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September 22, 2023, 03:32:30 pm

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Author Topic: Supernatural RP! (Seeking F)  (Read 626 times)

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Supernatural RP! (Seeking F)
« on: June 18, 2013, 04:14:00 pm »
Hey guys,

So I recently finished watching all of Supernatural again, up to the end of the 5th season. I'd like to throw a RP together with an idea I was developing, and see if anybody is interested. So here it goes! Let me know what you think, and PM me if you're interested in setting something up.

The story would begin in a similar way to the Sam and Dean origin of the show. My character as well as yours were childhood friends, our families extremely close largely due to the fact that both of our fathers were partner hunters. We spent a lot of time on the road, traveling from hunt to hunt, seeing every corner of America until we were old enough to begin training. It became apparent soon enough that the two of us were likely better matched than even our fathers, having an extremely good eye for the detective work involved, as well as the combat skills required. The beginnings of a romance, the extent to which we can decide later, had begun to form.

This lifestyle followed us until our late teens until one day a hunt against a nest of vampires went wrong. The two of us were off doing work in another state on a different case while our fathers were dead set on removing the threat of these vampires from some big town. The intel they had gathered proved to be incorrect, breaking into a haven populated by more than three times the number of suck-heads. Both were killed, and we took the news very hard.

Your character continued hunting afterwards, insisting that our fathers wouldn't want us to give up. However I jumped from the business, either going to college or finding steady work in some yet undetermined location.

It's been 5 years since the night that the two of us split up, and we haven't seen each other since. However one night you suddenly reappear asking for my help. Your new partner has gone missing on a vampire hunt, supposedly one of the last surviving members of that haven our fathers busted into. You need my character's help to find him as he, with the exception of yourself, is the best hunter in the area who isn't busy.

After that initial beginning hunt we can go anywhere with it! Add in more hunts and start our own long-term storyline. Sex will obviously be present in the RP, but the hunts and the story can be the focus.

What I'm looking for in a partner!

Primarily what I would need for this to work is equal storytelling participation. Obviously I'm not going to be in control of all the creatures we hunt, or the random events that occur to us in our day to day lives. For instance we could be having a normal conversation in the car when you narrate in that a pair of flashing blue and red headlights pull up behind us. We both are going to be in control of the story, not just along for the ride.

Somebody who can post with detail, especially physical description, emotions, and reactions. I would like somebody who can at the very least post daily, and is able to put up 3-5 paragraphs per post pending we aren't in conversation, or a fight.

What can be switched around!

Honestly this idea would work whether you are the one who quit hunting, or I am. Either is fine with me, though the person who chooses to be the one who stayed as a hunter over the last 5 years gets to pick the car if you'd like, and be the driver.

I would like to keep the archetype of Dean and Sam's relationship. The fun loving, less serious party-boy/girl and the more bookish, work-oriented loner. Lets decide on who is who.

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Re: Supernatural RP! (Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2013, 12:40:39 am »
Is this still open?