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June 21, 2018, 03:25:29 PM

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Author Topic: New guy for just about anything!  (Read 226 times)

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Offline goatTopic starter

New guy for just about anything!
« on: June 11, 2013, 09:01:36 PM »
Hi everybody!

Ok so I'm new here and looking to get started with some fun roles! I've never done play-by-post but I enjoy being creative and telling a story and I'm around most days so I'll update the RP often.

As far as roles I'm pretty wide open, part of the reason I'm here is to improve as a writer so I'd like to try a variety of ages, genders, era's and various levels of realism to high fantasy. Though I'm naturally a little submissive, I'm up for playing any part. Not too many limits either, so if there's something you want to try it never hurts to ask.

I have a thread started for a dating sim game I'm developing with some friends, if anyone is interested in trying some of those characters:   but like I said I'm into whatever.

Here's a few fun little narrative seeds:

She walks over to the kitchen sink and looks at all the dishes and sighs...the house is quiet for the first time in weeks. The kids are at school, her husband is away on business, her best friend is taking them to soccer practice.... She walk over to the bathroom and turns on the shower, disrobing, her curvy body not as tight as when she was a teenager, but much more voluptuous, though she is only in my late twenties. She rubs soap over pale breasts, down her waist and around her plump ass....washing her shoulder length hair, the doorbell rings...
The sun beats down poolside of the luxury hotel, this being the off season, the island usually has an abundance of rain and a lack of visitors. It's certainly empty but surprisingly beautiful weather. He walks by and stops casting a shadow over her. Blinking in the sun as she lowers her shades to look at him groggily, she rolls onto one side, her loose bra barely cupping her breasts, she stretches and arches her back, the thin thong bikini bottom slides  a little deeper between her ass cheeks. She trys to push the nearly empty cup under the reclining lawn chair and tries to compose herself, but giggling as she do so "could you get me another drink waiter?" He laughs, a deep musky sound almost as rich as the Pina Colada she was finishing and twice as intoxicating. "Oh I'm not your waiter, darling, I'm shooting a picture here and I think you'd be perfect as the leading lady"
The hovering copper craft decends to the docking bay of your desert palace. Your old buisness partner walk off the upper deck, jangling the chains around several exotic looking women, he greets you smiles warmly "The fates have been good on this raiding season, see the prizes I have collected? Please, my old friend take your pick!" Some are tall and strong, others small and petite, one in the back, wearing a simple rag bikini, the heavy collar big around her neck, standing only 5'3''. silver hair and deep brown eyes, 36"D, 30" 44" a plump hourglass of pink skin in the desert light. Shifting a little nervous, he jangles the chain around her neck "you in the back, present your self to the gentleman, remember how we deal with mice on my ship?" She shudders and step forward, blushing and looking down. He looks up at you "I know you're a soft heart compared to me and my crew, so if you don't use the lash as i do so liberally, i have another present for you...Dioxian Obedience Serum, it's a little untested and may have some side effects, but it ensures compliance" he slips a large vial into your hand. 

Yikes, sorry I tend to just get into a groove and keep going! Sorry if this post is too long. As I said I'm new to this, so these might be really boring or whatever but it's my first time around the block :D

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