Something to Sink My Fangs Into (F seeking M or F)

Started by SapphireStar, June 24, 2013, 01:48:58 PM

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I have been craving a vampire RP for a while, and I am open to all players whether male or female playing males. All are welcome  :-) Please PM me.

I am open to any time period, and genre. Now on to the plots.

Plots and Cravings

Fledglng: A young woman is attacked while on assignment as a freelance reporter/photographer for a magazine. She was never one to believe in the supernatural, until she winds up attacked and left for dead. Experiencing new urges, increasing sensitivity to lights, sounds, smells. The woman thinks she is going mad till someone steps in to help her navigate this new world she has found herself thrust into.

Predator and Prey: An infamous vampire hunter soon finds that she has bitten off more than they can chew. The Hunter is being hunted by a powerful vampire lord has taken an interest in her. He finds her an interesting challenge. So begins a dangerous cat and mouse game between the two enemies.  The game is partially for his amusement, and when it suits him he will end the game, with the desired result of making her his queen. (This can be role reversed where the Hunter is a male, and the vampire lord is a vampiress)

Seduce Me: A vampire, alone for hundreds of years, bored and tired of the temporary flings to fill the void the vampire goes looking for the one who would. 

The pairings are something with which to build the story up around. We can brainstorm ideas for settings and ideas to see what we can come up with. I am pretty flexible about what situations can happen within a plot. It can be anything from Light to Extreme.

Here are a few samples of pairings:

Vampire Lord x Elven Woman (Noblewoman/Princess)
Vampiress x Human Male
Vampiress x Male Hunter
Vampiress Head of House x Rival Lord
Vampiress x Demon Lord
Vampiress x Male Elven Warrior/Lord/Paladin/Knight
Vampire Lord x Female Huntress
Vampire Lord x Witch/Sorceress
Vampire Lord x Normale Human Female
Vampire Lord x Fledgling Vampiress (Recently turned human)
Vampire x Werewolf
Vampire x Fey
Vampire x Mermaid/Merman
Vampire x WereTiger
Vampire x Pirate



Seduce Me: A vampire alone for hundreds of years, grows bored and tired of the temporary flings of meaningless liasions. Living for so many years, he has seen the world change around him. Many think vampires are cold, unfeeling creatures of the night, but they feel and have desires like anyone else. Most choose not to form attachments due to the fleeting nature of world around them. Humans living for what is seen but a blink of an eye to most vampires. Some vampires who find love turn their loves so they can be with them forever.

(There can be several ways to play this story. The vampire lord could be changed to be a vampiress.)

A Vampire lord could be cursed to lose his love over and over. She could be reincarnated each time she dies. When he finds her, he has only a year to make her fall in love with him. If he can't, then she will not be reincarnated and he loses her forever. The curse could be placed on the lovers by a jealous rival who had wanted the vampire lords lover, or a powerful witch or vampiress who was jealous of them placed the curse.