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Author Topic: An itch to be scratched: Flea's Cravings (open to anyone)  (Read 944 times)

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An itch to be scratched: Flea's Cravings (open to anyone)
« on: June 18, 2013, 11:08:22 PM »
Requests Closed

Hey! I'm looking for anyone to roleplay with, but please read my O/Os before you contact me to make sure we're a good fit! Other than that I'm very laid back so tell me your ideas! I'd love to hear them and I'm almost always up for something new! I'll let you know if I am uncomfortable with or don't want to play out your idea.

SO RIGHT NOW I'M CRAVING: Dom/sub (flea as the sub), lots of smut, virginity, risk of pregnancy, exhibitionism

Defined Ideas:

Curio is set about 1910, in small-town America (Though to be honest, my real inspiration for the setting is Anne of Green Gables and that's Canada.) A young school teacher, 26 years of age and still unmarried, lives with her elderly mother, who is constantly heckling the young woman to find a husband. A mysterious traveling peddler arrives in town, ostensibly to set up a permanent shop. Among his wares is a strange porcelain pendant on a gold chain, and the young woman feels drawn to it, buying it on a whim. The peddler did say it would bring her luck in love, after all... And that's where you come in! You could play the peddler or a character of your own devising. The necklace will have some ill-effects (which, sadly, I have not come up with yet. Toying with the ideas that either the pendant makes all the men want her or the pendant makes her want all the men.) and your character and mine, the young woman, have to solve the mystery the necklace presents. Is it magic? Is it science? Is it demons? Is it nothing--the young woman's sexual frustration is just coming to a head? There's a lot of opportunity for world- and lore-building with this one! Though I wrote the description like it's specifically a M/F RP, it can be changed to be F/F!

Vague Ideas:

PUBLIC SEX is pretty much my biggest kink; anytime, anywhere is my motto! not really but that's okay lol So an RP idea with public sex is always a good idea.

Closet Pervert is an idea about a quiet, unassuming girl who is secretly, surprise! A pervert. One way or another she comes out of the closet: her sex drive gets the better of her, or someone finds her masturbating or her porn stash. The other party can hold it over her head or be nice about it, that's up to you! ;) I would prefer to be the pervy girl.

The Silver Fox/Cougar is just what it sounds like: some young person meets an older man or woman who is in a position of power, and sparks fly. The older person becomes the younger's benefactor. This could be a light domination rp or just an assertive lover (the older party being the Dom). I would prefer to be the younger party.

Flowers in the Attic is your basic brother/sister incest story. An older brother goes away to college and finds his sister has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. The two become close again, and when the brother is having girlfriend problems and his sister confides she wants to lose her virginity... We'll see what happens! ;) I would be the sister.

Deflowering is just a losing virginity RP, but I really want it to be in the kinkiest, dirtiest way consensually possible. I would want this to be a m/f RP, where the girl loses yet virginity to a much more experienced man. I would play the female.

Deflowering in the Attic is the combination of my Deflowering and Incest ideas. Brother (or male cousin) is a recent college grad with quite the reputation for being a fantastic lover. Little Sister (or female cousin), on the other hand, is a shy virgin who hasn't even kissed a boy. I would like lots of build up and sexual tension before the actual vaginal deflowering occurs. I would like to play the sister... and there will probably be lots of begging on my end ;) I would like the brother to be really assertive, even dominant, over his sweet, innocent little sister. Maybe even possessive? ;)

Wherefore Art Thou Not Fucking Me Against A Wall? is just a very smutty historical roleplay featuring public sex and voyeurism and exhibitionism. It can be any historical period, but if you want to start right away it would be best to choose from Medieval, Regency, Victorian, or Edwardian time periods. Or the Viking Age! lol I'm open to any plot ideas about this, just PM me if you're interested and we can work it out!

Any Sort of F/F RP I've really been craving a F/F RP! It can even be F/Futa! I really like the idea of strangers having sex once, then becoming addicted to each other, for F/F RPs. Maybe one of the ladies even has a boyfriend she has to keep it a secret from? ;) If that particular idea isn't your cup of tea but you're looking to do a F/F RP, message me and we can come up with something we both like!

She's a Witch A fantasy (could be any kind of fantasy-- Tolkien-esque to gritty urban fantasy) RP involving a witch (or cambion)-- the daughter of an incubus and a human woman. When this witch (my character) reaches the height of her power, she unknowingly inherits the sexual needs of her father. Suddenly the witch wants to sleep with anyone and everyone all at the same time-- how will she deal with it? How will your character deal with it? This RP would probably be better if you were comfortable playing more than one character, or if you savor the challenge of attempting to tame the witch! ;) This RP could be M/F or F/F.

Really Vague Ideas:

Use Me The idea of being used sexually is very appealing to me right now. Let me give an example of what I mean when I say "used": my character would consent to yours, and they would have sex until she orgasms. Your character hasn't orgasmed yet, and rides my character roughly until he/she finally cums. Or your character just keeps fucking mine until your character is satisfied, not caring whether or not my character is uncomfortable or hurt or something. I know I'm not making much sense, so please send me a PM if you want clarification. I just really want to be used in an RP right now.

I know none of the ideas are very original or very specific, but I want each rp to grow on its own, based on the chemistry between you and myself. Please PM me if you're interested!

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Re: An itch to be scratched: Flea's Cravings (open to anyone)
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Added new ideas in green!

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Re: An itch to be scratched: Flea's Cravings (open to anyone)
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New idea and cravings in green!

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Re: An itch to be scratched: Flea's Cravings (open to anyone)
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Re-opening older ideas!

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Re: An itch to be scratched: Flea's Cravings (open to anyone)
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Re: An itch to be scratched: Flea's Cravings (open to anyone)
« Reply #5 on: October 07, 2013, 10:01:08 PM »
Added "Really Vague Ideas" and "Use Me"!

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Re: An itch to be scratched: Flea's Cravings (open to anyone)
« Reply #6 on: March 06, 2014, 11:37:53 PM »
Back from a really long hiatus and ready to RP again, everything is open!