Hemingway's older women ideas - mainly for M characters ( all players welcome! )

Started by Hemingway, June 29, 2013, 06:53:32 PM

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Hello, and welcome to my latest. I will try to keep this short, as I'm writing this om a rather cumbersome mobile device - whicj is where I also do most of my posting these days. Consequently, what I'm in the mood for is not so much in-depth with  necessarily lengthy posts. With that said, I still have ideas, and the desire to play them.

My current ideas mostly revolve around my desire to play or to play ( or play with ) with an older ( 30s - 50s ) female character, paired with a younger one ( or better yet, two ) character(s). I have nothing detailed planned out, but elements of incest, or especially bondage, are welcome ( but not required ). I'm mainly interested in a (somewhat) dominant female. I would be particularly interested in one wherein the dominant woman takes the lead, but the other character(s) place her in bondage. That is to say that she shows him the ropes, as it were. However, I could also play a straight dominant or submissive woman.

If this tickles your interest or ideas, let me know. Also feel free to check my ons and offs.


Hello! I was perusing around and caught a glance at your Hemingway's enduring search More specifically:

Quote from: Hemingway on November 24, 2009, 07:05:49 PM
Name: Bored Cougars' Club
Setting: Modern
Category: Exotic - Bondage
Description: Here's the basic premise: Mother and daughter live together, just the two of them. When the daughter is away for an extended period, the mother likes to assemble two ( or more? ) of her friends, for - what else? - sex. The difference here is that the daughter unexpectedly and rather abruptly returns home, and walks in on the bored women in the middle of it. What follows is open, but here are some options.

One possibility is that the mother is the dominant of the group, the others essentially her slaves. Perhaps she decides to teach her daughter the tricks - or that her daughter should be the lowest on the pecking order, the slave of the slaves.

The bondage angle is strictly optional, and it could be as simple as the daughter being invited to join in - or forced to join in without her consent.

And I was wondering if you are still interested in this. I would so love to be the daughter in this. Forced into slavery, lowest on the totem pole. That caught my eye faster than a naked catgirl in heat. Hehe. Shoot me a message if you're interested.
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