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Author Topic: Blood Offering *Extreme*  (Read 264 times)

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Blood Offering *Extreme*
« on: June 26, 2013, 10:25:15 AM »
Cabin in the Woods Inspired Group Role Play:
Our work place is actually a research/experimentation facility holding monsters to sacrifice people to, in order to keep the ancient gods below from rising and destroying the world. This subterran facility is actually quite huge, and is at least half empty. However, we don't sacrifice the innocent, we sacrifice large supplies of evil doers from across the world. (Had we murdered far fewer innocents in place of the evil, the sacrifices would have been far fewer in number). We would be hunting the irredeemable of society, child rappists, cereal killers and fanatics (first two words mispelled on purpose). Bonus points would be given for victims brought back to the facility for sacrifice, instead of just blood offerings. The Facility would also go paranormal hunting, and taking monsters back into the facility.

Of course, this will be extreme, and the plot is paramount. This is a Horror role play, not a sex based role play. *(Of course, sex can occur, but it's not a plot element*)

*Warning, Video Graphic/Even worse, it has spoilers to Cabin in the Woods*
the cabin in the woods - full monster scene (extended)

The sort of monsters you can expect to be in this are in the video.

Character Sheet:

Profession: (Researcher, Scientist, Doctor (Medical), Security, Hunter?)
Abnormal Abilities: (Your paranormal abilities, keep them low-key. You can grow these as the role play progresses.)

As this is a horror role play, it will have gore and great unpleasant situations regularily.
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Re: Blood Offering *Extreme*
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2013, 06:37:10 PM »
Hints/Tips/Well-Known Information

Wherever this symbol has been encountered in a big way, such as in an area the size of a foot ball field or larger, BAD things happen. This is the Triquetra (spelling?) it may not necessarily be bad, but someone out there is using this as their symbol. Whenever the Triquetra is presented in a large manner, our Agents start dropping dead like flies, even hardened veterans that have testicles capable of crushing cannon balls crap a brick when they see this symbol in a significant way. If you see this symbol in blood red, RUN. Get back to the headquarters and stay there. This is a benign, even good symbol when presented in smaller size, however. This symbol is an Apocalyptic symbol for the organization however. Back in the 1920's, yes, our organization has been around that long. The organization was wiped out and not revived until World War II. All agents involved in the organization were slaughtered on finding a large Triquetra symbol, the size of a foot ball field, sprawled over Subterran ruins. The ruins are considered so dangerous, that only top level officials are allowed to have the information of where they are.