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Author Topic: Jason's Group RP Requests and Ideas  (Read 467 times)

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Jason's Group RP Requests and Ideas
« on: June 23, 2013, 05:07:40 PM »
PM me, do NOT post here

Available Roleplay ideas
Heroes Rising
We all are familiar with the story of Superman. Well, we do have a Kryptionian. But he's not the famous one from the comics, series or movies. In this alternative universe, we'll follow the uprising of 4 Aliens. Whether they become good or bad will be up to them. As of now, they are just normal people with superpowers. Ironically they are friends and rivals of eachother, and live pretty much in the same area.

Race descriptions
First there is the Kryptonian. The yellow sun is the source of his powers. Once this hero reaches the top of his potential, he'll be virtually indestructible, can ignite or melt most things with his gaze and even look through most materials except for lead. And then there's the Ice breath and the ability to fly. Kryptonians are humanlike in appearance, but very different from these. While most are bred and programmed for a specific purpose, the one here on Earth is born naturally. Right now, the powers this one holds are increased durability, an inhuman amount of strength, and though he can't fly yet, he can run at the speed of sound, and leap up most buildings. The  Kryptonian physiology isn't build for earth's atmosphere, however though initially forced to struggle breathing, they will adapt. Right now he'll have slightly asthmatic breathing issues, but over time it will disappear. The kryptonian air composition makes him like a normal human, but that is only as long as he breathes it.

Then there's the Gavecti. These are a physically weak species, however, their mental capabilities are way beyond human measurement. They are powerful with the tools of the mind. Naturally gifted with Telekinesis, Telepathy, ESP and so on, they are still a force to be reckoned with. This race sent it's offspring to many different worlds, where they would quickly adapt to live among the planet's most intelligent species. The one on Earth is still a beginner, and can only perform crude acts of telekinesis and ESP. His telepathy is only to the level where he can hear thoughts if he really focusses on someone. This one suffers from chronic headaches, because the telepathic abilities go out of control once in a while.

The Illuk are a species from a constantly changing planets. Therefore they evolved into cunning shapeshifters with a hunterlike nature. They can form their body, or limbs, into anything they desire, as long as they don't exceed their maximum amount of mass. As they age, these creatures grow stronger and more resilient, as well as being capable to shift into larger forms. They are not limited to animals, but also can transform parts of their bodies in weapons. They can keep their shapeshift up for days. The oldest ones ever for years. The one on Earth can do it for about an hour before they need to change back. Should they exceed this, upon returning to their original, or their adopted form, they will be stuck in the said form until twice the duration of the transformation. However, the eyes always remain the same, even in the adopted form. Always those reptilian slits. Of course these can be hidden using lenses or sunglasses.

The fourth and final species, Capable of controlling the very elements. Human in appearance, except for having a demonlike tail. The younger ones usually have an affinity for one or two elements, and will be most powerful in those two, while extremely crappy over the control of the other ones. These don't just include the 4 traditional elements, but also those of other cultures, such as the chinese or japanese. As these grow older, their affinities and masteries grow, and upon the age of 40 they will be able to control every element at their whims. However these are, unless properly using his control over the elements appropriately, physically very weak and frail. A Gavecti can even nullify this power by disrupting a particular brainwave
the exact plot will be up for discussion, which will be in a topic, created if at least 2 other people show interest. the current maximum for it will be 4, but once the rp gains a subforum (if it happens at all) the 4 original characters will be mature, and more kind of races and classes (in case of humans) will be added.

it will be either freeform, or diceroll based.

Running Roleplays

Running But In Need of new people

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