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Author Topic: Some Royal Cravings (Literate MxF or FxF)  (Read 1040 times)

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Offline Prince DirkTopic starter

Some Royal Cravings (Literate MxF or FxF)
« on: June 17, 2013, 06:00:13 pm »
Hello Fellow Kinksters,

I am looking for a fun and creative female partner with a very dirty mind! I'm sure you are out there...  ;)

My On/Off's thread is here with more details of what I like:

My ideal is a very literate partner who can ideally write 3-5 paragraphs per post, if not more. I hate specifying by quantity, as I really just want excellent prose and would never want "filler", but I find that my favorite partners routinely write at that length. If you don't enjoy writing posts of that size or it feels forced, we may not be a great match. I don't care as much about post frequency, once a day is more than enough and 2-3 times a week is perfect!

I love partners who are rich in describing details, including all the senses, but more importantly are also rich in detailing the inner thoughts and motivations of their characters. What makes a roleplay special to me is not how well a physical act is described, but what goes on in the heads of the characters. I like character development, either growth or degradation, and forging an emotional bond between our characters, either dark and twisted or sweet and romantic.

I play male characters and MxF pairings or female characters for FxF pairings. I am almost always the dom, but can do some switch if the plot needs it. I also enjoy playing balanced roles where there isn't a dom/sub cliche. I do like female characters that are spunky and sassy. And corrupting an innocent girl never gets old. I do not enjoy subs with no backbone or resistance, or ones that cry a lot.

Please give me stories with a good mix of plot and smut. If it's just smut, it tends to be a one-shot which is fine. If it's all plot, the sex becomes forced and awkward. And honestly, I'm here to write sexually oriented stories with kinks in them. If sex could be optional to the plot, it's likely not going to keep my interest. In my favorite stories, the sex is essential to drive the plot but the plot is more than sex.

Forum roleplays are my preference. I also really enjoy OOC chat, either via PM or IM. I love to discuss the story and it's always fun to talk about each other's posts. I truly like getting to know the crazy and interesting people on here, but I am only interested in writing and friendly chatting and seek nothing else in real life.


I love trying new genres, but some of my favorites are:

- Modern (High School, College, Workplace)
- Medieval Fantasy
- Victorian / Renaissance
- Any recent historical (wild west, roaring twenties, seventies)
- Science Fiction
- Alternate reality modern (where certain kinks may be normal, for instance)
- Medieval Japan
- Modern Supernatural (not super into vampires, but other magical beings/powers in our world are always fun)

Story Ideas:

I love any story where there is nice build-up of the characters and tension before smut. As I wrote above, character development is key and I like to see the characters progress and get changed by the story and the sex. That includes my character as well, even if I am a heartless dom. I also like stories where the sex gets progressively kinkier, versus going right to the max in the first scene. The best stories seem to have a lingering sexual and emotional tension between our characters that only gets resolved at the very end.

I always enjoy teasing, non-consensual sex that is "consensual" where the woman enjoys what is going on, great descriptions of emotional reactions like shame, lust and guilt, some coercion around nudity or sex acts, reluctance, seduction, turmoil, finding twisted love through submission and dominance, psychological humiliation and degradation, battles of wills, and sassy, strong female characters. I can be a sucker for romance, but the romance needs to be earned after lots of angst, betrayal, yearning, denial, mistakes, cheating, crossed signals, miscommunication and mistaken identity.

No scat, heavy gore, excessive non-sexual pain/violence, or animals.

Here are some ideas, I'll keep this updated:

Romantic / Consensual or Plot Driven
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Hostel Love. Two college students are backpacking through Europe in the summer after finishing a term abroad. They have been great friends, but despite a lot of sexual tension have been faithful to their significant others at home. The group of friends they were backpacking with splits apart, leaving the two of them alone for a week. To save money, they decide to split a room in hostels as they travel. Can they resist the temptation now that they are finally alone, sharing the same bed? Slow build-up of teasing and sex acts.

The secretary at night. A man hires an attractive new assistant with excellent writing skills. He discovers she is a fairly well-known amateur erotica writer with extremely kinky tastes. He discovers on her blog she is writing about her new boss... him... and some perverse fantasies she seems to already have on the job. He decides to see how far he can push her in real life, without admitting he knows her secret and reading her journal to see how she reacts to his teasing.

The Duchess and the Prince. A young Duchess is married for political reasons to an aging Duke. He is a drunken boor and humiliates and demeans her constantly, too old to even have more than occasional attempts at sex with the goal of producing an heir. The young Prince of the Kingdom pays a visit to their manor for a week, a man the Duchess dreamt of marrying in her youth but was politically never viable. He is a scoundrel and womanizer and proceeds to seduce the Duchess, literally under the nose of the aging Duke. Could be set in medieval, Renaissance/Victoria, or French revolutionary eras.

Demonhunter. In a city of Wizards and magic, one scarred and cynical man acts as a magical crimes investigations unit. A former apprentice wizard turned mercenary, he has a unique set of skills to help him investigate crimes on behalf of the Wizard's guild. He is tracking a powerful demon that escaped a summoning spell gone awry and is on a killing spree. His investigation leads him to a noble daughter recently moved to the city who has her own dark secrets and half-demon blood that she is trying to hide. Together they wind up tracking the demon and chasing their own demons with each other. Can be medieval or Victorian. Even potentially supernatural modern.

The Bet. A woman recently coming off a break-up and her friend, a manwhore who has casual sex nightly with different women, get into a drunken discussion of who is better at relationships and whether their approaches to dating are going to lead to true love. Since both agree that sex distorts their view on partners, they somehow dare each other into a bet where they will date for thirty days, but not have full blown sex until the end of the period. The first one to give in and demand it loses the bet and suffers some embarrassing consequences. They can, however, fool around short of sex and it becomes a game to try and seduce the other into caving.

Very Smutty
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sex Lessons for the Wife. A man married his high school sweetheart, who is attractive but sexually frigid and boring. She lays still in bed, doesn't like oral sex, either giving or receiving, and never orgasms. He turns to a high-class escort for his outlet of pleasure, paying her once a week for $600 an hour sessions of mind blowing kinkiness. His wife discovers the escort in his emails when he is on a long business trip. She is horrified, but also knows she's driven him elsewhere and is intrigued by this other woman. She hires the escort for herself and confesses to the woman when they meet that she wants to learn how to please her husband. The escort would give her kinky sex lessons and then, upon her husband's return, bring the wife into their next session with a mask on as part of an over the top kinky threesome. I would be willing to play the escort and the husband. Would like the final scene (threesome) to be outrageously smutty. Seeking a female willing to do FxF and MxF and do anything on my kink list.

Lost in Translation. A woman is traveling in a foreign country, such as Italy, and attempts to use a translation app on her phone when flirting with a guy she meets at a cafe. Unfortunately the stupid program keeps turning her innocent requests into dirty commands, leading to confused fun as the horny guy happily complies. His own words also get mangled back to her as needed in the plot to keep things escalated. This should be comedic smut.

Five Guys. Not the burger chain. Any number of set-ups, basketball team versus cheerleader, swinger party, camping trip, whatever you want.

Teacher's Nightmare. A hunky 30 year old high school teacher hides the secret that he worked as a porn star in his early twenties and produced some very rough and filthy porn. Two girls in his class discover his hidden past and try to blackmail him into fucking them while they film it. He gives them more than they bargained for and a hard fucking that treats them like he would a professional from his porn days.

It's Just a Role. On the first-time lesbian theme, I have one idea about a young, fairly innocent actress with a wholesome image (think Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, etc.) that takes a role in a movie where she plays a lesbian. It's all done to make her image more 'mature' and have her show nudity on screen for the first time, but of course she's secretly very interested in other women and is excited to explore the character. She'd be opposite another slightly older, more experienced actress that may be rumored to be bisexual or just naughty (Amber Heard, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Natalie Portman, Kristanna Loken, etc.). I like public sex, so the movie would have a couple love scenes with the two actresses that need to get shot before a film crew. The innocent actress would find herself embarrassingly aroused on the set during the shot, enough that it affects her acting and requires multiple reshoots until eventually the director has to cancel the filming for the day. He'd encourage the two stars to spend some time together, 'rehearse' the scene in private and get better chemistry and less awkwardness. Of course, that leads to some practice time together before the reshoot and the lesbian co-star would start to seduce the straight actress. I'd like it to lead to real orgasms happening before the unwitting film crew that think the acting has improved and then to steamier lesbian sex happening when they are in private. Particularly after teasing each other while filming other scenes during the day. Kinks can be worked in.

Extreme - NC/BDSM/Etc.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Honorable Sin. My character would be a respected Paladin, leader of a devout group of soldiers and chivalrous, pious and good in every way. Your character would be an evil woman, perhaps a Witch, Demoness or other magical being. She's been a high ranking leader of the Dark Lord the Paladin has been fighting and through fortunate circumstances, has been captured and brought to a fortress he holds. She has key information vital to his battle, potentially some threat or information about a traitor that could save thousands of lives and potentially the war. While the Paladin abhors torture and has taken a vow of celibacy, he decides that he will have to torture your character to get the information out of her. He doesn't want any of his troops committing such evil, so takes it upon himself. Ideally, your character would top from the bottom, goading him into darker and darker acts in an attempt to corrupt him. Eventually it would progress to him breaking his vows of chastity and full on BDSM style training by him, obsessed with breaking her to his will and fulfilling all his years of repressed sexual desire she teases to the forefront of his mind. There are a number of ways we could steer it. Perhaps she's allowed herself to be captured with the express goal of subverting the Paladin by leading him into dark acts. Or maybe she spills the information and he can be the hero, with a dark secret and a new side to his personality that would lead him to have to give up his vows.

Road to Hell. A virgin Princess whose kingdom is threatened by an evil Sorceror King has been kidnapped by a mysterious demon like knight. He's actually a former champion knight of her father's guard that has been corrupted by a demon cursed sword. Now working for the Sorceror King, he's been hired to bring the princess, virginity intact, to the sorceror so he can use the faerie blood she unwittingly has from her grandmother in an evil magical act designed to increase his power. The story would start with non-consent and gradually move to consensual as the Princess brings the Knight back from his darkness and uses her nascent faerie magic to free him of the corrupting influence of his sword.

Cum Dumpster Art. A famous Dutch performance artist lives in New York City. He's known for his often obscene and pornographic work, which involves live and depraved sex acts in public places as supposed social commentary. He also does a number of other more traditional art pieces that are similarly on the edge between obscene and artistic. A controversial figure, hated by conservatives and famous for riling up religious types, he is a living celebrity in the liberal art world. Your character would be an attractive and highly educated art student, but very conceited and vain. She approaches the artist about being his apprentice with a lackluster portfolio of her student art that he finds banal. Given her ego and attitude, he decides to make her the focal point of his next piece.. called Cum Dumpster. She'd willingly go along with being a showpiece in a performance at his next gallery showing, which would be videotaped and edited into a short documentary. Of course, the performance is her being degraded and humiliated in every way in front of an audience of her friends, enemies and classmates, until at the end in the final humiliation she realizes she was the victim of his art, not a performer. We could spend time building the degrading relationship of the artist and the girl before the show, and then the humiliation of the show itself.

High School Bondage Club. Need I say more? Ideally someone with few limits and comfortable with MxF and FxF scenes. I'd like to play this as inexperienced teenagers exploring bondage and their emotional reactions, both the dom and the sub, for the first time as they learn what it means.

BDSM Office Theme: Imagine a world where sexual harassment isn't frowned upon, it is rather the cultural standard in the corporate world. A world where supervisers routinely and publicly sexually humiliate and degrade their employees, or reward them with favors from their co-workers, all done as a motivating tool. An employee messes up, and they may get ass fucked on the conference table in front of their team. An employee does well and they get to interview the new interns and have their way with them. The only regulating force is evil HR, which can mete out cruel punishments at bosses who go too far at times. Most importantly, everyone is in proper business attire and otherwise normal business mannerisms the entire time.

That is all,
-Prince of Smut
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Offline fleacollar999

Re: Some Royal Cravings (M for F, MxF or FxF)
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2013, 07:58:38 pm »
Hello! I just got approved and am looking for my first adult roleplay, and your Hostel idea seems right up my alley! As I said, I just got approved, so my on/off's are still under construction, but I read your on/off thread and I think we would be a good fit. Please message me if it seems doable!

Offline Prince DirkTopic starter

Re: Some Royal Cravings (Literate MxF or FxF)
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2013, 12:45:17 am »
A bump, updated.

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Re: Some Royal Cravings (Literate MxF or FxF)
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2013, 12:31:43 pm »

Offline Prince DirkTopic starter

Re: Some Royal Cravings (Literate MxF or FxF)
« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2018, 03:08:05 pm »
First bump in years!