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June 25, 2018, 09:16:48 AM

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Author Topic: F looking for M (Big Wishes, Big Dreams! Transformation/Bimbo, Wish Fullfillmnt)  (Read 547 times)

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Offline magikalTopic starter

I have two ideas I'd like to explore, both offering transformation of the main character from a girl next door character to a manufactured, partially artificial beauty.

The characters would be both interested in chasing their dreams. Look at my previous posts and my o/os to see if we're compatible.

In a private message, tell me why you are interested in the game and what would you bring to it.


----------------- Story One.. Making it Real Big in Hollywood.----------------- (transformation, bimbo, non-con/exotic)
Sheila Haywards arrived in Los Angeles six months ago with a dream, to become the next movie star. Everything in her life always seemed to work out just the way she wanted it, from being prom queen and dating the high school quarterback, to always being given the female leads in every play in high school, to even being voted Miss Teen Iowa in 2012. She came in second in the Miss Teen USA competition, which was a bit of a shock since she was sure she'd come in first. After the shock wore off, she packed up her things and her head shot, and moved to Hollywood with very little money but a very big dream.

When she arrived the modeling agency put her a studio apartment with 2 other models, all with the promises of 'making it big.' She works at low paying modeling jobs during the day and as a waitress at night, just to have enough money to make ends meet. She doesn't have her own car and very little clothes. Her cell phone is three or four years old and barely works. She's starting to think "Major Models" is stringing her along and doesn't have her best interests at heart, still she doesn't know what she would do otherwise. She's living in a studio apartment with 2 other models, both of which both work crazy hours and are almost never home too.

She's barely able to save 50 bucks a week, but at least now has close to 800 dollars saved up. She remember reading that flirtatious waitresses made more tips, so she began playing up her modest assets, wearing a push up bra and low cut tops that showed off a healthy amount of cleavage. She had naturally brown hair that was colored auburn, just from cheap 7 dollar color kits from the drugstore. Although she was still only 18, she felt like she had to strike when the iron was hot and that she was running out of time.

Sheila served all of the regulars their coffee and pancakes, she noticed a new guy that was in a nice suit. He seemed to have wandering eyes, taking in her cleavage, she hoped he left her a big tip for all of the ogling. She sees he's eating the pancakes and nearly done with the coffee, she grabs the pot and walks over to him, smiling, "They're the best in LA, don't you agree?" She tops off his coffee with a smile. "Anything else you need?" She pulls out his bill and slips it onto the countertop, it says "Thanks! Heart Sheila"
Your role: You would play the agent who has decidedly less pure motives than her- you want to change just about everything about her, train her, enslave or, or control her. You would like to alter her appearance through surgery, pills, magic, etc. Maybe you want to have her become famous, but instead of a movie star, you want her to be the biggest porn star on earth.

Posts: 3 to 5 times per week.

Story 2: Rockstar Goddess (transformation, bimbo, non-con/exotic)
Alexis had her first hit at 14. Her first album sold over 100,000 copies. She was a young teenager with a golden voice and amazing style. She wore school girl uniforms as part of her thing and even had suggestive poses on the cd. Eventually parents groups demanded that major retailers stopped carrying her cd for promoting poor values. The negative press hit her career hard. Her second album was never released. She eventually was dropped from her record label. Broke, unpopular, and alone she took a few classes at the local junior college while working as a cashier at Starbucks.

It's been ten years, since she gave up, she's now in her late 20s. She's not as sexy or adorable as she once was. As she's chowing down a late night burger listening to her favorite radio channel, someone calls in and requests her one single hit. As she listens to the lyrics, she realizes she needs to turn her life around, and do anything to get back on top again.

Alexis was determined to get back into shape, she decided to get a free week long pass at her local gym, she hit the gym hard. After a week she had lost a few pounds, but was a long way away from her sexbomb days. She would work eight hours every day at Starbucks, then spend 2 hours at the gym, and as many hours as she could on her old macbook trying to get a decent sounding demo.

In the last week of October, she called up her old manager, seeing if they would be interested in representing her again. She bought ten cds and burned them, with a color label in her heyday wearing a sexy cheerleader outfit. She also had her email address on the bottom of the label.

After a week of trying to give them away, she heard about an audition for a singer in a local bar. She tried out, there was a small audience watching. She did alright but didn't really kill it. The bar owner said he would let her know in a few days. She nodded sadly, knowing in her heart she had already lost it.

She walked to the bar after and sat at a seat, ordering a Miller Lite. She had a stack of photocopies with her vital information and two copies left of her cd demo. There were many people in the bar, some walked near her but then turned around, no one approached her. She slowly nursed her Miller lite, trying to decide what to do with her life next.

She had a 6am Starbucks shift, but she was starting to feel like this was the last night of her life to make a change, make a comeback, and become the Rockstar Goddess that she knew she could be. She glanced at her cheap cell phone, checking the time. It was nearly midnight. She let the bartender know she was going to leave some cds and business cards- she even had a very amateur website She was about ready to gather her things up and leave when she heard someone clear their throat. She smiled and turned, expecting to find maybe a fan or perhaps someone hitting on her.
Your role: you would play the manager, boyfriend, or other negative influence in her life. You want her to combine sex, drugs, and music.

Post rate: 3 to 5 times per week

Thanks for reading this. If either idea sounds interesting, please write me in private message and let me know what your ideas are and what you bring to the table. Keep in mind, these topics are both games that have stalled in the past, so hopefully this time they go much more smoothly! I prefer playing by a thread here on E, as opposed to some other method. Basic grammar skills are fairly important to me as well.