She didn't know she works for the Mafia! Dominant Male Wanted. Non Con-Bondage.

Started by Lady Temptress, June 18, 2013, 10:19:59 AM

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Lady Temptress

Hello there. I am craving a new crime lord - sex toy slave Rp.  I did have one going but for some unknown reason and without telling me, the guy stopped posting to the Rp. So, I am looking for another Crime Lord - slave roleplay. Just a heads up, I roleplay from my smart phone & I can't seperate posts, or send links or pics. But to me, those things don't make the rp. It's the writting and your partner. I would like a dominant male and I haven't thought up of a scenerio yet and I'd like their ages to ne around for the guy between 22 & 25 & I'll have the woman be between 19 & 23. We can discuss everything else here or in pm. I would like detailed posts as best as you can. I'm not a grammar  natzi but I want to understand  what is posted. So, any takers? I post at least 1, to 2 times a day. Sometimes 3  and please if you can't rp at certain times, be poliete and tell me please. Or , if your bored with the rp , let me know and we can fix it up or I'll find someone else. Thanks for reading and let me know.
Lady Dreamer