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Author Topic: Battle Angel  (Read 741 times)

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Battle Angel
« on: June 14, 2013, 03:48:20 pm »

Cyber Punk Bounty Hunters

This game will take place in a highly futuristic and dystopian city known to all syply as Scrapyard City.  A world which exists below the floating city of Tiphares.  Thisfloating city is anchored to the ground by huge cables, which also serve as supply tubes. These tubes are extremely durable and have security measures to keep people from climbing up.  No one from the scrapyard is allowd access to the point that all aircraft are banned.  Tiphares is a city of mystery.  No one knows what lays up in the floating city because they are denied access

Scrapyard City is a sprawling expanse of buildings and other structures centered around a massive scrap heap directly below Tiphares. The mountain of garbage lies below a hole in the center of Tiphares where the city dumps thier trash, causing it to rain down on what once was the tower that originally connected to Tiphares.   {Just imagine the 7th level below Midgar in FF7 and you've pretty much got the picture.}

Now, the heap consisting of garbage and broken machinery get ejected from the floating city of Tiphares which are reused by the citizens of Scapyard City to build everything from homes to vehicles.  The people of Tiphares make sure that no one from the scrapyard ever has a chance to enter the floating city.  For example, air travel within close proximity to Tiphares (this includes both man made objects and animal life) is prohibited. Anything that breaches this particular law is shot down by the city's defense system. For this reason, there are no birds in the Scrapyard. 

In scrapyard City they're are two major power holders. One is 'The Factory' which rules to protect the intrests and needs of Tipharas which range from basic comodities such as food that are supplied from the factories below, all the way to unamed items only found on the black market.  Many citizens choose to work for The Factory in the hopes of one day going to Tipharas, because any attempt to reach the floating city is met with extreem consiquences.    Many citizens make an effort to stay as far away from 'The Factory' as possible because no-one really knows it's true objectives. 

The second Power holders are the Hunter Warriors.  Symply put they are bounty hunters who protect the citizens from the evils of the city, and make decent money off it at the same time.

The Scrapyard reflects the cyberpunk ethos, as well as Kishiro's portrayal of a society without values. Many inhabitants became cyborgs working for the factories, some are victims of organ theft which brings good money on the black market.  Especially spineal chords which is the one bodypart cybernetic docters cannotbuild mechanical replacements for.  Ironically though, technology has come so far that a human can be brought back to life even if all that remains of him is his brain which can be transfered...for a fee of course.  While others use cybernetics to enhance their physical abilities whether it be for fighting at the colliseum, playing motor ball, or for hunting down humans to steal thier organs, or to get a the high that comes from eating a human brain.   

Fights erupt spontaneously on the streets. Violent criminals lurk in shadowy alleyways and through the tremendous extent of the sewers. Public entertainment is of a violent nature; Motorball's fusion of racing gladiatorial combat is a prime example. These are condoned by the factory to pacify and distract the denizens of the Scrapyard. Interestingly, these are broadcast to Tiphares as well suggesting a darker nature to the Tiphareans.

You will play a character who is looking to become a Hunter Warrior.  Hunter-warriors are the enforcers of Factory Law in the Scrapyard, since there is no actual police force. These mercenaries respond to "wanted" notices posted by the Factory via netmen.  Factory forces will sometimes assist Hunter-Warriors, although this only when a class A offense has been committed.

For more info go to the movie

Battle Angel - Full Movie - English Dubbed

To make a character include the following.


Age:  Must be older than 18 and under 80 unless you are an expectancy is 160


choose from

"Normal human"

"bio-mechanical human"' A heavily mechanized human with so many mechanical augmentations they only seem half human.

"Augmented human" Lightly mechanised human. 'arm leg' 

"Cyborgs" A human brain which controlls a purely mechanical body.

"Automaton"  Mechanised body with an AI computerised brain. 

Concerning cyborgs an automitons there are sub catagories

Battle Borg:  A cyborg built for pure combat with heavy and ridgid machinery, this would make  the character look inhuman.

Replicant:  An automiton brain chip placed into a human type mechanical form.

Synthetics:  An Automiton or human that has lost his or her original body that exists in a artificially created body made of synthetic living tissue.  Synthetic organic bodies are often more powerful than a normal human body with all the perks of being human

'Please include a image.  id perfer something more than a simple tek tek avatar but if that all you can find its ok.'

Main physical trait:  strength, stealth, social..ect

Knowedge trait:  Computers, blades, guns, vehicles...ect  I will inform you of the benifits privatly once chosen


Hunting syle:  Holy fighter 'non-lethal' Compassionate fighter "kills only when nessisary" The ripper 'all will die, including any civilian that gets in your way.   and the list goes on.  Also include fighting style.

 'only one character can be from the floating city if they want but his character will have amneisia and have to write thier history after they fell to the scrapyard.  write why they became a hunter, what drives, fame? adventure?

Hunter Equipment:  Misc tools that aid in hunting.  Ex: vial of healing nanites, glider wings, cameleon cloak, piston boost legs, circuitry tatoos for boosted attributes 'very popular'

 'projectile weopons are illegal and rare.  Each character may have one general pistol, lazer, shotgun...but nothing fancy unless it is thier only weapon.  but you can have a simple projectile weopon and still have normal weopons

If you choose a gun and a blade keep in mind NOTHING is mass produced.  blade users guns are basic and can only fire simple bullets that have to be hand made after finding or buying thhe proper material. all guns are costly and these basic ones come with a kit to make the bullets you use. 

HOWEVER, if the characters weopon is only a gun, then things are different.  Thier pistols were custom made by mecanics who specialise in projectile weopon making specially calibrated to the players movements and reations.  Inside these pistols is a smart chip that cyborgs, automitons can access using a data plug.  This will double your acuract and reaction time but also double the cost.  these players can also have various special features including ammo which is made by your dealer and sold to you.
"All items you choose willl be totaled up and be deducted from your starting chips  "Money...164 C= $164' which will be given later.  taking a social phisical trait will always help lower prices through charm, intimidation or negotiation

For the most part only melee weopons are used in the scrap yard as well as specific forms of hand to hand combat using.   Explosives are also a no no, unless they are not explosive.  For instansive smoke bombs, sonic bombs, flash bombs, adhesive bombs would be ok.
also be creative. for example, a character in the movie has a hammer with a rocket booster on the back that he activates for extra thrust and power.

your armor can also have special features.

'If you have any suggestions as to other enhancements feel free to suggest them'



Healing capsule:  1,000 /\*
A small pill containing nanites that will boost your ammune system causing you to heal fast and give an extra boost of energy.

Gaverine capsule:  2,000 /\*
Emits a charge to the brain which seems to slow down time and heighten reflexes for a short time

Follion Capsule:  2,000 /\*
Causes blood to swell to the muscles causing temporary excess strength.

Sweeper Boots:   4,000 /\*
Boots that send out a reactivation signal for any stray nanites that may have survived thier general activation....Boots that colletct stray nanites in a small compartment.

Alloy Detector:   2,000 /\*
A small device which fits like a wrist watch which is used to find specific metals and allows within the scrap piles of the city.  You can either sell these to weopon smiths for a nice porfit, or have them produce bullets for you for much cheaper then making your own.  The device simply beeps when the metal is nearby, it doesnt show you exactly where it is though.

Jumping pistons:  3,000 /\*
Pistons attached to boot or leg which let you jump twice normal distance. 'LOUD'

Wireless spy-cam:  3,000/\*
small camera that can be hidden to spy with plus monitor.

Pressured wall climber:  3,000 /\*
hand cuplincks that depress air to stick to a verticle surface.


EMP Bomb:  Disrupts all electronics within a few given yards for a given period of time:  1,000/\*

Gas Bomb:  1,000 /\*
releases a gas that knocks human, part human enimeys unconcious

Flash Gernade:  1,000 /\*
Causes a bright flash of light which blinds all humans with unprotected or un augmented eyes.

Gum Bomb:  1,000/\*
bomb that releases an adheisive blob to stop enimey in his tracks.

Smoke bomb:  1,000 /\*
Causes a cloud of smoke to help create a hastey retreat or to confuse your enimeys.

Sonic Bomb:  2,000 /\*
Has a 75% chance of making all mechanical and technical devices to go haywire for a short ammount of time.

Pipe Bomb: 2,000 /\*
Improvised explosive which shoots out lethal shrapnel.

Fire Bomb: 2,000 /\*
A circular sphere with a small bit of napalm injected into it to set your enemy on fire.
=Armor Grade=

LVL1 armor:  "given upon hunter registration"
flexable bulletproof and impact resistant full body armor.  This armor is light and can be customiesed.

LVL1 elemental armor 'lightning' :  2,000 \/*
Grounded armor that is much like LVL1 armor but is grounded to provide resistance from lightnigh and electrical attacks.

LVL1 elemental armor 'Heat' :  2,000 \/*
this armor has all of the features of lvl 1 armor plus it is insulated to resist fire and heat spells.

LVL1 elemental armor 'Toxic' :  2,000 \/*
This armor has all of the features of LVL 1 armor plus it has a protective chemical coating which is resistant to acid and radiation

LVL2 armor.  Allows protection from medium sized metal blades and some small caliber ammunition:  5,000 \/*
==Human Modification Tatoos=

Augmented bones:  4,000/\*
The tatoo manipulates the body to over produce marrow causing the bones to thicken bone structure, add defence, and reduce chances of internal injury.

Adreniline Overdrive:  3,000 /\*
When the tatoo is pressed, it manipulates the body into overproducing adreniline for a short period of time.

Bone weopon:  3,000 /\*
Manipulates bone structure to peirce skin of both fists and fore-arms to broduce spikes.  Activated when tatoo is pressed.

Vision Enhancement:  5,000 /\*
a tatoo placed near the eye that when pressed can activate nightvision or a zoom ability.

Body builder:  5,000 /\*
When pressed this tatoo causes all muscles in the body to expand temporarily.

pain -b- gone:  4,000 /\*
When pressed it will temporarily deactivate the pain receptors in your body

==Cyber armor features==

Nanite Gliders:  3,000 /\*
Uses a tube of nanites to create wings which can be used for gliding.

Resussitate: 6,000 /\*
This feature gives the armor the ability to perform CPR, provide oxygren, or shock the body back to life when the heart or breathing stops.

Vision enhancement:  6,000 /\*
see in prechosen sight choice as well as normal.  'infared, night vision, x-ray, zoom'

Hidden weopon ompartment:  4,000 /\*
hides weopon in your body away from prying eyes.

Brain Shell:  If the body is completely distroyed this makes sure the brain stays alive until a transfer is complete.  3,000 /\*

--Weopon Accessories--

Return Magnet:  2,000 /\*
If you lose your weopon, or if it is dropped of taken from you, you can simply rotate a ring and your weopon will return to you in a safe manner.  This also works on some very light metallic objects.

Neo-floresence:  1,000 /\*
A coat of nanite charged paint which which lets a  weapon glow in darkened areas when activated.

Gun lazer: 1,000/\*
A lazer that points directly on its mark.

Smart Gun Lazer:  4,000/\*
A small computerised device on the tip of the gun which uses an x-ray to find both the non-leathal and lethal areas to shoot the body.  The lazer then points at the disired area in red and turns blue once you are on target.

Smart Bullet:  1,000 /\*  'each'
A small ciruitry sticker which, when placed on a bullet and fired into the body of a highly mechanised creature, will remotely send you data on its vitals status and weakpoints through a PDA.

Collaplsable blade:  2,000 /\*
Devides the sword into many small sections that allow it to retract and go unseen by others.  This does not negitively effect the strength or durability of the blade

Elemental weopon aumentation:  4,000 /\*
25% more damage to mechanical bodies.

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Re: Battle Angel
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2013, 04:01:15 pm »

Nice to meet you, Chainsaw. 

All my slots for freeform are filled right now, but I wanted to say that you've chosen an excellent topic and I highly recommend this manga and anime. 

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Re: Battle Angel
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2013, 04:14:27 pm »
Curious, do you think James Camerons "Dark Angel" was inspired by this manga?  After all he did buy the rights to making this into a movie in the future

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Re: Battle Angel
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2013, 10:38:37 pm »
bumping for players