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Author Topic: Loki Madness  (Read 495 times)

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Offline kasperTopic starter

Loki Madness
« on: June 29, 2013, 04:47:19 pm »

I just want all the Loki games. I can either play Loki or the character opposite him regardless to the gender. So here's the pairings I'll play:

Loki x Human OC (Female or Male) - Would enjoy playing either.
Loki x Half Human/Half God OC (Female or Male) - Would enjoy playing either.
Loki x God OC (Female or Male) - Would enjoy playing either.
Loki x My OC Lilja - Would prefer to play Lilja.
Loki x Thor - I have an idea for this. - Prefer Loki but would still enjoy playing Thor.
Loki x Sif - Have a vague idea for this. Would enjoy playing Loki but could play Sif.
Loki x Banner - Would enjoy playing either.
Loki x Stark - Have a vague idea. Would enjoy playing Loki.
Loki x Loki? What I don't even know just shut up. - Would play either. lol
Loxi x Darcy - Would enjoy playing Loki.

Also Tron Crossovers!
Loki x Zeus - Would enjoy playing either.
Loki x Gem - Would enjoy playing either.
Loki x Rinzler/Tron - Would enjoy playing either.
Loki x Gem x Rinzler/Tron - Would enjoy playing any or two of the three.

Brief description of pairing ideas:
Loki x Thor - This would be where none of the events of either movies Thor or Avengers happen. Instead, Odin is King and finally when he sees it is time, shows Loki for what he truly is infront of both the Asgardian and Frost Giant peoples. Loki has no idea until this moment and is terribly shaken by the reactions of the Asgardians who are repulsed, the Frost Giants mock Loki, calling him a mistake and Loki is deeply shamed by both worlds. Loki, feeling deeply rejected and used flees the Eternal Realm. Thor decides to pursue his brother, understanding how deeply troubled he must be and the trouble that may arise from it.

Loki x Sif - This would be after the events of both movies Thor and Avengers. Sif decides to visit Loki in his imprisonment, feeling the need to see the man that was once a childhood sweetheart. She discovers that part of Loki's anger stems from his desire for her, knowing she is fond of his brother Thor.

Loki x Stark - Set after the events of movies Thor and the Avengers. Stark spends an increasing amount of time studying the God, trying to learn more about the other realms unknown to even Thor. He finds the God fascinating and tries to discern his motivation, what makes him tick and finds himself deeply engrossed with the God of Mischief.

I like a little smut to a lot of plot. I love tension, angst and drama. I have a knack for torturing my characters through grief and heartache. I love stupid cuddle fluff/tender moments too. So, if you like Loki and you're looking for a game involving him, then hello there.

My Loki is cunning, mischievous, sly, condescending, conflicted, humourous, intelligent and often times seductive. I use Loki as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.

I also enjoy sweet childhood flashbacks.

This is my OC Lilja:

Name: Lilja Volodina
Age: 23
Eye Colour: Blue-Green
Hair Colour: Red
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120lbs

Sharp tongued, clever, stubborn, proud, manipulative, driven, unyielding, human.

Lilja, raised in the colder climates by an adoring family learned not through her childhood but through her puberty the power she held. Her adopted family was an older couple who loved and nurtured Lilja to the fullest. They instilled morals of peace and prosperity, teaching her to be a warm hearted and considerate human being. However, there had always been a kind of void inside her, something she just assumed was from being abandoned by her real parents.

It wasn't until she began to blossom into a lovely young lady that she had her first taste of power. Something began to brew inside her, traits she knew she should be ashamed of but couldn't deny. She knew that her thirst to manipulate the young adoring men around her was improper for a lady, but once she had a taste of the power she held over them she became addicted. Thoughts began to turn darker as she became so aware of just how pathetic humans were. Nothing but sex driven creatures who wanted nothing more than a good fuck. How dull.

When proposed to by her boyfriend, she asked to take a day to consider his proposal. After evaluating him- a man whose father was CEO of a corporation that owned half of America, she could certainly appreciate what he had to offer her. She decided her answer would be yes, feeling that giving her virginity on their wedding night (Of course she wasn't willing to put out until he paid up.) might well be worth it when the divorce would follow years after. She would reap his finances quite vehemently. Poor dear.

She never really minds being underestimated, it only proves to get her where she wants with much more efficiency. She has little to no tolerance for idiots and sees the world around her crawling with them, even ruling this pathetic civilization. She thinks she would make far better a ruler of this world, if only she had the right tools in her arsenal. Perhaps some day she will, but being twenty something gets nobody far fast. Power most unpleasantly comes with age. Ridiculous. But, at least she's paving her way.

Thoughts like these are quiet within her though, and with reason. She has long battled her less that admirable thoughts, understanding them to be wrong. She knows well her role in the world. Female: lips, hips and breasts. There is nothing more she is to do than slave to be just that, which is where some of her inner sinister qualities stem from. In her quiet brooding she is outwardly bubbly. A pretty little tease with a twinkle in her eye. Despite toying with boys, she knows a mere boy wouldn't really fulfill her true standards. She needs somebody who would more than likely take her throne by force, sinking horrid little tendrils of desire about her heart and make her skin crawl with a need to undermine him. She needs a challenge. A man- an extraordinary one that may steal her breath away with both awe and anger. Her to be husband is certainly not this man.

She doubts such a man exists. And until she has either secured said man or is dead (most likely the latter) she will continue to play the darling fiancee and fulfill her rather power hungry desires herself.
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Re: Loki Madness
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2013, 08:36:38 pm »
Loki x Human OC
Loki x Human/God OC

These two have my interest. I would prefer to play the OC's

Offline kasperTopic starter

Re: Loki Madness
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2013, 09:10:02 pm »
PM'ed you! Going to go ahead and cross Loki x Human OC off my list!