Deal with the Devil and others (F for M/F)

Started by swiggy3000, June 14, 2013, 12:26:40 AM

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Deal With the Devil (F/F or M/F)

In this idea your character or mine would play the devil and make a deal with the other person. It can be a simple deal, perfect body, wealth, political office, really whatever your heart desires. For a while everything is great but soon enough it's time for the Devil to come and collect on the deal. How does the Devil collect? Well taking your soul to hell would just be too easy, might as well make your life a living hell. This one will be a bit extreme so I need someone that is open to different things.

The Civil War (F/F or M/F)

I really want to do a game set in the Civil War. I realize this idea is kind of vague at the moment but it will depend on my partner. This can be light, extreme, non-con I'm very open. Perhaps a woman happens upon a soldier who she must take care of and heal. Maybe a solider happens upon the woman and takes advantage of her. This one is open and will depend on my partner more than anything else.

We're Getting Old (F/F or M/F)

A more modern and down to Earth story. It would be a couple in their 30's to 40's and how they deal with not being young anymore and having a family. Dealing with teenagers and just generally trying to stay young even though they're sounding and looking like their parents more and more every day.

Under the Sea (F/F or M/F)

Mermaids are real and they're a well guarded secret. However they do come up to the surface everyonce in a while to look around. This time she sees someone that she is drawn too right away. There are a few ways this could go. The person could catch her and keep her as a pet, she could turn the other person into a mermaid and make them adjust to under the sea living, or they could meet in secret until something finally gives and they need to make some tough choices.

Weight Gain (F/F or M/F)

Simple storyline here. I'd like a plot where our characters end up gaining weight during the story. This can be romantic, horror, modern, sci-fi, I'm very open on this one and if anyone is interested we'll hash out the details together because I really love this plot point and it's always open for discussion.

As always please PM me if interested