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Author Topic: ->| EXALTED |<- "Should The Sun Not Rise"  (Read 5305 times)

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Offline RSGAlex

Re: ->| EXALTED |<- "Should The Sun Not Rise"
« Reply #100 on: August 27, 2013, 08:10:32 pm »
I'll consider throwing a character up for contention, for either idea. Admittedly, I have a bit of a preference for base Creation (as evidenced by my main character idea right now being based in Creation), but I might still put my hat into contention if it's Gunstar. I'd just need to read more and come up with a good concept for it.

For base Creation (this was written with an eye on An-Teng, but I can re-work bits), my first thought was a man from a cadet house of the Realm, somewhat skilled bureaucratically, but unfortunately unexalted (Possible name Mehasid Ferid). As part of some politics surrounding a marriage between his house and a minor house of one of the Great Houses, his position working for the Golden Triumvirate in the Lap would be given to his new in-laws to sell to their parent house, and he'd be re-assigned to the next available place that he'd be of use. (A great deal more favor trading and bribes were involved, but that was the essence of the deal.)

Much to his surprise, he was quickly re-assigned to a relatively minor (in both importance and work load) position in An-Teng. In the years since his arrival, he's committed a few heresies that would get him killed, taken the second breath, and gained a rather favorable reputation among the local Tengese, mostly the nobility.

The heresies center around a trio of Prayer Wheels of Sextes Jylis, one small, two large, and only one of the large ones officially belonging to him. The one that officially did belong to him was given as a gift to Santeris, the local immaculate, from his house to the Order. The small one was given to Abbot Foulu, to be remade into a Prayer Wheel of the Golden Lord, which would presumably shower light and protection from ghosts and night-spirits across a large-ish building. The remaining wheel lies disassembled, part of his now somewhat abandoned plan to slowly reclaim the City of Dead Flowers.

His second breath and reputation both stem from more or less the same people and series of events. Soon after his arrival in An-Teng, Ferid met up with three old school friends (and the uncle of a friend, although the uncle was in the military and not the civil service), and he abused the small monetary windfall that his family granted him to help them out. Thus the tax collectors always had the proper amount of money and goods, even if the nobles and peasants didn't actually pay the proper amounts. The fang-leader always had more booze to splash around, even if it was cheap. The port inspector was able to offer a small discount to certain favored ships, if they'd go to a certain also favored place for supplies.

Until about seven years ago, the actual monetary amounts were quite small, as he used most of his money to support a proper life-style and (more importantly) make more money. That he used a great deal of money to acquire rare and potent medicines to save the life of the youngest daughter of the noble family he rented just after acquiring an even greater amount of money through backing an up and coming Guild merchant was a coincidence. Ferid believes (almost certainly incorrectly) that the attack was satrap Jor's way of sending a message to the upstart mortal about meddling in things he shouldn't have.

Ferid's response was to become even more lavish in his spending, hoping that when the axe did fall on him, he'd have enough favors owed to him that his beneficiaries would ... do something. Ferid never did plan well when angry. In a stroke of irony worthy of being in a play, Jor was aware of Ferid's spending, and benefited from most of it enough that the mortal gained a few audiences with the satrap.

It was the fifth of these little audiences that lead directly to Ferid taking the second breath. Jor believed the mortal to have been his bought man (the scion of Ragara helped Ferid keep more of his money and still gain favor with his family by imposing arbitrary 'taxes' on the goods Ferid sent back, and letting Ferid keep most of the money), utterly without dangerous ambition, and utterly unimportant other than as his perfectly unwitting catspaw against Shuri the Scarlet.

If Ferid's nerve hadn't utterly left him, it's likely that both he and Jor would be dead; Ferid from Jor's blade, and Jor from Ferid's poisoned wine. Other than that, it was a perfect plan, one that would have left Jor's reputation in shambles (albiet utterly by accident) and Ferid a martyred hero.

But he didn't serve the wine, and so three years of planning went to waste. If not for a chatty locust-like demon, it would have also been a life gone to waste.

He ran with the second chance it offered, although the Satrap is safe until another perfect opportunity can be found. Or not. There's bound to be some use for the dragon blood.


You know, this really got away with me. I was only planning on writing two paragraphs, three tops.

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: ->| EXALTED |<- "Should The Sun Not Rise"
« Reply #101 on: August 28, 2013, 04:35:25 am »
Rajah: I have interest on your game, although your version of Gunstar I have not much interest in (I would prefer more Shards as written Gunstar setting).

Probably rolling a infernal in that setting and also would welcome a lunar mate.

Offline ChaoticSky

Re: ->| EXALTED |<- "Should The Sun Not Rise"
« Reply #102 on: August 28, 2013, 08:25:57 pm »
i could also be interested! though may i suggest a new thread?

Offline Cessali

Re: ->| EXALTED |<- "Should The Sun Not Rise"
« Reply #103 on: August 28, 2013, 09:57:33 pm »
Expect new threads as the various STs get their stuff finalized.  This'll be a convenient notification point until then!  :D

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Re: ->| EXALTED |<- "Should The Sun Not Rise"
« Reply #104 on: August 28, 2013, 10:48:56 pm »
I still have interest in playing in this game, if Pumpkin Seeds is still thinking of ST'ing. No offense Jarick, or Rajah, but my Lady has talked her up.

Offline Pumpkin Seeds

Re: ->| EXALTED |<- "Should The Sun Not Rise"
« Reply #105 on: August 29, 2013, 04:01:59 am »
:: blushes::

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Re: ->| EXALTED |<- "Should The Sun Not Rise"
« Reply #106 on: August 29, 2013, 02:41:15 pm »
I still have interest in playing in this game, if Pumpkin Seeds is still thinking of ST'ing. No offense Jarick, or Rajah, but my Lady has talked her up.
*Peeks in* Tattle tale....*peeks back out*

Offline Cessali

Re: ->| EXALTED |<- "Should The Sun Not Rise"
« Reply #107 on: September 01, 2013, 01:26:54 am »
Flight of the Broken-Winged Crane recruitment thread is up.  Take a look, take a think, put a bit out if you're interested.