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Author Topic: Naruto based ideas (MxF)  (Read 491 times)

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Naruto based ideas (MxF)
« on: June 14, 2013, 11:04:35 AM »
I have had a great feeling recently towards doing Naruto based ideas, and well I started to come up with different pairings outside of the norm, for the mental challenge, here is the start of my list, will add more as I think of more, I would play the male role, just fyi, but anyhow hope you like ^_^

Anko/Iruka- Getting back from her mission, she is stressed and down, she had it hard, and challenging, and she finds comfort from someone whom she sorta reminds of Naruto, Iruka runs into Anko shortly after her recovery, deciding to help the snake jutsu using shinobi out, and growing closer to her in the process (forgot Iruka, could write Iruka in my sleep)

Temari/Naruto- Seeing the impact that Naruto has had on her brother, as well as the fact he helped safe so many in the battle, Temari asks for a transfer to Konoha to help out for a bit, everyone thinks it is to get closer to Shikamaru, but it isn't it is to find a way to thank Naruto for all he has done for Gaara, and in the process of trying to find the right way to thank him, a romance is born.

Hinata/Lee- The young heiress is devastated when Naruto gives his life to stop Sasuke, Obito, and Madara in the last battle, so many have died, her love, her cousin, many of her clan. She is down on herself, and doesn't know what to do or how to handle the situation. She goes to talk to the remaining member of her cousins team, and see the same determination from one Rock Lee that she saw from Naruto, she decides to get to know her cousin's teammate better, and try to figure a way to get back on her feet again.

Sakura/Shikamaru- Again the last battle was horrible, Naruto and Sasuke gone, having taken each other out, Sasuke's hatred to strong to keep on their side for long, they ended up killing each other off in the end. Sakura returned to Konoha without either of the two people whom were closest to her. She soon found herself having to do more and more duties for the Hokage, whom had fallen into a depression due to the lose of the person whom reminded her of her little brother. In her depression, she had to turn to the Nara to really take over, their clan leader having died, Shikamaru had to step up and take over leadership, as Asuma had figured he could do. Sakura, having to take a lot of her teachers work on, was forced to work with the genius shinobi. Over time, working together, despite her status as a troublesome woman, the two grew closer to each other.

Tayaya/Sasuke- Having been captured and not killed by Temari, she was hidden away for a long time, and used for intel, the foul mouth young woman, annoyed her captures, till she was rescued oddly by the man she was sent to capture. Returning with Sasuke, Tayaya would fight with the Uchiha much, but would be there when he formed hawk, much to the annoyance of Karin.

Kurenai/Darui- After the death of her love, Asuma much seemed hard for the young woman. She could take her team into battle, she could support Hinata as much as she wanted, or her other members of her former team. Things were hard, but she managed with the support of her team and Asuma's team. With the end of the war, everything started a new beginning. As part of the new order, she got to meet with many of the foreign shinobi, Cloud sent a team to the coronation of 6th hokage, Uzumaki Naruto, among the number was a sword welding laid back shinobi from Cloud whom found the widow to be interesting, having lost Samui during the conflict they had something of a common knowledge of lose which they shared and grew closer to each other.

Konan/Kakashi- Having seen the death of her childhood friends, and then having escaped the area, avoiding Obito instead of fighting him directly, she returned to actually help in the final battle which won her a redemption and the bodies of the two men she cared for most. The young woman choose not to return home, but to go watch over Naruto to make sure he lived up to create Nagato's dream. While drinking at a bar thinking of her loses she meets Kakashi, whom is doing the same, having just had to kill his best friend, the common pain bring them closer together in a way, which cause them to spend time and slowly understand each other and grow closer, as well as their interest in seeing Naruto grow into a great man for different reasons.

Kin/Shino- Having surrendered after the battle against the leaf, she knew if she wasn't lucky Orochimaru would of killed her on the spot, and that she wasn't good enough to handle herself at all. She challenges the man responsible for her teams greatest defeat, but loses. Her foe takes pity on her and lets her challenge him over and over again. She soon become a medic shinobi like other, but specializes in genjutsu. Her foe and her grow closer as she still continues to challenge him, but more symbolically as the two spend more time together. Slowly developing feelings for each other.

Tenten/Sai- After the death of Neji and the end of the fourth war, Tenten wasn't sure what to do, her team wasn't whole anymore, she didn't have the same feelings about things as she did when she could have fun with Neji, and Lee. Lee was to focused on trying to win Sakura, and she found herself far to alone. She found herself spending more and more time working on her skills, and she found that she seemed to be able to notice the emotionless Sai, whom felt like a spare now that Sasuke was back. It reminded Tenten, of the time when Neji was also so forward and unemotional, before his lose to Naruto. She then made a effort to get closer to the artist and try to help him, in honor of her lost friend.

Ino/Shino- She had done so much, her star was rising so fast in the village, she helped guide by her mental skills the victory over Madara, her skills were so key, and with the lose of her father, she was now in charge of the flower shop and the clan as well. Having issues with the flowers, she had to go and find Shino, it turned out that the creepy bug guy knew a lot about them, given how bugs were commonly connected to the developments of flowers. He decided to help her out in her store, working closely with her, he figured that it was a way to get closer to one of his former classmates.

Samui/Sai- Samui managed to survive her battle during the 4th shinobi war, and returned home with the others, not sure of what direction to head off in, the woman ended up heading on a mission to Konan, where the mostly emotionless young woman, was greeted by Sai whom had been selected to guide her around, due to worry that the other possible choose might create a incident with the well endowed blonde. The two are forced to work together though when they come under attack from rogue ninja's whom were loyal to root.

Mabui-returned to the alliance after the war, going with the raikage in his trips, she found that she was asked to help one of the foreign kages for a while. She soon found herself in Suna working with the young Kazekage, the two working closely, Gaara getting used to the idea over time as he needed help with paper work, he found himself soon indebted to the young woman.

Nii Yugito/Yamato- having escaped from the Akatsuki, she found herself on the run, and soon found herself in Konoha, asking for help knowing that she was being chased after. Konoha sent aid, that would end in the death of Asuma, but the defeat of the members whom were after her. In order to make sure that she didn't go into her tailed beast form, Yamito was to remain around her during her whole stay, over time the closeness of the two caused them to grow much closer.

Kurotsuchi/Itachi Uchiha- Having lost her brother to the Akatsuki, she decides to go out after him, wanting to find her brother and talk him into returning to Iwa. Along the way however she runs into a different member, whom defeats her in battle, but seeing her determination and love for her brother reminds him of his own love for his brother, and he decides to let her stay with him, causing her to join into the Akatsuki like her brother and after the death of a fellow member she actually becomes his partner.

Fuu/Sasuke- Having survived past part one, she grows older and stronger, but is forced from her village, as hawks first task, it is to take her instead of Bee. Sasuke goes after Fuu and manages to defeat her, but for some reason, he can't bring himself to take her back, he decides to force her into his little band, to increase their strength knowing that he will need it for whatever fights happen ahead of them.

Karin/Kiba- Having survived the whole attack by Sasuke, she actually gets over her fangirlness for him, she finds herself in a new town, with strange people. The hokage, has her under constant watch by Kiba the whole time, to make sure she doesn't do anything out of line. The wild shinobi finds the girl interesting but somehow thinks that this is Sasuke's girl and he wants to be able to say he stole sasuke's girl from him and thus finally get a one up on him.

Kurai/chojiro- wanting to get away from Kumo, she slips off from the village, soon she finds herself having to deal with mist shinobi, wanting to challenge the group in a match but only one remains, whom is still alive from the swordsmen of the mist. He defeats her easily, but treats her with respect. He isn't so sure of himself around females, but he keeps getting challenge by Kurai whom claims he is just getting lucky, slowly he does adjust to being around her, and returns to Kumo when she asks him to teach some kids swordsmenship, if he lost to her in a match, which for the first time he does.

Mei Terumi/Gai- Having won the war, she is still unable to find a suitable husband, the person must be strong and able to handle himself in a fight, and in bed. She goes to Konoha to get advise on the matter from Tsunade, whom doesn't help her at all, but while there, she runs into one Minato Gai, she is shocked by him, but he is so bold, plus she knows her chances aren't looking up, and if nothing else, he is a man's man. Mei decides to do the unthinkable, try to seduce the taijutsu master (I figure this one would have lots of comedy as well as anything else)

Tsunade/Ao- Tsunade comes back and gives up the title of Hokage to Naruto, having decided to live in comfort, she finds herself growing bored quickly of life as a normal person though and goes off gambling. Somehow she ends up in Mist where she loses a great bit of money and has to ask for a favor from Mei. Mei uses Ao as a go between, after years of not being able to find his way in with Mei, Ao decides to make a run at Tsunade.

Uzuki Yuugao/Yamato: having lost her love during the war with the sand, she focus more and more on her missions with the ANBU. She finds herself working with her captain Yamato much more as the two do the hardest of missions. Time moves on and soon Yamato is asigned to join with team 7, and Yuugao decides to take up her own team, and live as a normal jounin and follow in the footsteps of others, wanting in part to be around her former anbu captain more.