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Author Topic: Female for Dom Male  (Read 285 times)

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Female for Dom Male
« on: June 25, 2013, 03:32:46 PM »
Fall out
Caesar has led his legion across the desert, defeating the NCR and putting all under his control. A few towns have bought their freedom with yearly tributes in the form of gold, goods and livestock.Caesar allows this, as long as the towns follow a strict moral code. After all, this way he gets all the benefits of controlling the territory without any of the drawbacks. This works for many years, until one town has had enough. Caesar has bled them dry, each year he leaves them with close to nothing. When he arrives for the next tribute, the gates are closed and his legion is looking down the barrels of guns. Caesar is not pleased.
My character is the town teacher. She's pretty, knowledgeable and fiercely protective of the children in her care. How far will she go to keep those children safe? What payments will Caesar require from her?

This is based off the FallOut game series!

Vikings Raid
Aine looks up, rage in her eyes as the viking stands over her. Her hands are numb and sword dropped at her feet. She's dazed, barely able to focus on the large, bear of a man as he stands smirking over her. The raid had been unexpected, the long ships came with the mist, the viking warriors rising up quickly.
The town is small, isolated but have good land. The land is fertile and crops grow quickly.

Aine slowly slumps forward, falling to the ground unconscious.

The vikings are growing tired. Their land doesn't support crops, they must raid to survive. They want their own home. And this band has found it.
The men that didn't fight are allowed to live. They'll be put to use farming the land for their new overlords while the vikings enjoy the women.

Aine was the only woman to fight. Women aren't allowed weapons, their not trained in their use. Fighting is a man's sport, a man's job. Aine still drew a sword and fought. She knew they'd most likely kill the short boy wielding the large sword. She just didn't expect her enemy to hit her upside the head and dislodge her helmet.

With her hair spilling over her back, it's clear she's simply a brave woman defending her home.

She's pretty, though its impossible to tell her figure. Aine's bound her breasts flat and dressed in her brother's old armor. The girl is spirited though which is rare in these women, she's a natural fighter. Most women are raised to be submissive to men, to passively accept their lot.
This one....she picked up a sword and fought.
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