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Author Topic: *Players Wanted* The Emperor's Lovers *Fantasy Intrigue*  (Read 475 times)

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*Players Wanted* The Emperor's Lovers *Fantasy Intrigue*
« on: June 24, 2013, 01:01:47 pm »

Attention Anime Lovers, The Above Image Is As Close To Anime, As I Will Allow
This idea is kind of based on a weird premise. SO, there's an Emperor, kind of in the style of a culture I'm attempting to make from scratch. The highest officials in the Empire are either Clerics, Eunuchs, Concubines, Family Nobles, or his Great Generals. This Emperor is Immortal, and he is looking for a life long Companion. In order to win the Prize, the members of the Imperial Court,  compete with each other through duels, political backstabbing and scheming. Losers in the plotting could lose their dignity at the very least, their lives, or worse. *(Though if you're up for a challenge, even Commoners can participate in the scheming)

So to reiterate, the Prize of the Emperor is being his Wife/Husband, which includes Immortality and equally important, godly powers, as the Emperor is some kind of deity. The Emperor himself has given an indefinite, but temporary duration for earning the Prize. However, the Emperor has said that the time for earning his favor will be at least an entire Year, if not a few years. Even his children may compete for the Prize, but they wouldn't be his Lover, of course, they would earn Immortality and powers like anyone else. The Emperor has even hinted that he may clean house and wipe out the opposition of his new Lover when he/she won.

Character Sheet:
Appearance: No anime.
*Cleric, Eunuch, Concubine, Generals, Child/(Should the Child receive his powers and win the prize, they will be sent away, as the Emperor does not believe in incest. However, the Child may wish to earn the Emperor's powers anyway, if they cross the wrong rival)* Commoners, Or lastly, high ranking Noblefolk are the only people allowed by law to practice magical arts(Well, commoners can use magic, but they aren't a part of courtly affairs yet). ((They have limited access to the Emperor or rival Houses, but begin with an occult advantage))
*Clerics can worship any particular god or even the Emperor. Clerics typically have magical powers sanctioned by the Emperor for citizens to possess, including healing magic. They have Ceremonial power and respect of the masses. Under certain circumstances they can even argue with the Emperor. If the Emperor is furious at you the only hope you might have to survive or escape punishment is to run to a Cleric, or if he's after you himself, the High Priest. (Only one High Priest). 
*Eunuchs were usually commoners who were castrated so they could have greater access to political power and the presence of the Emperor. (Some Eunuchs are both Concubines and Imperial Eunuchs, but Eunuchs can't have children, and thus, they would bring a new challenge to the Empire if they gained the Prize)
*Concubines have favor from the Emperor for both obvious and not so obvious reasons. (Note, the Emperor prefers both men and women) The advantage of Concubines who are male and not castrated is that they can run around back and forth between allies/enemies and NPCs with a certain degree of legal protection. Eunuchs only have legal protection for access to the Emperor and some of his retainers.
*Generals have martial experience, better troops and gaurds, and usually more loyal officers. It's somewhat easier for Generals to identify with the normal population as well.
*Children. The Children or grandchildren even, of the Emperor. (The Emperor has only recently been impregnating women like crazy for the past 30 or so years) The Children have special favor from the Emperor, and generally have wealth that only Clerics have. They typically have the legal protection to travel across the Empire with little worry about being harmed. As a result, rural areas are perfect places for the Children to claim Sanctuary in.
*Noblefolk, the Noblefolk typically have the loyalty of a single territory in the Empire, specialized warriors in their service, and they are legally allowed to practice magic arts.
*Lastly, and maybe the most difficult, Commoners. . . Merchants, Land-Owners without Noble lineage, or even, if you are true masochist, the lowly Commoners such as servants or farmers, etcetera. The only advantage these people have, other than not having political enemies yet, is that they are legally allowed to know magic-arts.
Rivals: (Potential enemies. The difference between this and an Enemy is that Rivals don't particularily dislike you. If your Rival is evil enough, they may decide to kill you or worse just because they can).
Magical Powers belong here.
Also, you can write here if you are currently breaking any Imperial laws for your own advantage, what the advantage is. . . I will inform you what the penalty might be if you are discovered.

Cultures of the Empire range from anything European, Egyptian, or even Middle Eastern, keep that in mind for your character sheet
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Re: *Players Wanted* The Emperor's Lovers *Fantasy Intrigue*
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2013, 05:36:50 pm »
Please examine this and critique honestly, I tried this intrigue role play before and got some honest and nice spirited constructive criticism. . . I can't really seem to find much of the same flaws I had in the last one I tried.