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Author Topic: My rp ideas  (Read 750 times)

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My rp ideas
« on: June 09, 2013, 05:40:51 PM »
Hello [you]

Thank you for checking this topic. Here i will list the ideas I currently have and really want to do.
Of course, you're welcome to suggest changes, voice your own ideas and opinions, or send completely different ideas.

Please check my O/O topic (see signature), as well as my roleplay preferences. If you still want to start an rp with me, send a pm, stating which rp you'd like to do, or your ideas. We'll discuss the details then.
Even though some ideas are already ongoing, I don't mind doing them with other people as well, as long as I list them here.

The House on The hill
Genres: Depends on how things will go. Will contain traces of Horror and Mystery, but the exact thing will be decided over time
Kicked out of your parental house due to growing tensions between you and your parents, you end up living in some shitty apartment, in the slums. Hence your surprise when you find the envelope in your mailbox, that claimed that a distant relative left you his mansion, as well as fortune. Of course you jump at the chance of leaving your current mess. You pack your stuff and move out. The mansion is just out of the little town Duskwater, on a hill. Apparently, your inherited mansion comes with a huge plot of land too. Though the people in the town seem nice enough, you are warned to stay away from the mansion up the hill, for it is known to be haunted. Some even offered to let you live at their house, for your sake. However, you decline, saying you do not believe such stories. The cab driver refuses to go any closer then the driveway of the mansion. After some exhausting moments, you finally find yourself, with your stuff, on the front door. But once you enter, you notice that the house isn't as unoccupied as one would expect...
The Dragonwing
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Finally having saved up enough to start your business, you bought a freighter, and bought a load of commodities. Your intention is to sell these where you can make a profit. As you were on your way from your colony, your ship strands in the middle of an asteroid field. To make matters worse, you are attacked by a gang of notorious space pirates. Despite your low odds, you manage to drive them off, at least for the time being. However, your ship got heavily damaged by the attack. It's no longer space worthy. Hull breaches occur all over the freighter, and you know your only chance is to use an escape pod, and pray. You grab your most valuable things, whether in currency or emotional value, and jump into an escape pod. And just in time too, because a rather large asteroid crushes your ship. After programming your pod to head for the nearest human settlement, you decide to rest. Luckily, the pirates never came back. By the time you wake up the asteroid field is far behind, and you notice a ship unlike you have ever seen before swoop in. You fear the worst as a tractor-beam pulls you in. Then, your pod get's cracked open. The lights blinding you before being able to observe your savior. But once adjusted, you notice this individual is rather different. At first glance, he seems human. A pale male, with red eyes, and raven black hair, reaching down to his neck. A bit tall for a human, but still, he could be. Genetic modifications were pretty common after all. However when you observe closer, you notice that his red eyes have a slight glow, on top of that being slitted, much similar to a cat's eye. His confident grin bears vampire-like fangs, and between his hair, near the forehead you can see two small, black horns poking out, and you notice his ears are pointed, rather then round. something tells you that this guy is not the result of plastic surgery, OR genetic engineering. Rather, he's an entirely different species, albeit the last of his kind. An ancient, spacefaring kind, which visited Earth in ages before medieval times. He's what humans would call, a demon. You feel it search through your head, and practically copy your language. It offers you a partnership. He will help you to keep your chosen profession. He will even borrow his ship to act as freighter, so long he pilots. Having little choice now that you have no ship, you accept. But can you really trust this creature?
Sins and Virtues
Genres: Comedy
Diavol is a true angel.  He's kind, compassionate, pure, always willing to help someone without personal gain, he's a very sweet kid, who wouldn't harm a fly, rather, he'd save it. Problem is, he's born as the son of the devil himself. So it's no surprise to see that his father isn't too happy with him.  At first it wasn't all that bad, he had bigger brothers who were true devils in every sense of the word. However, recent events led to a war with the angels, killing those two. It's now a time of peace, but our dear lord Lucifer still wants a worthy successor, and Diavol just doesn't cut it. The final straw however, was when Diavol disgraced his entire family by attempting to free a captive angel. Lucifer cast out his son, banishing him to earth, telling him he'd only let him back once he becomes the embodiment of each of the Seven Sins. Having little choice, he settled in on life on earth. He hid his true form in a human shell, so that he would fit in quite easily. Well, the only things he had to hide were horns and a tail, but still. After a short while of living on the streets, luck helped him out and hitched him two rich surrogate parents who adopted him into their family. When he arrived, he was introduced to his new family. The two humans already adopted a kid way back. An angel in disguise, but Diavol's exact opposite. This angel was cast down because she was everything a demon would wish to be. A true embodiment of the 7 sins, where she should be an embodiment of the 7 virtues. What'll happen? Only time will tell.
Broken Seals
Genre: Mystery, Action and Romance
You come to a shocking discovery. You are the last seal of the apocalypse. The others have already been broken, one way or another. You are the final line of defense between the life as mankind knows it now, and the apocalypse itself. Your life has always been hard, but you never gave up. Sometimes it even had seemed that fate itself was designed to make you break. Left with nothing, still you fight on, in a world that seems hellbent on leaving you broken. Many people attempt to hurt or to kill you, so the apocalypse will finally arrive, but in one of your darkest moments, you find a protector. Someone who rather then destroy you, is trying to protect you, as well as the world that exists as of now. He claims to have no memories, or a name. He says that all he knows, is that he exists to keep you alive and unbroken. From that point onward he will follow you wherever you go. How will you deal with this next trail. Is he truly an ally? or just a clever ruse? And does he know more then he's letting on?
Reality Is Failing
Genres: Comedy, Crossovers and Adventure
Following the events that allowed humans to break the laws of the universe, some disturbing changes take place. The Earth grows, new continents appear, the sea grow in size. Portals pop up leading to alternate realities, or just to other realms. It appears that the source of all this are the stories created by mankind. They ALL are becoming one with our reality. Now you can meet your favourite heroes, from your favorite stories, games and cartoons. However, the villains are there too... Good luck surviving in this new... reality.
Mass Effect/? Crossover
It's fairy simple. The reapers found a way to invade other universes. Other incarnations where they never reached before. It's up to our infamous reaper killer Shepard to stop this. And along the way he/she meets some very interesting people. (the exact plot is not set, it depends on which universe we will cross it. And it depends on who will play Shepard.)
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Re: My rp ideas
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2013, 08:35:32 AM »

version 1.0 - Thread creation

Note: A few changes were made before I started to keep track of them like this.

version 1.1  -  Date: 10-6-2013
   (     - Added new roleplay ideas and requests {Burning Down, The House on the Hill} )
   (     - Moved Dragonwing to Taken rps                                                                           )
   (     - Fixed the spoiler tags so the list now displays properly.                                       )

version 1.2  -  Date:12-6-2013
   (     - Moved roleplay ideas to taken                                                                              )

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version X.X  -  Date: DD-MM-YYYY
   (  - item )
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Re: My rp ideas
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2013, 04:09:48 PM »
Version 1.3 - Date: 9- july - 2013
(     - Changed RP policy                             )
(     - Added new RP Ideas                         )
(     - Removed the joke in this changelog )

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Re: My rp ideas
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2013, 05:44:05 PM »
version 2.00  -  Date: 02-09-2013
    (  - Cleaned the Roleplay Requests                )
    (  - Added new Roleplay ideas                        )
    (  - Changed a few old ideas                          )
    (  - Changed the introduction                         )
    (  - Removed the Spoiler hiding the roleplays )

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Re: My rp ideas
« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2013, 03:43:12 PM »
Version 2.01  -  date: 9 - 9 - 2013
  (     added the rp request: Mass Effect/? Crossover     )