Psionics Special Intelligence Agency (Extreme freeform action RP)

Started by Soveliss, June 11, 2013, 07:36:26 PM

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Hello all!

I wanted to know if anyone was interested in a freeform action RP. (tagged extreme because it would be a really messy action story. White phosphorous, explosives, knives, anything plausible goes.) Think Time Crisis meets Agents of PSI, with very bloody combat.

The setting would look like our world, except some persons are born with psionic powers. Their minds can somehow extend in a parallel plane of existence and reach out in the physical world. Researches have been made about it during the Cold War by every nation in the world. In the USA, there exists an offshoot of the CIA called the PSI Agency. While not secret (silencing people who learned about psionics and either theorized or got more concrete informations on PSI's existence would raise even more question than letting them tell about things most people don't even believe in), PSI is a covert organization involved in information gathering and special actions against terrorist groups. Your character would be a field agent from PSI. One of the best specialists.

You would have been send to investigate the biggest hack ever witnessed by PSI. The entire database was searched, without any alarms being tripped, and every file could have potentially been send to someone. Things like top secret psionic weapon projects (too impractical to ever see field use, so not a big risk), psionic research (data collected by getting some psychics to use a bunch of powers while sensors would register heart rate, breathing rate, brain activity, and every single measurable biological reaction. Detailed research and theories, but just research that any group with a scientist staff, lab equipment and corporate funding could have done on their own), and a huge list of undercover operatives and informants (That would be the huge security risk. That list would sell for an insane amount of money to various organizations). The last known position of this hacker was a small town where nothing happens. Your superiors believe the trail got cold long ago, but send you anyway on the slight chance that it didn't. They were very clear about that too during the briefing.

And soon after you arrive there, you get followed by a nerdy girl (my character). No matter where you go, no matter your disguise, she is a safe distance behind you. You can easily get information about her, straight A student in computer science, always getting the high scores at the local arcade no matter the game she plays, aside from that, no known affiliation with any criminal group nor any criminal record.

You decide to interrogate her subtly. Asking her on a date, and when she accepts and meets you there, giving her some alcohol and gentle psionic prods to learn why she was following you. And she spills the beans pretty fast. She is an electronic empath. Her mind can connect to and interact with any electronic device she has a direct physical contact with, or any electronic device the one she touches is networked to. And she could "feel" all your electronic gadgets, and was amazed at their complexity, she wanted to know more. She always wondered about her abilities with electronics, and just had to find informations about psionics. You ask her where she looked, while prodding her even harder. She just can't resist the combined effects of alcohol and a trained psionic agent pressing on her mind and blurts out that she was the one who did that major hack on the PSI network. She honestly just wanted to see the scientific research on psionics, and couldn't care less about everything else that was stored there. She doesn't even remember anything that wasn't about the theory, she just wanted to know where her abilities came from, you came to arrest her didn't you, you just forced the answers out of her mind, she is so sorry, she didn't meant to cause a panic, she haven't even told anyone else about any of her abilities, please don't kill her...

You can safely say she is saying the truth. Teenage hacker using undocumented psionics powers to circumvent high technology securities to learn about psionic research. Huge security risks, no malicious intent, leak contained, case closed. The story could have ended here, with a teenager put in a high security prison for psionic criminals, and you being rewarded for your success in this sensitive operation, were it not for your direct superior. You see, as most people carry electronic devices on them, especially military/paramilitary troopers (Night vision goggles, radios and such), someone who could detect and recognize electronic devices would be a huge asset on the field, to say nothing of the ability to hack any wireless network with just a way to emit a wireless signal. Not only that, but psionics is a relatively new science, and no electronic empathy have ever been studied in the past, nor was any case of it even discovered, though it was theorized possible. A few months later, guess who you are assigned by your direct superior as a partner to investigate a high technology (and very electronic filled) illicit weapons trade?

I just miss action filled RPs. I'd just like to enjoy the firefights, fireworks and mid battle quip and taunts for once... I just wondered if anyone could please be a partner in writing these kind of stories... Pretty please? Also, say if you prefer to jump straight to the assignment, or play the investigation and arrest.

Oh, and... -Wait- -Wait- ACTION

Edit: Received a PM from a possible partner.

Edit 2: I guess we are underway.
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