Dancing Under the Lights ~{Searching for a Male}~

Started by Psycho Serenity, June 11, 2013, 12:28:23 AM

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Psycho Serenity

This may sound strange, but I'm looking for a plot driven roleplay based on a boy and a pole dancer. So, what I'm looking for is that the girl, me, moved to a big city to try and get a music career going. However, she got screwed over when a man posing as a fake record dealer got her to pay him money to make a CD before he simply took off with a majority of what she had. Nowhere in town needed any work, having just done their hiring for the Christmas holiday. Eventually, the only place she could find work was at a strip club as a dancer.

Your character would be new in town, and one day he's practically dragged in by his friends. He sees her and can instantly see that she's trapped, that something inside of her doesn't want to be there, but she simply can't escape. Either I'd want it to be an instant attraction (Not love at first site though), or they're really old friends. Either way, he would feel the urge to try and help her escape, but would find tons of troubles along the way.
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