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April 21, 2018, 04:10:43 PM

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Author Topic: GPBL [Semi-NC, Impreg, M looking for F]  (Read 673 times)

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GPBL [Semi-NC, Impreg, M looking for F]
« on: June 16, 2013, 02:09:08 AM »
The General Purpose Breeding License. Such an innocent sounding name for something seen as something so sinister.

The plague hit in 2017. A variation of the flu that achieved near-universal communicability, nearly everyone on the planet had it at some point - at the time we just thanks our respective gods and stars that the symptoms were only fatal to those whose immune systems were already compromised in some fashion so the actual fatality rate was very low.

Then the babies stopped coming.

Testing discovered that while the "Man Flu" killed very few it did greatly hinder male fertility. In 2018, most of the world's men didn't even have sex drives - let alone get erections. The worst news of all was that even the most optimistic of experts thought that no more in 1 in 10,000 men could still get a woman pregnant. The human race could very well be extinct by the end of the 21st century if something drastic isn't done.

So something drastic was done. GPBL's were formed and legally recognized in the vast majority of the world's countries. Licences given to the few men left that still test as fertile - licences which give the man the legal right to override a woman's consent, within reason. He could still be charged for assault if he harmed her too badly in the process for example, or maybe if she can prove that she's sterile.

Critics say its legalized rape. Proponents agree, but claim that its also necessary to save the species. Most people just try not to think about it.
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Re: GPBL [Semi-NC, Impreg, M looking for F]
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2015, 09:25:00 AM »
Bringing back this idea, with some possible GPBL men to play with.

Badge #731, a Henry Rogers in the United States. A former communications major who dropped out of college, his only real claim to "fame" is that he ran an internet porn site where he appears to pay random women on the street to have sex with him in the back of his van. The truth was that most of the ladies were plants and there was paperwork they had to sign first but the site did well enough that he could make a living.

When the plague hit, initially his views went down and he was worried he'd have to get a real job, just thankful that he managed to keep his sex drive. But then as the lack of male drives became apparent female viewers started picking up the slack to watch on the internet what they couldn't get anymore. As time went on the female viewership kept growing, eventually getting to the point where his female viewership had made him bigger then ever and no longer needed to hire plants to make his videos. In a gamble, he renamed the site, stopped using condoms, and told his audience that he was fertile.

He was just as surprised as his viewers when a woman he fucked in the back of that van for money and ratings really did get pregnant. Testing fertile and given a license, its occurred to him that now they don't have to sign those silly forms - he can just make anyone get into the back of his van anyway. . .

Badge #194, a Zane Talbot of the UK. A uniformed police officer that likes to think part of the reason he kept his fertility was that he stayed in shape. He was good at his job but horrible at the game of politics so his promotion changes were considered slim at best. Still, he was a good cop that did his duty for Queen and Country and helped keep order when the Man Flu came to England's shores. That's all anyone could ask.

He knew he was one of the few men that kept his sex drive, he was thankful for that really. Not just because the women around him in his life were more and more coming to him to meet their physical needs but he still felt like a whole man. He was thankful for that. When a co-worker he "helped" actually became pregnant however, he was just as surprised as anyone else. Testing and getting a GPBL he suddenly went from reluctantly enforcing these laws to fully taking advantage of them.

Deciding to quit his job and live off the financial incentives of seeding women that the UK offers, #194 uses his knowledge of how the GPBL laws work and his former connections as a cop to quickly establish himself as one of the most prolific GPBLs in Europe.

GPBL #Y1, a Frankie Castillo in Southern California. He has his father to thank, a pharmacist that had followed the disease very closely. Knowing that the anti-vaccination movement meant that the disease would hit the area especially hard once it made it there, Frankie's dad gave him a double dose of the Flu Shot in hopes of increasing his resistance to the Man Flu.

It appears to have worked, as Frankie's father then got all the males in his family tested even before the GPBLs were announced and Frankie was still fertile. Might of been just a coincidence, that didn't seem to save anyone else. Frankie is considered a very controversial GPBL holder then because Frankie is only 17 and is still in high school, and thanks to the previous anti-vaccination movement before the Man Flu he is the only known fertile male in the Santa Barbara / Los Angeles area so far.

He doesn't think of the politics though, he just thinks of the fact that he'll be starting his senior year of high school soon and in his pocket is the GPBL equivalent of a Learner's Permit. He can't help but think of all his female classmates, the cheerleaders, the drama girls - come to think of it doesn't this mean even the female faculty and staff are fair game?
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Re: GPBL [Semi-NC, Impreg, M looking for F]
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2015, 10:26:40 AM »
Doing a bit of thread-romancy to re-open this idea with a few new ideas for possible GPBL men to play with.

Badge #153, a Rick Santiago of Florida. He can't really claim to have had much future ambition as a certified welder and graduate of a community college/technical school. He just finds it really relaxing when he can take the time to properly build things with his hands.

When the plague hit he didn't even bother to get tested, only doing so months later when friends noticed that he'd still occasionally get bulges in his pants and still look at women in certain ways when he wasn't thinking about it. He was just as surprised as everyone else when he tested positive for producing viable sperm and was given a GPBL.

Rick holds another distinction of actually refusing to shut out the moral mire of this whole situation, choosing instead to tackle his mixed feelings instead of just telling himself it's for the good of humanity. As such he does his best to try and keep his numbers up with just volunteers, but sometimes they're so hard to find.

Badge #004 - An Edmund Cohen of Kansas City, Missouri. One of the earliest spotted fertile men found after the Man Flu, if he's not been the most active. Before the Man Flu he was actually happily married for only 3 years, he and his wife had been trying to have a baby with the pandemic hit. Believing they should of just considered themselves lucky that they could still have sex, when his wife did indeed get pregnant and they mathematically ruled out a pre-Man Flu conception he was put on the original fertile male registries.

He's been on the fertility watchlists as long as they've been around, the Cohens have watched them evolve from registries to the full-blown GPBL. They've watched as it's been pondered, then suggested, and now it's practically a government demand that Edmund sleep with and try to impregnate other women.

And in his heart of hearts he's starting to wonder if he's going to do it.

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Re: GPBL [Semi-NC, Impreg, M looking for F]
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2015, 12:39:25 PM »
Badge #315 - "Copperhead". When people hear horror stories about men that abuse the power of the GPBL, they picture someone like the biker known as Copperhead. A lifelong criminal that's never earned an honest buck in his life, before the Man Flu he wondered the country on the back of his motorcycle making his money by robbing convenience stores and muggings.

He got tested the old fashioned way as he called it. An unabashed rapist, he went uncaught for years due to his wanderings. It was only after the databases were getting more and more nationalized that the unsolved rape cases started being linked together. Things got complicated when after the Man Flu he raped a store clerk in North Carolina and she actually got pregnant.

Eventually they just cut a deal, a GPBL and continued freedom of the road if he confessed to his previous crimes. Able to close hundreds of criminal cases, including dozens of rapes, now he knows he's being watched closer - but as long as he follows the rules of the GPBL they'll leave him alone.