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Author Topic: The Kat Box  (Read 600 times)

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The Kat Box
« on: June 27, 2013, 02:57:32 pm »
The Kat box of ideas that come to my mind. I usually don't put my own ideas out there because I'm usually content to just play other people's ideas. Which when you are in the company of so many talented people is really awesome. But these are some ideas that I've had and thought that others might be interested in.

I guess the standard message goes here about not relpying directly to this thread. Keeps things nice and clean. Send me a PM instead.

Also, these ideas are not restricted to the forums. I also do IRC and yahoo roleplays. And with the right person even e-mail roleplays. These also don't have to be strictly sex related. I'm also happy to just do normal roleplay. Probably should also mention that I don't play Dominant characters. At most I can play an equal partner position, but I very often like the submissive role. I also only play female characters.

I like creativity, that's why there are little or no references to companion characters. Female companion characters are just as welcome as male companion characters. Poster gender is irrelevant(unless I'm trying to date you, and this isn't really the site for that). Any characters listed would be characters that I would play. I leave companion characters open to encourage creativity.

Some days I might do six or seven posts in a row, other days I may only get one post in. This is the result of actually trying to have a real life, so I get busy. But I do try to make an effort to at bare minimum to make one post a day in each of my stories. If I miss a day, just poke me or check my A/As, there may be a really good reason why I haven't posted. Remember, just because the Elliquiy forums say I'm online, doesn't mean I'm actually at my computer. Just means my browser is open.

Now onto the ideas!
(anything marked with a ♥ are personal favorites. I'm also happy to run multiple stories under the same category. Like if more than one person wants to do the Catgirl thing. Anything marked with an x means no more please)

Star Trek: Destiny of One ♥
One ensign, all alone, defending the ship that she loves. On what was supposed to be a routine mapping mission, the U.S.S. Destiny was dragged through a spacial rift into the mirror universe. Once there the entire crew was captured by the mirror Destiny. But they missed one, a lone engineering ensign who was in medical stasis at the time, and revived by the EMH. Now she has to find a way to get her crew back, by any means necessary. Takes place in the Star Trek Online time period.

Requested at least a basic knowledge of the Star Trek universe. I have several website chocked full of information that I can link as well.

Character Concept Image

The U.S.S. Destiny

And what would a Kat Box be without some form of catgirl roleplay. The year is 2562. Centuries ago scientists managed to combine human and animal DNA(ala The Island of Doctor Moreau). Shortly after which it became all the craze for the super rich to go in and have their DNA spliced with that of their favorite animal to become a human hybrid of that animal. Over the centuries to follow these hybrids intermingled with the regular populace, either by choice or due to the unforeseen side effect of an uncontrollable desire to breed. Now it's completely commonplace to see a were tiger, or a bunny hybrid walking down the street. Equal rights however is another story. Animal hybrids are often seen as a lower cast of being, and are often placed into positions of servitude, sometimes against their will.

Elizabeth is a catgirl. She lives an average life, working a low end job at a department store moving boxes of clothes in the back room. Details beyond this are negotiable.


Star Wars: The Old Republic(based on the MMO)
I have a couple of characters I would like to play in this setting. Zyrrin is an ex-sith marauder turned mercenary for the republic. She remains very much dark side in her ways, but now applies that towards revenge against the empire that betrayed her, and more specifically the Sith Lord that tried to have her killed suspecting that she was plotting the same and trying to beat her to the punch. When Zyrrin survived the plot, Zrenseen became the answer. Zrenseen is a clone of Zyrrin, created by the Lord that tried to kill her as the perfect means to kill Zyrrin. I'm willing to play either character in a story setting(or both if you make a compelling argument for it).


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Re: The Kat Box
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