that called her back home. As much as it hurt be a lone, she didn't blame them either. The unknown was scary, she had no idea what was going to come long with these wings. All the other colours had ideas as to what powers would manifest, but her she would have to explore on her own with no help.

Looking around and seeing no one else she jumped off the branch starting to fall towards the earth. All the others had tested there wings before taking off but she was bold and care free, she knew they would hold up. Isabella had faith in her abilities, and took of towards the clouds, breaking threw the forest canape with easy a bright smile on her gorgeous pink lips. The chill of the night air felt amazing against her new wings, all her senses were on high alert as she found the widen open sky.

Everything looked so different at night, and even more so while flying. This was like a dream come true for Izzy, all the hurt that had come from the commotion this afternoon started to melt as she  continued to first flight through the dark skies. This was home now, and would always be, she didn't care about the fairy laws, anymore. She was different, something special something never seen before, something that would never be seen again.  Giggling she darted to and fro, doing back flips and front flips, as she continued on, explore father and father into the night.

The glory of her first flight starting to fade slight she spotted a large lake, a place she had never seen before. Stopping she hovered high above the water's surface, looking around she couldn't see anything that looked familiar at all. She no realized she was lost, and not totally sure how to get home. Though right now she wouldn't worry about that, she would find her way back when the sun rose move the mountains. For now she wanted to explore, and explore she would do. Driving down she smiled lightly as she flew over the lake's face, as her fingers danced threw the cool water, as she went. This place looked safe enough, she would stop here for the night and rest till morning.  Then she would worry about finding her way home.

As the shore came close she slowed and walked onto the damp ground towards the large rock that  rested on the shore, but reached out into the waters depths. Sitting with her legs crossed she smiled, and watched all the night creatures roam around the lake, this place brought her join and happiness. She hoped that she would be able to find this place again once she found her way home, she would have to do her best to remember how she got here. The moons kissing rays danced lovingly along the glass surface of the water, it made her wish she could do the same. Though she was more then happy to watch. Though there was something else there, just under the surface something, she would have never expected or never would have believe was really. Though her whole world was about to change, those dark wings on her back were just the being of the things to come.

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