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Author Topic: Littlerooster's revamped request thread, seeking Females.  (Read 1193 times)

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Offline littleroosterTopic starter

Hello all, been here a couple of months now and thought I would revamp the request thread a little.

So what have I learned in 2 months? I like story line based RP's I have found smut based ones run out of steam quickly and are dull to write.

I like delving into the characters psychology and emotions, what are they thinking, how are they developing etc. I also like involved plots, even if it is a basic type of plot like incest, lets make it more interesting than just two people who happen to be related having sex.

I am cool with playing sub or dominant and have various ideas, if you want to chat please PM me. I prefer thread based RP's and can write anything from 1-2 paragraphs to more than a dozen depending on the RP, my partner and what I feel is needed.

I also like Conflict as a theme, someone stripping for example for another reason other than just getting off on it.

So onto my ideas.

Newest Idea - Laura 2313, Set in the future where Pleasure bots have been created to satisfy a largely male market, a nerdy robotics tech loves his girlfriend Laura, this part is open to discussion, somehow he loses her, she might have died, or just left him, or something else, he is devastated, he creates the Laura2313, a Pleasurebot that is an exact copy of her physically and sexually, he keeps the original and best Laura2313 for himself but markets a special one which is not quite as "exact" to the market, it becomes a best seller. This RP would involve my partner playing the Pleasurebot and the actual Laura. I think this has a lot of potential to go in different areas, all open for discussion.

Craving an incest RP, was thinking of something a little different to what I have played already.

You would play my female relative (daughter is fine but if that is against your limits, niece is good too).

My wife has just died, you were daddy's (or uncles) little girl growing up, we had tea parties, I taught you to dance, there was always a lot of pseudo romance between us. Nothing sexual has ever happened.

But now you are an adult 18-23 (you pick), you see that I am hurting, lonely, you want to help, you seduce me.


Female Magician has an adult magic show with a male assistant, adult versions of usual magic tricks for female audiences, plus rehearsals etc.


A Rp within a RP kind of idea - A female wants to RP explore the dark side, she joins a RP forum and starts speaking to a dark stranger the stranger introduces her to a world of kink and eventually has her doing it in real life.


Prostitution - This could be Taboo as in one family member prostitutes another or something more standard.

Raffle Girl - A woman is asked if she will be the raffle prize for a party

Breeding Camp (Sci Fi) - There is a war between two races, a woman is taken captive and forced to breed for the enemy - I have a backstory for this one. (IN PLAY)

Rape Camp - A woman joins a newly formed all female squad, they must be trained to deal with rape and learn to sexualize themselves to dupe the enemy when undertaking infiltration missions. (IN PLAY)

Detention - A female teacher keeps a male student back after school, she is upset that he has looked down her top, she will now sexualize and objectify him.

Second best scenario - a guy likes a woman, she only likes him as a friend but likes his attention, she teases him and one day allows him some relief but only by offering him her leg etc to hump.

Cuckolding - A woman decides she wants to cuckold her man

The F friend, a guy has a hot F friend, he has a crush on her and she knows it, she keeps him interested just enough by flirting occasionally. She likes his attention and that he is a nice guy and romantic but isn't physically attracted. One day he tells her he is horny and will be visiting a brothel. She doesn't like this idea so offers him second best, the chance for him to dry hump her leg etc anything but the real thing.

The mature girlfriend, an 18 y.o guy has a relationship with an older woman, she likes it so much that she wants to show him off to her friends in an art class setting. She wants him to model nude.

Jessica Hanby -I also have a Fandom RP idea where I get to be a human who becomes the interest of Jessica from True Blood.

"The Collector"
Based on the novel by John Fowles, a man kidnaps a young woman and places her in a custom made room with a window so he can study her from the outside. He talks with her and feeds her but will not release her.

This could work with 2 females being held captive as well.

Chastity - My character is placed in chastity, has his orgasms controlled etc by his girlfriend, wife etc

Vet - I am a vet and you are my nurse, we get an animal in (your choice of which type) that will die unless it has sex, there are no other female animals of it's type in the practice, there is limited time, will you help??

The Ugly Duckling Game - The idea of this one is a group of good looking men have a competition to see who can find the plainest woman to take to a party, once there the women are forced to compete for the prize, different competitions that see them increasingly wear less and less and until they are all naked. Once all naked the men decide which one they would least like to have sex with, she is the winner, a raffle is drawn and the man chosen has to have sex with her in front of everyone.

Yes it will be cruel. Any takers?
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Offline Silk

I like the idea of the Breeding camp. :)

Offline x3yugimutoux3

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curious as to whether or not you'd be willing to try some of those ideas in a fandom setting from YuGiOh. It's really less about the games and cards to me as it is about the characters and their relationships and dynamics with one another.

Example: I am a big fan of gender bending little Yuugi. Simply because the first YuGiOh I was introduced to was the manga version of Season Zero. When Yuugi is essentially effeminate and very sweet-tempered and quite feminine (his voice actor was a cute sounding girl even), and Jonouchi (Joey) constantly comments that Yuugi acts like a girl. I have toyed with several pairings in my head, from RyouxFem!Yuugi (sweetxsweet) to MokubaxFem!Yuugi (Mokuba has a major crush) to JoeyxFem!Yuugi (protective relationship) to even SetoxFem!Yuugi (sweet yuugi slowly melting Kaiba's icy exterior somehow) and even in the ancient egyptian memory world (Pharaoh/Princess Atemu and High Priest Seto)

but i'm also more into the psychological. Why a certain character acts a certain way, how they feel, they're inner monologue...

Offline littleroosterTopic starter

Sorry  x3yugimutoux3 I'm not familiar with any of the Fandom settings you mentioned.

Offline littleroosterTopic starter

Re: Littlerooster's revamped request thread, seeking Females.
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2013, 07:39:27 AM »

Offline Sofina

Re: Littlerooster's revamped request thread, seeking Females.
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2013, 08:35:13 AM »
I'm quite interested about the Daddy/Daughter idea, I have always wanted to see how I got on in a scenario like that. PM me if  you are still looking.

Offline littleroosterTopic starter

Re: Littlerooster's revamped request thread, seeking Females.
« Reply #6 on: September 21, 2013, 07:46:05 AM »