Old Ideas Revised [Looking for male characters.]

Started by CriminalMinds, June 09, 2013, 04:20:37 AM

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I've had two military ideas in my head for a while now and wanted to try them out with a partner or two. A few things to post before I post the plots:

I'm looking for someone who can type at least two paragraphs. My paragraph can go up to ten or eleven, when given enough to work with. Of course one or two paragraphs will crop up, but what I'm saying is try to give me something to work from and I will do the same.

I love character development, complicated characters not perfect ones. Mine have flaws and I will develop them in the RP. You do the same.

Decent spelling and grammar is a must. People make mistakes, I know, but please please please try to check your post.

Multiple characters. I love having/playing multiple characters and you can do the same.
Plotting. I love plotting but don't make me do all the work. Suggest things too me and I'll do the same. I want to build the story together.

Now, onto the first idea.

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It's the year 2200 and the world - politics, government, way of life has completely changed. In the year 2020 the third world war broke out due to a number of reasons. It started in the Middle East with all the problems they're having with corrupt leaders, and spread to other parts of the world when petrol became limited. It lasted 30 years. By then it had become a world crisis and a lot of people died - civilians, government, military. The world was pretty devastated afterwards.

The military, in the US ended up with the most power. The government had been completely obliterated and with that, they decided it was time for a new system. A new way of life. The government had caused so many problems, had lied so many times. It was time for a better system. And so they created a system. A system that wasnt' so good after all.

Freedom was taken. Anyone with a sickness, bad or weak genes was killed.

Men and women who were married with children under ten were taken to new quarters within a massive military base.

Children ten and over were taken and tested physically and mentally. Those that scored high were taken for the military, those that scored low were put into slave quarters.

And the military fixed things up like this for the next 150 years until they had the perfect system. 90% of boys made it to the military. Those that didn't were castrated and put into the slave quarters for hard labour.

90% of females ended up in slave quarters to be trained on looking after the house and the children. 10% made it to military.

On the 18th birthday of the females in slave quarters, they would be paired up with a male by a computer generator. They'd then be led away with their new mate to new quarters. Most mates would abuse their mates physically and sexually, but you'd have the few that would treat their mate's equally. The males would be at least 20 years old, no younger and the females always paired on their 18th birthday as the military considered this a prime time for mating.

Most pairs would mate the first night in an aim to get their mate pregnant. The military are interested in only getting more soldiers and creating the perfect soldier by making the perfect pairs up. Anyone weaker ends up castrated and in slavery for the rest of their lives.

Most genetic diseases have been eradicated.

If the female isn't pregnant after three months, tests start to be done to check her fertility. If by the six month mark she isn't pregnant, it is deemed that she is infertile and taken into slavery again for life. If something happens to a male mate, the females are put back into slavery to be remated, though soldiers don't like recieving used mates.

There are virgins now, but not every female is a virgin, because soldiers take advantage when they can to mate with the girls in slave quarters, but if they're caught death is possible so they also find those that are infertile or some that are in the black market.

That's the main idea of this world I'm creating. So I'd like someone mature enough to play it out with me. I'm not looking for a master slave sex cyber RP. I'm looking for someone that would be interested in making this world come alive with me. I have characters already for this: Essie, the main female in this story and her best friend Jade. Ideally I'm looking for someone to create their male counterparts 

The second idea:

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A hostage's love affair. A soldier out in a war torn country with his team gets captured. The rest of his team are killed. What saves his life is the fact that it's found that he is the medic of the group and what they need right now is a medic. They are one of the gangs fighting in this torn up country, fighting for some kind of justice or just for the hell of it. None are really sure who are fighting for what anymore.

The problem is this soldier has been captured and is now a prisoner of war. Once he is of little use to the gang, he'll be ransomed and most likely killed anyway. He will know that and his kidnappers will know that. It would be stupid to let him go.

What he doesn't expect is to be teaching a girl what medical skills he knows.

Hannah Quartet wasn't even supposed to be out there. Her half brother had lured her out under false pretenses before the real fighting had even began and now her freedom was gone and her loyalty was to be with her brother and his country. She had no loyalty to a country she didn't even belong to. They had different fathers and that's where his heritage ended up being with the country not hers.

But this was the safest place right now - a hideout in the jungle not too far from where fighting happened. But then they capture someone and Hannah is supposed to learn his skills so that they can get rid of him and still have a medic around and she is faced with a decision of doing the right thing, or sticking with her loyalty to her brother.

So, send me a message if interested and we can talk some more.