The Cheka Man's Roleplay Seedlings (M looking for F, M or Liege)

Started by Cheka Man, June 17, 2013, 04:38:10 PM

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Cheka Man

Name: Witness Protection

Content: Starts at a PG, but could go to an R or even NC 17 in the long term depending on how the role-play works out.

Scenario: My character's parents have to go into witness protection, and my character is against his will at the start of the role-play strapped down and  turned into a young woman, a genetic girl with real girl parts, using futuristic tech that does not exist in real life, and given a new female identity. She has been fitted with a tracker chip and a shock chip has been placed in her with which her parents can shock her if she does not conform. Her parents want to turn her into a pretty girly-girl daughter, one that wears skirts, dresses, jewellery and light make-up, one pretty enough to turn the heads of boys her age. To lessen the danger of her running away at night, they have a prescription for sleeping pills for her. They hope she will find a boyfriend in time. Seedlings within the role-play-things such as a father-daughter dance, her finding a boyfriend, her birthday, her gradually getting used to the girlyness forced on her and they way her father calls her "Princess", that sort of thing. More an emotional role-play then sex-based at least at first.

Setting: US based, but can do UK based if you prefer.

Requirements: Should we ever decide in the future  role-play on yahoo messenger and you need to go, that's fine, but let me know. If something is wrong with the rp, let me know as well if you think it can be saved. I promise to match your posts on E  in size line by line and paragraph by paragraph and to try to write quality posts too; obviously I'm not too keen on one-line posts, but don't think you have to write massive loooooong posts. I prefer a fairly frequent updater to one that would do a giant post and then vanish for a week or more.

Other info: The Parents in the rp want their new daughter to be girly girl, but not sissy, they want her to accept her new girly life and at least at first will only let her wear dresses and skirts and the like. They are strict, but not sadists, so they won't needlessly torture her with electric shocks, if/when they use the shock device it is to make her behave.If you're interested in roleplaying, please send me a PM. If you want to start the role-play and give me a link, that is fine, but I can start it if you prefer.  Whilst I admit I'm already doing an role-play of this type, this role-play is different as in this one my character is not stuck in an institution but is out in the open world.