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Author Topic: The Cravings of a Pen (M seeking F, VARIED ideas)  (Read 768 times)

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The Cravings of a Pen (M seeking F, VARIED ideas)
« on: June 15, 2013, 12:37:09 PM »
First, I'll list some pairings I am currently craving to do.
Secondly, I will post some basic plot ideas.

If any of the pairings interest you, send me a PM.
If any of the plots interest you, send me a PM. We can work out and tweak the plot ideas to better fit your tastes (and mine) since I won't go into lengthy explanations of each one.

Part 1: Pairings

Husbands Friend/Wife
Sons Friend/Wife
Neighbor/Neighbors Wife

Husband/Wifes Best Friend

Best Man/Bride
Groom/Brides Maid

Part 2: Plots

Idea 1: Cuckolding Affairs
-Richard is a Professor at a University. Life at home has started to grow stale while one of his female students promises to be a thrill. Things heat up quickly between them and they start an affair.
His wife, meanwhile, seeks comfort in the arms of her Husbands Best Friend, a man who has always wanted to be with her. As she opens up to him, he easily seduces her into his bed.

Idea 2: The BBC
-A married woman can't resist the temptation of a BBC, especially with her husbands only average size.
(This could be a coworker, her boss, the neighbor, a friend of the family, or a friend of her kids)

Idea 3: One Night Stand
Based on this image. I am envisioning a one night stand with her, perhaps something more.

Idea 4: Hots for Teacher
Inspiration: HERE
Andrew has always had a problem focusing in class. Like every boy his age, he has a crush on his teacher. Mrs. Smith is just so damn sexy. He often day dreams in her class, drawing pictures of her, completely smitten by her. Little does he know that Mrs. Smith has some dark kinks. After failing his last test, she decides its time to tutor him after school - little does he know that she knows exactly how to make him focus in class, and how to reward him once his grades start to get better.

Idea 5: My Teacher is a...WHAT?
Inspiration: HERE
Richard is a quiet sort of guy. Shy and reserved, he doesn't let anyone get close to him. A virgin in every sense, he has an overactive imagination when it comes to sex. He writes sexual stories, of all sorts, in private, but has never shared any with anyone. He wouldn't want them to think of him as a pervert. Its his 18th birthday and he has no plans - no friends to celebrate with or anything. His parents are gone for the weekend, of course, but left him his fathers car. So, feeling bold, he drives out of a town to a Strip Club, figuring why not? That far out of town, he wasn't going to run into anyone he knows. Little does he know that one of his Teachers is a Stripper, and she is willing to go to every length to keep her 2nd job a secret from the school.

Idea 5: Office Role Reversal
Inspiration: HERE
Andrew lives in an apartment he can't afford. A recent college graduate, his parents have cut him off but he can't find a job for the life of him. But he is a determined young man, and is willing to do ANYTHING to get a job. When he gets called into an interview at a very prestigious company, he knows its a long shot, especially with the rumors that Mrs. Cruz is a ruthless CEO. Upon meeting her, however, he decides that she is certainly a MILF. When she asks him to strip, he is shocked, but desperate for the job, he does everything she commands of him. He is soon hired as her Personal Assistant and his life is certainly about to change in a big way. ((The idea for this one is a more dominant-female character, who is married. She'll make Andrew move into her home, and have sex with him in front of her puny husband, while also parading her new boy-toy around in the inner circle of the Higher Ups of society.))

Idea 6: Personal Sexretary
Inspiration: HERE
Basically the same idea as Number 5, only in more traditional roles. The one requirement here would be that the Female is Asian, and is very submissive.

Idea 7: The Office Whore
Inspiration: HERE
Sarah is desperate for a job, any job. She'd always relied on her good looks - and 'other' skills - to get through school and now it was coming back to haunt her. She didn't have the smarts to get any job and she wasn't about to work at McDonalds or anything. And then it dawned on her. The 'real world', as it was called, was really no different then being at school. She could suck and fuck her way to living the lifestyle she wanted! But first, she needed to get hired. She applies for the job of secretary at a small company, and 'seals the deal' with her new boss, offering her 'services' to help uplift the morale of the office on a day to day basis. ((Looking for a Kinky girl for this one, not afraid to get down and dirty))

Idea 8: Teaching a Slut
Inspiration: HERE
Chloe was sweet and innocent. She'd hooked up with a few guys before...and some girls...but no one really knew that she was still a virgin. Her grades at school were starting to drop though and she didn't want her father to know - he was the Principal of course. So she needed to buy the silence of her teacher. She 'accidentally' leaves her phone behind one day, with a self-taken picture of her naked still on the screen. The following day, he holds her after class, informing her that he had found her phone and that she needed some extra tutoring if she didn't want her grades to fall anymore. Things quickly progress the way she wants them, but she finds herself incredibly turned on by her first experience with an older man. And comes back for more and more, eventually leading down a perverted and kinky path of sex.

Her teacher is part of a secret group of teachers that operate a sex ring - her father is included in this group. Chloe goes by her Mothers Maiden Name so people don't know who her father is. Her older lover takes her to a Glory Hole while also telling his fellow teachers about his new find. Little does Chloe know, but one of the men she blows there in the Glory Hole is her own father. ((An Incest Theme will run through out this game))

Idea 9: The Dream Date
Inspiration/Craving: HERE
Richard is as close to being a 40-year old virgin as you can be with out actually being 40. His life is miserable but at least he has his dream job - working from home, providing website support and creating them for other people. It pays extremely well, he owns his own small home, and he can spend most of his day (and night) playing video games. His office is a shrine of sorts, with multiple computers and screens, and all sorts of naked pictures of girls on the walls. Needless to say, Richard watches a lot of porn and even pays for a few sites. One such site is having a special give-away to its fans - A Dream Date with Sara Underwood - who happens to be Richards favorite. Her picture is the largest one hanging up on the wall. [[Looking for some one to play a Sara Underwood character looks wise, but possible porn-star as her real job]]

Idea 10: Celebrity Affair
Inspiration: HERE
What happens when Natalie Portman wants to find that spark again, and finds it with your average, every day Joe who thinks he recognizes her but can't seem to place her?

Idea 11: The Addict
Inspiration: HERE
Olivia is an addict...a sex addict. She can't get enough of it. It doesn't matter who you are - costar, director, stage hand - she just wants it and needs it. But she has to be discreet about it. She doesn't want that sort of reputation coming out in public...

Idea 12: Do me Hard
Inspiration: HERE
Olivia Munn is a dirty girl. A really dirty girl. She likes it hard and rough. But with her TV Personality, its hard for her to attract those sort of guys. So why not use a little cosplay to get what she wants?

Idea 13: Daughter-in-Law
Inspiration: HERE
A Father-in-Law has made several passes at his sons wife, all of which she has refused. She has recently started to get into bondage with her husband and quite likes it. The Father-in-Laws birthday is coming up and she is relived that her and her husband will be getting away for a while at a secluded resort. At the resort, the husband blindfolds her and initiates some bondage/BDSM. He leaves the room and comes back an hour later - she is already dripping with excitement. Little does she know its really her Father-in-Law, nor how much pleasure she'll experience with him.

Idea 14: Daddys Friends
Inspiration: HERE
A simple story really - a teenage girl has the hots for older men so goes after her daddys friends. (Optional: Incest with Daddy).

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Re: The Cravings of a Pen (M seeking F, VARIED ideas)
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2013, 04:20:50 PM »
Updated with several more plots.

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Re: The Cravings of a Pen (M seeking F, VARIED ideas)
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2013, 07:39:19 PM »
Updated with Taken Plots.

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Re: The Cravings of a Pen (M seeking F, VARIED ideas)
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2013, 07:17:37 PM »
Updated with taken games.
Updated with new ideas.

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Re: The Cravings of a Pen (M seeking F, VARIED ideas)
« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2013, 09:59:49 PM »
Updated with new ideas.

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Re: The Cravings of a Pen (M seeking F, VARIED ideas)
« Reply #5 on: July 07, 2013, 01:43:39 PM »
Added another idea.

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Re: The Cravings of a Pen (M seeking F, VARIED ideas)
« Reply #6 on: July 16, 2013, 08:31:35 PM »
Updated with taken ideas.