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Author Topic: An Oddly Light Mood, For Me [M lf F]  (Read 367 times)

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An Oddly Light Mood, For Me [M lf F]
« on: June 20, 2013, 10:27:00 AM »
Hey everybody,

If you've seen me around you know my tastes tend to be on the dark side but I had a few ideas that are notably lighter then my norm that I'd like to try. I wonder if this interests anyone else.

Name: Nuova Histoire Da Ma Vie
Content: Light to Bondage
Scenario: When he became the new Librarian for the public library serving 4 small towns in eastern Kentucky he really had no idea what he was getting into, but even he could see that the women of the township were pretty sexually frustrated. Even worse, the menfolk were either too stupid, too religious, or too sexually repressed themselves too do anything about it. In some cases, it was actually tearing families apart - he could see that clear as day.

Then he reads the Histoire Da Ma Vie, the Autobiography of Giacamo Casanova. A fellow librarian from 1700's Venice, Italy who even with the social attitudes of the time still bedded over a hundred women over the course of his lifetime - and our modern librarian learns that part of the reason why Casanova had so many sexual partners was because he really did feel sorry for how sexually frustrated he could tell the women were and how awful their husbands and lovers were.

So our librarian decides to have a go at being a modern Casanova at the advice of one who came before. Like his predecessor, only married women whose marriages actually seem to be happy and loving are off-limits - and unlike his predecessor he has modern social attitudes, tools, and techniques at his disposal.

A new Casanova begins adventures of his own.

Requirements: A female writer willing to play multiple female characters of these nearby towns. Some of them married, all of them sexually frustrated.

Name: Babymaker
Content: Light to Bondage
Scenario: The Overland Fertility Clinic is a place where families start, at least in theory. Sometimes people get bad news that the family they want they can't have. It's sad, but it happens.

One such case is a married woman who has wanted a large family with her husband ever since they got married but has recently discovered that her husband has a testosterone problem. As a result, not only is his sperm count ridiculously low but what sperm he does have is lethargic and almost lifeless.

She's almost downright despondent until she discovers that one of the data entry clerks at the clinic looks like a younger, stronger, healthier version of her husband and from the sounds of the conversation she just heard it sounds like he has the opposite problem - his sperm count is so high and his sperm is so energetic that they can overcome some forms of birth control and impregnate his partners anyway.

Maybe he can help with her problem. And the problems of some other women who hang around the Overland Clinic, how that they think about it.

Requirements: A female partner willing to play as multiple female characters who all have in common that they want a baby bad enough that they're willing to bang a random handsome stranger to have one. The primary female character should be a married woman with whom the primary male character will have a striking physical resemblance to her husband.

Name: So You Want A Revolution
Content: Light
Scenario: An astronaut gets caught in a bizarre spatial anomaly and ends up crashlanding on an alien planet. The good news is that its a fascinating example of parallel evolution, even too the point where the dominant species is humanoid. They're obviously not human, but they walk on two legs, use two arms, the sexual dimorphism is about the same, they're about the same size, etc.

Rescued by the natives of this planet, releasing he himself is the alien, he tries to learn the local language and customs - and discovers that the local government is incredibly oppressive and as sexually repressive as any Victorian age fiction. The idea of having sex for any reason other then procreation is - well, Alien to them.

But of course the "alien" among them makes them curious, and one of the female natives has to try him out - and when it turns out that human sexual practices are so much better then theirs that word can't help but spread, our Astronaut has to ride out the fact that he may of just kickstarted a social and political revolution on a planet he never should of been on in the first place.

Requirements: A female writer willing to play alien women being taught how to "love". :P
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