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I am looking for an M/M roleplay based off of MTV's Teen Wolf series. Before I get too ahead of myself, no, I'm not exactly looking for canon. It might be fine if someone wants to play as one of the characters (with slight age adjustments where needed), or at least use an actor for a character's model, but I myself won't be playing as one of them, as I don't like using a character that isn't my own. This also includes writing canon as secondary characters. I'm generally fine with writing for secondary characters, or playing multiple protagonists, especially for something like this that will probably require it, but, again, they have to be of my own making.

What I'm mainly getting at is the mythology--the formation of packs, the strengths and weaknesses, etc, though I'd likely be fine with tweaking some of it to fit our own needs, especially where things might not have been made clear in the show yet, such as what's been in season three.

Setting doesn't matter to me. We could have a heavy focus on an academic setting (obviously, characters would have to be seniors if in high school) or just a general town/city setting.

I don't have any plots to give, mainly because it seems we could possibly go a number of ways with this, depending on pairing and characters, so it seems easier to sort it all out when someone shows interest. As far as pairings are concerned, I'm fine with the following:

  • Human x Hunter, Werewolf, Kanima
  • Werewolf x Werewolf, Hunter
  • Kanima x Hunter, Master
  • Hunter x Hunter
I'm comfortable with playing all but the kanima--my memory's a little hazy on the lore and Teen Wolf's wiki doesn't give all the details, but if someone can refresh my memory, then I might be willing to play the role.

Now let me lay down some of my general rules and preferences, and then list characters I'm willing to play.

My preferences are as follows:

  • The sex of a roleplay partner doesn't matter to me. The believability of the character is all that's important.
  • I roleplay through only forums. If you want to chat through PMs or on a messenger (preferably the former at first, at least until we establish the roleplay's setup), that's fine, but I won't roleplay through any of them.
  • Please be able to write at least two paragraphs. Please have decent grammar. As for me, I can post at least two paragraphs, although I'd say the average is somewhere between three and four. If you want samples, go to my post history.
  • The focus of the story should be on an M/M pairing, but I'm fine with incorporating M/F. Just know that I don't have any experience with M/F sex scenes. If those happen, you'll have to be patient with me while I get used to them. F/F will have to be a no. I'm fine with writing for females if required or desired, but note that I have little experience with it.
  • All the characters I have listed below are either top or versatile. Some might be willing to incorporate kink, others not so much.
  • I might be willing to write sex scenes with characters in their werewolf/kanima forms. Werewolves should still have normal human packages, please, and for kanima, well, it'd probably have to be non-con, but I won't write them if I'm the one that's playing the kanima. Of course, sticking to only human form is perfectly fine.
  • I tend to be a slower roleplayer, but I'll try to post within a two-week period. I'd prefer that partners be able to post at least twice a month, when real life issues aren't getting in the way.
  • All of my characters below are under the age of 23, just in case that may be a determining factor for some. I might, however, be willing to use an older character, if a plot requires it. The age of your character won't matter to me so long as they aren't older than 35, though I might prefer younger characters when not dealing with an alpha or a kanima master.
  • I always use models for my characters' appearances. It's fine if a roleplay partner would rather write out their character's appearance instead. If a partner uses pictures, they must be real--not illustrated.
  • Here is my O/O thread and roleplay preferences. The latter would be best for examining my ons and offs because of the matrices. A lot of the stuff in my O/O thread has been covered here, but there might be some things that I've missed.

Now for my characters. I give partners the choice of which character I use, so if you have a preference, just say so. As a quick note, most come with their own ons and offs (listed among their likes and dislikes, respectively), but not all of their ons have to be included, I might be willing to incorporate an off, and I might be willing to give them one or two more ons to suit your needs. Just say something. Also, for their personalities, there's a list and a typed out description. The list is just there for those who prefer a quick glimpse, especially since the paragraphs may be a bit long when trying to look through all the characters.

Oh, and the pictures have been resized. If you want a bigger version, just click on the image.

Name: Jason Alexander Sharpe
Age: 18-21
Height: 6'0"
Sexuality: Gay; versatile; vanilla, though may be willing to have some real light bondage
Role: Hunter
Personality: Mature, bit of a suck-up, confident, doesn't care much for spontaneity/prefers plans and routine, exercises good self control, trusts authority with little to no question

Jason is introverted; he can be pretty sociable with friends, but when it comes to everyone else, he opens his mouth mainly either when he has to say something or when someone speaks to him. Despite his introversion, though, he tends to enjoy attention--not to the extent that he needs to be in the spotlight, but he likes to be in it for short bursts when it will make him look good. As a result, he may come off as bragging to people he has a romantic interest in, and he can be a bit of a suck-up to those higher up than him, such as teachers and employers.

Because of his dad always pushing him to succeed, Jason's become a bit of a perfectionist. It isn't to an obsessive degree, but he will spend a little extra time working on something in order to better it or himself. He's good about accepting and learning from his failures, though, rather than beating himself up over them. The only time this isn't the case is when he does something that was in no doubt stupid. He's organized. In fact, he can't function as well when things aren't organized, and he also sometimes struggles with spontaneity. He prefers plans, ones that will be followed through, more or less, to the end.

In general, Jason tends to trust authority figures with little to no question, and when it comes to them, he'll do as he's told. This especially goes for his dad, as he has the utmost respect for the man and prefers to show it through listening to him.
- Working out, playing sports
- Reading
- Making his dad proud
- Maturity
- Suits
- Having his muscles worshiped
- Rap. He isn't a big fan of music to begin with, but he can't stand this genre
- Snow
- Group work (exceptions being sports and hunting)
- Laziness
- Smokers/druggies/alcoholics - except for smokers, he won't associate with them
- Overly emotional people
- Dense people
- More than a few tattoos, and any piercings
- One night stands/flings
Other Notes: Unless the RP requires something else, he's been raised by only his dad, and they might be the kind of hunters who prefer to kill any werewolves they come across, rather than follow the code.


Name: Jonathon Maverick Hill
Age: 18-22
Height: 5'11"
Sexuality: Gay or bi, mostly top, can do kinky
Role: Hunter, human, werewolf (could be turned or born)
Personality: Friendly, competitive, won't turn down a challenge (or what's perceived as one), dislikes being disliked (especially for the first model)

Jonathon is a nice and friendly guy who will talk to just about anyone. He's competitive, and he won't turn down a challenge, even if it's something he knows he can't do. The only exception to this is if it's something illegal or if it would involve hurting someone. Sometimes he may see challenges in things that aren't meant to be taken that way. All in all, he has a need to constantly prove myself to everyone around him, especially the people he has a thing for. He's open to trying new things, just for the experience. He tends to be disorganzed. Although he wants to be honest, he has a tendency to tell white lies more often than not, usually when it'll involve hurting someone's feelings.

Going along with wanting to prove himself to love interests, Jon will leap at every opportunity to lend them a hand, even when they may not ask for it. He does have a couple of pet peeves. One is constant complaining. He really does not mind lending an ear to someone, and even trying to offer advice if he has some, but he will stop listening if he starts to get the idea the person has woe-is-me syndrome. Another is arrogance. He normally tries to be at least somewhat nice to people, but if he thinks someone is arrogant, he'll burst their bubble at every given chance.

Also, Jonathon does not like being disliked/hated. He understands that not everyone is going to like him for some reason or another, but he will still attempt to remedy the dislike until it's clear his efforts will get him nowhere. Because of this need to be liked, social norms and, to some extent, peer pressure will often influence the things he says and does. The biggest exception to this is when it would go against his morals.
- Various outdoor activities, such as camping, rock climbing, and kayaking
- Paintballing
- Playing sports
- Rock music
- Truth or Dare
- Challenging himself/pushing his limits
- Roughhousing
- Light bondage - handcuffs, makeshift restraints like belts
- Frotting
- Snowballing
- Being alone for long periods
- Being stuck inside for long periods
- Cowards
- Guys with no muscle for anything intimate
- Druggies/smokers/alcoholics - he'll talk to them, but won't have sex or a relationship with them

Name: Brayden Alexander Morris
Age: 18-22
Height: 5'11"
Sexuality: Bi, top/dom, usually likes it rough
Role: Human, werewolf, or maybe a kanima
Personality: Can get angry easily, rash, easily frustrated, can be hardworking

Brayden can be an all right guy, particularly to those who have gained his respect, but his biggest issue is his anger. He's not volatile, unless having a bad day, but it also doesn't take much to get his blood boiling, especially by people he doesn't respect. When brought to that point, it takes a great deal of conscious effort for him to walk away instead of striking someone or something. There has, though, been the rare individual who can calm him.

Brayden is the type of guy who gains respect for someone best when they've kicked his ass, but it's also easy for him to respect someone who embodies the strength, mentally and emotionally and/or physically. If he perceives someone as weak, he'll walk all over them, unless they maybe stick up for themselves. In relationships, he can be pretty loving, perhaps a surprise to those who are more used to seeing his rougher exterior, but he could become domineering if not put in his place. He may act rash, and sometimes he may do something he knows he'll regret later, if he's in one of his shitty moods. He can get frustrated with tasks easily, especially in terms of academics, which he isn't very good at, but he's good about returning to the task later once he's calmed down. If a job is in someway rewarding and not menial, he can be a hardworker.

Ultimately, Brayden cares about himself above all others. He may back up those he respects, but he'll stab them in the back if it means getting something good.
- Partying
- Hard rock and metal, primarily Five Finger Death Punch and Hollywood Undead
- Tattoos
- Horror movies
- Drinking
- Punching bags
- Playing sports occasionally
- First-person shooters
- Wrestling
- Black and latino (and white) guys
- Taking another's virginity
- Barebacking--when he's sure the person doesn't have an STI
- Face slapping another--either with his hand or his dick
- Light bondage
- Rough anal
- Hair pulling
- Spanking
- Being rimmed
- Face sitting/smothering another
- Face-fucking another and throat penetration
- Cumming inside another
- Having any part of his body worshiped
- Watersports
- Waking up early
- Country, bluegrass, and classical music, and love and slow songs
- People who never shut up
- Whiny people
- People who don't do what he asks (or at least when it comes to sex)
- Receiving anal penetration, unless it's rimming
- Being teased--only because he doesn't like how desperate it can make him
Other Notes: If he's going to be a werewolf, it may be better to have him be born as one due to his anger, unless we want a focus of the plot to be a werewolf struggling to control his abilities.

Name: Max Leigh Johnson
Age: 18-22
Height: 6'0"
Sexuality: Gay or bi, versatile, rather vanilla
Role: Human or hunter, maybe a werewolf
Personality: Friendly, arrogant/conceited, flirty, easygoing, vindictive, ambitious

Max is a friendly guy who will talk to just about anyone. His easygoing personality would make him easy to get along with, but his arrogance may get in the way of that. He knows well enough that he's talented and that he has the looks, and it has, for the most part, gone to his head. He will also use his talents and looks to his advantage. In general, Max is a flirty guy, but he will especially put this to use to get him places, if he thinks it'll work on the person. Also, being a good actor, he'll act a certain way to get someone to do something for him or otherwise bring about something that will be beneficial to him. All of this is in part because Max is ambitious, and he's willing to do what he must to live out his dreams. Also, he's great at lying, which he will do to keep from getting into trouble, and, in some cases, to keep from hurting someone's feelings.

When wronged badly enough, he'll seek vengeance in an indirect way--keying a car, messing with a food or drink to make someone have an embarrassing accident or become sick, and spreading false rumors, though he doesn't resort to this as much as he did in his earlier years. Doing something embarrassing is crushing for him, especially when done in public, enough to where he may avoid someone or the scene of the incident for a few days.
- Acting
- Singing
- Clubbing and partying
- Chicken and seafood
- Teasing
- Light bondage
- Worship - giving or receiving, but likes receiving more
- Swallowing cum and having his cum swallowed, facials, being came into
- Country and most metal
- Sausage and hotdogs
- Waking up early

Name: Sean Michael Steele
Age: 18-21
Height: 6'0"
Sexuality: Bi, usually tops but there may be the occasional guy who he likes to switch things up with, likes kink
Role: Hunter or human, maybe a kanima's master
Personality: Outgoing, likes to pick on people, very hands-on, loyal, thick-skinned, vindictive

Sean likes to pick on people. Unless he has issues with the person, though, he intends for this to be harmless and more light-hearted, especially with friends, but, of course, whether a person sees it that way may be questionable. For friends, or at least those with whom he's friendly enough, he plays little pranks, roughhouses, name-calls, and other things along those lines. And after he's pestered a friend, he usually makes some kind of friendly gesture afterward.  For people he doesn't know too well, it's more infrequent and focused more around light remarks. When it comes to people he hates, he picks on them with the intention to hurt them and make their life a living hell, and he'll jump at the opportunity to do so almost every time it presents itself. This interest in picking on people has also made him pretty good at figuring out people's insecurities. He targets these the most, but in the case of anyone he doesn't dislike, he may often consider his doing so as his way of trying to help the person get over that insecurity, just in a way that's fun for him.

He's a hands-on kind of person when it comes to his friends--claps on the shoulder, hanging an arm on them, hugs when he's feeling particularly sweet, maybe a smack on the ass. The more touchy he is, the more he likes the person, and the closer he feels toward them; when people prefer more personal space, he tries to respect that, which sometimes fails, but he isn't as close to them as he is to those who welcome it. Touching is just a requirement for him, and seems to be his preferred way of communicating with people; in the case of a lover, he won't express his love verbally, but he'll give him a massage--with a happy ending--and for a friend who's feeling down, he won't tell them everything's going to be all right, he'll just hug them in an attempt to make them feel better.

Sean is also thick-skinned. Words rarely affect him, and he can tolerate most things that people might try to put him through, but there are certain things that might be able to get to him, and if that happens enough, he may lash out--or do something else, as he can be pretty vindictive. This toleration is also lowered on bad days.

He tends to be a smartass--it's common for him to make at least one remark during conversation. Sometimes he may not do something someone asks or expects of him or do the exact opposite, especially if he doesn't want to do it or if doing what was asked would require him to, in some way, change himself. Other times, it's to try to frustrate the person. Sean isn't that great at listening to people. Unless someone makes it clear through their tone or words, or maybe body language, that they are being serious, he might not take them seriously. And even still, it doesn't hurt for the person to make sure his full attention is on them to make sure he's fully listening. Also, he sometimes might not catch things that lie between the lines, so people are better off not beating around the bush with him.

Lastly, Sean is loyal to those to whom he is close. Their secrets become his and he won't stab anyone in the back. At the same time, though, he might not be so willing to take on their problems--only when they absolutely need his help, because otherwise, he prefers not to be dragged into anyone else's drama. He also won't forgive everything they do; he's fine with kicking a friendship around like a ball, since, essentially, that's what he does and he has no qualms with friends reciprocating that, but there is a limit, and there are also certain things that aren't excusable. When wronged badly enough, he'll switch from liking them to hating them, and they would have to work hard to get into his good graces again, possibly also with him getting some kind of payback.
- Rock and metal
- Singing
- Playing guitar and drums
- Horror and action movies
- Partying
- Storms
- Retaliation (when it's not done in seriousness)
- Tattoos
- Teasing/sexually frustrating another
- Hearing a guy beg
- Spanking--mostly light, but he might have a yearning for something more excessive--and other impact play
- Biting
- Having his nipples pinched
- Hair pulling
- Pinning a guy down
- Rough anal
- Face fucking
- Country and classical
- Reading
- Watching sports--he's into playing them, just not watching
- Winter and snow
- Woe-is-me people
- The "perfect" submissive (he doesn't mind having no resistance, but too much willingness bores him, if that makes sense)
Other Notes: If needed for plot, could have a friend who was murdered by a werewolf

Name: Daniel Jordan Lorence
Age: 18-22
Height: 5'9"
Sexuality: Bi, versatile, can be kinky
Role: Werewolf or human
Personality: Friendly, outgoing, energetic, impatient, impulsive, nosy, optimistic, easily excitable

Danny is an outgoing guy who's interested in meeting just about anyone and will talk to just about anyone who seems interesting enough. The only exception to this is when he figures someone doesn't want to talk--that is, the shy people--but he may try to get someone to open up to him if he thinks they could be someone he'd like to be friends with. He's pretty optimistic, and he usually tries to find at least one good thing about someone, even if it's just that they have a nice face to look at. It doesn't take much to excite him, and when he gets this way, he may stop listening to what others have to say, too wrapped up in the idea of whatever is exciting him. He's pretty impulsive, something he's tried to fix but still struggles with. It definitely doesn't help him act responsibly. While he will never seem to appreciate it, he does silently understand that people who are willing to keep him in check and remind him what needs to be done are very helpful for him.

Danny takes a personal approach to things, which can make him a pretty good friend to lean on during a time of need, but it also makes it hard for him to handle criticism. He's gotten better at it over the years, but it can still leave him pretty disheartened for a while. This also makes insults pretty effective, and there may be occasions when he might take offense to things that aren't meant to be taken as such. When upset with someone, he gives that person the cold shoulder, usually until they make the effort to forgive him, even if he might have already gotten over the issue. If a few days have passed and the person hasn't talked to him, though, he'll usually be the one to try to pick things back up again.

Lastly, Danny is an energetic guy who doesn't seem to get exhausted easily, and when he does, he usually seems to get a second wind an hour or two later. To some extent, it keeps him from giving up when things get rough, at least not easily, but it may also make him impatient sometimes.
- Playing sports
- Working out
- Being active in general
- Parties
- Spring
- Blindfolds (more so when receiving)
- Having his ears whispered into
- Wax and ice play (receiving)
- Light bondage
- Wearing collars
- Sitting still for long periods
- Being alone for long periods
- Silence
- When his brother nags
- Cloudy/rainy weather
- Glasses
- Guys who are too rough (he can handle rough, but there's a limit)
Other Notes: He has a twin (next profile), so if Danny's chosen, Rob will be included in the roleplay. Also, I'm already using the twins in a couple roleplays on another site, so I may be less inclined to use them unless someone has a good idea for them.

Name: Robert Tyler Lorence
Age: 18-22
Height: 5'9"
Sexuality: Bi (might be closeted), top, vanilla
Role: Human or werewolf (only when Danny's also a werewolf)
Personality: Rob is a friendly guy, but not in an outgoing way like his brother. He is laid back and is willing to go with the flow. He doesn't care for plans, unless dealing with a special event or a big project, especially for anything that's more than a week away, as he prefers to take things day by day, and he doesn't like having to hurry. In fact, his mind tends to freeze up when he's racing against the clock or otherwise under pressure. He's down to earth, so he tends to see things as how they are, rather than how they could be, and he prefers not to talk about possibilities unless they're most likely going to come to fruition.

Compared to his brother, Rob is a lot more responsible. It's rare for him to procrastinate; he prefers to get necessary tasks out of the way before enjoying his downtime, if only so that he doesn't have them hanging over his head. He understands when things aren't meant to be taken personally, and he isn't as likely to get upset over something, or if he does, he usually gets over it by the next morning. Rob prefers to tell people the truth, but he may try to put things gently to soften the impact. Whether someone actually listens to him isn't his concern, but he will be more blunt if necessary, such as if he's trying to advise someone against something that may be dangerous--and when he's talking to Danny. Like Danny, he won't talk to someone while upset with them, but unlike him, he'll let the person know that he doesn't want to talk to them before doing so, and he's willing to talk again once he finds himself willing. He can also be a bit judgmental; it's pretty easy for him to pick up on things that he doesn't consider pleasant about someone. This is more of an internal thing, and if the issue is small enough, it most likely won't affect the way he interacts with someone. Some appearance- and intelligence-based things, however, may cause him to stay away from the person, or at least spend as little time around them as possible, and it can be pretty obvious when he's only being polite.
- Playing guitar
- Screenwriting
- Motorcycles and dirt bikes
- Billiards, bowling
- Sports
- Card and board games
- Autumn
- Suits
- Brown hair
- Smooth chests
- Strip teases/stripping another
- Being rushed/having time hanging over his head
- When people answer with something other a yes or no
- When people bring up past conflicts
- Anything other than ear piercings
- More than a little body hair
- Most kinky things
- One night stands (he may be able to be persuaded, though)
Other Notes: He has a twin (previous profile), so if Rob's chosen, Danny will be included in the roleplay. Also, I'm already using the twins in a couple roleplays on another site, so I may be less inclined to use them unless someone has a good idea for them.

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